Undefeated God of War - Chapter 615 – Cutting Off at the Estuary

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Chapter 615 – Cutting Off at the Estuary

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Bu Zi Fei watched as Sun Jie scrutinized the war summary carefully.

The war summaries were usually compiled by the recounts of the lucky survivors, the entire process of war and restoration for great amount of details would become important information to gauge the enemy’s strength.

Bu Zi Fei knew the content of the summaries inside and out, as he had flipped through them multiple times. Sun Jie’s strength was not inferior to his, but he was still afraid of dying, and thus this made him never underestimate his enemies. Although in the summaries, the majority of it was “Greatly underestimated the enemy”, “Shi Sen is a traitor” etc, but Bu Zi Fei was not affected by them at all. Maybe Sun Jie did underestimate the enemy, Shi Sen’s turncoat was truly a huge influence, but the enemy’s battle power was also strong.

Speaking of Shi Sen’s turncoat, the Continent Lord flew into a rage, what he was angry was not the turncoat, but it was the strong talents that were actually hidden in the Vast Star Continent, and it was like a slap in the face. The people who had suspected something about Shi Sen, after continuous investigations, were completely overruled. The change in the 36th Army was also revealed, Sun Zheng’s laziness and his seizing of authority to lead the 36th Army was the cause of the change.

The investigations was the only thing for the Vast Star Continent to able to produce reasons for them to send their troops out, without clarifying the reasons, the Vast Star Continent would be at the disadvantage, and if they were not able to find out able the people who had been keeping watch on Vast Star Continent early on, it would be extremely dangerous.

And the one with the biggest loss was undoubtedly the Sun Family, Sun Jie placed the Sun Family as his most important priority, and people with a bit of foresight would know that with the death of Sun Jie, it could potentially be the turning point of the Su Family, from their peak to their decline. Furthermore, Sun Zheng was still in the hands of the mysterious person in the Shang Continent, if the Sun Family wanted to give a ransom for him back, they would have to give up a big fortune.

The survival or decline of the Sun Family did not matter to Bu Zi Fei, what he cared more about was the fighting ability displayed by the opponent. Firstly, it was the experts they had, the few experts who had unique strength. And there were the strange weapons, the blue spears, in which he suspected were the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and the small bronze boxes which he had never seen or heard before. Shi Sen’s small team, was much stronger and more elite than he had thought, and after changing their equipments, this elite team was a source of headache for Bu Zi Fei.

The Vast Star Continent had a total of eight silver armies, other than Sun Jie’s 8th Army, there were seven more silver armies. But the most important matter at hand was the restoration of the pontoon bridge, for the sake of preparing against the Blue Dwarves that could appear any moment, two silver armies were a mandatory requirements to stand guard.

The Vast Star Continent was accessible from all sides, and this created the heavy commerce in Vast Star Continent, but that also meant that if the Vast Star Continent were to engage in war, it would require them to defend many places. Some of the non important places could be left to the garrison of ordinary armies, but the more crucial installations needed the silver armies to stand guard, and thus they could not be mobilized.

In ordinary times, Sun Jie’s 8th Army and Bu Zi Fei’s 7th army could be quickly mobilized and activated, and were skilful at it. But with the sudden change in development, the annihilation of the 8th Army, it meant that only Bu Zi Fei’s 7th army could be sent out to war.

Bu Zi Fei had outstanding strength and was a cautious person, his 7th Army was also a silver army, and in Vast Star Continent, they were an army well thought of.

Bu Zi Fei laughed bitterly, in truth, he did not want to fight in the war.

To the Vast Star Continent, the Shang Continent did not have any benefits, it was a barren and poor land, what was the point trying to take over it? For the hundred thousand lives? That was truly a joke.

But, he could not avoid the fight.

Because Sun Jie was dead, and the 8th Army and 36th Army dead. If Vast Star Continent did not take any actions, then the powerful and rich powerhouses around would pounce over like jackals.

