Undefeated God of War - Chapter 638 – Close Quarters Combat

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Chapter 638 – Close Quarters Combat

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Since ancient times, Intuition had always been the most mysterious force of all. For example, a veteran would always be able to sense danger, for example when something was about to happen, humans would always have a bad feeling in their hearts.

This mysterious yet powerful force had always been the target that humans pursued. Many distinguished people of the past had spent their lifetime worth of blood, sweat and tears, hoping to pry into this mystery, but up till now, no one had completely grasped this force.

Xie Fei was feeling extremely bad.

Meng Nan’s closed quarters strength surprised her. She had initially thought that Meng Nan was not proficient in fighting closed quarters, but who knew that Meng Nan’s closed quarters combat was equally fierce.

His strikes were powerful and fast, they were direct and efficient without any hesitation, filled with aggression, brimming with intimidation. If not for her personally witnessing the terrifying fire clouds, Xie Fei would had thought that she was fighting against a close quarters combat expert.

But, Xie Fei still had confidence in her own abilities, her expertise was close quarters assassination. She was not like those who enjoyed laying in ambush, using long distanced spirit techniques, she enjoyed to be close to her targets in disguise to take them down, thus wrestling was what she was best at.

Close Quarters Saints’ most remarkable traits were that they were as fast as lightning, and were different from long distance fighting saints, Close Quarters Saints could reach an astronomical speed in a small area. They were difficult to catch with the naked eye, and there were some experts who were so fast that even energy undulations were unable to catch them.

It was not only that, they could release techniques at an even quicker rate, in the time it takes for a match to light, they could finish over 10 attacks. While for the long distance saints, they would not have even finished preparing for their spirit techniques.

As long as Long Distance Saints were forced to fight at close quarters, the outcome would usually be miserable.

This was also Xie Fei’s plan, Meng Nan had displayed his powerful fighting ability, and that was long distance battle. There were some saints who would lie between long distance and close quarters combat, like a swordsman, but there was never a person who could display proficiency in both. Although it looked like Meng Nan had some of his own tricks with close quarters combat, but Xie Fei firmly believed that as long as the pressure on him was large enough, he would reveal his flaws.

A human’s energy also had limits.

The two of them brought forth two paths of afterimages, interlocking with each other.

Tang Tian’s fist fiercely smashed onto an energy shield, bang, the energy shield crumbled to pieces, and the shattered aura flew everywhere, when three finger auras suddenly shot out from behind the shattered aura.

Tang Tian seemed to have sensed it, and when the three finger auras passed through, he used his momentum and kicked out with his right leg, smashing onto Xie Fei.

Xie Fei was not panicked at all, she withdrew her hand, and formed another energy barrier and blocked.

Under Tang TIan’s leg, the energy shield shattered, but in that instant, Xie Fei disappeared.

Xie Fei had snuck behind Tang Tian, but before she could attack, a transparent blade made out of vacuum suddenly appeared in her vision along with Tang Tian’s hand afterimage.

Her pupils constricted, she twisted her waist in mid air, and her head dodged to the side.


The sharp air swept past her cheeks forming a sharp cut that made her feel pain.

So fast!

Xie Lei was in a difficult situation, Meng Nan’s movements were just slightly faster than her, and once again he had guessed her location, causing her to almost die.

She started to doubt her own judgements. Her opponent was far more difficult than she had imagined, Meng Nan seemed to be able to attack positions before she had even arrived there, and she barely dodged in time. Her powerful spirit techniques did not seem to affect him. And there were a few times when she thought she had struck him, but to realize that it was his afterimage, he was actually able to dodge in outrageous situations.

It was her first time meeting an enemy that could so eerily make judgements so quickly, matched along with his efficiency, there were no movements that delayed, and his wounding power was also adequate.

~Could my own judgement of him truly be wrong?~

After exchanging 10 blows, Xie Ren finally admitted that her judgement was wrong. Meng Nan was definitely an expert at close quarters combat, and after the initial clumsiness, she slowly started to see Meng Nan’s dao.

Meng Nan’s close quarters combat techniques were extremely strange, other than the bizarre grey flames, there was not a bit of energy undulations, his attacks were purely relying on the strength of his muscles and body.

Strange, Xie Fei’s heart jumped, she had found his weakness!

Attacking from a distance!

She suddenly increased the distance between them, of about 21m. This distance was not close nor far, but sufficient for close quarters combat experts to be unable to effective. And her spirit techniques were still able to attack him.

As expected, upon pulling the distance, she immediately felt the pressure lessen.

Light enveloped her ten fingers, lightly sprinkling the light, she formed finger auras that numbered like raindrops, surrounding Tang Tian!

Facing the countless of finger auras, Tan Tian’s complexion became serious, all of the finger auras were releasing soft whistling sounds, but whoever looked down on them would definitely die tragically. The degree of congelation of the finger auras were far higher than Heaven Road’s spirit techniques. The energy in the saints of Sacred Saint Galaxy far exceeded the saints of Heaven’s Road.

Xie Fei was a Silver Grade Saint, and was a Silver Grade Saint that had enlightened on Energy Transmutation, a Silver Saint that was an expert in spirit techniques.

The spirit techniques that consumed a large amount of energy were easily released in her hands, flinging them out as if they were free, and her techniques were even stronger than that of Heaven’s Road.

But, Tang Tian did not have any intention to retreat, with two regiment of flames in his eyes that continued to combust. If we had to say that Tang Tian made Xie Fei surprised, then Xie Fei was making Tang Tian excited!

Facing such a powerful opponent, Gong Chen was like a baby compared to her.

