Undefeated God of War - Chapter 637 – Sneak Attack

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Chapter 637 – Sneak Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Go through there and make a path.”

“Pay attention to not break the energy barrier, place a Honeycomb Sword Cannon here, drag it out from the warehouse and construct the defense.”

“Reinforce it! Reinforce it further!”


Xie Yu An walked up and down and gave orders loudly, his face absent of any panic. He was not panicking at all, he was about to fight with a silver grade army, wasn’t it what he had always wanted?

Maybe when fighting outside cities, or maybe when commanding and leading in battles, Xie Yu An was not He Ying’s match. But in terms of laying and arrangement of defense, he had absolute confidence in himself. In school, his academics had obtained first place for three full years, and until now, all of his thesis papers remained to be case studies.

With abundant resources and manpower, the complicated terrain, he had the perfect conditions.

~Come at me!~

The battle intent in Xie Yu An’s heart was soaring, he sprinted everywhere, not knowing what fatigue was, screaming and shouting.

Tang Chou did not disturb him, Xie Yu An’s arrangement and formations were relatively outstanding and tight. There were a few places that he did not understand, where it was most likely the difference in systems. What made him feel even more praiseworthy was that Xie Yu An did not show fear in the face of the huge battle, but instead was even more determined, that was an extremely hard to find quality, and was also one of the most important.

It meant that Xie Yu An had the qualities to become a famed general.

Wars were irreversible, and there are many uncontrollable factors, and brave generals who led their armies were more likely to obtain fortune and good graces from others. And the leaders that had great morale during battle, could also inspire others, causing them to be sharper, more determined and braver.

Such a quality was not one that could be obtained from practise, and had no relevance to self cultivation or war tactics. Such leaders would be revered, trusted, and more reliable.

In the last test, Xie Yu An had displayed such qualities, but even more so of his tenacity. To have tenacity and bravery, and even have outstanding achievements, his future was bright.

Tang Chou did not step in, Xie Yu An’s talent and qualities were outstanding, but if he truly wanted to achieve the level of a famed general, he needed more polishing in real battles. And the incoming battle would undoubtedly be an extremely good place to polish himself.

The people that Tang Chou had to guide was the Skull Unit, they had gathered a large amount of supplies. The supplies would last them for at least two weeks. But to Aya and the rest, the upcoming battle was a foreign land. Only genuine armies would engage in defense formation related trainings.

But Tang Chou did not see it that way.

The Skull Unit were more proficient in small scale coordinations, upon entering the battle, it would become heated extremely quickly. At that time, the power of Skull Unit would be displayed.

Suddenly, intense fighting sounds could be heard from one of the shops.

Tang Chou’s gaze turned cold, ~Intruders.~

He quickly found the enemies, a few black figures that were extremely fast bringing about afterimages, like ghosts, were infiltrating the formation. As they were in too close a proximity, the Swift Army soldiers did not know what to do. All of the black figures were extremely powerful, and a few soldiers had already fallen.


~Are they finally here?~


Tang Tian was at the moment learning about the warship, he adored the warship, and the members of Skull Unit who were the most proficient in controlling warships were pulled over by him.

With Tang Chou around, he was completely absolved of the worries for defense, as Tang Tian was blind in large scale army wars.

A lady rushed over anxiously, with a look of worry: “Mister Meng, Miss Yu Ran is not feeling well, can you go take a look?”

~Qin Yu Ran is not feeling well?~

Tang Tian was startled, then stood up: “Alright.”

Tang Tian followed the lady, suddenly, a sense of danger suddenly arose. This dangerous sensation was extremely sudden, without any omen, and it seemed to flickered in and out, but Tang Tian had been through a hundred battles, and he trusted his own intuition more than anything else.

In that moment, he secretly became cautious.

“Mister Meng, please follow me!”

The lady who was ahead suddenly struck a pose, she turned and her body suddenly became indistinct.

Tang Tian’s eyes was dazzled, in that faded afterimage, a slender finger moved ever so slightly, bringing forth a white light halo, it was extremely faint without a hint of qi.

That seemingly flickering sense of danger suddenly rose to its maximum, causing the hair on Tang Tian’s body to erect, that slender and white finger, accumulated a destructive energy.

Without thinking, Tang Tian shot his right fist out, Null Flames whistling along with it!


There were no intense explosions, Tang Tian only felt his fist in pain, the finger had easily broke through the Null Flames, causing Tang Tian’s fist to bleed.

Tang Tian was shocked, ever since he had learned the Null Flames, it seemed to be almost invincible. Its characteristic to destroy energy, allowed the Null Flames to become Tang Tian’s strongest killing technique.

In a panic, Tang Tian’s left leg suddenly kicked the ground, borrowing the momentum, his body retreated!

Who knew that his opponent was even faster than him, the scene before him dazzled again, a finger suddenly emerged quickly before him.

~Damn it!~

The terrifying qi struck towards the space between Tang Tian’s eyebrows, causing him to groan, his body turned in a bizarre manner, he suddenly contracted himself, and like a like a fried dough twist, his right leg shot out like a blade.

When his life was in danger, Tang Tian did not reserve any strength, and used all his might in his leg.

