Undefeated God of War - Chapter 611 – Golden Rose

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Chapter 611 – Golden Rose

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The matter of the army was handed to the two of them. Tang Tian had calculated, he still had 10.3 billion cloud coins, and he still had enough money to buy 2 more armies. He was extremely pleased with his idea, ~what kind of godlike young man can be able to think up of such a genius plan?~

Just then, Ling Xia brought a middle aged man over to visit.

Ling Xia introduced him simply: “This is my father, Ling Yuan Hong.”

Other people around all greeted him, Ling Yuan Hong was not only Ling Xia’s father, but also the current generation Patriarch of the Ling Family, and had a great influence in the White Sands Continent.

Hearing what Ling Xia had said, Tang Tian then found out that many outsiders who supported the Ling Family were out and about gossiping.

“I never expected that the situation would turn out like this.” Ling Xia immediately apologized, hearing the rumors and slanders, she immediately rushed to the White Sands Hotel to apologize to Tang Tian.

To be able to obtain the 5th Army, other than her family background, her individual strength and intellect were all outstanding. He Ying’s display of hostility caused her to become cautious.

From the way she saw it, because of her, Tang Tian was accidentally swept up into the power struggle. This mysterious expert, had already been imprinted with the Ling Family’s mark and to them it was a good thing, but if because of it they had offended Tang Tian, then it was not worth it.

This time, Ling Yuan Hong had personally come up to apologize and to represent the Ling Family. Ling Yuan Hong was not only Ling Xia’s father, but also the Ling Family Patriarch, with such a move, it gave Tang Tian enough face.

“Mister Meng, if you need us to do anything, feel free to tell us, the Ling Family will not decline.”

Ling Yuan Hong was rejoicing, ~It was right to come today. Seeing how everyone is treating Tang Tian, I knew that he was no simple person.~

“Uncle Ling, don’t worry about it, we are all friends here, and it was just a small effort.” Tang Tian did not care about it, he had already integrated with the silk pants, who would care about the conspiracies going on?

Ling Yuan Hong heaved a sigh of relief.

From the corner of his eye, Tang Tian saw a figure through the window, and his eyes immediately shrunk.

Outside the hotel, a man was covered in blood, he was flying straight towards the hotel in a hurry, and behind him was a group of black dots chasing after him.


The man covered in blood was Richard!

He suddenly surged with killing intent, causing everyone around to be startled. In their eyes, Tang Tian was like an extremely quick cheetah, in a moment he had leaped out, bang, the glass window shattered, and Tang Tian who was in mid air already had an Empyrean Ice Blue Spear.

Twisting his waist, the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear in his hand transformed into a blue light, hu, it soared towards the black figures chasing Richard.

The few black figured people at the front produced their weapons to deflect the blue light.

Pa, the blue light shattered easily like ice, but the irremovable blue light aura entered their bodies.

The few of them turned sluggish, and then they started to fall from the sky like dumplings. Those that were struck had a beautiful enchanting blue surfacing on their faces.

“Empyrean Ice Tree Spear!”

Someone exclaimed out loud, causing the black robed people to stop and look towards Tang Tian from afar.

Richard who was already spent saw Tang Tian, and his mind relaxed completely, and rushed towards him.

A hand locked down on Richard firmly.

Tang Tian had mysteriously appeared beside him, and he threw Richard down, towards the rushing Demonic Mounts: “Bring him to the doctor.”

The black robed people were obviously not people with kind intentions, their gazes were stern and fierce, and on their black robes, on their chests were golden roses insignias.

The black robed man in the lead said coldly: “This man dares to steal the secrets of my Golden Rose, were you the one who planned it?”

Golden Rose, that word seemed to hold some type of power. The bodyguards who initially rushed out of the hotel immediately retreated.

Just then, security dressed in their uniforms rushed over from everywhere, and surrounded the White Sands Restaurant. The leader of the security team bellowed: “Do not let the convicted go!”

A manager of the hotel came out with a distorted expression and asked: “Master Tian, what is the meaning of this?”

Officer Tian remained expressionless: “Official Business! This is of huge business, help me inform Boss Xu, this younger brother is helpless against it.”

He might have said helpless against it, but his face revealed no expressions.

The manager’s face changed, he finally understood that the matter was not simple.

A few frigates had also arrived, and their weapons were aimed directly at Tang Tian and the White Sands Hotel.

Officer Tian ignored the hotel manager and squinted his eyes, and spoke to Tang Tian coldly: “Not only are you protecting the fugitive, but you are also attempting to kill people here, I advise you to wait to be captured! If you dare to resist and behave stupidly, I will kill you on the spot!”

The entire place was extremely tensed, all the frigates lit up with dazzling light auras.

“Kill on the spot? Officer Tian speaks such big words!” Ling Xia flew out of the window with a cold look on her face: “Officer Tian, who do you want to kill?”

When Officer Tian saw who it was, his face changed, Ling Xia!

“Young Miss Ling!” Officer Tian immediately bowed: “This criminal is guilty of terrible crimes, Tian Mou has a responsibility, if my tone had offended you, I hope that Young Miss Ling will be able to forgive me.”

Ling Xia stared at Officer Ling, his words sounded extremely courteous, but in truth it reminded her to mind her own business. She sensed that something was amiss, since when did the Security Bureau become so forceful?

The Security Bureau was responsible for the security inside White Sands City, and to the Commanders, they were nothing. Normally when Officer Tian meets Ling Xia, he would be like a rat seeing a mouse, but his attitude was different, as if he had someone to rely on.

