Undefeated God of War - Chapter 604 – Ling Xia

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Chapter 604 – Ling Xia

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the Mercenary Center, Area D’s activity had caused the entire center to become lively. Shi Sen’s group had displayed an extremely strong power, and had caused shock all around.

And when the Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts appeared and revealed Shi Sen’s true identity, The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, everyone immediately became excited. The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts decline were due to the inability to distinguish between the real and fake, and thus the strength of the real Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts had become a mystery.

Is this the real Demonic Mounts?

Many people became extremely excited. Any legend would cause people’s heart to be stirred, The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mount’s emergence were filled with legendary tales, to finally witness Shi Sen’s team strength, everyone then understood the true power of Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts.

The conflict between Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts and Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts quickly became the heated topic.

One was the current elites, and the other was the matchless and glorious strongest, their clash would definitely be spectacular. But no one would had thought that the Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts would suddenly drop their heads and leave, without any intention to fight.

This made many people disappointed.

Area D was filled with many people, and in the corners, people were discussing softly.

“So they are the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, no wonder.” The person who spoke was dressed in moss green clothes, his face looked malicious, whenever his eyes opened, a cold gaze would shoot out.

“Are they here for us?” The person who spoke was extremely thin, and his voice extremely soft, his expression indifferent.

“They shouldn’t be, they are most likely here to replenish members.” The man in green shook his head: “Oh, they left.”

The skinny man nodded his head, without saying a thing, his gaze landed on Tang Tian.

Upon leaving the Mercenary Center, Shi Sen looked to be normal, but he was extremely angry inside. He secretly made a decision, I must definitely bring back the name of Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts.

Tang Tian did not advise Shi Sen to care about what had happened. How could he not care? How could he ignore it? Da Sen had already controlled himself, If It was me, I would have definitely beat those Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts up.

If you care about it, then do it, that is what makes a real man. To say that you are not angry and you’re tolerant and magnanimous, those are all lies.

“Master, this subordinate wishes to go to the Underworld Continent!” Shi Sen suddenly said.

“Now?” Tang Tian was surprised.

“Yes, Master!” Shi Sen said gloomily: “The Underworld Continent is not far from the White Sands, if we are fast, we only need 12 days to rush there, and adding the time of recruitment, within a month, this subordinate will definitely bring back 500 Demonic Mounts.”

Tang Tian looked at Shi Sen, the face that was covered with hardships and the aging of time, the the white hair and beard that still had tenacity as tough as steel, the muddled eyes that were bright, was like a bonfire being sparked by wind and an ember, suddenly lighting up so bright like a charcoal burning red.

Suddenly, Tang Tian was extremely emotional, he took out a card: “Alright, be careful on the road!”

Shi Sen took the card, and immediately panicked: “Master, I do not need so much!”

An Underworld Continent Demonic Mount was worth 2 million, 500 would cost 100 million, and Master had actually given 150 million cloud coins.

“It’s alright, bring some extra money with you, if they are good enough, get more of them, the Precious Bright Village Regiment is still lacking in men.” Tang Tian said.

Shi Sen’s eyes turned red, the big sum of money was Master’s trust in him. In the many years of struggle, he had never experienced the trust with a worth of 150 million.

“Bring everyone with you, and be careful.” Tang Tian said.

Shi Sen was uneasy: “But Master’s safety…”

“I’m not far from the hotel, It’ll be easy to walk back, Don’t worry about me, anyways it’s not like I cannot protect myself.” Tang Tian waved his hand and said nonchalantly.

Shi Sen thought about it, That’s right, with Master’s strength, no one would dare to take action on him. He bowed to Tang Tian: “Master, then we will be off!”

Han Sen immediately said: “To get to Underworld Continent, this subordinate knows a boss, specially dealing with business between the Underworld Continent and the White Sands, you guys can board his cargo ship, and in that way, you can reach Underworld Continent in seven to eight days.”

Shi Sen was ecstatic: “That’s great!”

Tang Tian spoke to Han Sen: “Er Sen, bring them to your friends, then return to the hotel.”

Han Sen immediately patted his chest: “This subordinate will definitely accomplish it.”

Han Sen brought Shi Sen and moved out.

In a blink of an eye, Tang Tian was alone. The bustling number of people walking along the road caused the place to be extremely crowded. But because the City Lord did not wish for the sky to be covered, no one was allowed to build in the sky of White Sands City. All of the buildings in the sky were placed outside of the city.

All the wooden huts were colored in different colors, and when overlooking the city from the edge, extending to the distance, the city looked to be a gigantic rainbow labyrinth. The White Sands City’s land was extremely expensive, and the price outside the city was much lower. To saints that knew flying like the back of their palms, the distance was not considered much. The inner city was gradually formed and relied mainly on large businesses. While outside the city, erlied mainly on smaller businesses and transactions.

Floating in the sky were clustered yet multicolored small wooden huts, attracting Tang Tian’s interest.

He shot up, using his unique Adaptive Eclipse, immediately attracting people who were travelling via the air.

“What a strange way of flying!”

“He is not using energy!”


Various exclamations came out, but Tang Tian ignored them, and continued to increase his speed. A series of sonic booms occurred, like bubbles popping, Tang Tian continued to increase his speed.

“So fast!”

“Is that a secret technique?”

This sort of flying that did not produce any energy undulations, was never heard or seen of before, and the speed was still so fast, how could it not be surprising?

