Undefeated God of War - Chapter 644 – Victory

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Chapter 644 – Victory

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

He Ying was experienced in battle, and was extremely familiar with the popular warships. Upon seeing that only one of the seat of the Black Arrow Warship had lit up, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He had heard of Meng Nan purchasing a warship before, so it did not surprise him that much. But because Meng Nan did not have sufficient manpower, just buy purchasing a warship, he could not display the true fighting capability of a warship.

The warship weapons demanded a high synchronization frequency, and not any person could operate them. Rich tyrants enjoyed buying good equipment, but all that equipment would barely be used to their fullest potential, and would most likely be left to rust and collect dust in warehouses. He Ying knew such a degrading and rotten style all too well.

Seeing that only one of the seat was being lit up, it reaffirmed He Ying’s guess, Meng Nan did not have sufficient men.

One seat required about 20 soldiers, this number tallied with the reports He Ying had received.

The Black Arrow Warship was a good warship, but with insufficient manpower, it was just a block of wood.

He Ying only had 20 men by his side, but they were all ironclad soldiers who had followed him for years, all of them were the elites of the army, and were extremely familiar with battle formations. For them, they could handle 10 men with ease.

He Ying had confidence in himself.


The densely clustered sword auras flew forward, bringing forth whistling sounds towards He Ying.

Bai Xiao who was watching the battle muttered: “It’s coming.”

“It’s coming?” Bai Yue was confused and subconsciously asked.

“The Honeycomb Sword Cannon!” Bai Xiao replied, he was excited, recalling the scene from the last time, he felt as though it was all a dream.

Bai Yue then thought about the incident with the pirates, in that battle, it was said that Meng Nan was the one controlling the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, which was extremely out of the ordinary.

He was also brimming with curiosity.

A light flickered in He Ying’s eyes, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon!

~It is of some standard, for this degree of concentration, the opponent’s standard is not too bad. But with just this, you think you can kill a silver general, you’re belittling me.~

He Ying revealed a sneer, under his control, the synchronised energy quickly formed a red tempest which protected them in the center.

If looked at carefully, one would realize that the high speed red tempest had countless of dark red granules inside, which were formed by energy, causing the tempest to become even stronger.

The Honeycomb Sword Auras struck the wall of tempest, causing countless of chaotic flows, but the tempest wall stood majestically.

The Honeycomb Sword Cannon was mostly used to fight loose and disorganized soldiers, it was not overly powerful, but it could shoot many sword auras per time, and the radius covered a rather large area.

He Ying had full confidence in his [Red Granule Tempest], its defensive properties were much stronger than ordinary energy barriers, its inspiration stemmed from sandstorms in the desert. The high revolving airflows could disperse enemy attacks, and at the same time increase its defense. And the large quantity of strong and heavy sand granules mixed in the tempest allowed the tempest to become denser and harder to break through.

Even powerful destructive attacks were unable to sway the [Red Granule Tempest], let alone the Honeycomb Sword Cannon.

Furthermore, although the Honeycomb Sword Cannon could shoot out many sword auras at once, it’s offensive frequency was not too great. After every wave of attacks, it would require a stoppage, which would be overcome by having many ship crews alternate. But currently, his opponent only had one Honeycomb Sword Cannon, and thus its limitations was very prevailing.

To He Ying, a silver grade general, as long as there was a flaw, he could completely overturn the situation. Furthermore, it was a fatal flaw.

The sword auras that struck the Red Granule Tempest were all shattered.

~Time for a counterattack!~

Just as He Ying was about to counterattack, in the next moment, his expression froze.


Yet another ear numbing whistling sound came out, and another torrent of sword auras struck the Red Granule Tempest.

He Ying almost jumped up, ~Impossible…..~

The Honeycomb Sword Cannon’s energy impact was relatively large, and no one was able to ignore the backlash, he had never seen a team that could continuously fire off the Honeycomb Sword Cannon before, it was not reasonable!

Xiu xiu xiu!

The condensed whistling sounds cut through the night sky, wave after wave of sword aura poured, as though a rain of light was descending from the Black Arrow Warship onto the Red Granule Tempest.

Boom boom boom!

The sword auras continued to strike the tempest, countless of light aura flew everywhere, the tempest blew the sword auras into pieces, but maintained extremely stable.

He Ying, revealing a look of shock, forced himself to calm down, and continued to channel the [Red Granule Tempest]. The powerful defensive capability of Red Granule Tempest was displayed to saturation, the pouring of sword auras did not do much to the Tempest.


Bai Yue had his hands holding onto the top of his head, his face full of disbelief, he had heard from Bai Xiao how Meng Nan used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, but to personally witness how the weapon was used without any pause, the continuous onslaught of sword auras spraying out, he felt as if his logical reasoning was being overturned.

Wait a minute!

He suddenly trembled, as a famed general, he had sharply and immediately captured the important point, if such a scene were to occur in a war…..

If it was just one warship, and all of the weapons could do the same…..

He trembled, he knew that if the freak of a warship truly appeared in the battlefield, who could stop it? No, no one could stop it, if every warship of a convoy could be like that, then no one in the entire Sacred Saint Galaxy could stop them!

Bai Yue dare not think further, just thought of the outcome caused his hands to turn cold. He stared intently at the battlefield, afraid to miss any minute details.

