Undefeated God of War - Chapter 663 – The Pack of Hidden Energy Vortices

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Chapter 663 – The Pack of Hidden Energy Vortices

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian did not have many cards left to play.

Bing had taken all the elite armies, and what was left were the disciples of the three families, Libra, Cancer and Aquarius, and the Precious Bright Village Regiment. The Precious Bright Village Regiment’s was improving very quickly, and the continuous high intensity of battles made them give off a slight feel of elites. But as their starting point was too low, they still had a long route to becoming true elites. So currently, they only had one use, for defense.

The good news was that through the rush work, the stronghold at the Estuary had completed its preliminary stages and could be used.

Bu Zi Fei looked at Tang Tian, he was a stranger towards this big boss, and whenever they talked, the conversation would end in less than 10 sentences. The Big Boss did not seem to probe into the matters of the continent, and would train everyday, frantically. It seemed as though everything were left to his direct superior Master Bing to supervise.

Compared to Master Bing who could do everything, to Bu Zi Fei, the big boss was a blur.

To Bu Zi Fei, he thought that Master Bing hoped that he would be able to help the Big Boss protect the Shang Continent. It seemed as though the Big Boss did not have any ability to lead.

Bu Zi Fei wanted to speak, but he was interrupted by a voice.

“You, you and you, bring everyone, prepare to attack.”

Tang Tian pointed at the disciples and gave the command. A newborn calf would not fear the tiger, not only did the disciples not show any fear, they were extremely eager and were cracking their knuckles.

Bu Zi Fei jumped, it was too messy, he immediately panicked and stopped them: “Master, our strength is at an disadvantage, we should use the defensive abilities of the stronghold….”

“It is just a group of pirates!” Tang Tian extended his hand out and stopped Bu Zi Fei, his face filled with disapproval.

He did not even give Bu Zi Fei any chance to speak, he brought the disciples and flew out. Bu Zi Fei’s face turned pale, he thought that the big boss might be unreliable, but he never thought that the big boss would be completely unreliable! The Shang Continent had fought two head on clashes and won, so what ordinary pirates would dare to find trouble at their door? Bu Zi Fei knew that the pirates incoming were most likely a powerhouse.

Even if they stayed in the stronghold for defense, Bu Zi Fei did not have much confidence as well. The opponent chose such a time to attack, that meant they had obtained news and did not underestimate them. But the disciples were weak, and to go out to fight, wasn’t that suicide?

He could only watch as Tang Tian led the group of people and rushed out of the stronghold.

Bu Zi Fei clenched his teeth and followed along. It was not enough to defend the stronghold with the Precious Bright Village Regiment. He was not the one to lead the Precious Bright Village Regiment, and thus his fighting ability could not be completely displayed. The relation and communication between the commanders armies cannot be disregarded, without an outstanding commander, the army would just be a mob. And if they were not familiar with each other, the army might be powerful, but if the general could not do much, they would be useless.

Compared to that, although all the single combat saints had difficulty fighting with armies, but the restrictions and confinements faced by them were fewer.

Only after they rushed out of the stronghold and into the Sea of Energy did Bu Zi Fei come to his senses.

He did not have the intention of rushing out, his personal strength was average, and at any crucial moment, he would be unable to save the Big Boss. But thinking about it, guarding inside the stronghold would just be sitting and waiting for death.

~ALright, maybe if things are going south, I can turn and escape.~

He felt remorseful. In truth, he was completely convinced by Master Bing, the profound and mysterious Master Bing was like a god of war in his eyes. To be a subordinate of such an outstanding commander awaiting orders was the fortune of any lower ranked commanders. Bu Zi Fei had spent his days being cautious and conscientious, and felt that Shang Continent had a great future, and he could not let himself fall.

But, he did not wish to be a captive ever again.

When he thought about the uncertainty of having to escape to survive, bitterness flooded his taste buds.

Bu Zi Fei felt dejected, ~the god of war commander, is actually assisting a bold but not very astute Sovereign, Master Bing is truly unfortunate.~ Maybe it was an ego thing, but Bu Zi Fei’s emotions became slightly better thinking about that.

He blindly followed suit behind Tang Tian, watching quietly.

Tang Tian did not care about Bu Zi Fei, he had his own ideas. He was clear of what he could and could not do. Bing could lead the regiment to protect the stronghold, but in the same situation, he would lead it to failure.

Because he did not know how to. Defend was not in his dictionary right from the start.

After fighting so many battles, Tang Tian had gradually understood a superficial logic, fighting in wars and brawling were the same, one had to use all of his advantages and avoid using his weaknesses. ~What is my advantage? To attack! Although there is a fleet ahead, and my offense is not very powerful, but obviously it is stronger than my defense.~

So Tang Tian never thought about staying back for defense.

He was different from Bu Zi Fei, a mature and decisive commander, and analyzed things differently. Tang Tian relied more on his astonishing intuition in battles. The analysis in black and white did not mean anything to Tang Tian. It was not that they were useless, but he did not understand them.

It was like the stronghold at the Estuary, it was a defensive weapon, but Tang Tian was not familiar with it at all, to use what at which part, how to utilize its strongest fighting abilities, Tang Tian was confused by those things.

