Undefeated God of War - Chapter 658 – Bright Symbol Stronghold

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Chapter 658 – Bright Symbol Stronghold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The enemies were smashed in all directions, but the expression on Bing’s face did not change: “Continue to advance!”

It was already the fourth wave of enemies they had defeated en route, The current Pontoon Bridge was already heavily damaged, and many groups of pirates would enter through the cracks. As the pirates were extremely lively, it caused the Pontoon Bridge to almost become unusable, and no goods caravans dared to use the path.

The Vast Star Continent had previously recruited many citizens to restore the Pontoon Bridge, but as the recovery progress was too slow, it left many gaps. As an energy belt, if it did not have any gaps, it would be difficult to break through.

The Pontoon Bridge had a natural enemy as well, and that was the energy corrosion in the boundless Sea of Energy. The energy corrosion in the Sea of Energy would slowly but gradually harm the Pontoon Bridge, and if stretched long enough, a gap would be corroded out from the pontoon bridge. After every period, Vast Star Continent needed to send people in for restorations.

Currently, all of these gaps had become the best attacking points for the pirates. Bing did not have additional manpower to even do any restorations.

Bing did not bother at all, he did not care about all the gaps, they were just minor inconveniences that would not affect the overall situation. What he saw as important, were the strongholds constructed by the Vast Star Continent on the Pontoon Bridge. All of these strongholds were situated at major crossroads, and after continuous years of reinforcing them, they had become extremely firm.

As long as they took control of these strongholds, they would stand on undefeated grounds, and the keys were in Bing’s hands.

Although they were closed, but strongholds that did not have any soldiers manning it, might be trouble for the smaller pirates, but for the pirates with considerable strength, it was no problem. Even if they did not have any sieging frigates or ships, attacking and breaking through was only a matter of time.

That’s right, everything was just a matter of time.

Bing was racing against time.

As long as any strongholds were occupied by the “Pirates”, Bing’s situation would be terrible. The armies that were with him were already tight, and without any sieging ships, they did not have any power to attack an occupied stronghold.

With the lack of time, Bing wanted to occupy these strongholds and assume true control over the Pontoon Bridge before the pirates or other powerhouses could react.

As the transport ships were too slow, Bing ordered them to go off the ships, although this would cause the soldiers to be more tired, but every minute counts, and speed was still the most important aspect of the plan.

The only ship left was the Black Arrow Warship, it held powerful speed, and was able to allow their troops to have attacking capabilities.

The results from the training in the Sea of Energy were displayed .

Regardless of whether it was the Swift Army or Skull Unit, their army movement were not slow, and everyone were performing to standard. Compared to the dangerous and harsh environment of the Sea of Energy, the Pontoon Bridge was like heaven.

Other than the Swift Army, Skull Unit and Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts, there was another unique group in Bing’s hands, that was the Sacred Saint Galaxy’s Sagittarius Constellation led by Crane, and Aries Constellation led by Ling Xu.

In the entire Five Southern Islands Constellations, Sagittarius Constellation and Aries Constellation were the two constellations with the strongest offensive abilities, Cancer was in charge of defense, Aquarius and Libra in charge of control.

In the race against time, they needed to do everything at once, to win swiftly, and thus the two constellations with the strongest offensive abilities were chosen.

Bing knew that, although all five family disciples were strong, but they were definitely still amateurs.

Lucky for them, they had the training that polished them.

The disciples of the five families had great improvements on their usage of their star treasures. And under Tang Chou’s request, they learned the fundamental war tactics coordination.

But it was a pity that this fundamental tactics coordination was insufficient for them to become a strong army unit. Bing gave these amateurs to Crane and Ling Xu, since they were unable to form groups, then they should be able to unleash their individual strengths.

Crane and Lin Xu were two powerful martial artists, and could teach them how to fight and use their treasures.

The Pontoon Bridge was not a very wide place, and thus more suitable for the use of individual strengths. Crane and Ling Xu who had tyrannical fighting abilities, displayed their powers multiple times throughout many battles.

“Master Ling, your spear technique, where did you learn it from?”

Yu Qing Yi could no longer hold back, it was not only him, the other disciples of the Yu family all stretched their necks over, their faces filled with curiosity.

It was too alike!

Ling Xu’s spear techniques was extremely similar to the Yu Family’s spear techniques, the resemblance did not stop at its appearance but even its spirit was similar, the aura given off from his spear techniques were also extremely similar to theirs. What made it even more inconceivable was that Ling Xu’s attainments on his spear techniques, which made them dumbstruck.

“My teacher.” Ling Xu glanced at them. He knew that all of them were from the Yu Family, and was where the Aries Constellation came from, so he was equally as curious, and did not torment them. But very quickly, he grew disappointed, for the disciples’ spear techniques seemed to be inferior to his Aries Spear of Stars.

Currently, Ling Xu’s strength and insight was far stronger than what he was in the past, with just a thought, he could clearly see through things. The Aries Spear of Stars that originated from the Yu Family, because of the thin energy in Heaven’s Road, became extremely weak. Thus, under the hard work and enlightenment of the martial artists in the past, they walked an entire new dao path, gradually changing and forming into the Aries Spear of Stars that originates from laws.

