Undefeated God of War - Chapter 643 – Fight Side by Side

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Chapter 643 – Fight Side by Side

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The appearance of the warship shocked everyone. No one would hadve thought that there would be a warship hidden underground.

He Ying’s face instantly changed.

The 2nd Army also had warships, but they were medium size or higher warships, and such large warships were incapable of fighting inside cities, so he chose to use frigates. Furthermore, small size warships were extremely expensive, and their usage in battles could not compete with large or medium size warships, and if they were to fight in cities, good quality and cheap frigates were the better choice.

“Black Arrow Warship!”

“Damn it!”

You get what you pay for, the Black Arrow Warship was just a small size warship, its price was around the value of 10 frigates, and how could the 2nd Army not know of it’s strengths? A warship like the Black Arrow Warship was extremely expensive, and not even the 2nd Army could buy one. The Black Arrow Warship was most commonly bought by the rich tyrants to buff up their personal bodyguards.

Wait a minute….. A rich tyrant…..

The soldiers of the 2nd Army suddenly remembered, they were facing a real rich tyrant! He was a rich tyrant that used money to wipe out the Golden Rose in one night! A rich tyrant that used cloud coins to purchase two armies!

Everyone immediately came to their senses.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for a rich tyrant to purchase a Black Arrow Warship, but it would be weird if one did not.

And when they saw the position of the Black Arrow Warship, every single soldier of the 2nd Army started to perspire in cold sweat.

“Protect Master!”

“Stop it! Quickly stop it!”

Anxious and panicked shouts started to fill the air.

After the fervent attacks made by the Swift Army, almost all of the frigates owned by the 2nd Army were destroyed. When the 2nd Army realised that the opponent’s warship was a threat to He Ying’s safety, they realised that they had no more warships or frigates for reinforcements.

Their first instinct was to turn back in an attempt to save He Ying.

But who they encountered was Tang Chou. But the moment the warship appeared, Tang Chou’s reaction was different from the rest, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

~Master has finally appeared.~

He was aware of the battle occurring underground, but right from the beginning, he did not try to bide for time, because he held absolute confidence in Tang Tian. In all of his battles, Tang Tian had come across a few almost undefeatable enemies, but the victor had always been Tang Tian. No matter how dangerous the situation, he would undoubtedly choose Tang Tian as the winner, always!

This was the only way to obtain victory,

His bet was right!

Tang Chou who heaved a sigh of relief was the first to react. Tang Chou’s bearing as a famed general was displayed to full saturation. No matter how intense the battle, it only took one second to determine the victor.

“Everyone, attack!”

Unexpectedly, Tang Chou chose what appeared to be an untimely opportunity to give his command. If it was an outstanding general like Xie Yu An, at such a time, there would always be hesitation. Because, there would always be their own judgement on the situation, Tang Chou’s order that was seemingly beyond normal reasoning gave them all a chance to struggle.

But the Skull Unit led by Aya would not allow it. At times, being weak had its advantage. Aya and her team had not regained their senses, or even made their own judgement on the situation, they did not even have any understanding of the situation. So when they heard Tang Chou’s order to attack, without any thoughts, they made their moves.

The soldiers of the 2nd Army who were preparing to turn, never expected the Skull Unit to turn to attack as well, in that panic, everyone became clumsy.

Due to their thoughts not being aligned, some of the soldiers stood in their original positions, some of them were anxious, some wanted to back the general up, and because of the different states of mind, their coordination became even more chaotic. What was worse was that the Skull Unit had rushed towards them without any thought, and all of the soldiers who were turning back to support He Ying were unable to react, leading to a loss of lives.

The Skull Unit, which did not hold superiority in strength, was actually not at a disadvantage.

Tang Chou was pleased. Even if the 2nd Army was cut by half, in a head on clash, the Skull Unit was still not their opponents. The Swift Army was only able to obtain such a feat because of the enemy underestimating them, and by relying on the formation and warship weapons.

Tang Chou knew that the Skull Unit’s full force attack could not last for long.

But Tang Chou did not care about it, when the Black Arrow Warship had appeared, he knew that the one to decide the outcome of the battle was not the Skull Unit, but Tang Tian.

Without any hesitation, he once again placed the hope of victory on Tang Tian.

As long as Tang Tian could kill He Ying before the Skull Unit gave in, then they would win. If not, they lose.

All of Tang Chou’s focus landed on the Black Arrow Warship.


Tang Tian sat his bloodied body on the seat of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, he was rejoicing in his heart, lucky for him, he had chose 10 soldiers of the Skull Unit to control the warship, if not the warship would had never been able to start. The Black Arrow Warship was a small size warship, and did not need many soldiers to control.

The battle between Tang Tian and Xie Fei had shocked them completely, they did not dare to leave the ship, if anyone was unlucky, they would be instantly killed by Xie Fei’s finger aura.

The battle between the two experts were too fast for them to capture, furthermore try to escape.

When Tang Tian beat Xie Fei, they all rejoiced crazily.