So, not only would Bu Zi Fei have to win the upcoming battle, but he had to do it beautifully. The Vast Star Continent needed the win, a win that could not be doubted and was so overwhelming that it could to prove to the other continents that they had the strength to defend themselves.

This made Bu Zi Fei even more cautious.

Around the estuary, there were no strongholds or any defensive locations. It seemed that the opponent had limited manpower. To any continent, putting up a fort in the place surrounding the estuary was the most fundamental defense. But around the estuary into the Shang Continent, it was blank with nothing.

The tension in Bu Zi Fei’s mind lessened, but when he looked at the estuary carefully, he shook his head, it only had a width of 150m, and thus the warship of the 7th Army could not enter. ~Such a small estuary, it truly is a poor land, even a slightly bigger trading ship will not be able to fly in.~

“200 of you will guard the ship, the rest of you, unboard and enter the continent.”

Bu Zi Fei quickly set down his order.

The 7th Army quickly completed their arrangement into a new formation and flew into the estuary.

“How slow can they be? It’s been so many days and they’re not coming?” Ling Xu was extremely unhappy, he had been guarding the estuary every day, and it was wasting his time for training.

He had been feeling good recently, as his spear techniques had improved greatly, but it made him unhappy to be unable to completely immerse himself in training

In the distance, Crane and Jing Hao floated in the sky cross legged with their eyes closed. The only difference was that Crane’s Crane Sword floated beside him, while Jing Hao’s Drunk on Saint Blood was laid horizontally on his leg.

After the last fight, Drunk on Saint Blood was bathed in the blood of the saints, and thus started releasing an astonishing amount of killing intent, and began to stir restlessly. But it was helpless, as Jing Hao was like an immovable mountain, firmly suppressing it.

The Qi that Crane Sword released was different, occasionally it would be light and faintly discernible, at times it would be congealed and still. But it was not affected at all facing against the surging fierce Qi of Drunk on Saint Blood.

“Spear you to death! Spear you to death! Spear you to death!”

Ling Xu roared by the side, his figure moving like lightning, one after another, spear auras shot into the estuary, lighting up the place, he was training his [Spear Rush].

When he started to assimilate the [Spear Rush] into his spear techniques, he quickly realized that it was not only used to burst forward, but could be used in greater aspects during battle.

Although his roars never stopped, it seemed that his endurance had reached a critical point, but his release of spears were not affected at all, one after another, he continued to train, he did not cut corners at all.

Suddenly, he stopped.

In the distance, Crane and Jing hao opened their eyes.

“They’re here.”

The three of them looked at each other. Crane stood up and Crane Sword that was flying around flew into his hand. Jing Hao grabbed onto Drunk on Saint Blood and stood up without saying a word. Violent Ling Xu suddenly kept all of his qi, and quietly looked into the distance.

The three of them were like hunters waiting to pounce onto their prey.

“The vanguard unit will enter first, be careful of the enemy’s ambush.” Bu Zi Fei said, entering the continent was the easiest time to be ambushed.

“Yes!” Vanguard Unit leader Long Nan replied, he looked around, and then ordered: “Vanguard Unit, move out!”

The Vanguard Unit comprised of 50 men, all of them were experts. Long Nan used to be a famous solitary pirate, with outstanding strength, who was recruited by Bu Zi Fei, and thus changed his unit into the Vanguard unit.

Long Nan did not approve of Bu Zi Fei’s cautiousness, and hoped for his opponents to directly challenge him.

The 50 men unit looked to be in a messy formation, but each of them maintained a suitable distance between each other, for when the situation arises, each teammate would be able to make and execute prompt reactions. The battle tactics for a vanguard unit is completely different from an army, and even if they were an army for hire, but they were all individually very strong, thus maintaining their promising offensive ability.

Light pillars lit up around them from the ground beneath them, through the clouds and forest.

