Undefeated God of War - Chapter 651 – Returning to the Shang Continent

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Chapter 651 – Returning to the Shang Continent

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The energy storm continued for 10 minutes.

Mei Chen Xiu’s face was extremely ugly, the energy concentration around them had become extremely thin, far thinner than ever before. It was as though the energy in the entire Southern Islands had been stolen.

~What’s happening?~

Mei Chen Xiu had never heard of such a thing.

“Master, the energy concentration outside is too low.” The adjutant’s tone was filled with deep shock: “It has already started to form a negative energy pressure, we need to leave now!”

Ordinarily, the energy concentration inside a warship is much denser than the energy concentration in the air. But, if the energy concentration in the air was too thin, it would result in negative energy pressure. The thin energy in the air would produce an intense suction force, causing the energy in the warship to be lost.

The materials used to make the warships were expensive, and thus this loss of energy would cause permanent damage.

Mei Chen Xiu bit his lips tightly, his face green.

The loss of the warship was the most terrible thing that could happen to them. It must be known that they were still in the White Sands Continent, and the three silver armies of White Sands Continent were still intact.

It was such a huge movement, if White Sands Continent did not have any counter reaction, they were truly idiots.

If the fleet that Mei Chen Xiu was commanding was the Honorable Martial Army, he would not be afraid, and he would not even place Suo Bi’s 1st Army in his eyes, but what he was leading were pirates. Even though the backbone of the pirates were the elites of the Honorable Martial Continent, but the standard of the soldiers were too weak compared to silver grade armies.

Once they were to be tangled with silver grade armies, they would be in danger.

But what truly made Mei Chen Xiu choose to surrender was actually the Black Arrow Warship. All the energy in the Southern Islands was absorbed by the Black Arrow Warship. If all the energy in the Sea of Energy was compacted into a warship, what could be happening inside?

Mei Chen Xiu was equally curious and afraid.

In battle, if such a large amount of energy were to converge, it was usually the precedence to an extremely large scale attack.

The other pirate groups had started to retreat. Under the environment of negative energy pressure, the longer they stayed, the more damage would be done to the warships. At that time, even if they wanted to escape, it would be impossible.

Furthermore, they were in truth satisfied with the result. The Five Southern Island Families were completely destroyed, and what remained were a bunch of kids, what could they possible stir?

Mei Chen Xiu clenched his teeth: “We retreat!”

To ruin the entire operation for a small group would be the most terrible thing, and what made him worry even more was the transformation occurring inside the Black Arrow Warship. For some reason, the surprising transformation made him feel an unprecedented threat.

But he could not find fault with his companions who had chosen to retreat, to preserve their strength and to decide on the next course of action.

Mei Chen Xiu sorted out his emotions and recovered his steadiness. His eyes flashed with a look of cold.

~How can White Sands Continent not sense the huge movements in the Southern Islands? After this, the three silver grade armies will definitely chase after us.~

~Maybe, this is also a good opportunity, they will definitely not think about it, If we ourselves counterattack at this time….~

A brazen plan started forming in Mei Chen XIu’s mind.

When the Black Arrow Warship became calm again, all the pirates had disappeared without a trace. All of the five families disciples who had gained their new power, returned back to their Southern Islands which was in ruins, the desolation in their eyes without any life remaining, caused them all to cry.

They teared, and buried the bodies of their families.

In the sky, Shi Sen looked down with a look of sympathy: “Master, do we go and help them?”

The people beside him also revealed the same expressions.

“No!” unexpectedly, Tang Tian rejected instantly, his gaze down at the ruins, he said: “Their lives and their future, were in exchange for their own family and kin. Burying your own kin, no one else can do it for you, it is like their hatred and responsibility, no one has the qualifications to help them with it.”

Shi Sen’s mouth was wide opened, he wanted to say something, but could not say a word.

“Do you think I am cruel?” Tang Tian did not turn back, he did not divert his gaze, his tone as calm as always: “The dead are dead, they have already sacrificed themselves, do not let that sacrifice go to waste.”

“Aren’t you saying their future will always hold the hatred? Don’t you think that’s too heavy for them?” Ling Xia could not help but feel unhappy about Tang Tian’s reaction.

Tang Tian looked at Ling Xia: “Yes, it’ll be heavy. They do not have the privilege to choose, regardless of whether or not they think about it, their futures were given with the sacrifice of their families. That last bit of hope and anticipation from their families, they have to take it and live on.”

Ling Xia was mute.

“Master is right!”

It was Wei Hao, Yu Qing Yi and the rest. They had finished burying their family members and their eyes swollen and red. ThHey had just heard Tang Tian’s words, and it pierced their hearts. Their swollen eyes were replaced with a new light, amidst their pain and grief, they found their new goal.

“Bringing the hope, we will live on!”

This phrase resonated in their hearts.

“That’s right!” Tang Tian said courteously: “The hope from their sacrifice are not for the cowards! If you do not even have the heart, this responsibility and burden will be too heavy for you, you might as well dig a hole for yourself.”

The eyes of Yu Qing Yi and the rest lit up.

