Undefeated God of War - Chapter 608 – Silver Winged Swordsman

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Chapter 608 – Silver Winged Swordsman

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


Tang Tian was surprised and frightened.

Although the light aura was not dazzling, but when the sword was released, the looks on everyone’s face changed. Saints who did not have sufficient strength would not understand what laws were, they only felt as though their state of mind were completely attracted to the sword, their bodies froze, their minds drawn into a blank, unable to draw up any bit of resistance

And for the people who knew what it was, were unable to maintain their calm, all of them suddenly stood up.

He Ying actually had a swordsman who was enlightened on laws!

Duke Ming who initially thought that he had deep understanding of He Ying was completely stunned. To have enlightened on any law, in any domain, it meant that they had attained the next level.

A Silver Saint’s goal was Energy Transmutation, but it also showed how much energy they could use. And when the saint, in his own respective domain had deep attainments and comprehension, laws would be another goal.

Tang Tian was also shocked.

He had finally understood the difficulty of attaining laws in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was at a much higher difficulty than in Heaven’s Road. The energy in the Sacred Saint Galaxy was too abundant, to the point that it was like thick snow, and have covered up the laws to a huge extent. People who were able to be enlightened on laws in the Sacred Saint Galaxy were all powerful figures!

It was truly a surprise, it was Tang Tian’s first time meeting a saint who had been enlightened on laws in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The silver sword light aura brought forth a cold intent, like the autumn wind, caused the entire hall that was being roasted like a furnace by Xi Ao’s Molten Iron Fist to become as cool as autumn.

Tang Tian immediately calmed down and retracted his gaze.

Others might revere laws, but to Tang Tian, it was something that he was too familiar with. Jing Hao, Crane, Ling Xu all had enlightened on laws, and in Heaven’s Road, enlightenment on laws was a requirement to be bestowed as a Saint.

Even if the laws displayed here are stronger, laws are in the end still laws.

Suddenly, Tang Tian thought of the other advantage that Heaven Road held, that was laws!

But, it isn’t the time to think about such things

Tang Tian took a deep breath. Facing the incoming silver sword light aura, he moved his feet, extending out his hands, the grey Null Flames coiled around his hand and around his 10 fingers.

His expression turned serious, and cold light appeared in his eyes.

The 10 fingers stretched, forming a line of sparks that blossomed out from his fingertips. In a blink of an eye, the air seemed to be combusting, crackle crackle crackle crackle, countless of bright lit dotted auras gradually floated in the air, dancing in the sky like fireflies in the summer. It was like a dream, enveloping the entire hall.

What’s this?

If the law in the silver light sword aura caused people to feel shock, then this completely different martial technique, caused everyone to become completely emotionally immersed in it. How could they have ever witnessed such a meticulous martial technique before?

It was so beautiful, that it looked like an art painting.

Bai Xiao’s expression looked as if he had seen a ghost, if he was not personally witnessing it, even if people beat him up death, he would never believe it. The beautiful and exquisite martial technique that caused people’s hair to stand, actually came out from Meng Nan’s hands.

Shouldn’t this guy be someone who has muscles of the devil, transform into a rapacious aggressor with veins popping out all over his body with strength like a bull, shaking the earth with every step he took?

But the current Tang Tian was not in the least bit sinister, he did not roar, his expression was indifferent, not one hair out of place, he was calm as water, as though he had transformed into another person.

The fireflies that filled the sky, in the beauty, held an extremely dangerous killing intent.

Bai Yue stared intently at the floating dotted regiments. The light regiments that were the size of beans, were releasing a gently light aura, and did not have any surprising light or warmth.

But Bai Yue’s expression continued to change, inside the warm light aura, he could sense a whiff of Energy Transmutation.

Energy Transmutation, the mark of a Silver Saint.

It was not only Bai Yue’s face who changed, He Ying’s eyes had a trace of shock. Although He Ying was domineering, but there was no doubt to his strength, he himself was in the silver realm.

Military generals who were in the silver realm held outstanding commanding power, and was able to greatly raise the strength of their armies.

And saints who were in the silver realm were terrifying killing machines, they were extremely dangerous and the sharpest of blades.

The sky filled of fireflies flew towards the silver light sword auras, the sky suddenly lit up with countless of light streaks, the fireflies that were like raindrops or snowflakes, the light streaks formed strands and weaves, the light auras were enchanting and beautiful.

When the rain of light entered the sword auras, the sword auras buzzed gently, as though a proud wild beast had been enraged, and was releasing a enraged roar. Yet, the fireflies continued to dance gracefully, continuously pouncing on the sword auras.

Amidst the buzzing hums that caused people’s heart to shake, the sword auras were being melted at a speed noticeable by the naked eye, and the remaining strands of faint transparent light streaks trembled in the air.

Their trembling attracted even more fireflies, and the fireflies shuttled back and forth, pa, they exploded into formless ripples and disappeared.

What remained in the hall were the floating fireflies, without any smoke or fiery qi.

A tall figure, with a handsome appearance walked out from the crowd, and asked clearly: “I am Qiao Yi An, may I ask of sire’s great name?”

Everyone burst into a hoorah, they were all shocked, Silver Winged Swordsman!

Silver Winged Swordsman Qiao Yi An!

Ling Xia’s face changed, she never expected that He Ying would actually be able to recruit the Silver WInged Swordsman. The Silver Winged Swordsman was one of the most famous swordsman of the Southern Region. He was extremely powerful, stepping into the realm of the Silver Saints at 30 years old, he was currently 35, and at the peak of his time.

