Undefeated God of War - Chapter 618 – Gong Chen

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Chapter 618 – Gong Chen

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

If we were to talk about what Tang Tian hated the most, one of them would be being disturbed in the midst of eating.

Tang Tian stared at the two people unkindly.

Ling Xia thought that something would happen, but never expected that that something would occur so quickly. Especially when she saw the two persons who shouted at him, she knew that things would not go well.

Gong Chen, the man standing on the left who looked to be about 30, he was rather handsome and had the Continent Lord’s trust, and was the right hand man closest to the Continent Lord. To the right was a beautiful lady called An Xuan, who was Lady Rou’s servant.

Ling Xia felt that her father had greatly miscalculated. Eldest Young Noble could have a hostile relation with Lady Rou and He Ying, but he definitely could not go against the Continent Lord. If he provoked the Continent Lord, then Eldest Young Noble’s successor position would become dangerous.

The displease look on Continent’s Lord face flashed past.

Gong Chen took a step forward and said coldly: “Mister Meng has disturbed the entire White Sands City and caused a bloodbath, forcing the Security Bureau to not dare step out of their door. Initially, I thought you would be something, but I never thought you to be a vulgar person, it truly is disappointing.”

Hearing that, Continent Lord was surprised, he lowered his head and spoke to Lady Rou, by which she replied softly.

Ling Xia was feeling anxious, if they continued to let Gong Chen badmouth Meng Nan, then the Continent Lord would only have a worse impression of Mister Meng. She could not hold back: “How can Imperial guard Gong utter such impolite words? Mister Meng was defending himself!”

“Defending?” Gong Chen snorted: “Defending himself by spending a few billions? Forcing the Security Bureau to not dare step out of their door is called defending himself? Could it be that Miss Ling thinks that Mister Meng is as frail as a flower?”

Everyone around started to laugh.

Tang Tian did not understand anything, he had not met Gong Chen before. ~Why is he so hostile with me?~ Although Tang Tian was not a bright person, but he had extremely sharp intuition, and could feel the intense hostility coming out from Gong Chen.

Ling Xia wanted to refute, but Tang Tian stood up feeling annoyed: “Hey, you want to fight?”

Gong Chen was startled. Ling Xia was also startled. Everyone around was also startled. People who could enter the banquet were all people with positions, why would they meddle with someone from the streets?

Seeing the other party standing there as still as a tree, Tang Tian continued with a look of disdain: “So you are just a big mouth!”

Gong Chen’s face flushed red, how could he bear the humiliation in front of so many people? His eyes were turning red, and he immediately sought permission from Continent Lord: “Mister Meng is issuing a challenge, how can I, a White Sands citizen, refuse? This subordinate seeks to accept the challenge!”

The Continent Lord muttered: “The person is a guest, but since the two of you wish to exchange some pointers, then do it, but no injuring and be polite.”

“Yes!” Gong Chen bowed, he raised his head and looked at Tang Tian with killing intent: “Mister Meng, please!”

He flew into the air above the lake, the place was big enough and could sustain a battle between individuals and not affect the rest. He feigned a look of humiliation and anger, but his heart and mind was ice cold.

Qin Yu Ran had visited Meng Nan’s residence for many times, that was not new news. Gong Chen felt that wherever he went, he would hear such gossip and rumors. He had wanted to visit Yu Ran for a meet, and felt that she would give him some face.

But who knew when he had requested to meet Qin Yu Ran, he was rejected by her every single time.

When he first saw Meng Nan, the unquenchable anger in his heart surfaced up. He had purposely spoke with such a tone, wanting to incite such a situation. To others, he was the one being humiliated and attacked. But he was a cunning and vicious man, he had sought out Meng Nan’s personality, since the White Sands citizens naturally huddled together in face of a common enemy, he made out what kind of person Meng Nan was.

His plan was a success, the other party was much stupider than he thought, and had been lured into his trap. And almost everyone present all stood at his side, and if he were to “accidentally” kill Meng Nan, no one would blame him.

The corner of Gong Chen’s mouth came up a sinister smile, and, when he thought about what He Ying had promised, his mind flew into a rage of passion.

Tang Tian flew into the sky indifferently with his unique “Adaptive Eclipse”.

The entire place sounded out with ridicules. Gong Chen flew up into the sky with a confident and graceful posture, while Tang Tian’s posture, to them, was extremely ugly. And to the sharper ones, they immediately noticed that Meng Nan did not use energy at all, but compressed vacuum, and immediately suspected that he was a person with Energy Impedition.

When the two of them flew above the lake, it attracted everyone’s attention.


Qin Yu Ran had joined into the banquet earlier on, but she was at the other side of the garden with a group of noble ladies. She did not like to mix with men, as all of them had lustful looks at her in which she detested. When she saw Gong Chen and Meng Nan in the air, her face immediately changed.

The ladies beside her had long erupted into excitement.

“Wa! Imperial Guard Gong is so suave!”

“We can finally see Imperial Guard Gong in action, I can’t wait!”

Although Qin Yu Ran did not like Gong Chen as a person, but she knew that he was powerful, to be able to become Continent Lord’s most trusted guard, how could he be weak?

Big Brother Meng…..


At another side of the banquet, the Bai uncle and nephew had worried looks.

Bai Yue sighed: “Meng Nan is still too young, and has been duped. Seems like I have to work tonight, I believe my old face can still be a bit of use.”

