Undefeated God of War - Chapter 627 – A Sudden Change

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Chapter 627 – A Sudden Change

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

第六百二十七节 惊变

Chapter 627


“Yesterday night, the Xu Family Business stumbled onto pirates, where they were left with half a day back to White Sands, and only six of them managed to get out alive. Master Suo Bi’s first army have already moved out through the night, but before leaving, Master Suo Bi hopes that you can protect Eldest Young Noble for this period of time.”

Ling Xia spoke respectfully, she was currently representing Master Suo Bi, and naturally would not act like how she would be normally. Eldest Young Noble who was standing by the side immediately bowed towards Tang Tian.

“Me?” Tang Tian was flabbergasted, and pointed at Eldest Young Noble: “Protect him?”

(TN: In truth, I do not know if Eldest Young Noble is really just called Young Noble Da, but I will stick to Eldest Young Noble for now, there hasn’t been a family with last name Da.)

“Yes.” Ling Xia then proceeded to explain: “I have only received the 5th Army recently, And I need time to be able to completely have them completely under me. But Master, you have two armies, and Xie Yu An who is an outstanding leader, Master Suo Bi believes that you, Master, have the ability to protect Eldest Young Noble.”

Tang Tian was put in a spot where he did not know whether to laugh or cry, from the absurdity of the words: “I am very busy, where will I get the time to take care of him?”

“That’s not a problem, Mister Meng, wherever you go, I will follow you.” Eldest Young Noble immediately proposed.

Tang Tian stared at the two for half a day, and after thinking that the two of them were not toying with him, he slapped his thigh: “Alright!”

Eldest Young Noble and Ling Xia both became joyous.

But they never expected Tang Tian to change the topic: “Then let us talk about the reward.”

Seeing their shocked faces, Tang Tian’s expression became unkind: “Don’t tell me, you want me to help you for free?”

Eldest Young Noble reacted quickly and immediately replied: “Mister Meng, if you have any suggestions, do tell us.”

Tang Tian was instantly satisfied by Eldest Young Noble’s words, and coughed slightly: “Eldest Young Noble is also a person of importance, to protect you, the price will definitely not be low. We are among friends here, so we do not need to hide, the people who dares to take action against you, will most probably be He Ying and Lady Rou, because of you, I will have to be their enemies, so tell me, aren’t I taking a huge sacrifice?”

Ling Xia could not resist but said: “You were already enemies with them!”

Tang Tian scoffed: “Little Ling Xia, we are familiar with each other, but with Eldest Young Noble, it is a business, so business should strictly stick to business. You say that He Ying and the rest do not like me, I admit it is so, but if I were to volunteer to leave White Sands Continent now, He Ying and the rest would definitely not find me for trouble, and maybe they might even give me something good.”

Ling Xia’s complexion became ugly.

But on the contrary, Eldest Young Noble revealed a look of appreciation: “I like Mister Meng Nan’s attitude! Friendship should stick with friendship, but business is business, that is right! But Mister Meng, you should know of my situation as well, my daily expenses are not cheap, and reach hundred of millions. Compared to Mister Meng, I am too poor. Other than the identity as the successor, I have nothing else that is worth anything.”

Eldest Young Noble’s honest and self ridicule bearing could truly cause people to be emotional.

Tang Tian agreed, the Eldest Young Noble only had the position as a successor, but for the past few years, he was completely suppressed by He Ying and Lady Rou, and thus he lived very tragically, with no money, no backers. If not for the Ling family and Suo Bi’s support, he would had died long ago.

Tang Tian was caught in a pinch, it was difficult to squeeze anything out of the poor man.

“Since your most valuable part is your identity as a successor, we can only go along with that point.” Tang Tian suddenly felt that White Sands was a good ally. It was not far from the Shang Continent, and they had a thriving business. And furthermore, the White Sands Continent’s location allowed it to have an advantage in defense, unlike the Vast Star Continent, which was open at all sides.

In White Sands, regardless of what was bought or sold, everything was convenient. To the Shang Continent, it would be a great help. The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce only sold weapons, and he needed to have other channels to purchase other things. The White Sands Continent held an influential and important position in the Southern Region, compared to the Vast Star Continent, the White Sands Continent’s influence was stronger.

His opponent was the powerful Honorable Martial Continent, he needed a few helping hands.

Tang Tian had never truly placed He Ying and Lady Rou in his eyes, they were unimportant to him. His words earlier were just blindly spoken, how could a godlike young lad lower his head to He Ying?

That was worse than killing Tang Tian.

Tang Tian thought for a while, and then spoke righteously: “If Eldest Young Noble becomes the new Continent Lord, I hope that I can obtain White Sand’s friendship.”

The smile on Eldest Young Noble’s face disappeared, he became serious: “But it has to be on the condition that it will not affect the White Sand’s interests, regardless of whether I am the future White Sands Continent Lord or a corpse, I will never harm the White Sand’s interests.”

Tang Tian stared at Eldest Young Noble, who did not cower back, but just stared back at Tang Tian.

A look of admiration flashed past Tang Tian’s eyes, in truth, when he looked at Eldest Young Noble, he never had any thoughts about him. But at the moment, he could not help but reassess this seemingly non existent Eldest Young Noble.

Eldest Young Noble’s gaze was clear, appearing to be very refined, like a teacher, and not the successor of a Continent. Tang Tian scratched his chin, ~If this guy does not have a tummy full of evil tricks like Crane or Bing, he definitely will lose to He Ying and Lady Rou.~

“Allies, allies in the Southern Region, that simple.” Tang Tian thought for a while: “Maybe I will sell a few things to you, maybe I will buy a few things from you.”

