Undefeated God of War - Chapter 660 – Intense Battle

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Chapter 660 – Intense Battle

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Many small suns soared into the sky, forming lines after lines of orange arcs, smashing straight into the enemy ranks.

Boom boom boom!

Upon impact on the body of the frigates, the round shaped arrow auras immediately exploded, with the berserk orange energy surging out. The frigate’s bodies that did not have any barriers, under the surging tyrannical orange energy were as weak as paper, instantly shattering into dust.

One after another, the fiery lights blossomed, the piercing light enveloped their entire vision.

The pirates all opened their eyes wide in shock, the intense energy ripples struck their eardrums, causing them to be temporary deaf. The piercing white light aura enveloped the entire battlefield, the entire place was so bright there were no shadows or sound. The flames danced around the badly broken frigates, a blood mist instantly vaporized in the sky, floating away like leaves drifting along the waves…..

The bitter scene played out in the silence.

All the pirates that were not prepared at all were helpless and at a loss.

Only the general on the warship at the front shouted: “Attack! Attack now!”

“At-…..attack where?” The adjutant, who was completely at a loss blurted out subconsciously. Their enemies were attacking in all directions, where were they going to attack?

Before the general could reply, someone suddenly screamed in fear: “Not good! They are boarding our ships!”

Everyone on board was immediately triggered, their faces changed to horror, ~if the enemies board the ship….~

They did not even dare to think about the scenario.

“Block them!” the leader shouted, his voice completely high pitched. The general who came from the Honorable Martial Continent had never experienced such a fierce attack, it was as though all of his past fighting experiences were all lost.

~Trap! It was a real trap! The enemy had prepared beforehand!~

This judgement caused his heart to tremble.

Ling Xu was a man of steel, he always took the lead, his orange pupils blazing up, he rushed forward with his spear.

The crew onboard only saw a silver shooting star suddenly bursting forth. The silver light rushed to their front, to which they realized that the silver light was actually a person!

The soldier who screamed was not in time to react, the silver light exploded in his face, the boundless silver aura was like a sea of stars, pouncing onto the frigate.

Aries Spear of Stars!

Chi chi chi!

The condensed silver aura was extremely heavy. The soldiers who held up the weapons in their hands instinctively, felt as if they were struck by heavy machinery, their wails came out, and all of them were sent flying. Before they even landed, all these soldiers were bleeding from their ears, nose and mouth, bodies void of life.

Boom, A Honeycomb Sword Cannon was instantly shattered into dust by the silver aura, dissipating into the air. Ling Xu’s two feet were already on the warship.

Seeing Ling Xu’s dauntless performance, the Yu family Disciples who were following behind Ling Xu felt a great boost in morale, and roared as they charged up the warship.

In the distance, Bing watched the scene unfold. Boarding a warship, was an extremely intense and cruel battle, and even trained armies would fear doing that. But Bing dared to use the amateurs to board the boat, was because he had the advantage of an ambush, and because of Ling Xu.

Held as “One Spear to Death”, the “Furious Ling Xu” had an explosive temperament, his fighting intent was always held high, he was extremely dauntless and would rush into battle first. To fight at close quarters, tactics and coordination were second to the most important aspect, the imposing grandeur.

The grandeur Ling Xu gives off in battle was the strongest out of everyone.

On the warship, not only did Ling Xu not cower in the face of multiple enemies in front of him, but his fighting intent soared even higher, he roared and like lightning, he rushed into them. Silver spear in hand, he was unstoppable, wherever he went, people would suffer crushing defeat, their blood flowing into rivers.

The Yu family Disciples who were taught by Ling Xu recently arrived and pounced on the enemies.

Yu Qing Yi was extremely intelligent, he knew that their strength was far from Ling Xu, he knew as compared to the elite pirates, they were still lacking slightly. So he grouped everyone up into threes or fives, their spears always together, striking together. Facing such a rogue style of fighting, the pirates were at a loss, and one by one they suffered defeat.

The pirates on board the warship were all old soldiers, and many of them were core members and elite soldiers of the Honorable Martial Continent.

In that dire situation, three Honorable Martial Continent elites looked at each other, and they immediately pounced towards Ling Xu. The other few turned and rushed towards Yu Qing Yi!

They could see that the Yu Family disciples had average fighting abilities, but were able to deal such damage due to Yu Qing Yi. It was Yu Qing Yi’s dispatch that allowed the amateurs to display such unordinary strength.

Tangle Ling Xu, kill Yu Qing Yi!

All these Honorable Martial Continent elites decided tacitly, in that instant, they made their decision.

Seeing the few Honorable Martial Continent elites pouncing towards him, Ling Xu sneered, he gently moved his spear body, the tip trembling slightly, transforming into a sea of silver aura.

Yet, his body stood still like a statue without moving an inch, only the spear tip was being controlled at an astonishing frequency. The silver stars sprinkled forward forming a river of stars, the few figures were approaching closer and closer, yet Ling Xu ignored them. He continued to waved the silver aura motionlessly, the thin layer of silver auras continued to converge, continuously flowing like an endless ocean of stars.