Bai Xiao’s expression turned gloomy, he stared at the two figures in the air and shook his head: “Second Uncle, your words sounds as if you believe that brother Meng will lose, But I think otherwise.”

Bai Yue was startled, his nephew might appear modest externally, but he was proud to the bones, and Bai Yue never expected that Bai Xiao would have so much faith in Meng Nan.

Noticing his uncle’s gaze, Bai Xiao spoke softly: “You cannot forget, he was the one who pushed Lian Bo Jun back.”

With their Bai Family’s intelligence, they had long found out about the background of the pirates. Lian Bo Jun was a big name in the Pirates’ circle, and such a character was someone that even the Bai Family was not willing to provoke.

“That is true.” Bai Yue nodded his head, Bai Xiao had sound reasoning.

Bai Xiao laughed bitterly: “My faith in Meng Nan not only stems from that. Out of everyone I met, brother Meng’s diligence is something that no one can compare to. Think about it, on the second day after defeating Lian Bo Jun, do you know where I found him?”

“Where?” Bai Yue asked.

“In the training area.” Bai Xiao looked at Tang Tian and muttered: “One can only imagine how difficult that battle was. Even the warship weapons were not able to bear the energy charge burden and were destroyed, and all of us were celebrating, but Brother Meng and his guards were actually training in the training area perspiring as though they were under the rain. In truth, at that time i had no other thoughts, only shame and respect.”

Bai Yue was moved, he was fluent in military campaigns and war, and after a bitter battle, what people needed the most was to relax their minds. To actually persevere and continue training, that willpower and tenacity is rarely seen.

“Do you know, he said two sentences to me that left a deep impression.” Bai Xiao muttered: “The first sentence was, perspiration never lies. The second sentence was, he still has many things to do. No matter how strong Gong Chen is, i do not believe that Brother Meng will lose.”

Bai Yue who was initially in shock suddenly laugh: “For you to say that, I am truly excited for this battle now.”


In the air, Tang Tian’s eyes were fixated on Gong Chen. He did not have many thoughts, he was lazy to think about why the other party was hostile towards him.

His intuition was extremely sharp. Gong Chen’s gaze was sinister and cold, killing intent emitting from his entire body, making him look like a venomous snake in the shadows. Tang Tian was not afraid at all, he was extremely eager to fight.

After bitterly training for and crossing hands with Qiao Yi An, it made him extremely eager to fight. And now, the aura that Gong Chen was giving off was not inferior to Qiao Yi An.

Tang Tian had already forgotten about the cake, fighting intent soaring from his body, he was fully focused on the fight.

Gong Chen was extremely calm, opposite him, Meng Nan was like a wild beast brimming with an oppressive aura. He squinted his eyes, his hand reaching for the sword hilt at his waist. For the battle, he had secretly made arrangements and even secretly sought Qiao Yi An for a discussion. He was completely prepared for Meng Nan’s attacks.

~You will die here today!~

A cold glint flashed past Gong Chen’s eyes, he slowly unsheathed his sword. Zzzi zzzzi zzzzi, the sword blade rubbing against the sheath produced a friction that made a sound like countless worms crawling.

Eh, Tang Tian shivered, his mind sensed a danger, the zzzi zzzi sound was strange. Without hesitation, adaptive eclipse appeared beneath his feet. He disappeared in the air like lightning.

Gong Chen lowered his body, his eyes staring ahead of him.

So fast!

He had heard from QIao Yi An that Meng Nan’s method of changing location was extremely unique. He was fast like lightning, so he was prepared for it, but he never expected that Meng Nan’s speed was actually so fast.

Qiu Yi An was present as well, watching from below. He was shocked, ~That man’s speed is faster than the last time! Was he holding back the last time?~ He felt that he was not, but if it was not, then to have such substantial improvements in just a few days of time, this made him feel even more worried.

Tang Tian was like a bolt of lightning, colliding in the air non stop, ricocheting. The astonishing speed became an immense pressure on Gong Chen.

Gong Chen controlled the shock in his mind, his state of mind became calm as water, and he continued to slowly unsheath his sword.

Tang Tian who was shooting around Gong Chen was also cautious. Gong Chen did not reveal any weakness, and regardless of what angle he came from, it was within radius of Gong Chen’s unsheathing of his sword.

It was the first time Tang Tian had witnessed such a situation, and his expression turned gloomy.

The worms wriggling sound continued to increase, and the sense of danger in Tang Tian’s heart continued to increase.

Tang Tian knew, he had to attack!

He took a deep breath, ~since you don’t have any weakness, then I will force you to reveal one!

His ten fingers started to claw, forming sparks that blossomed from nowhere. They continued to grow at an astonishing rate. The display of sparks and lanterns was a spectacular sight.

The flying shattered auras floated in the sky, like fireflies occupying the vast midsummer fields, it was like a dream. The fireflies surrounded Tang Tian without any killing intent, with an unspeakable calmness and stillness.

Many people had heard about Meng Nan’s martial techniques which was exquisite and magnificent, but to personally witness it, all of them had their mouths wide opened as they stared at the sky.

Gong Chen’s sword was completely unsheath. Tang Tian then saw that on his sword, there were countless of tiny transparent bugs gathering.

Gong Chen’s sword trembled, the sword blade transformed into a rain of bugs, bringing forth a bone chilling zzzzi zzzzi sound that pounced towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s gaze turned stern. He gently waved his hand, and the fireflies dancing in the sky flew towards the rain of bugs.