Undefeated God of War - Chapter 641 – Shi Sen’s Movements

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Chapter 641 – Shi Sen’s Movements

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“The path towards the White Sands Continent has been locked down.” The businessman who spoke had a worried look on his face: “I do not know where did that big group of pirates came from, but the entire vicinity of White Sands Continent is filled with pirates. There are already a few caravans that have been destroyed, so listen to my words of advise, do not go near the White Sands for now, wait until this blows over. Sigh, business will be bad this year.”

Seeing that the other party did not have any interesting things to say, Shi Sen excused himself.

“Boss, what do we do now? Should we change our path to Shang Continent….”

Shi Sen’s face was gloomy, he never thought that the path back to the White Sands Continent would be sealed. He had filled up his ranks of Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, and excitedly wanted to return to White Sands Continent, but he did not expect the path ahead to be locked down, and many business caravans were also stopped.

“What do we do at the Shang Continent?” Shi Sen said unhappily: “Master and the rest are definitely still in the White Sands Continent, you want me to sit by the sidelines and ignore Master?”

He muttered to himself: “What exactly is going on at the White Sands Continent?”

Shi Sen was a veteran with plenty of experience, for such a large scale gathering of pirates was definitely done by someone pulling the strings. If not there was some attractive prize for the pirates at the other side.

Everyone looked at Shi Sen, waiting for him to decide.

“We have to go back to Master!” Shi Sen said: “Master is waiting for us now, if Master is trapped in a dangerous situation now, and we avoid the problem by walking away, we should just kill ourselves!”

“Boss is right!”

“That’s right! This life is for Master!”

The veterans beside Shi Sen all shouted as well, while all the newly recruited Demonic Mounts looked at each other. If not for Shi Sen’s reputation, they would have all left.

Shi Sen stared at the newcomers, and spoke: “All of you are clearer than me on how the reputation of us Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts are. In the past few years, who has looked at you as an equal? Now, this is a god sent chance for us to redeem ourselves, to give the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts a chance to correct its name. I think that all of you have suffered the humiliation long enough.”

One of the young man bowed earnestly, and said: “Boss, tell me what to do! I have come out this time with no intention of coming back alive. We will never smear the name of the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts.”

This man was called Huo Qing, and was the strongest out of the newcomers, and was the strongest Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts of the past few years, and had the highest prestige out of the newcomers.

Shi Sen also admired Huo Qing, as the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts had finally produced a genius.

“Then, tell me about your thoughts?” Shi Sen said.

“We need some equipment.” Huo Qing remained calm: “This way, we have the ability to preserve our lives.”

“Right, I still have money on hand, and can buy some equipment.” Shi Sen nodded his head.

Huo Qing unexpectedly shook his head: “Maybe it’ll be better to snatch them.”

“Snatch?” Shi Sen frowned, he hated banditry and repulsed bandits, hearing what Huo Qing say, he became unhappy, ~Have the new Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts fallen to such a state?”

“This subordinate does not covet all these small things.” Huo Qing immediately explained: “If we can rob or snatch a few equipment, this way, we can pass ourselves off as pirates. We can then borrow the cover of our opponents and go closer to the White Sands Continent.”

Shi Sen’s frown started to ease up.

Huo Qing continued: “There are many pirates in the White Sands Continent, I believe there are definitely those small time pirates trying to mix in. And there is someone pulling the strings from the shadows, but there are so many pirates that between them, no one would recognize each other. Pirates are usually competitive, even though they have agreements, but as long as the opportunity opens up to them, they will never let it go. I think that the area around the White Sands City now is a mess. To us, that is a good opportunity!”

“Well thought.” Shi Sen nodded his head, then said: “We will do just that!”

One day later.

A somewhat dilapidated frigate appeared in the sea of energy. In the night before, Shi Sen and the rest suddenly snuck onto an anchored frigate, and seized it for themselves. This frigate belonged to a trading group, and was part of the protection frigates.

There were some accidents during the seizing, and both sides erupted into an intense battle.

In the end, Shi Sen and his men managed to seize the frigate without any mishap, but the frigate had suffered from damage, and thus looked to be dilapidated. But luckily, there were many supplies on the frigate. With a large quantity of equipment, although they were only ordinary supplies, but it was enough to equip them.

Compared to that, the escape was even more thrilling.

Their attack had caused too loud of a movement, and thus seven to eight other frigates chased after them, if not for Shi Sen’s experience, and their use of the complicated terrain of the Sea of Energy they would not have been able to break away from the pursuers, they would had sunk inside the Sea of Energy.

But through the battle, Shi Sen was convinced of Huo Qing’s proud and arrogant nature. Although Huo Qing and the other’s were not weak, they had zero experience in battles, they were extremely new amateurs, something that Shi Sen and all the other old timers were shocked with.

Shi Sen used the time to train them.