Compared to that, Tang Tian was more familiar with the danger inside the Sea of Energy. Fighting in familiar territory was never wrong.

It was not only Tang Tian who felt that way, the disciples from the three families who had been through the long distance training, adding that they had continued to train by themselves, felt extremely familiar with the Sea of Energy.

Drunk on Saint Blood trembled slightly in Jing Hao’s hands, the sword blade was buzzing, attracting the surrounding energy. The energy all around was being attracted and surged rapidly towards Drunk on Saint Blood, drawing a perfect circle at the blade tip, the circular sword aura flickered, then faded, but its suction force suddenly became stronger.

The surging energy became faster and faster, and a complete energy vortex formed quietly.

The newly formed energy vortex was dim and void of light, it was difficult to catch with the naked eye. It was the nascent stage of an energy vortex, in which as time goes by, it would gradually become stronger and brighter, the strong suction force would give rise to the light scars, and like the occasionally seen energy vortex, could become a leviathan that spanned over a thousand li.

But to Jing Hao, the nascent energy vortex was enough.

Satisfaction could be seen from his face, his legs moved and his body flickered. He appeared at another location, following a set pattern.

He ignored the pirate fleet that was drawing closer, and continued to draw out more vortices.

He only stopped 10 minutes later. He raised his head and looked at the fleet of pirates, who had already barged into the his formation of vortices. Inside this vast area, he had drawn over 6000 energy vortices in a breath.


Fu Dong Ku was extremely careful, cunning people were the most cautious, although he enjoyed living life on the edge, but to be able to be successful every round, it was pertinent to be daring yet scrupulous.

“How much longer till we reach the Estuary?”

“About half an hour.”

“Speed up 10 minutes later.”


Everyone became tense, increasing speed meant that they were approaching battle. All of them knew of the Shang Continent’s reputation, and Fu Dong Ku had brought many sieging frigates meant to handle the Shang Continent’s stronghold. Sieging frigates were effective against strongholds, but as it only had one purpose, there were many flaws to it.

For example it’s terrible defensive capabilities, or the preparation time it required.

Suddenly, the body of the ship trembled, it was not a large movement, but Fu Dong Ku immediately frowned: “What happened?”

“Could be a hidden energy vortex.” His subordinate immediately replied.

Fu Dong Ku’s tensed heart loosened up, energy vortices were common, and the small energy vortices were countless and everywhere. For energy vortices to pose a threat to the ships, they needed to have a span of over 60m. But such large energy vortices would release bright light auras and could be easily seen. Hidden energy vortices were the small energy vortex that are unable to release light auras. Such energy vortices were weak and could not hurt the defense of the ships.

Just at that moment, the ship suddenly trembled incessantly.

Boom boom boom!

Exploding light auras continued to blossom, the lights flickering through the windows of the warship.

“What is going on?” Fu Dong Ku stood up and bellowed.

~Hidden energy vortices cannot explode, did we meet with something else?~

The soldiers controlling the navigation had ugly complexions on their faces, they did not know what was going on.

Fu Dong Ku was suspicious, and with a stride he appeared by the window, and saw everything clearly. The warship was moving quickly, the energy barrier seemed to have touched something, causing flames to explode on their energy barrier. The explosions were extremely condensed, but fortunately the explosions were not strong, although there were movements on their light barrier, but it was not much influence.

Suddenly, Fu Dong Ku thought about something, his complexion instantly changed, but before he could speak.

Bang bang bang!

Powerful explosions came up from behind them, the light that arose from the flames surged into the sky, causing his vision to turn white.

The flames had enveloped a few of their sieging frigates!

Fu Dong Ku’s face turned green, the power of the explosions were negligible to his warship. But to the weak sieging frigates, it was fatal!

Damn it!

The entire fleet was advancing at full speed, and like furious arrows, they surged into the pack of hidden energy vortices Jing Hao had laid out.

Fu Dong Ku never thought that they would encounter such a situation, but he was experienced and knowledgeable, and knew that it was too late to slow down, they could only gather their remaining strength and escape the dangerous area.

“Advance at full speed!”

Fu Dong Ku’s bellow sounded out towards the entire fleet, all the warships and frigates forced themselves to advance!

Bang bang bang!

Explosions continued to occur on the sieging frigates, shining on Fu Dong Ku’s green face. He was already completely infuriated.

When the explosions stopped, it meant that they had already rushed out of the dangerous pack of hidden energy vortices.

“Report to me the casualties!” Fu Dong Ku gritted his teeth and said.

“We have one sieging frigate left, the rest all suffered from different degrees of damage.” A subordinate reported with trembling voice.


Fu Dong Ku struck his fist on the table in anger, he had brought 20 sieging frigates, which was his most important card to devastate the Shang Continent, but who knew that before they have reached Shang Continent, they would actually lose everything!

Damn it!

“There’s someone there!” A subordinate cried out.

Fu Dong Ku immediately raised his head up to look, shock bursting through his entire body.

Inside the shadows of the Sea of Energy, there stood a strong swordsman, seemingly aware of his gaze, wielding the large sword in hand, pointing straight at him from afar, the sword tip suddenly slashing down through the void.

Fu Dong Ku’s green face turned jet black.