Undefeated God of War - Chapter 606 – An Exchange of Blows Leading to Friendship

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Chapter 606 – An Exchange of Blows Leading to Friendship

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Why are you chasing me?”

The stern voice did not sound out loudly, but contained a trace of coldness.

Ling Xia who was being grabbed and choked by the neck, with her messy short hair and pale white face, she had fear in her eyes, and became so weak that she looked so pitiful.

Everyone who were watching the excitement were completely stunned, no one thought that the situation would turn out like that,.

People further away could not discern Tang Tian’s question, but they had already sent message to the Ling Family. The Ling Family had a good reputation, and many people had received the kindness from the Ling Family, and thus many people had close ties to them.

And they were in the White Sands City.

An angry shout sounded out: “Let go off Miss Ling Xia!”

Without turning back, Tang Tian had already sensed that a group of people had arrived. And, they were even separating towards the surroundings. Tang Tian who had trained with Shi Sen for a long time, had already understood their intent.

They were trying to surround him!

Tang Tian knew that facing an army or a unit, the last thing that anyone wanted was to surrounded. Upon being surrounded, he would lose his space, and that was the most dangerous thing.

Without looking, Tang Tian carried Ling Xia and rushed ahead.

“Grab him!”

The man behind Tang Tian roared, and the soldiers that were preparing for the trap flew towards Tang Tian with all their might.

Ahead of him, a group of people were rushing forward in an attempt to block and hinder Tang Tian. Tang Tian’s eyes turned cold, why are you all suddenly chasing after me, why are all of you suddenly trying to fight me, and now you are all trying to catch me.

Is this godlike young lad so easily bullied?

Tang Tian squinted his eyes, without any intent to evade, he rushed towards the group in a straight line.

The opponents all lit up with light auras, forming a light wall and blocking Tang Tian. Tang Tian snorted, he lifted Ling Xia up, ready to use her to smash the light wall!


The faces of the people who had raised the light wall immediately changed, the man who took charge immediately yelled in panic: “Everyone scatter!”

The light wall crumbled, and everyone scattered, making a path for Tang Tian.

Tang Tian was like a gust of wind, and blew across them. After a flew flashes and borrowing the wooden houses as covers, Tang Tian carried Ling Xia and disappeared.

Tang Tian’s expression was focused, he carefully and cautiously checked his surroundings. Although he did not understand, but the girl in his hands seemed to be important.

This is not Ursa Major Constellation.

“Let go of me!”

Ling Xia finally regained her senses, and she screamed.

“Why are you chasing me?” Tang Tian looked around, his legs not stopping.

Ling Xia was stunned, Why am I chasing him? After thinking for abit, she felt it hard to speak. Curiosity? Angry that I was shamed? It seems that any reason, I am still groundless.


Tang Tian was startled, he thought for a long time, but could not think of any strange reason, and asked: “Curious of what?”

Ling Xia spoke: “Your method of flight.”

“Oh oh oh!” Tang Tian saw the light, he immediately let go of Ling Xia and said proudly: “What do you think? Very powerful right! I created it by myself, it’s called the Adaptive Eclipse, are you shocked by it, young lady?”

Ling Xia never imagined the other party to let her go just like that, and could also not imagine that Tang Tian would become so pleased, she was stunned for a while.

“To be able to see the power of the Adaptive Eclipse, Hey, young lady, your eyesight is good!”

Tang Tian portrayed a “Senior speaking meaningful and heartfelt words” expression.

Ling Xia stared blankly at Tang Tian, for a moment, she actually did not know what to say.

Ling Xia regained her senses, and shouted to everyone: “It’s a mistake! It’s a mistake!”

The expression on everybody’s faces finally relaxed, since Big Sister Li said it was a mistake, then everything was fine. Tang Tian’s display of strength had struck fear in all of them. If they were to truly engage against him, they would most probably be dead and severely wounded.

Compared to them, the silk pants who suffered under Tang Tian greatly all surrounded them. They were extremely playful and their personalities were all rather naive, they might not look up to the majority, but they were extremely respectful to people stronger than them.

Big Sister was subdued, that means that this man who is full of life, must be number one!

“Brother, you were so full of life!”

“Your kick, holy mother, it was too fast! Even now my chest still feels tight!”

“Brothers, shall we go and have a drink?”

They surrounded Tang Tian, every single one of them were excited.


“Of course, men should be full of life!”

“Adaptive Eclipse, It was Adaptive Eclipse, it’s powerful right, I created it!”

“From now on, everyone will be brothers!”



Ling Xia watched in dumbstruck as Tang Tian patched up with everyone, and even proclaimed to be brothers.

The silk pants felt that Tang Tian was likeable and strong, which they could respect, but his personality was so well too, that was hard to comeby! They extremely hated those who feigned to be modest and hypocritical. Tang Tian was pleased, it seemed like everyone were frank and sincere.

Seems like they are all nice people, worthy to make friends with!

“What? Big Brother Meng is here to run errands? Why didn’t you tell me! My family has many shops to help you, it’s a small thing!”

“It’s a small matter, Big brother Meng, if you thank us, it means you’re ridiculing us!”

“Big brother Meng, your business, will be our business as well! In the land of White Sands, we still have a name of ourselves!”



