Undefeated God of War - Chapter 645 – The Five Southern Island Families

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Chapter 645 – The Five Southern Island Families

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Ouch, ssssiiiii….”

Tang Tian’s wails came out of the house, he laid on the bed, his entire body wrapped in bloodied bandages, only revealing his eyes. He could not even move a finger. He had went overboard fighting He Ying. In a short span of time, his body had to bear the intense energy charge backlash, causing him to feel as though his entire body was being struck by a heavy hammer countless of times, causing him to feel numb all over.

And the pain was actually from the blood that was still bleeding out.

When Tang Tian was pulled out of the warship, everyone was shocked, every inch of his skin was bleeding, as though he was dragged out of a blood pool, and many of his wounds were still overflowing with blood.

Everyone thought that Tang Tian was weak due to the loss of blood, but after a check by the doctor, they realised that Tang Tian was still strong. Tang Tian’s pain did not come from being weak, but because he was overflowing with blood, causing his veins and arteries to be in excruciating pain.

This result shocked everyone, all of them could only laugh awkwardly, ~As expected of a perverse man, after losing so much blood, he was actually still in vigorous and healthy shape.~

Amidst Tang Tian’s screams, Shi Sen respectfully reported his battle reports, while Huo Qing stood by the side, curiously taking a few glances at their boss, who was overly young.

The battle did not stop because of He Ying’s death. Seeing that the situation had gone awry, Lady Rou had given the order for the pirates to attack. Seeing that White Sands Continent was about to be flooded with pirates, Eldest Young Noble had appeared in the barracks of the 2nd and 3rd Army. He Ying and the Continent Lord was dead, Lady Rou had disappeared without a trace, the two commanders of the armies hesitated for a moment, before choosing to surrender.

But Eldest Young Noble decided to give them a chance to redeem themselves, and requested to to defend against the Pirates. The two large armies who initially thought they would be sentenced to death were beyond joyous, they resisted the pirates with all their might, clashing and stopping the pirates.

The 1st Army that had disappeared for many days appeared behind the pirates, and launched an immense attack.

The pirates were immediately caught in a chaotic situation.

Lian Bo Jun’s Black Mountain Pirates turncoat against the pirates became the final straw, the alliance between the pirates completely crumbled, and the 2nd and 3rd Army took the chance and killed countless of them.

Shi Sen had just snuck into the White Sands Continent, and coincidentally saw the 1st Army launching their attack, he immediately took the chance and assaulted the pirates as well.

After the battle, another piece of good news was received, they found Richard.

The Continent Lord Manor, Eldest Young Noble, no, he should be hailed as White Sands Continent Lord, looked at Suo Bi in gratitude.

“If not for you, this time….”

Suo Bi shook his head: “Protecting White Sands has always been Suo Bi’s responsibility.”

Beside him, the 2nd Army and 3rd Army Commanders had looks of shame on their faces.

Ling Xia asked curiously: “Master Suo Bi, how did you know about He Ying’s plan?”

With the sudden disappearance of the 1st Army, prior to leaving, Suo Bi had Ling Xia bring Eldest Young Noble to Meng Nan for protection, and right before the pirates had launched their attack, they suddenly appeared behind the Pirate Alliance, this series of planning was truly unimaginable.

Suo Bi revealed his secret: “It was Lei Er Fu.”

“The head of the Golden Ross, Slit Eyes Snake Lei Er Fu?” Ling Xia cried out in alarm, the others were equally shocked.

Suo Bi nodded his head: “Three days after his death, I received a letter. It was Lei Er Fu’s preplanned contingency just in case he died, which was for the letter to be sent to me. If he was not dead, the letter would had never been sent. That man was truly too cunning. This letter contained many secrets, one of which was that Lady Rou is from the Honorable Martial Continent.”

Those words were like a heavy bomb that dropped into all of their hearts.

“Honorable Martial Continent? How can it be them?”

“We do not have any grievances with the Honorable Martial Continent!”


Even the Commander of the 2nd and 3rd Army were in disbelief, they had thought of all the possible backgrounds of Lady Rou, but they had never thought that she would be connected to the Honorable Martial Continent.

“Ambitious, the Honorable Martial Continent is too ambitious.” Suo Bi said coldly: “Our White Sands stands in the center of the Southern Region, as long as it becomes chaotic, they would be able to spread to the Eastern Region. Their plan was extremely ingenious, to use Miss Yu Ran’s influence, not only on our White Sands but even the surrounding aristocratic families, and capture all of us. Using the ladies as a ransom, and using the pirates, no one will think that all the chaos in the Southern Region would be linked to the Honorable Martial Continent.”

“But what good is there for them?” Ling Xia did not understand.

“They have already taken control of the entire Western Region.” Suo Bi said indifferently: “Their next goal, is the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

“Entire, the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy!”

Everyone was shocked by Master Suo Bi’s words. There were over tens of thousands of continents in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, that would mean warring for a long time, that had never happened before. If there truly was a person who wanted to unify the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy, how could it not stump others?

It was dead silent.

If this theory was not spoken by Master Suo Bi, no one would have believed the words at all.

After a long time, the new Continent Lord broke the silence, and muttered: “Who knew that Honorable Martial Continent’s ambition would be so huge.” He had a look of loss, and suddenly raised his head: “Master Suo Bi, why did you believe that Meng Nan could protect me?”