The opponent could see that it was powerful, and did not dare to contend against it. The opponent’s body flickered, and a finger struck towards Tang Tian’s leg.


The two of them were flung in opposite directions.

Tang Tian’s leg had a hole that flowed with blood. He was oblivious to it, and stared at the opponent, and said: “Honorable Martial Continent!”

“Good eyes.” The lady was surprised: “To be able to recognize that I am from Honorable Martial Continent, it seems that Mister Meng Nan’s background is not so simple.”

Tang Tian never expected that even before he went to find Honorable Martial Continent, they would find him first.

The lady in front of him was powerful, and the strange finger was her spirit technique, and Tang Tian sensed the familiar qi that belonged to Honorable Martial Temple. But its might far exceeded the spirit techniques of Temple.

One of them mixed with the ladies.

“You are Lady Rou’s man.” Tang Tian suddenly understood.

“The rumors say that Mister Meng Nan is naive and dumb, but it seems that rumors cannot be trusted.” The lady said.

Tang Tian’s heart dropped, Lady Rou had arranged people to be kept inside Moon Manor, and had plotted it earlier. The lady in front of him was powerful, and was the strongest opponent that Tang Tian had met ever since entering the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and was even stronger than Qiao Yi An.

He did not know that the lady was even more surprised than he was.

Xie Fei was one of Honorable Martial Continent’s Shadow Division’s trump cards, and only because the mission was extremely important to Lady Rou, was Xie Fei sent out.

When there was light, there would be shadow, and the Shadow Division was the strongest division of the Honorable Martial Continent, the members were usually sent out for professional assassinations. And having ladies among them, made them even more obscure. If not for He Ying’s failure, whether or not the mission was a success or failure, Xie Fei would not even need to take action.

Xie Fei was actually overwhelmed with shock, her sneak attack had actually failed.

It was her first time encountering such a situation.

Honorable Martial Continent’s armies were not necessary the strongest armies, but their development in their systems far surpassed other continents. The Honorable Martial Continent was the sole place that had spirit techniques, and had a completely different training system, its might was far stronger than the rest. Xie Fei believed that all the strong martial artists in the Shadow Division were stronger than all the powerful martial artists of other continents combined.

Lady Rou had arranged her to be mixed in with the ladies, but she was rather disapproving of it.

To her, He Ying did not have any reason to fail, and Lady Rou’s arrangement was unnecessary. But she still complied. All of them were more or less familiar about it, Honorable Martial Continent’s annexing of the other continents in the Western Region, the majority of them were due to the Shadow Division.

When He Ying appeared outside Moon Manor, she thought that it was over. But who knew that Meng Nan would suddenly appear, and almost took He YIng’s life. But what truly shook her was the Skull Unit’s robotic and accurate murder. That was the scene that overwhelmed her.

Compared to the numerous successes of the Shadow Division, the Honorable Martial Army still needed to prove themselves.

Xie Fei was ranked 23 in the Shadow Division, and had never failed in her missions.

When Xie Fei received the command to kill Meng Nan, she did not hesitate at all, from what she saw, Meng Nan had the potential to become Honorable Martial Continent’s enemy. She did ample preparations for her mission, and did not underestimate her targets.

The sky of fire clouds at the banquet had left a deep impression on her, so she chose to fight in closed quarters combat, so he would not release the fire clouds.

To her, it should had been a perfect sneak attack. She did not hold back at all, but she only managed to inflict light injuries on him. She had abundant battle experiences as well, and knew that although the injuries on him looked terrifying, but in truth, it was not much.

~And, the grey flames just now, was strange….~

Fighting sounds came up from above them.

“Mister Meng’s elite army are all being massacred.” Xie Fei laughed: “I did not come alone.”

Tang Tian’s heart tensed up, but at the same time, Xie Fei’s figure disappeared.

A glimmer of light aura, like stars lit up in the sky, suddenly emerged.

Tang Tian suddenly laughed: “Idiot!”

He did not dodge at all, and welcomed the finger of light, fiercely smashing his fist into it!

Fists after fists!

Grey fist images appeared like rain, smashing on the finger of light.

Xie Fei did not think that Tang Tian would actually chose to clash head on without regards for his own life, and was not in time to react. Tang Tian had already released a few fists. She knew that she could not retreat, if someone were to retreat during a head on clash, they would be in more danger.

Meeting face to face, only the brave will win!

She used all the energy in her body, the slender finger erupting in another burst of light.

Chi chi chi!

Blood spewed all over, Tang Tian did not feel anything, and crazily smashed onto Xie Fei’s finger.

Xie Fei’s body shuddered, the energy congealed on her sharp fingertip, could hold no longer and erupted, she spat out a mouth full of blood and was flung out.

Tang Tian gasped for breath, his fists were drenched in blood, his flesh was visible and razed, blood flowed onto the ground. The grey flames that enveloped his fists, were much dimmer. His face was sinister, Xie Fei’s finger aura had entered his body and wrecked his body.

But, Xie Fei was no better.

The destructive capabilities of the Null Flames…..

Tang Tian sneered, looking extremely bloodthirsty. Although he was slightly more injured, but his confidence soared to a sky high.

The biggest mistake of the opponent was to choose to fight him at close quarters!