Undefeated God of War - Chapter 630 – He Ying’s Wild Dreams

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Chapter 630 – He Ying’s Wild Dreams

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“When will Suo Bi come back?”

Beside He Ying stood a pale white skinny man with a gloomy expression on his face. If Lei Er Fu was present, he would definitely be able to hear that the person who was speaking was the same mysterious man in the shadows.

But a pity, Lei Er Fu was dead.

“Come back?” He Ying laughed out loud: “He still wants to come back? Suo Bi was always against me, how can I give him that chance? He has talent, but a pity his temper is bad, I will just kill him to save time.”

“You must also do something to the 5th Army.” The skinny tall man said indifferently.

“In the end, you’re the one who understands me, all these are just the minor parlor tricks.” He Ying sneered: “Ling Xia that brat, she is too soft. I only gave her some sand to play with, and she thinks she wants to reorganize them, I wonder how long that will take, but she has no chance. This time, I do not plan to let the Ling Family alive.”

Standing beside He Ying, Qiao Yi An’s heart trembled.

“When solving problems, dig at the roots. What you’re doing is right.” The skinny man nodded his head: “What about Meng Nan? He is an external variable, you must pay attention to him.”

“Pay attention?” He Ying’s eyes turned dark: “I have prepared a large gift for him. 200 Qing Continent’s Tyrannical elites, and the general is Ah Sang. Humph, I don’t believe I cannot take him down!”

“Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts?” The skinny man was surprised.

“The elites of Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mount.” He Ying corrected, and said with a bit of pain: “I have spent a large sum of money to be able to get them to come here. I hid them inside the Mercenary Center, humph, the Qing Continent’s Tyrannical mounts are not the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts. That fellow is dead for sure!”

Qiao Yi An who stood by the side remained quiet, but a look of pity flashed past his eyes. Meng Nan was strong, a martial artist that was hard to come by, but they were currently in the generation where armies dominated, and strong martial artists were unable to win wars. Even for Tang Tian, in front of the elite Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts, he had no way to outshine and beat them.

“That explains your confidence.” The tall and skinny man nodded his head, a look of admiration flashed past his eyes: “You do things cautiously and well, it seems that you have improved greatly through the years.”

200 Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts, with General Ah Sang who is a prominent leader. That power was not something that any martial artist could contend with.

“I cannot just let all of your investments turn to nothing.” He Ying said somewhat arrogantly.

“That’s good.” The tall and skinny man expressed satisfaction.


Suddenly, in the distance, a dazzling light aura shot up into the sky. A loud explosion caused the entire White Sands City to tremble.

He Ying was caught in a surprise, but he immediately laughed: “Hahahaha! Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear! Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts’ Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear, what about that? Isn’t it a beauty! With that power, which elite would dare to stop me!”

Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear!

The skinny tall man’s face changed, his eyes gazing towards the light aura that was dimming down, the energy undulation possessed a tremendous might, causing even his mind to be moved.

Heavenly Green Tyrannical Spear was the Tyrannical Mount’s most famous killing technique, its reputation was known worldwide. Only after finally witnessing it, did he know that it was truly worthy of its reputation. He was suddenly moved, ~If I could bring that technique into my own continent, wouldn’t that be…..

From the start, he had always aimed for the top, all the consummate techniques of the other continents were unworthy to him, but at the moment, he was feeling excited.

Qiao Yi An’s face was pale white, the terrifying energy undulation, even if it was him fighting against it, his bones would melt into nothing as well.

~What a pity~, he was feeling remorseful for the loss of an expert.

“After Suo Bi dies, lend me the pirates for a while.” The tall and skinny man said.

He Ying frowned: “I don’t know why you guys are afraid of those families, I have investigated them a few times, and did not find out anything interesting about them.”

The tall skinny man’s eyes turned cold when he heard that: “You investigated them?”

He Ying was not afraid, and sneered: “I have to know what am I getting myself into, if I am not careful, I could be caught in a trap.”

The tall skinny man’s eyes turned extremely cold, his face revealing a mocking look: “It isn’t always a good thing to be too clever, no one is irreplaceable. Don’t forget, we are the ones who brought you up, and naturally can bring you down as well.”

He Ying’s face turned slightly ugly, and laughed out loud: “You’re too anxious! Such a small matter, there’s no problem! After Suo Bi is removed, I will withdraw the 3rd and 4th army, that way, the pirates can enter and get rid of those families. It’ll be to your discretion if they are to live or die. But this can only happen after Suo Bi is definitely dead, if not, if those two armies disappear and Suo Bi comes back, we are in deep trouble.”

The tall skinny man’s expression calmed down, and he nodded: “At the moment, our collaboration is going well, I hope that this can continue. When this is all over, the White Sands Continent will be yours.”

Hearing that last sentence, a fervent of passion flashed past He Ying’s eyes, he laughed: “Rest easy! Now let us go take a look at the beautiful Miss Qin Yu Ran, her overbearing beauty really puts everyone to shame.”

The tall skinny man also revealed a sile:” Especially with all the other giveaways.”