Everyone had already forgotten Ling Xia’s existence, to be able to make friends with an expert, and for everyone to share the same habits, no, to appreciate one another’s talents, that is fate!

Seeing that they were becoming more excited the more they talked, Ling Xia helplessly pulled herself into the group, and spoke in a serious tone: “Brother Meng, it is this Junior Sister’s wrong today, this Junior Sister has planned a banquet feast as an apology to Brother Meng, I hope Brother Meng will accept!”

Everyone quietened down, since when did Big Sister ever apologized to anyone?

Just nice, Tang Tian was hungry, he nodded his head: “Great! Let us go together!”

“That is a must!”

“Big Sister, today your Junior Brothers did hard labor as well!”


Ling Xia nodded her head: “Everyone will go together, all of you wait for me for a moment.”

She then floated to the people who had rushed down to help her, and thanked everybody. After finishing that, she flew back to Tang Tian and the rest.

Wooosh, the group of people pulled Tang Tian towards a restaurant.

As silk pants, anyone who isn’t an expert in eating, drinking or playing would never last in the circle.

The White Restaurant, White Sands best restaurant.

A group of people rushed into the White Restaurant, all of them were the usual customers, and the restaurant manager rushed over to welcome them in. Ling Xia was the one who had the highest probability of becoming the Commander of White Sands Fifth Army, and such a character must definitely be well taken care of. The White Sands Continent pursuit for an elite army, as compared to the 36 armies of Vast Star Continent, with just a mere 5 armies, seemed to be much weaker.

But the 5 armies were all elites, and were carefully selected through tens of thousands of people. The White Sands Continent’s Commanders as compared to the Vast Star Continent’s Commanders were much stronger and had more power. Wielding true influence and authority, the five commanders of the five armies could be considered as influential generals of their region.

For a person to have the potential to become an influential general was not to be underestimated.

Tang Tian looked around curiously, the restaurant hall was filled, and the fragrance of food caused him to become even hungrier.

But they were stopped.

“Isn’t it Miss Li? I never thought that I would be able to run into Miss Li here, It is truly fortunate.” A man laughed and said, he was roughly 27 to 28 years old with a built body, he looked rather charismatic, and had a gentle and warm smile on his face, he held a wine cup and spoke to Ling Xia.

Tang Tian frowned, he disliked the vibe the person was giving off.

Ling Xia remained expressionless: “I never thought that Young Master would be here for a feast as well, it is fortunate to meet. Ling Xia has matters at hand and will not accompany Young Master, Young Master please continue with what you were doing.”

Her tone did not sound like she was happy at all.

Yet, He Ying did not make way, he lowered his head and spun the wine cup in his hand, and said playfully: “A direct invitation cannot be compared to a fated meeting, It is so difficult to meet Miss Li, why not we drink a few glasses together? Miss Li’s opponent wasn’t weak, why not everyone drink together and share a bit of stories together.”

Ling Xia’s face turned green, He Ying’s words had threats in it which were abundantly clear.

“Who is this?” Tang Tian nudged a silk pants beside him.

Young Master He heard him, and laughed: “I am He Ying. You must be the expert who sparred with Miss Li, you’re truly a young hero! I heard that there was a mysterious expert today, that shook the White Sands City.”

He Ying’s eccentric words caused Tang Tian to frown. Without giving any concerns: “Hey, I’m hungry, give way!”

He stretched his hand out ready to pull He Ying to one side.

“How dare you!” A fierce looking short and stout man rushed up to the front and stood in front of He Ying, and squinted his eyes, speaking out coldly: “You dare to be rude to Master, you must be sick of living!”

“And who is this now?” Tang Tian turned his head and asked Ling Xia.

“His bodyguard, name Heng Shan, an expert from the Eternal Pass Continent….” Before Ling Xia finished introducing, the scene before her dazzled.

Tang Tian had used the sole of his feet to firmly smash Heng Shan in the face.


Heng Shan opened his eyes wide, from the kick, he felt as if a force that could move mountains and topple the seas overwhelming him, and he flew backwards like a ball.

His stature was like a small hill, smashing painfully on the table, causing it to split into pieces, and all the drinks flying everywhere. Heng Shan fell into the mess, his face covered in blood, and he stopped moving.

No one had expected Tang Tian to instantly attack without even greeting.

He Ying’s face turned green, as the Commander of the 2nd Army, when had anyone ever dare act so wantonly in front of him?

Without needing to give any orders, all the bodyguards around He Ying immediately rushed at Tang Tian.

Ling Xia’s face changed, all of He Ying’s bodyguards were all experts with considerable strength. Tang Tian’s sudden attack was out of her expectation, in a blink of an eye, the situation had become extremely terrible.

In truth, she was not willing to offend He Ying, after all he was the commander of the 2nd Army, even if she became the commander of the 5th Army, she was still ranked behind him.

But Tang Tian had alreay took action, there were no route to retreat. She clenched her teeth, ready to make her move.

Tang Tian’s actions were faster than her.

In his dictionary, there never was the phrase ‘to be behind anyone else’, his belief had always been

Strike first to gain the upper hand!

Furthermore, to dare block this brother to eat, you’re truly sick of living!