They were all skilled and brave people, they did not drop in free fall, but instead increased their speed and burst downwards like arrows with extraordinary speed.


The estuary passage sped past Long Nan’s vision, and in the blink of an eye they had almost reached the end of the estuary passage into the Shang Continent. Suddenly, Long Nan had a feeling in his mind, his face changed, he immediately bellowed: “Be careful!”

The members who had just flown out of the passage ahead seemed to have entered a drunken state, all of their bodies losing control.

A mental attack!

Long Nan never expected that they would face mental attacks in such a barren land. Saints that specialized in mental attacks numbered a few, and were the most hated existences, but at the same time, they all held extremely high worth. Long Nan was already not in time to reduce his speed, but with his abundant experience, he clenched his teeth and activated the energy in his body, a layer of energy forming around him.

A dense energy would be able to disrupt mental attacks to a degree.

As expected, the moment he left the estuary, his state of mind was jolted, as if he had barged into a formless web.

He immediately bit his tongue, the pain and mouth full of blood immediately dispelled the mental attack, his gaze immediately landing on the terrifying martial artist that utilized mental attacks!

The black robed young man stood still with sword in hand, like a crane dancing, he moved agilely in the sky.

But he never expected that the web in front of him was only one layer.

Silver auras suddenly lit up, enveloping his vision, the sharp Qi immediately aimed straight for the space between Long Nan’s eyebrows, his mind trembled, spear aura!

The dense amount of spear auras enveloped the sky, although their might were not strong, but to be used at such a degree, it was brimming with killing potential.

Chi chi chi!

The vanguard unit members who had lost control erupted with blood. In the blink of an eye, more than 10 of them were pierced through.

Long Nan’s eyes turned red, he roared and punched out with his right fist!

The dazzling fist aura shot out like an intense shooting star, the destructive spirit qi enveloped the entire place!


Although he was injured, he needed to destroy the web of spears.

Although it was impossible to effectively defend against mental attacks, but their wounding and killing potential was not strong, mainly used for disrupting the opponent’s state of mind. As long as they were able to escape the region, his members would regain their fighting ability.

His punch was his killing technique, consuming a third of the energy in his body, transforming it into a blaze and rotating at extremely high speed, it converged into a blazing whirlpool the length of 60 m, like a gigantic fire disk.

[Fire Whirlpool Disk]!

The fist was able to form a passage out of the rain of spears.

Suddenly, a dangerous feeling swept across his heart, before he could react, the fire whirlpool disk in front of him was cut into two by a blade like tofu.

Splitting the Fire Whirlpool Disk, a figure holding a sword appeared.

How…..how is this possible……


Bing looked at the completed Sword Forest Stronghold, revealing a look of satisfaction. The completed Sword Forest Stronghold was able to withstand extremely strong attacks, even if the only play in his hands was the Precious Bright Village Regiment.

When he heard that Crazy Tang had bought two armies, Bing was stunned, he never heard of armies that could be bought before.

But Crazy Tang was able to sell the Black Gold for a good price, and this made him relax. Money was a huge issue, and in truth, Bing himself was not good at making money. But Crazy Tang was not a person who knew his own place, and would always cause trouble wherever he went.

Suddenly, a treasure on him started to buzz with caution, Bing’s heart trembled, Jing Hao and the rest had located enemies!

He did not pin his hopes on the sentries of the Precious Bright Village Regiment, but luckily for Jing Hao and the other two who were strong enough, to use them as sentries was a waste of resources, but it was the only thing he could do.

~Are they finally here……~

~Estimating the time, it should be time for the Vast Star Continent to take action.~

The sharp alarm resonated throughout the place, causing everyone’s face to change, and immediately stop what they were doing. When they finally reacted, they all rushed into the Sword Forest Stronghold.

In the center of Sword Forest Stronghold, a dazzling light aura lit up, following that, it started to spread to the outside. The 36 Sword Strongholds, started to buzz and lit up like swords, soaring into the sky.