Everyone was in shock. Previously, people were guessing what powerful swordsman had arrived, but no one would had thought that it was Qiao Yi An.

To be able to block Qiao Yi An’s sword, everyone’s gaze towards Tang Tian changed.

“I’m Meng Nan!” Tang Tian spoke casually, but he was excited: “Hey, are we fighting or not?”

Although he did not know what kind of Saint Qiu Yi An was, but he could clearly sense that the sword from him was played down and not his full force. Tang Tian’s battle intent was strong, he did not want to just stop.

Qiu Yi An was startled, and immediately laughed out in self ridicule: “To make friends through a an exchange of blows, To be able to meet Brother Meng, It is my honor. At the moment we are just swapping pointers, why don’t we do it again next time? So as not to sweep away the crowd’s interest.”

Tang Tian thought about it, yeah, if we are to fight here, we will most likely destroy the restaurant. More importantly, once my battle intent goes away, my hunger will make my legs go weak.

He swallowed his saliva with difficulty: “Alright! Let us eat first!”

Bai Xiao then raised his hand and shouted: “Brother Meng!”

Tang Tian looked towards the direction of the voice, and his eyes lit up: “Ha, Xiao Bai!”

Xiao Bai…..

Bai Xiao immediately regretted, Why did I shout out like that. Everyone’s gaze turned towards him. There were already a few female customers giggling, Young Master Bai Xiao, a distinguished and confident person, to actually be called Xiao Bai that sounded like a pet name.

Ling Xia noticed Bai Xiao’s table and immediately walked over and bowed: “Duke Ming, General Bai, Young Master Xiao.”

The silk pants behind her all kept quiet out of fear, and followed along to greet them.

Tang Tian looked at the table filled with food. He was already to the point that his hands and legs were trembling from hunger, and shouted: “Xiao Bai, I’m eating first, I’m famished!”

With that, he immediately stuffed his face impolitely.

Tang Tian’s actions once again shook everyone, the silk pants were almost to the point of worshipping him. Big Brother, how fierce are you truly, do you know who are those people that are seated?

Ling Xia’s complexion changed, Duke Ming viewed customs and etiquette very heavily, and even the sons of various Continent Lords dared not act recklessly in front of him. And for General Bai Yue, he was one of the influential generals, far more than what the armies of White Sands could be. The power of the Bai Family, regardless of where they went, would be treated as honored guests with utmost respect.

“You’re still in the growing phase, eat more!” Duke Ming was full of smiles and said amiably, and even turned: “Waiter, serve us more meat dishes!”

His happy appearance caused Ling Xia’s eyes to almost drop onto the ground. Even the silk pants behind her revealed looks as though they had seen a ghost.

Tang Tian had currently stuffed his mouth full with food, and kept out making out inaudible sounds.

“One cannot function properly on an empty stomach, to be so good at eating, you are definitely a great man!” Bai Yue praised.

Bai Xiao watched quietly, if his cousins heard what their father had said, they would definitely spit out blood.

“How hungry can you be.” Bai Xiao poured Tang Tian a glass of water: “We haven’t seen each other for just two days, and you’re already like that, if Yu Ran were to see this, she would scold me again.”

“Wu wu wu!” Tang Tian did not even lift up his head.

Two days….

Duke Ming’s expression twitched, he asked in surprise: “Could it be that you guys were on the same boat? Could it be that the rumored person who pushed away the pirates is this Junior Brother Meng.”

“Duke Ming’s eyes are sharp!” Bai Xiao praised: “Brother Meng’s skills are unique, his subordinates are all heroes as well. Without Brother Meng’s help this time, I and Yu Ran would had been in danger.”

“Wu wu wu!” Tang Tian continued to eat.

Bai Yue was moved: “With 46 men to push back a fleet of 10 frigates and a warship, that is truly inconceivable. Even If I had personally took charge, I would not dare to say I could do the same.”

“Wu wu wu!” Tang Tian did not seem to have any intention to stop and continued to eat.

Just then, He Ying, Qiao Yi An and the few others brought their glasses over.

“I never thought that Duke Ming and General Bai was here, We have interrupted your state of mind, He Ying apologizes to the two sires.” He Ying said with an apologetic look.

Duke Ming Laughed: “General He, why do you say such things? To be able to witness such a spectacle of a battle, We have truly gained something from it.”

Bai Yue laughed: “That’s right, our trip has been worthwhile just from that battle.”

Everyone were engaging in laughter and talks, and only Tang Tian was busy stuffing himself with food. After a while, everyone seemed to have forgotten about his existence, and no one talked about him.

He Ying brought Qiao Yi An and turned to return to their table, his complexion becoming gloomy at once.

“How’s his strength? Do you have confidence?” He Ying spoke softly.

“He is not that strong, but more strange. He had just touched upon the threshold of the realm of the Silver Saints, but his style and approach is unconventional and he has plentiful of changes and movements. What this subordinate cannot understand is, when he was fighting just now, he actually did not have any energy undulations. This subordinate has checked Xi Ao’s injury, that grey flame is extremely insidious, with an extremely strong destructive ability, I do not know if Doctor Xu will have any ideas about it. This unknown flame is the most dangerous.” Qiao Yi An laughed bitterly.

Doctor Xu was the most powerful Doctor of the 2nd Army, his medical techniques were considered top notch.

“Could it be Destructive Energy?” He Ying was shocked, he as a silver military general, and knew that Destructive Energy could cause a lot of harm to saints. Injuries sustained from it were extremely difficult to recover from, and he had never heard of anyone’s martial techniques that could produce destructive energy capabilities.

His expression became gloomy.

He suddenly had this premonition that the fellow would be big trouble.