“Because Meng Nan is the Honorable Martial Continent’s enemy.” Suo Bi asked.

“The Honorable Martial Continent’s enemy?” Ling Xia asked: “Could it be that Meng Nan used to be a continent lord of one of the continents in the Western Region?”

Everyone suddenly realised, what Ling Xia said might be true. In the current Western Region, there were over thousands of continents that were either annexed or destroyed by Honorable Martial Continent. If Meng Nan truly was a successor of one of the continents, their hatred for Honorable Martial Continent would be very deep.

But unexpectedly, Suo Bi shook his head: “I do not think so.”

“He isn’t.” The new Continent Lord spoke: “All the continents that were destroyed by Honorable Martial Continent are struggling by themselves, how could they have the strength to protect me?”

The new Continent Lord had personally witnessed Meng Nan’s strength, and the way he acted showed that he was not any successor of any continent. He never retreated and was unreasonably fierce, with his head on clashes, how was that the bearing of a successor on the run? And Meng Nan subordinates were all fearsome people as well, and the scary spirit dyad, if they truly came from the Western Region, the Honorable Martial Continent would not be able to destroy them that easily.

Everyone’s gaze landed on Suo Bi.

Suo Bi spoke: “That is why I asked the Continent Lord to seek shelter under Meng Nan, one of the reasons is that we have nowhere to go, and there is no other support. On the other hand, it was Lei Er Fu’s letter that mentioned something that caught my attention. Lei Er Fu said that the mysterious person behind him had an extremely important goal, which was to seek out a few families.”

“What families?”

Everyone became attentive, to make such a huge movement for a few families, it showed their great importance to the Honorable Martial Continent, and yet everyone was oblivious to it.

“The Five Southern Island Families.”

Everyone was startled, they all knew of the Five Southern Island Families. About a 100 years ago, the five families travelled from afar to White Sands, and coincidentally arrived when Pirates were attacking White Sands. The five families immediately aided White Sands, and obtained victory for them. The Continent Lord at that time, to reward the five families for their service, gave them each a territory in the Southern Islands of White Sands Continent for them to reside, and from then on, they were hailed as the Five Southern Island Families.

The five families gradually reproduced and grew in the Southern Islands, but they rarely revealed themselves, and never got involved with matters with other families, to the point that people thought that they stood aloof from worldly affairs. So when everyone heard Master Suo Bi speak about them, they were surprised.

“Yes. Lei Er Fu spent some time investigating a few families, resulting in leads that linked to the Five Southern Island Families.” Suo Bi said: “I kept this in my heart, but never had the intention to investigate, as we are limited on manpower. But after that, I accidentally stumbled upon Meng Nan’s subordinate who was also investigating on the five families, so I could guess the relationship between Meng Nan and the Honorable Martial Continent.”

“Meng Nan’s background is extremely mysterious and not ordinary.” Suo Bi’s face darkened: “We have watched him with his affairs, and can claim that he is very daring, without any fear. Everytime we see that the situation is bad, he would instead obtain victory, and no one knows what trump cards he still has left to play. Furthermore, that Spirit Dyad is definitely of a famed general grade, to have such a standard of spirit dyad, the power behind Meng Nan is definitely not ordinary. We can only make friends with him, and not be enemies.”

His words obtained the approval of everyone.

The new Continent Lord immediately spoke: “He saved our lives. Furthermore, he does not seem to care about the White Sands, he said he has a condition for us, when I asked him what it was, he said he only needed the help of our trading channels.”

Everyone was somewhat suspicious, the condition was too low.

Ling Xia reinforced his words: “Mister Meng did say that.”

“It seems that he does not care about our estate and wealth.” Suo Bi heaved a sigh of relief, he was somewhat relieved. He always believed that Meng Nan’s strength was far stronger than the White Sands Continent. And it was the most reasonable guess, a guess that made everyone feel at ease, the current White Sands Continent was suffering too much, there was a plethora of things to tackle, and they could not afford to tussle with anyone else.

“Then what about the matter of the five families?” The new Continent Lord asked Suo Bi, he knew that his wealth was very shallow, and without experience. He could only rely on Suo Bi.

Suo Bi spoke: “He is our most important ally, if we are able to help him, we should do so with all our might. They can go to the five families, but they might not be granted access, why don’t we openly send our guides there, and establish communication between both parties. But we will not be involved with their matters.”

The new Continent Lord’s eyes lit up: “Good idea.”

“Continent Lord, the most urgent task now is to call in all the patriarchs of the families, and appease the people.” Suo Bi rationalised: “Everyone is unstable right now, they are hoping for peace.”

“Good!” The new Continent Lord nodded, but he was slightly doubtful: “I am only afraid I do not have sufficient prestige.”

“Continent Lord, rest easy, it will come in time.” Suo Bi remained cool and calm: “Right now, we have to deal with the people who colluded with the pirates and plotted rebellions. These people are truly wicked beyond redemption. When the time comes, we need to weed out all the spies of the Honorable Martial Continent and clean up our continent. If not, we cannot sleep in peace.”

Everyone nodded their heads.

Ling Xia did not speak, she knew that Master Suo Bi’s words meant that after the night had ended, many heads would roll, and many families would be destroyed.

She raised her head: “This subordinate is willing to be the guide for Mister Meng to seek out the Southern Islands.”