“Officer Tian is saying that he is a criminal?” Ling Xia suddenly asked.

“That’s right!” Officer Tian said sternly: “He is a suspect of a big case and has escaped from punishment, and thus we are trying to catch him. I did not expect his companion to be here and trying to kill people. Now that Young Miss Ling is here, It truly is good, this subordinate hopes that Young Miss Ling can help me apprehend him!”

Ling Xia never thought that Officer Tian would actually exploit the situation and used her position to gain the upper hand.

Her expression did not change: “Mister Meng is a distinguished guest of the Continent Lord, and is not someone the Security Bureau has jurisdiction over. I will get Duke Ming’s investigation unit to clarify this issue. If Officer Tian has proof, the Investigation team will claim it from Security Bureau.”

Officer Tian’s feelings darkened, without any fluctuation in emotions: “How do I dare to trouble Duke Ming? Miss Ling, please do not make things difficult for my Security Bureau, I think there must be a misunderstanding somewhere, I just want to walk them to the Security Bureau, and explain and clarify any mistakes made.”

How could Ling Xia not know what Officer Tian was doing: “Mister Meng is of a noble background, Duke Ming will personally handle this, Officer Tian you can go back first.”

Officer Tian also knew there were no way to retreat, and his expression turned cold: “Miss Ling, if you’re being obstinate, then please don’t blame me! Take them all!”

“Impressive, Security Bureau of White Sands, it truly is an eye opener today.”

A few people flew out of the broken window, Bai Yue seemed to be sneering, beside him, Young Master Bai Xiao was to one side, Xu Jin, Ling Yuan Hong and Qin Yu Ran to the other.

Ling Yuan Hong sneered: “Seems like we have become thieves! Officer Tian wants to take all of us!”


Xu Jin remained expressionless: “I wonder if Officer Tian needs to investigate the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce as well?”

Qin Yu Ran did not speak, and only looked at Officer Tian coldly.

When they flew out, everyone watching excitedly immediately flew into an uproar. Especially with the appearance of Qin Yu Ran, everyone became restless.

Officer Tian’s face changed, the matter had blew out of control, and his skin became numb. The uncle and nephew represented the Bai Family, even with ten times his guts, he did not dare to do anything. The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce was also not nice to provoke, as even the Continent Lord had to be polite to them.

As the Ling Family Patriarch, although Ling Yuan Hong did not hold any official position in the bureau, but the Ling Family were noble and extremely clean, with their successive generations of kindness, Ling Yuan Hong had spent all of his time in the past decade on helping the needy and feeding the poor, feeble and handicapped, receiving the respect and love from everybody.

Officier Tian dared to be use violence on Ling Xia, but never to Ling Yuan Hong.

There was no need to speak about Qin Yu Ran, as the distinguished guest of the Continent Lord, if he dared to take action against her, by the next day, his position in the Bureau would be trampled clean.

“I am mistaken, I am mistaken!” Officer Tian’s face changed greatly, and quickly put on a fake smile: “For this small matter to have actually disturbed noble masters, My apologies my apologies, this lowly one already felt that there was a problem in the inside, we will immediately return to investigate.”

With that, he brought all his men and quickly left.

The black robed people had already disappeared.

Ling Xia finally heaved a sigh of relief, she was not worried about Officer Tian using violence, but that Big brother Meng would take action. Under the eyes of the people, if he were to take action against the Security Bureau, it would instead cause them to be in trouble.

But she did not expect that the Big Brother Meng who seemed to be very impulsive was actually extremely calm headed.

“Thank you everyone, for your help!” Tang Tian thanked the few of them.

Ling Yuan Hong spoke out: “The hotel is still slightly inconvenient for you, the Ling Family has a manor in the west which is quieter and with less people, it has been empty for a long time, if Mister Meng doesn’t mind, why not move over there.”

Tang Tian did not reject: “Thank you Uncle Ling!”

Qin Yu Ran had been observing Tang Tian, she noticed that Tang Tian was extremely quiet and calm, but deep in his eyes, it was extremely cold, and she knew that he was completely enraged.

She was already thinking how to be able to obtain useful information for him.

Tang Tian was concerned about Richard’s injuries, but after checking on him and found out that although he was covered in blood, they were all flesh wounds. He then became much calmer.

Ling Yuang Hong was worried that something might happen en route, so he personally sent Tang Tian to the manor courtyard of the Ling Family.

“Help me check up on that person with the last name Tian.” Tang Tian said.

Ling Xia nodded her head.

The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts had quickly arranged for sentries and defense.

When Richard woke up and saw Tang Tian, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“What happened?” Tang Tian asked.

“It’s the matter of the Thirteen Families, someone was observing them, and when I went to seek information, it scared them.” Richard laughed bitterly: “Luckily the people I found were familiar people, upon sensing that something was wrong, they quickly warned me. If not, I would not be here today.”

“There’s someone observing the matter?” A cold glint flashed past Tang Tian’s eyes: “Who are they?”

“I do not know.” Richard shook his head.

“Then what about the people chasing after you?” Tang Tian asked.

“They are the Golden Rose people, the Golden Rose is White Sand’s most famous hitman organization, we must be more careful, they will not let things go so easily.” Richard said.

“Let things go easily? They have to ask me first!”

Under that light, Tang Tian’s face turned sinister, his killing intent soaring to saturation.