Sacred Saint Galaxy was ruled by armies, and in terms of individual cultivation, they were far lacking compared to Heaven’s Road. Heaven Road’s training was undoubtedly more effective, but the saints of Honorable Martial Continent who had both Sacred Saint Galaxy energy and Heaven’s Road spirit techniques, were definitely the strongest saints!

Even Tang Tian had to admit that it was the most perfect match.

But, so what? They were Honorable Martial Continent, his arch nemesis! The arch nemesis of the entire Heaven’s Road!

He had to win, he had to defeat his enemies, for he had no other ways left!


Tang Tian roared, and rushed towards the finger auras.

Xie Fei was stunned, ~Is he trying to die?~

But she was an experienced martial artist, as she determined that Tang Tian had made a mistake, that’s right, to her, the enemy had finally made a mistake! At such a time, the most important thing was to grab the opportunity.

A clear sound came out, her entire body suddenly erupted with faint white flames, it was the energy in her body that was going through Energy Transmutation.

Her flexible hands were enveloped by the faint white flames, sprinkling out the countless faint white flames that flew out and formed finger auras, containing hints of the white flames.

Welcoming the countless finger auras that contained intense killing intent, Tang Tian, whose intuition was extremely sharp, could feel that they were sharp as blades, and were being pierced and cut by them.

~But, how can I retreat? How can I run?~

~We got through that sea of blue with so much difficulty, and I finally got myself here, and finally found you!~

~This young lad’s determination, this young lad’s resolve, this young lad’s vow, hasd never swayed!

~Since you are destined to be the enemies of this young lad, then you are all destined to be defeated by this young lad!~

~Come, show me what you got!~

~Come, let us fight with all our hearts!~

Countless of images surfaced in Tang Tian’s mind, all the images about the Close Quarters Combat expert that he had seen before. His personal strength had long surpassed all of them, but when the images of them surfaced, all of their attacks seemed to ignite his fighting intent.

Advancing without slowing down the slightest bit, but instead picking up his speed, at the same time, his hands that were covered with the grey flames, with a frequency that could not be caught with the naked eyes, he crazily unleashed his hands without restraint.

Fundamental martial techniques that were crude and simple, aside from being fast, it can only be faster!

His goal was the extremely dangerous finger auras!

Xie Fei could not believe her own eyes, ~Has he gone mad?~ She initially thought that Meng Nan would use his outstanding judgement to dodge the finger auras, but who knew that he did not even have the intention to dodge, but instead use the most direct method!

Barging in from the front!

Under that intense danger, Tang Tian’s attention was completely placed in front of him, his intuition raised to a terrifying level. The world in front of him seemed to suddenly slow.

Every muscle in his body, every tendon, was clear to him, he could control them on a whim. He could clearly see the trajectories of the light auras, and could clearly see the white flames that were inside it.

Pa, his palm that was covered in the Null Flames smacked onto one of the finger aura.

The finger aura was instantly destroyed.

But, following that, another finger aura touched Tang Tian’s left rib. Tang Tian’s left fist smashed down, accurately smashing the finger aura, Bang, it was destroyed.

Borrowing that force, Tang Tian continued.

Bang bang bang!

Tang Tian’s hands moved extremely quickly without restraint, borrowing the force from the explosions, he continued to adjust himself. Viewing from a side, Tang Tian seemed to advancing inside the finger auras by brushing their sides.

Tie Da!

(TN: It is a sort of kung fu used like Wing Chun, to brush and smack the enemy’s attack from the side, dodging the flow of impact and hitting from its side. Watch Ip Man and you will understand.)

In the images in his mind, the Close Quarters Combat expert was using the Tie Da technique against his opponent to shorten the distance between them, it was extremely tyrannical!

Tang Tian unleashed his extremely powerful intuition to its maximum.

The finger auras and Null Flames touched each other, but did not stop Tang Tian.

Tang Tian seemed to be untouchable, his body flew forward like an arrow!

~Not good, not good at all!~

Xie Fei was shocked, she then noticed that Tang Tian’s movements were not random and based on luck, his hands would sometimes be fists that smashed down, sometimes would be palms that smacked down.

Every movement was extremely fast!

Tang Tian’s attacks were extremely accurate, in the blink of an eye, he could strike a finger aura accurately. What shocked Xie Fei even further was that he was actually borrowing the small force brought from explosion from the finger auras.

~To even be able to use the minute force, who is he?~

It was the first time that Xie Fei was feeling aghast, Meng Nan was releasing an aura that resembled a sharp blade, piercing her heart. Matched with his unreasonable and brutally direct manner of fighting, he finally broke through Xie Fei’s calm state of mind, it was the first time that she was feeling helpless.

But she was still the trump card of the Shadow Division, her methods were not natural, she steadied her determination, after that short panic, she knew that she was at the junction of life and death, and if she hesitated, she would die.

Facing the threat of death, it also allowed her potential to completely be revealed, all of the complicated thoughts and hesitation were flung to the back of her mind.

The ten fingers on her hands lit up with a powerful light aura, and her fingers disappeared.


Countless of finger auras blossomed out a white storm of light!

When Xie Fei’s fingers suddenly lit up, Tang Tian already sensed the danger.

And the moment the white storm of light erupted, Tang Tian’s face changed.

His astonishing intuition allowed him to sense that the storm of light was so condensed that it far exceeded his attack frequency. That also meant that Tang Tian’s fundamental martial techniques were not fast enough!

It was the first time Tang Tian had encountered something that not even his fundamental martial techniques could be fast enough to match…..

When Tang Tian realized that point, he suddenly changed his posture, and his body suddenly froze in the air.