But as the energy in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was rich, the Spear techniques of the Yu Family were the same as other martial techniques in Sacred Saint Galaxy, they did not need to refine on their techniques and they would already possess considerable might. And the dense energy, was like thick snow, facilitated them but at the same time made their enlightenment on laws even more difficult.

That was the difference between Heaven’s Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy people were born saints, and looked to be much stronger than Heaven’s Road people. But the thin energy, instead allowed them to understand laws, so upon stepping into Saint rank, they would be even stronger than Sacred Saint Galaxy people.

One was strong first and weak later, the other was weak first then strong later, these were two different lives formed by two completely different environments, forming two different dao paths.

“Boss Ling, was your teacher named Yu?” Yu Qing Yi blurted out, when he saw Ling Xu’s expression that was like a smile yet not a smile, his face flushed red. The other disciples were also embarrassed, Ling Xu’s spear techniques attainments were a level that barely anyone could reach in the Yu Family.

“My Teacher did not tell me what his last name was.” Ling Xu’s tone turned rather gloomy, upon thinking of his teacher, he would become somewhat sad, but he quickly got out of his sadness, the current him, already had the qualifications to allow his teacher to feel proud!

Seeing all of Yu family disciples in deep thoughts, he gave a direct answer: “Teacher’s spear techniques came from Aries Constellation.”

“Aries Constellation? Eh, this Aries Constellation that we are called?”

“Wait, no, is it the Aries Constellation that our spirit objects are from?”

“Could there truly be a place called Aries Constellation?”


All of the Yu family disciples went into an uproar, they initially thought that the name “Aries Constellation”, was a random nickname their boss had given them. To hear Ling Xu say its name, ~Could there truly be a place called Aries Constellation?~

Ling Xu felt his head in pain, the question would have a complicated explanation, and he hated such things.

He ignored their puzzlement, and said: “From today onwards, I will teach you the Aries Spear of Stars.”

Although they did not get the answer they wanted, but to be able to learn the Aries Spear of Stars made them all excited, they had personally witnessed the strength of the Aries Spear of Stars.

Seeing their excitement, Wei Ting Ting who was nearby could not help but ask Crane: “Master Crane, is there truly a Sagittarius Constellation?”

Crane: “Yes, there is.”

The Wei family disciples flew into an uproar, they all gathered together. Compared to the bad tempered Ling Xu, Crane who was more gentle and friendly received the adoration of everyone.

Wei Hao asked: “Master Crane, your martial techniques, is it related to Sagittarius Constellation?”

“No.” Crane replied warmly: “My martial techniques comes from Grus Constellation.”

Everyone revealed looks of disappointment.

Crane laughed: “But the Empress of the Sagittarius Constellation is my mother’s elder sister.”


All of the Wei family disciples revealed looks of shock which turned into joy.

“Master Crane, how are Sagittarius Constellation and these treasures related?”

“Master, why are you not the successor for Sagittarius Constellation?”


Everyone started to ask questions.

Crane could not help but smile, but his heart was somewhat down, his aunt had always hoped that he would inherit Sagittarius Constellation, but he still chose Grus Constellation. In the past, due to the grievances of the past, he did not have any favourable opinion towards Sagittarius Constellation. But currently, after seeing the world, he was no longer like the past, he was more wise and open, and the grudge of the past had been dissipated.

His aunt hoped that he would inherit Sagittarius Constellation, because of their close relation, but the other reason was that Sagittarius Constellation had not been able to produce a young person capable of bearing the responsibility. All of the Wei Family disciples and Sagittarius Constellation came from the same place, Crane started to consider, ~Maybe I can find a suitable candidate out of all of them.~

“Maybe I can teach all of you a few things from Sagittarius Constellation.” Crane’s smile always brought forth a feeling like the spring wind: “I know a thing or two from there.”

“That’s great!”

“Woah! That’s awesome!”

“Are the martial techniques of Sagittarius Constellation the same as our Wei Family?”


Bing noticed the uproar of the two units, but did not stop them. Ling Xu and Crane’s teachings would greatly aid their growths.

Maybe it might not be apparent as of the moment, Bing also did not hope for them to be of much help, as the youths belonged to the future.

Ahead, a stronghold was faintly discernible.

Everyone became tense, the stronghold ahead was the most important stronghold of the Pontoon Bridge, the Bright Symbol Stronghold.

If we were to call the Pontoon Bridge a light belt, then the Bright Symbol Stronghold was like a piece of rock, embedded halfway inside the light belt, located right smack in the middle of the Sea of Energy.

If the army could hold the stronghold, not only would they be able to guard the Pontoon Bridge, but they could enter the Sea of Energy through this other “door”, and launch attacks. If enemies were to attack the Bright Symbol Stronghold from the Sea of Energy, then the Pontoon Bridge would be a natural logistic route for them to provide a steady flow of replenishment.

The Three most important Strongholds of the Vast Star Continent, were strongholds similar to the Bright Symbol Stronghold, the three of them were able to provide assistance to each other, and were able to exhibit immense uses.

If they could take down Bright Symbol Stronghold, they would have seized the first important point.

Suddenly, Bing’s eyes shrunk, he saw traces of energy scars cutting through the walls of light of the Pontoon Bridge, flickering indefinitely.

Someone was attacking the Bright Symbol Stronghold!

He immediately gave the order: “All Armies Advance!”