“A godlike young lad, needs to be brave.” Tang Tian patted his chest, with a look of arrogance: “Do you know what bravery is to this godlike young lad? It is not being not afraid, no one is ever not afraid, it is being afraid and taking it on! Trash will always make excuses, and cower in their grief and pain. A godlike young lad will only go, go and keep moving forward! If you’re unafraid, go, if you’re afraid, harden your skin and go. If you are grieving, then bring that grief and go. If you’re in despair, then fight and move on with all your might. All those who say they cannot see any hope, or wasting energy, are all making excuses for themselves. If you’re about to die, are you still going to kneel and cry? Even a beast trapped in a cage will keep on struggling, struggle and struggle to get out until it dies. So a godlike young lad, should keep moving and not stop, go go go!”

Everytime Tang Tian said the phrase “Godlike young lad”, his awkward face would portray pride, and reveal a strange and hilarious look. And every time he said the words “go go go”, he would raise his hands high up in the air, with a fierce look, he would roar them out.

But no one laughed, everyone was stunned.

Those naive and hilarious words, those childish and funny actions, struck their hearts.

Tang Tian did not even care if the words struck a chord in their hearts, the words were not even meant for them but for himself! After shouting, he felt the vague haze in his chest disappear, and everything became clear to him.

He clenched his fists tightly, his entire body brimming with strength, the will and fighting intent in his heart was so full it could leak out.

~That’s right, I am the Godlike young lad! That’s right, I will keep fighting like that!~

~That’s right, I am unstoppable!~

Tang Tian who had his arms raised suddenly started laughing.

Tang Tian and the rest left the Southern Islands, and very quickly gathered back together with Tang Chou who was leading the Swift Army and Skull Unit. They left straightaway, returning back to the Shang Continent, with Xu Jin who joined up with them.

The reason on why Tang Tian chose to leave was because his residence was overly packed. The women from the aristocratic families that he had saved the last time were all important figures in White Sands Continent and the various nearby continents. Thus, to thank their benefactor Tang Tian, all the families started to arrive and greet him endlessly, causing even the hotels to be filled.

Many of the families held power, and even the new Continent Lord could not stop them, and had to even personally lead them to Tang Tian.

Thinking about that situation, Tang Tian’s skin went numb, and without hesitation, he chose to leave.

And thus, Tang Tian threw all the families to Qin Yu Ran, who was experienced in conducting herself, and with the help of Aunt Qiu, Tang Tian was more relaxed. With him as her backing, and adding the relation of the White Sands Continent, he believed no one would do anything to her.

Tang Tian who threw all the responsibilities away happily returned back to the Shang Continent.

~I’ve been out for so long, it’s time to go back.~


Bing had been living relaxingly for the past few days. After igniting the spark against Vast Star Continent, they finally sensed the impending danger and finally sent people to negotiate.

Bing who could even extract blood from a mosquito, adding the highly intellectual Crane, Vast Star Continent had no choice but to fork out a tremendous price.

The Vast Star Continent was in terrible conditions, they needed to, with the fastest speed, wipe out the spark in their back. Only with that could they focus on handling all the restless continents around them.

In truth, the higher ups of the Vast Star Continent already knew that they would have difficulty protecting the Vast Star Continent by relying on themselves.

The Vast Star Continent was extremely weak with a lot of loopholes. All the various continents around were like ravenous wolves, waiting for the chance to pounce and bite them.

Very quickly, the emissary from the Vast Star Continent reached the Shang Continent for the second time.

The Vast Star Continent needed an ally, a powerful ally, and with this powerful ally could they possibly restrain the wolves around them. It was obvious that the mysterious people of the Shang Continent were the perfect people. Consecutively defeating their two silver grade armies, and their strange Sword Forest Stronghold, their strength was apparent.

The Shang Continent was a poor and desolate continent, and this welcomed a lot of scouts and spies.

The Shang Continent’s performance had attracted the eyes of many continents. They were extremely curious about the sudden mysterious powerhouse.

Bing did not care, he knew that their victory came by many lucky chances. In truth, the strength he held was very limited, they looked strong but were weak in reality. Thus he did not care about the scouts and spies, and trained the soldiers under him.

The good news was that there were many relatively strong people that ran in, hoping to join in the Shang Continent’s Army.

Bing knew that there were many powerhouses who had sent their scouts and informants into the Shang Continent, but they were all accepted in. How could he not, they were all manpower!

Bing was in need of manpower.

The conditions of the Shang Continent was no longer able to keep up with their development. For example, their estuary was too small, and the bigger boats were unable to enter. In terms of defense, that would be rather advantageous, but in the eyes of business, it was a huge loss.

The future of the Shang Continent was to produce Black Gold and products from Heaven’s Road. Everything will go through the Shang Continent.

Other than that, they had to construct a fort near the estuary. An estuary without a proper fort defense would allow enemies to freely enter the Shang Continent, and that was something Bing could not accept.

So all of the work required a huge amount of manpower. The population of the Shang Continent was already extremely pitiful.

Bing who was almost forced crazy kept on shouting in his mind.

~Please, all your spies or scouts or whatever, send them all in!~