Eldest Young Noble heaved a sigh of relief, he was worried that Meng Nan would take the chance to set conditions that he could not accept. Master Suo Bi had talked to him prior already, and what surprised him was that Master Suo Bi had confidence in Meng Nan.

Allies and helping White Sands Continent’s business channel, that condition was not high, but instead too low.

“That’s all?” Eldest Young Noble dare not believe his own ears.

Tang Tian glanced at him: “You have no power or authority, you can’t even fulfil these right now.”

Eldest Young Noble was immediately embarrassed.

Ling Xia had also heaved a sigh of relief, she could not see through Meng Nan anymore, everything he did was weird, and coming up with strange requests, she would always be surprised.

~He is truly an oddball.~

Suddenly, a voice came out from outside: “Who is it? Come out!”

Following that, the sound of intense battling came from the courtyard, causing everyone’s faces to change, they looked at each other, Tang TIan stood up and shouted: “Let’s go take a look!”

When Tang Tian arrived, the battle had already ended, with a few corpses on the floor with blood all over.

Tang Tian listened to the report from his subordinate, his face emotionless.

A group of people had suddenly appeared, and without any signs they started fighting with the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts. But luckily, the people staying nearby had already moved away, and the Demonic Mounts were extremely cautious, so when the group of people had just arrived, they already sensed them.

“How’s your wounds? How strong are they?” Tang TIan asked.

“We have two injured. If it was one against one, it would be an equal fight.” The one who replied was Ah Leng, he was temporary in charge, and his complexion was not good: “I think they are hired, they are veterans.”

He was somewhat rejoicing in his heart, due to his cautiousness, the Ling Family courtyard’s defense was extremely tight, completely following the standard requirement of a battleground camp defense. His meticulous positioned sentries were fully utilized, if not, what they had to pay would not be limited to just two injuries.

Explosion sounds came out from nearby, and black smoke started to rise. The White Sands City was in chaos, causing Eldest Young Noble’s face to turn green: “What are they trying to do? What’s their end game?”

Tang Tian looked at Eldest Young Noble with pity, ~What are they trying to do, they’re trying to kill you, that’s all.~

But at the moment, he did not provoke him, and immediately spoke out: “We will leave the city and head to the barracks!”

Anyone could tell that it had become dangerous, all of them had serious looks on their faces, they had thought that the other party would make small movements, but no one would have expected that He Ying would actually be so audacious.

The Moon Manor was Qin Yu Ran’s lodging, and had currently become the most famous place in the White Sands Continent, as countless of upper class young ladies would come over to take a look at Qin Yu Ran. All of the ladies with powerful backgrounds would even stay in the guest rooms.

Luckily, the Moon Manor was White Sands City’s most expensive and biggest manor, with sufficient guest rooms. Everyday, there would be countless of activities and karaoke, it was a heaven for the ladies, a land forbidden for men.

People had even joked, whoever took over Moon Manor would be able to take down the entire White Sands Continent without drawing blood.

Qin Yu Ran who was currently leading the ladies to sing suddenly noticed the uproar outside. She ran out to the great hall and arrived at the courtyard, to see that countless of wooden houses that were in the air were in flames, forming black smoke.

The upper class ladies were all lost, Qin Yu Ran’s heart jumped, she immediately retrieved her communication plate, but it could not work at all.

She could sense that it was a conspiracy.

She immediately called for her most trusted bodyguard and said quietly: “You need to go to the Ling Family courtyard right now, and seek help from Master Meng Nan.”

Seeing the bodyguard leave, Qin Yu Ran was surprised at herself, she had never thought that in the most dangerous of times, the first person she would think of would actually be Big Brother Meng.

“What’s going on?” Auntie Qiu asked.

The weaker ladies around were already crying, panicking without restraint.

Qin Yu Ran took a deep breath, and shouted: “Everyone into the great hall! Everyone go into the great hall!”

It was as though the ladies found their backbone, and like a group of frightened chickens, they ran into the great hall.

Qin Yu Ran called for the leader of the bodyguards, and said: “From now on, you will lead all the servants and bodyguards in this place. Regardless of their families, you will be in charge. You only have one task, to guard the outside, and make sure no one gets in! Kill anyone who tries to enter without permission.”

The leader’s face changed: “Yes!”

Qin Yu Ran’s tone was filled with killing intent: “Everything now bodes ill, but, you have to tell everyone, whoever dies in their battle, their family will be taken care of by me!”

The leader of the bodyguard had followed Qin Yu Ran for years, and knew that although the young miss was a lady, but her words were of enormous weight and viewed strongly. Everyone had received her kindness before. He himself had been injured in battle, and wandered the streets but was saved by her. Qin Yu Ran had an eye for talent, and thus allowed him to lead her bodyguards.

“If they want to enter, they can only step over this subordinate’s dead body.”

The leader of the bodyguards solemnly said to Qin Yu Ran, then turned and went outside, and begun to lead his troops for defense.

Qin Yu Ran bit her lips tightly, she knew, if it was a conspiracy, then the schemer would not let Moon Manor go. To use the ladies, who were part of the big families of White Sands Continent, was the best bargaining chips.

To her, the White Sands Continent was extremely foreign, she did not know who to trust.

Her only hope left, was Big Brother Meng.

Big Brother Meng, you must come here quickly!

Qin Yu Ran’s was extremely anxious.