Tang Tian did not bother much, his concentration was at its peak, it was his first time flying at such a high speed. Although the standard of his Adaptive Eclipse had rose greatly, but such a high flight speed, adding that he had to avoid other people, he still needed to focus. If he was slightly inattentive and lost control, he would instantly fall, and with Tang Tian’s perverse body, it would definitely not have a good outcome. If he clashed into other people, he would not have much of a problem, but if the other party was not in time to form their energy barrier, they might die.

Ling Xia had just left the City Lord’s mansion, her face was still red with excitement, after finally meeting Miss Yu Ran, and even speaking with her, she was still immersed in her excitement.

Suddenly, a figure swept past her, bringing forth a gale, blowing her hair into a mess.

Ling Xia was stunned, but also became angry.

Who’s that, so rude!”

Thinking that she was not even able to sense his approach, Ling Xia became even angrier, since when had she suffered such an experience like that before in the White Sands City? Snorting, Ling Xia increased her speed and rushed towards the other party.

Upon increasing her speed, two dazzling arcs of fire lit up beside her and surrounded her body as she moved.

“Eldest Miss Li!”

“Fiery Ling!”

Pedestrians on the road were shocked, and immediately made way for her. Eldest Miss LI’s temper was just like her nickname, she hated evil and sought grievances easily, and was the Big sister of the White Sands. All the young thugs in White Sands who met Eldest Miss Li would all have their tails between their legs and become obedient.

Ling Xia was from the Ling Family, and was not considered wealthy in White Sands, but had a long line of history. The Ling Family were well known, every generation Ling Family Patriarch possessed noble characters, and were well respected. One generation after the other of accumulation led the Ling Family to become a family that was not to be underestimated in the White Sands City.

From young, Ling Xia had displayed an extremely strong talent, and from young she became one of the most dazzling people of the younger generation in White Sands. Her character was outspoken and straightforward, although she was not calm, but she never shirked her faults and pushed responsibility away, convincing everyone of her talent. She quickly became the Big Sister of the White Sands younger generation, as she had the potential to become the White Sands Continent’s first ever Female Commander.

All of the citizens were shocked, but were not afraid of Ling Xia, the Ling Family’s teachings were strict, Eldest Sister Li was one who hated evil and sought grievances, and had brought many silk pants under control, but to the ordinary citizen she was extremely kind.

Suddenly, a blonde haired young man who was overcome with boredom and hanging around in the air, caught side of the fiery red light.

When he saw the fire streak clearly, he instantly became excited.

Big Sister!

He began to increase his speed, and chased after the red streak of light, and when he saw that there was another person in front of Big Sister, he immediately became extremely excited. He took out a metal plate and imbued energy into it, and then shouted: “Hey, Ah Bin, quickly come to the north of the city, there’s a show to watch! Big Sister is chasing after someone!”

“WHAT! To dare compete with Big Sister? Crap! Who would be so fierce! I’m coming right now!”

Golden hair immediately imbued energy again, and repeated the same words.

“Oh my heavenly mother, to dare play with big sister, he is so daring! There’s a show to watch, I cannot miss it!”

Golden hair informed everyone he knew immediately.

The entire White Sands Silk Pants were completely shocked, and all came out of their nests.

To dare challenge Big Sister, he must definitely be a man of steel!

Very quickly, Tang Tian noticed that there was a woman that was chasing him without stopping. He turned back to look at her once, and knowing that he did not know her, he did not plan to care. But after a while, the other party was still chasing after his tail. Tang Tian frowned, and suddenly flipped his body and shot into an alley between the wooden houses.

In a moment, the other party’s figure also appeared.

In that moment, if Tang Tian did not know that the other party was rushing for him, he would truly be too stupid.

Tang Tian snorted and curling himself up, he flipped and turned to the other direction. With an astonishing speed, he skidded through the air with his feet.


Pa pa pa

The consecutive exploding sounds came out, Tang Tian retracted as much as possible, like an extremely compressed spring, strangely stuck in the air, as though there was an invisible wall in front of him.

He kicked out with his legs fiercely, and like an arrow leaving the bow, Tang Tian shot towards Ling Xia.

Ling Xia’s eyes contracted, she was secretly shocked, how is that possible!

How is it possible that he can instantaneously turn in the opposite direction?

The other party’s figure was like a shadow, shooting towards her with an incredible speed. Ling Xia was originally using her maximum speed to fly, and watched as the other party rushed towards her.

Her face changed, not good!

If they collided at such a high speed, the result…..

Without thinking, she immediately produced her energy barrier.

Is he crazy?

It was not only Ling Xia, all the silk pants who ran over to watch the excitement also had a change of expression, everyone revealing horrified looks, with such a high speed collision, even with the protection of an energy barrier, they would definitely be injured.

What they felt even more inconceivable was that the other party did not even use an energy barrier!

Was he trying to die?

As the two of them closed in the distance, Ling Xia had recovered from her shock, clenching her mouth, she was preparing for the impact. The distance was already less than 20m, when she finally saw the other party’s expression clearly.

Wait a minute!

Ling Xia suddenly realised that the other party was revealing a look of complacency, and even pulled a face at her.

A stupid look…

Before she could react, the other party clashed head on, and Ling Xia who had braced for the impact did not feel anything at all.

Slightly in a daze, she rushed into the distance and clashed into a wooden house. The wooden house lit up with an energy barrier, Boom, Ling Xia was stupefied.

What’s going on….

And the silk pants who were all watching the battle in the air, who were deadly silent for a few seconds, immediately exploded into a hoorah!