The three elites revealed sinister killing intent on their faces, one of them had his hand enveloped with a layer of needle glimmer, another had his entire body enveloped with white flames, and the last held a light sword that was congealed like snow.

The three of them were ecstatic, they were the three strongest on the entire warship. Although their enemy’s spear aura was extremely dense, but to them, it was nothing. As long as they broke through the spear auras, their enemy would perish!

In his eyes, the enemies were getting closer and closer, but the blaze continued to surge in his orange pupils.

Ling Xu suddenly stepped forward, the silver hair draping over his shoulders flew messily. The sea of silver aura around him suddenly became extremely bright.

The silver spear pierced out.

The sky full of bright silver aura were suddenly attracted at the same time, forming lines after lines of dazzling light scars, countless of them converging towards Ling Xu’s body.

His long hair danced as he thrust forward, inside the piercing white light.

Time seemed to stop.

Thumb sized silver light beams shot out from the spear tip, effortlessly piercing through the hearts of the three elites, and out from their backs.

Justice Origin Core Pierce!

This was the first killing technique Ling Xu had been enlightened on, and it was reasonable to say that it was no longer suitable for the current Ling Xu. But Ling Xu was not willing to give it up, with his explosive temperament, there was an softness deep inside him that people could not comprehend.

This technique always reminded him of his teacher.

Maybe it was his longing for his teacher, the longing that will never dissipate, to never give up.

Because, it was his core. Because, it was his justice.

It was silly, it was weak, but it was him. Ling Xu continuously gave it his all, and continued to change it, continued to ponder on it, continuously attaining more enlightenment on it, as though he missed it more and more.

~I miss you, teacher.~

The Justice Origin Core Pierce in Ling Xu’s hand finally released a dangerous aura, and started to produce an overwhelmingly terrifying might.

Retracting his spear, the piercing light auras disappeared, and the three corpses fell from the sky. Without even looking, he thrusted out a spear towards Yu Qing Yi’s direction.

Whoosh, his body suddenly disappeared.

Spear Rush!

He appeared behind Yu Qing Yi like a ghost, thrusting out his silver spear. The throat of an Honorable Martial Continent elite exploded, blood mist spurting out. The other two became horrified and turned to run, but why would Ling Xu give them the opportunity to do so?

Two spears thrusted out, forming two bloodied holes on their backs, they had merely rushed out two steps from their original position, before falling to the ground void of life.

When the Yu family disciples saw Ling Xu appearing from thin air, they became excited.

The Yu Family spear technique, no, the Aries Spear of Stars, was actually so powerful, so daunting! Ling Xu had already passed down the Aries Spear of Stars to them, and there was nothing more exciting to personally witness the power of it.

In the future, they could be as powerful as Master Ling Xu!

That thought surfaced in everyone’s mind, a flame that would burn for ages.

All the warships and frigates that rushed into the stronghold were either destroyed or taken down. The Skull Unit took the opportunity to rush into the enemy’s formation and immediately create chaos.

But it was in such chaos that the Skull Unit could thrive. Although Aya was confident with her men, but Aya still chose to initiate the attack, the Skull Unit were most suited for messy battles.

Small scale alternatives, permeations and killing, the Skull Unit was like a flying blade piece, every time it flew, it would cut down some flesh.

Compared to the Skull Unit, Xie Yu An’s Swift Army was slowly moving forward. The Swift Army’s formation was extremely dense, like a moveable wall, they were slowly advancing, which was done purposefully.

In such a chaotic battle with limited space, it was not advantageous for the Swift Army, and with the messiness, it truly was too crowded. Blindly advancing quickly would not quicken the pace of battle. But on the contrary, forming the dense formation and gradually advancing would create a huge mental pressure on the enemy, and quickly crumble the enemies from within.

Ying Yan who was outside the Bright Symbol Stronghold went frantic, and shouted with all his might: “Go! Go in now!”

The Bright Symbol Stronghold continued to explode, the earth shaking shoutings and the fires inside the stronghold made the people outside far away to feel fear.


It was actually an ambush!

Ying Yan was not able to comprehend, ~how could there be an ambush inside the Bright Symbol Stronghold? Could it be that my plan for the attack was exposed?~

He never thought that his opponents would actually endure silently, so much that they could make the place appear so empty as bait. Ying Yan felt immense regret, to actually make such a huge mistake, it was such an important stronghold, how could there be no one defending?

~I was truly played the fool!~

The fire pillars that soared to the sky caused Ying Yan’s heart to bleed, it was his biggest failure ever since he led the pirates. Almost 70% of his forces were trapped inside the stronghold.

At such a time, he could not care about anything else, it was like a gambler that lost to the point of anger, and throwing the remaining of his chips onto the table. If he did not save his troops who were inside, all his hard work would go to waste, all his planning, would go down the drain!

Ying Yan whose eyes were red with anger did not notice that an army was quietly approaching from behind him.