Undefeated God of War - Chapter 609 – Black Gold Transaction

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Chapter 609 – Black Gold Transaction

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In a night, the battle in the White Restaurant spread through the entire White Sands City.

Silver Winged Swordsman Qiao Yi An was a subordinate of He Ying, causing He Ying’s prestige to soar. At the same time, Meng Nan who had heavily injured Molten Iron Fist Xi Ao, blocked Qiao Yi An’s sword, gave Ling Xia, who was about to become the commander of the 5th Army, even bigger prestige.

Quickly, movements in the darkness quickly moved in the White Sands City.

On the training grounds, Tang Tian’s entire body was covered in perspiration, he looked forward, gradually retracting his fist.

Bai Xiao, Bai Yue and Qin Yu Ran did not disrupt Tang Tian while he was training.

Qin Yu Ran’s eyes were filled with admiration, men who were focused always released some sort of charisma. Tang Tian’s vigorous, strong, and toned body was covered in perspiration, with a mist evaporating off from him, was an extremely charming sight.

Bai Xiao was instead filled with respect and was emotional. ~This guy is truly excessively hard working, everytime I come to find him, he will always be training, as though he will never ever be tired.~

Bai Yue looked at Tang Tian’s training with a strange look on his face, his heart filled with suspicion. From the way he saw it, all that Tang Tian was training were all fundamentals that could not become any simpler, and he could not see through anything special about him.

If it were anyone else that was training, he would probably scoff disdainfully at him. But this was a person who had severely injured Xi Ao and resisted Qiao Yi An, and to be doing such training, then he must definitely be doing something he had not thought of.

Hu Hu Hu, Tang Tian finished his last movement, he was so tired his entire body seemed out of strength. Fundamental martial techniques did not consume much strength, but the control over the Null Flames consumed his physical strength and focus quickly.

“It’s so early in the morning, why are all of you here?” Tang Tian asked weakly.

QIn Yu Ran gave a sweet smile: “Big Brother Meng’s glorious matter of yesterday had reached Yu Ran’s ears and it just kept on ringing in Yu Ran’s mind, it was a pity that I could not personally witness it, so I have to come so early to congratulate Big Brother Meng!”

“Hahaha! Is that so? Does everyone know about it? I truly am powerful!” Tang Tian’s spirit was immediately roused, he was pleased, but following that he started to mumble to himself: “A pity, I could only spar with Qiao Yi An once. He is only slightly stronger than me, but I already thought of how to defeat him.”

Bai Xiao and Bai Yue looked at each other, their hearts instantly turned cold.

Qin Yu Ran’s eyes twinkled: “I knew that Big Brother Meng would definitely find a way!”

“Of course!” Tang Tian was not modest at all, he was so pleased with himself that his nose was pointing towards the sky, he turned and look at Bai Xiao: “What’s up Xiao Bai?”

Bai Xiao rubbed his nose: “I am here about the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, I heard that you sold a big batch to Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and could only rush over quickly. Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is too strong, and I cannot compete with them. My requirements isn’t too high, I won’t take too much, I just want a bit. Will you sell me some?”

“No problem!” Tang Tian was very easy to work with: “How many do you want?”

“Not too many, just 4 billion cloud coins worth.” Bai Xiao hardened himself.

“500 then? Great!”

Tang Tian was so casual about it that Bai Xiao could not believe it. Bang, a pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears appeared in front of Bai Xiao. Tang Tian said with a smug look: “Count it yourself.”

Bai Xiao was stunned, and only after awhile did he laugh bitterly: “Truly, when it comes to time of need, money is never enough.”

Bai Yue glanced at the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears once, then retracted his gaze, he decided to ask flamboyantly about another question: “Xiao Meng, I just watched you train, and what you were doing were all fundamental movements, this Uncle is stupid, can you tell me about the dao and reasoning behind them?”

Qin Yu Ran was secretly shocked, who was Bai Yue? He was a true famous General!

He was actually asking Big Brother Meng a question about training!

Tang Tian did not find anything weird about it, and said as a matter of factly: “Because It’s simple ah.”

“Simple?” Bai Yue was startled: “But don’t you think that it’s power is too weak?”

“Power is too weak?” Tang Tian looked at Bai Yue once, and shook his head: “Being simple isn’t necessary weak.”

~Being simple isn’t necessary weak?~

Bai Yue was stunned by the sentence, he wanted to think of something to refute, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt that there were a deeper meaning behind those words. In time, he was standing there blankly deep in thought.

Bai Xiao had finished counting, and looked at the remaining Empyrean Ice Tree Spears with reluctance.

Tang Tian noticed Bai Xiao’s look of reluctance and laughed out loud, he threw the remaining Empyrean Ice Tree Spears to Bai Xiao: “I’ll give them to you!”

Everyone were shocked by Tang Tian’s words, the remaining half were around 450 spears.

Bai Xiao suddenly raised his head.

What he saw in his eyes was Tang Tian’s sincere face, the warm sincerity that felt like the sunlight. He stared at Tang Tian for a few seconds, then suddenly laughed: “Truly a rich man, then I won’t be impolite!”

He kept all the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

Tang Tian laughed, his expression did not change a bit. ~Xiao Bai is truly a good person.~ He did not care much about the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, there were truly too many of them….

Qin Yu Ran was completely shaken by Tang Tian’s big check. Even Bai Yue who had seen countless things in his life was secretly shocked, he stared at Tang Tian’s face, but could not see any pretense or reluctance, and was greatly moved. To casually hand out 4 billion, such spirit was not something anyone had.

Just at that moment, Han Sen walked in with a report: “Master, Boss Xu is here.”