~That loud and noisy person, how many secrets is he truly hiding?~

The countless of sword auras formed a flow, continuously hitting onto the red tempest.

It was just a short span of 10 seconds, but He Ying felt as if he was dragged to a year. The Red Granule Tempest had remarkable defense, but the sword auras were too numerous, and with the continuous onslaught, He Ying was placed under an immense pressure. The energy in their bodies were quickly depleting.

Other than holding on, He Ying did not have any other ideas. The Red Granule Tempest started to sway, and if it continued, they would be swallowed by the sword auras, and even their bones will be wiped out.

“Everyone, hold on!” He Ying roared: “The enemy cannot last for so long!”

All of his bodyguards clenched their teeth and bitterly held on, they had absolute trust in He Ying, and, they also believed that the enemies could not hold on any longer, such a crazy attack was something that no one could keep releasing!

It was a battle of will, whoever revealed their flaw first would be the loser.

Little Fool held the handle of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, the screams of Tang Tian beside him drilled into his ears. He remained aloof, as though he could not hear anything. Until now, he had not even attacked once, the expression on his face remained normal, as though the situation in front of him did not concern him at all.


Tang Tian’s roar suddenly stopped, the overheated Honeycomb Sword Cannon exploded and shattered into pieces and dust, the dust covering the entire place, and Tang Tian sat there without reaction.

There was only a thought in his mind, how could the Honeycomb Sword Cannon be so weak?


He Ying who was stubbornly holding on rejoiced, that’s right, even if the enemy soldiers could bear the terrifying backlash, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon itself was unable to bear the burden.

No one knew that, the moment that Tang Tian’s Honeycomb Sword Cannon exploded, the emotionless and ignorant Little Fool’s eyes suddenly lit up with a cold glint.

The long sword floating behind him lit up at the same time.

A burst of sword aura shot towards He Ying.

He Ying who was just about to counterattack suddenly heard the whistle, and was shocked yet again, the enemies actually still had people! What made him feel even more unease was that he did not even notice the enemy attacking. It was too sudden.

But it was just a burst of sword auras, and not like the flow of sword aura, causing He Ying to feel slightly more at ease.

Even before he could rejoice, the whistling sound in the air changed, the initially low resounding whistle suddenly became extremely sharp, like a needle piercing into the brain.

He Ying’s face became ugly, he raised his head to look, the burst of sword rain had actually merged into a dazzling sword aura!

He Ying’s heart trembled, it was only one sword aura, but the tail of light that was dragged behind released an imposing might and aura, compared to the burst of sword rain, it was many times stronger!

A Swordsman!

He Ying suddenly reacted, only a swordsman that had a profound understanding of the sword, could be able to produce such a terrifying attack with the Honeycomb Sword Cannon!

He then understood why the opponent had managed to attack without any warning.

Little Fool who was enlightened on sword laws was ahead of Tang Tian in terms of understanding and using the Honeycomb Sword Cannon. He had simply got in touch with it for a moment, and Little Fool already understood the weapon. Tang Tian’s brute way of attacking made Little Fool scoff in his mind, but luckily for Tang Tian, it was effective, thus Little Fool did not do anything, and simply waited for the opportunity to arise.

Little Fool who had a profound comprehension of sword laws was able to use the Honeycomb Sword Cannon to an incredibly powerful degree.

~Damn it!~

He Ying’s whose face was flushed white shouted: “Be careful!”

Before he could finish his words, the dazzling sword aura, bringing along a straight and dazzling light trace struck heavily onto the Red Granule Tempest.


The Red Granule Tempest trembled, He Ying and the others inside felt their throats turning sweet, the corners of their mouths had traces of blood, their faces overwhelmed with shock.

But they knew it was not time to panic. The terrifying attack must had caused the operator to feel a huge energy charge, and a swordsman’s body had never been their strongest suit.

A chessboard floated beneath Little Fool’s legs, the intense backlash surged into Little Fool’s body, but the chessboard suddenly lit up, Bang, it shattered.

Little Fool’s body trembled, although majority of the energy charge backlash had been tolerated by the chessboard, but the remaining backlash was not light either, and he was too weak to attack again.

~Warship weapons are not suitable for spirit generals at all…..~

Blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth, causing the cold smile on his face to become even more terrifying. His task was completed, his attack had given Tang Tian the chance to jump aboard another Honeycomb Sword Cannon.

The floating sword behind the seat lit up once again. Amidst Tang Tian’s roar, the terrifying flow of sword auras spewed out once again!

Wave after wave of terrifying energy backlash surged into Tang Tian’s body, his body trembled like a sieve as the blood in his body continue to surge in pain.

He remained oblivious to his body, the rage in his eyes spewing fire, he roared like a tiger!

The violent surging flow of sword auras struck the Red Granule Tempest in the most brute way, the violent tempest had met with an even more violent enemy.

He Ying’s face was flushed as white as paper, after the heavy sword attack, although they had managed to block it, but the Red Granule Tempest was equally damaged.


The red granule tempest shattered completely.


He wanted to roar out loud, but he could not find his voice, his vision turned a pure white.

The flow of sword auras that had lost control shot forth everywhere, destroying everything in its wake.