But upon seeing Tang Tian completely bloodied, leaving behind footprints of blood, walking one step at a time towards the warship, they looked on with their mouths wide opened, ~Does Master want to carry on fighting even though he is so severely injured?~

“You’re acting rashly, there’s no meaning to this.” Little Fool said coldly.

Tang Tian sat himself down on the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, his bloodied hands held onto the handle, and said with displease: “I feel that there is meaning to it, that’s all that matters.”

Seeing his stubborn gaze, Little Fool was helpless: “I’ll fight for you.”

Bang, Tang Tian leaned into the seat, he portrayed a smile, his face that was covered in blood revealed a smile uglier than a cry. Little Fool thought that he had convinced Tang Tian, but who knew that Tang Tian would laugh weirdly: “Hehehe, we shall fight side by side!”

With that, he turned his head, his face instantly becoming sinister, he stretched his neck and roared: “Forward! We’ll kill them!”

The soldiers awoke from their stupor, and immediately sunk into a fervent state. There was nothing that could make them as excited, as their leader leading them into battle.

It was as though they were high on drugs, they placed all their attention on controlling the Black Arrow Warship, which sped out of the ground quickly.

“Godlike young lad, Go go go!”

His thunderous roar resonated throughout the warship.

Little Fool observed the enraged Tang Tian, the fool did not seem to have any feeling to the blood loss, his energetic muscles were red like boiled steel, emitting an astonishing amount of steam, he was burning hot, causing the entire warship to have the stench of blood.

~True madness!~

~Fight side by side….~

Little Fool shook his head, he kept Saint Sword Ocean Prison, and floated to a seat of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon and sat down. Little Fool’s adorable size, seated atop a huge chair, it was an unspeakable comical and cute scene.

Little Fool did not care, but curiously touched the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, his statue like small face was extremely adorable.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The warship directly struck the boulders ahead of them.

This crude and direct manner of appearing on the battlefield made Tang Tian instantly excited, and he started to shout: “Go go go!”


Little Fool could not even be bothered to roll his eyes, ~As long as this fool appears, peace and quiet will never happen.~

But, this Honeycomb Sword Cannon is rather interesting…..

The thick rocks were broken apart by the Black Arrow Warship, the entire hull shook intensely, causing Tang Tian to become even more excited.

The first thing that Tang Tian saw the moment he rose out of the ground was He Ying.

If we were to say that Tang Chou possessed an astonishing eye for judgement, then Tang Tian had an equally terrifying intuition like a wild beast. Without thinking, he launched an attack on He Ying.

He Ying was not able to react from the sudden turn of events, and thus was an extremely rare opportunity.


The Sword behind Tang Tian’s chair suddenly lit up.


A sword ray shot out, but Tang Tian suffered the backlash and spat out blood, and lost control of the sword aura the instant it flew out.

Tang Tian’s face changed, trouble!

Although the Black Arrow Warship was a small size warship, but was a genuine silver grade warship, atop it were all silver grade warship weapons. Tang Tian’s request for the change of warship weapons were also all silver grade.

The power of silver grade warship weapons were immense, but the criteria to use them were extremely tight. For example the “Heaven Devastating Blade”, when used by a group of men, it required 20 elite blade wielding soldiers, with synchronization frequency of at least 75% to be able to attain its actual power, and if the synchronization frequency dropped to 70%, it would not work.

And for it to be used by a single person, it required a Silver Saint.

That’s right, a Silver Saint.

Damn it!

The Honeycomb Sword Cannon was a grade higher than the Honeycomb Sword Cannon on board Qin Yu Ran’s warship, that also meant that the backlash would be even more intense. Tang Tian who was severely injured could not guard against it, and thus receiving the shock.

What Tang Tian felt unhappy about was not because of him spitting out blood, but because he did not grab hold of the opportunity!

The sword aura barely missed He Ying, causing him to break out in cold sweat.

“Draw close to me!”

He Ying roared, the 20 elites around him instantly flew closer to him. Very quickly, their aura merged as one. The synchronization frequency within them was extremely high.

Xie Yu An’s complexion became ugly, the energy synchronization frequency between the 21 men had reached an astonishing high of 92%!

He Ying was using this to show Xie Yu An the power of a silver army.

The astonishingly high synchronization frequency brought forth a powerful aura, it was just 21 men, but the power released from them made it feel like a small army.

~So powerful….~

Xie Yu An clenched his teeth tightly, his eyes were filled with worry, it was a pity that all of the Swift Army were on the ground, and he could not retaliate.

A blazing red blade aura shot out from the 21 men formation, fiercely slashing on the Black Arrow Warship.


The light aura splashed, lighting up the night sky. The energy barrier of the Black Arrow Warship trembled intensely, the sound from the collision of both sides could be heard throughout the city.

Tang Tian held onto the handle tightly, his face twitching slightly, the warship’s violent swaying caused his wounds to open again, causing blood to flow.

Tang Tian’s expression became increasingly sinister and ferocious, ~meeting you face to face right now, only the braver one will win, at this time, it’s either you or me!~

Energy surged into the Honeycomb Sword Cannon frantically, the sword floating beside him became extremely bright.

Buzz buzz buzz

100 Swords in unison!


100 sword light auras shot forth like rain.