New soldiers could not be trusted in wars, but these newcomers’ training was tough enough, asnd soldiers who had earned the real name of Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, all of their individual abilities did not have any doubts.

As long as they went through a few battles and saw blood, these adequately strong amateurs would quickly become qualified soldiers.

As for outstanding soldiers, they would require even more time and fights.

The chaotic Sea of Energy was a perfect training grounds. There were pirates everywhere, and occasionally they would encounter danger.

Three frigates ahead rushed towards them.

The three frigates were pirates, definitely small time pirates, but a small fish would consume shrimps, seeing the lone frigate, the pirates immediately became greedy.

Three against one, no matter how they saw it, they held the advantage.

Seeing the incoming pirates, Shi Sen sneered, he ignored Huo Qing who was beside him being extremely eager, and turned the frigate to escape.

After fleeing, he successfully created distance between them and the enemy, and immediately ordered the frigate to rush towards the closest frigate.

The battle after that had no suspense.

Although Huo Qing and the newcomers were initially rather panicky, but under Shi Sen’s leadership, they started to become more adept. Weak fights were the best opportunity to train amateurs.

After overcoming the initial mental barrier, the newcomers started to become better.

Defeating two frigates, the remaining frigate saw that the situation had turned, and immediately turned tail and ran. Shi Sen did not give the order to chase, but instead kept the loot, the pirates had far better equipment.

They advanced on a route of massacre, whichever small pirates they met, they rushed at them, upon seeing a large group of pirates, they would slip away. As they were only one frigate, all the large groups of pirates did not even have the interest to attack them. A large fish would eat smaller fishes, but shrimps were unable to entice them.

Along the route of murder, it allowed the new Demonic Mounts to become more experienced. They started to understand how to use their strength, learning how to coordinate with each other, and how to use whatever they had trained in.

Their battle achievements were rather pleasing, along with their spoils of war., Unknowingly, they had replaced their bird guns with cannons, their equipment became stronger and better. Compared to the small scale pirates, their equipment were of the elite grade.

Shi Sen was extremely smooth like a loach, he slipped through the cracks of the pirates quietly and continued to advance.

As they got closer and closer to the White Sands Continent, Shi Sen became more cautious, as he could sense that the security had become even more stringent. Shi Sen had reaffirmed his suspicion that there were some agreement between the pirates.

There were many large pirate groups, all of their positions were rather set, they did not loiter elsewhere. He realised that every pirate group had their own area to guard and defend.

It was as though they had completely locked down the White Sands Continent.

No army could break through this pirate defense.

SHhi Sen was secretly surprised, what kind of person would have so much money to control so many pirates. All of the pirate groups responsible for the inner circle, all of them were famous large pirate groups, all of them with famous people.

To able to gather such forces, the person behind the scenes must be terrifying!

But Shi Sen was efficient, even though the security was tight, but that was for all the larger scale armies, and thus there were still a few loopholes. Shi Sen went to the outer circle and killed another group of small group of pirates, and then chose an extremely ordinary looking small size frigate.

This small size frigate could only sit 40 men.

But Shi Sen had squeezed everyone inside, causing the small size frigate to be packed. Shi Sen then controlled the small size frigate and quietly slipped into the inner circle.

At this point, Huo Qing and the rest then realised that Shi Sen was actually very intelligent!

Shi Sen was able to sense enemy’s presence from afar, and then when they had not found them out yet, he would hide. The Sea of Energy seemed to be his home, all of the dangerous vortices, chaotic flows, regiment of energy all became his best protection.

Once, they hide under a gigantic energy vortex, causing everyone to be extremely alarmed.

The energy vortex above them released an extremely bone chilling scream, causing the hairs on their bodies to erect. A big frigate would hide from such a vortex, needless to say a small size frigate, for fear of being sucked in.

But Shi Sen could actually find a calm location right under the torrential energy vortex.

After travelling over 10 li under the gigantic energy vortex, Shi Sen became calm again and started to eat and joke. This atmosphere made Huo Qing and the rest completely convinced of his methods. Shi Sen’s talent was not only limited to that, he allowed Huo Qing and the rest to watch and learn how the patrol ships move and taught them to plan against the patrols.

They astonishingly got through the enemy’s patrol lines, and Huo Qing and the other newcomers immediately viewed Shi Sen as a god.

But occasionally when they spoke about Master Bing, they would see that Master Shi Sen’s face would be filled with revere, if even the senior would respect that person so much, Huo Qing and the rest were extremely curious about Master Bing.

To them, Master Shi Sen was already so powerful, if Master Bing was even more powerful than Master Shi Sen, then how powerful was Master Bing?

A famed grade general?

~We can’t wait to see him!~

Under Shi Sen’s leadership, the seemingly ordinary little frigate finally went through the different layers of defense and reached the White Sands Continent.