Xu Jin walked in, and seeing Qin Yu Ran and the rest, he was greatly shocked: “I never thought I’d be able to see Miss Yu Ran, General Bai and Young Master Bai here, I am Xu Jin, Worldwide Commerce’s Xu Jin, Nice to meet you.”

The Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce was a weapon trading company known by everyone, holding such power, maybe ordinary people might not know them, but how could Bai Yue and the rest not know them?

Xu Jin initially had some guesses about Tang Tian’s background Qin Yu Ran, Bai Yue and the rest, he was even more surprised. Miss Yu Ran was a proud person and rarely spoke or looked at people. And the power of the Bai Family was in no way inferior to the Xu Family.

Xu Jin was just a shopkeeper in the White Sands Continent, but Bai Yue was the top military general of the Bai Family, and thus he greeted Bai Yue as though he was a junior.

After introducing and greeting them, Xu Jin spoke to Tang Tian: “Mister Meng, I am here for the Black Gold, my shop hopes to be able to purchase your Black Gold, and hope that Mister Meng would be able to steadily offer us a price on the Black Gold, no matter how much is it, we are willing to purchase it.”

“Oh, to be able to enter the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce’s eyes, I wonder if I can take a look?” Bai Yue asked curiously.

In truth, when seeing Bai Yue, Xu Jin immediately knew that he had miscalculated. Although the Black Gold was good, but the traders of Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce loved to buy low and sell high, naturally hoping to be able to purchase the goods at a lower price. On the day when he saw Tang Tian’s reaction, Xu Jin felt that Tang Tian did not know the true worth of the Black Gold.

Tang Tian threw a piece of Black Gold to Bai Yue.

Bai Yue took the Black Gold and scrutinized it carefully, his expression remaining neutral. When he imbued energy into it, his face gradually stiffened, and after half a minute, he spoke: “Good stuff! If I am not wrong, it can bear a very powerful amount of energy charge.”

Xu Jin sighed in his heart again, ~I have truly miscalculated~, and he grew even more admiration for Bai Yue, He only found it out through the laboratory reports and test, while Bai Yue had only touched it for a moment, but was able to realize the perk of the Black Gold, with such astute and experience, how could he not feel admiration for him?

“General’s eyes are really sharp!” Xu Jin could only harden his skin and say: “We have already tested it, it’s ability to withstand energy charge, is stronger than Corundum, and only slightly inferior to Energium Jade!”

Bai Yue’s body trembled, the light aura in his eyes exploded, and without hesitating: “We will take all of the Black Gold!”

Xu Jin could not back down: “How can Senior bully the junior generation? You are stealing from this Junior generation’s food bowl, that is not the way a senior should act!”

“Your food bowl? Since when did this become your food bowl?” Bai Yue shook his head.

Xu Jin’s face became unkind: “What does senior mean?”

In a blink of an eye, the two of them were staring at each other, their gazes were like swords clashing, Tang Tian was stunned.

Seeing this, Bai Xiao quietly explained; “The stronger and more the material can withstand an energy charge, the more suitable it is to make into a weapon for the warship. The most expensive parts of the warships are the weapons above. Energium Jades are the market’s best silver grade warship weapon material, but they are extremely expensive, 1 Li of it costs more than 500 million, and the important thing is that its quantity is limited. A warship can only have a limited number of weapons, you have truly earned this time.”

Tang Tian finally understood: “So how much is this Black Gold worth?”

Xu Jin quickly replied: “Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is willing to purchase 1 Li of it at 300 million, as much as you have! General Bai, according to your nephew, you won’t have enough cash right now right.”

Bai Yue smiled: “That’s true. But Xiao Meng and Xiao Bai have a good relationship, so what If I don’t have enough cash?”

Xu Jin’s face darkened.

Bai Yue quickly changed the way he spoke, and said: “If you want me to give up purchasing the Black Gold, I can, my Bai Family is not very interested in the manufacturing of weapons, but if Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is willing to offer us the best favorable price for the Black Gold warship weapons, we can consider it.”

“85% of the original price!” Xu Jin said without hesitating.

Bai Yue sneered: “Xiao Xu is not sincere enough, the profits of weapons are extremely shady.”

“80%!” Xu Jin had a pained expression.

Bai Yue laughed: “The Bai Family can promise you, we will only use the Black Gold warship weapons that we purchase from Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce for ourselves, and not sell it.”

“75%!” Xu Jin clenched his teeth.

Bai Yue shook his head: “At 50% of the price, by selling to the Bai Family every year, the amount of Black Gold warship weapons we will purchase will be no lower than 100 billion, and not higher than 500 billion.”

Xu Jin almost wanted to scold him, but he resisted: “Then I want to have the exclusive rights of purchasing it.”

“I have no objection to that!” Bai Yue laughed evilly, he turned and looked at Tang Tian: “Selling to them is a good idea, it saves you the trouble, and the price is not too bad as well. You get them to do the transportation. Oh, if you have any special requests, quickly make it, they can buy anything.”

Xu Jin almost wanted to box Bai Yue’s face, he was being ripped off by him.

Bai Yue was feeling extremely good, he did not even spend one cloud coin, empty handedly, he had obtained such an advantage. He clearly knew the importance of the agreement.

More importantly, he was repaying Tang Tian back a favor. He had just obtained 4 billion worth of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears for free from him, it was no small favor, but in a blink of an eye, he had already helped Tang Tian earn a large sum of money. He wanted to obtain much more for Tang Tian, and thus reminded Tang Tian.

“I can buy anything?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

“Almost.” Bai Yue laughed.

Xu Jin was scolding their mothers in his heart, he did not want to to answer such a question, but since the Black Gold was too important to Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, he had no choice and said: “As long as Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce is able to complete it.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian’s eyes lit up: “I want to buy an army! A full and complete army!”

Everyone was stunned.