“Giveaways?” He Ying laughed happily: “I like that! But, all those giveaways are priceless treasures. Your plan is truly too miraculous! The result is spectacular! Haha, with all those other important ladies in hand, I do not believe anyone would dare to go against me!”

“That is the charm of Miss Yu Ran.” The tall skinny man chuckled: “But from now on, she belongs to you. If you do not like her, I believe that you can use her to get anyone, only that that person must be a man!:

“Maybe some women as well.” He Ying laughed sinisterly: “But I will definitely not give her away, to lie with such a beauty and have the world in my hands, that is the life.”

The tall skinny man laughed: “That’s right!”

He Ying was high spirited: “Let’s go! It is extremely chaotic right now, we must protect those beauties and prevent them from being harassed.”

The tall skinny man praised: “I like this righteousness of yours.”

The two of them laughed.


Tang Tian sat down on the ground, his whole body covered in mud, his entire body felt soft, as if all the air had been drained out from him. At the end of the street, there was a humongous pit that was over 1 km in diameter, dense smoke rising in spirals.

Within the range of 5km, all of the buildings were transformed into dust.

From a bird’s eye view, the large pit in the ground was a ghastly sight.

Thinking about what had just happened, Tang Tian still had lingering fear inside of him, it was extremely dangerous. If he was a second late, he would most probably be caught and buried in the terrifying explosion. Although he had escaped the instant he threw the “bomb”, but the aftermath of the explosion had instantly flung him out over 300m.

The other people were nowhere as well, scattered all over on the ground, their bodies were covered in blood, even Eldest Young Noble was bleeding from his mouth and nose. For the sake of protecting him, two bodyguards had used the energy barrier to block the incoming explosion, resulting in one of them dying, but they managed to save his life.

After the calamity, everyone were grieving.

Right in the center of the explosion, the Tyrannical Mounts were completely wiped out, not even leaving a trace of them.

Everyone struggled to stand up, all of them feeling giddy and dizzy.

Just at that moment, the sound of flying at a speed that broke the sound barrier came up, causing Tang TIan and everyone else’s face to change. At the moment, all of them were completely powerless, and even a small group of hoodlums would be enough to kill them.

When Tang Tian looked at the people incoming properly, he heaved a sigh of relief.

It was Tang Chou!

When Tang Chou saw Tang Tian’s terrible state, he was frightened: “Master, what happened?”

“We met with 200 Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts.” Tang Tian rubbed his cheeks, his smile appeared to be more miserable than happy: “They were truly fearsome! Lucky that this young lad’s luck is good, oh my, come support me…”

Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts, Xie Yu An and Aya’s face changed, they looked at each other, both of them able to see the shock in each other’s eyes.

Aya could not resist but ask: “Master, did all of you wipe out the 200 Tyrannical Mounts?”

“Master did it single handedly!” Ah Leng who was equally injured snorted: “The general of the Tyrannical Mount elites was Ah Sang!”

He was completely and utterly convinced and revered Tang Tian, even if Tang Tian ordered him to die, he would do so without hesitation. He alone actually wiped out the 200 Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts led by Ah Sang, that monstrous strength was completely unheard of!

It was as if Xie Yu An and Aya were struck with a curse, both of them became completely still.

To be hailed as elites were definitely not something easily earned, to be hailed as the elite of the elites, naturally the Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts were at an even higher level. And the General Ah Sang was a famed general, and was definitely a true warrior.

“Godlike young lad is just that powerful, oh my…..”

Tang Tian who had a pleased look on his face pulled his injury, causing him to whine and take in cold air.

Xie Yu And and Aya were completely stupefied, but Tang Chou was already used to Tang Tian’s ways, he asked: “Master, where do we go now?”

Tang Tian thought for a moment: “Let’s go, we are going to Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce to activate our warship, and go home!”

Ling Xia and Eldest Young Noble’s face changed, Eldest Young Noble immediately said: “Mister Meng Nan, our established agreement…..”

“There’s no problem.” Tang Tian said as a matter of factly: “I said to ensure your safety, but we did not specify it to be within the White Sands Continent.”

Eldest Young Noble and Ling Xia were stunned.

“And, what do you guys have in White Sand Continent?” Tang Tian became serious: “You guys have no cards left to play, and are incapable of fighting the enemies. Also, do not even think of using my two armies, they have not completed their training yet. But at He Ying’s side, they have three silver grade armies.”

Eldest Young Noble was at a loss, every single word Meng Nan said were like swords that pierced his heart.

But he knew that Meng Nan was right.

A figure carefully flew over the astonishing huge pit, and when he got over, he saw a mass of people huddled at one side, his face changed.

Suddenly, he noticed Tang Tian that was within the group and instantly became joyous, and ran over clumsily.

“Master Meng! Master Meng! Quickly save Young Miss! I beg you, quickly save young miss!”

Tang Tian was startled. He turned and saw that it was Qin Yu Ran’s bodyguard, a bad omen suddenly falling into his mind, ~Is Yu Ran in danger?~

Damn it!

His face immediately darkened.