Undefeated God of War - Chapter 603 – Pirates, Lending Money, Black Gold

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Chapter 603 – Pirates, Lending Money, Black Gold

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Boss, I’ve checked it out!” The Adjutant said excitedly: “This group has 40 plus people, and the one leading them is a brat. On their way, the chanced upon and boarded Qin Yu Ran’s ship, and it is said that they stayed in the cargo area, and only took action when they met us. I heard that the Bloodwood Warship is being sent to the Forever Bright Shipyard for repairs and maintenance, and spent a bit of money to bribe the shipyard people, from the looks of it, a set of Silver Grade Honeycomb Sword Cannon and Spiralling blast Machine were used until they exploded, completely into pieces, the burden might have been too much, to have led to the explosion.”

“40 plus people.” Lian Bo Jun muttered to himself, It seems to be a good fit, from the looks of it, this small team most probably has an outstanding military leader, using high synchronization , it allowed the 40 men to share the energy charge from the use of the machines.


To be able to do it to such an extent, they are truly elites worth noticing.

Furthermore, to rely on these 40 people to change the entire battle outcome, such a team, if they’re not elites, then what are they?

“Where did they go afterwards?” Lian Bo Jun asked.

“They parted ways with Qin Yu Ran, their current whereabouts unknown.” The adjutant said: “The people close and around Qin Yu Ran are not easy to bribe.”

“Seems like it was a matter uncalled for.” Lian Bo Jun said, battles were always filled with different accidents and uncalled things, and furthermore they were a group of pirates, meaning that they would face more of such matters.

The adjutant looked at Lian Bo Jun hesitatingly: ”Boss, the other side is extremely angry by our actions, they think that we have broken the agreement, and saying we are not trustworthy.”

“Oh, let them be angry.” Lian Bo Jun did not even raise his head: “We’re pirates, when did pirates ever need trust?”

The Adjutant laughed, trying to act treacherous: “Haha, then I will reply to them like that! Break what, they dare to criticize and give orders to us! Are they tired of living?”

“They’re trying to conspire too large a scale.” Lian Bo Jun said: “This time, we cannot risk going in too deep. A pity, Qin Yu Ran did not fall into our hands, if not, we would have earned enough to get a fleet.”

“A…..a fleet?” The Adjutant stammered, he was in shock.

“They have a lot of money.” Lian Bo Jun was expressionless, but a cold glint flashed past his eyes: “Qin Yu Ran is the most important part of their plan.”

“Then what do we do now?” The Adjutant was at a loss, the boss has spoken so much, but why do I not understand? But thinking about the fleet that had slipped out of his fingers, he took in a breath of cold air and puckered his lips, his face filled with anguish.

A woman in exchange for a fleet, Is this woman made of gold? Even gold is not worth enough!

“Coleslaw.” Lian Bo Jun said without raising his head.


Inside a luxurious manor.

“What? You actually met with a Pirate attack? AND a fleet of pirates? Oh my god! The sea around our White Sands Continent actually has pirates?” A beautiful lady used her feathered fan to cover her mouth, her face filled with shock.

All the upper class ladies seating in a circle were all shocked.

“Yes, the situation was very dangerous at that time.” Qin Yu Ran laughed: “But our luck was considered, good, we met upon a group of traders on the way, and they helped us a lot. Finally we managed to push back the pirates.”

She knew that Big Brother Meng and his group did not want outsiders to know, and thus she explained it in vague terms.

“You are kindhearted and benevolent, and as precious as gold, your karma has proven itself time and time again.” Another beauty praised.

“Are they very powerful?”

“Miss Yu Ran, how long are you staying in the White Sands this time?”


The group continued to talk excitedly, luckily for Qin Yu Ran, she was well versed and could speak well, and thus handled them well.

In the hall at another corner, Bai Xiao and a middle aged man were seated down drinking alcohol, laughing and talking.

“I heard that you met with pirates, that scared me.” The middle aged man laughed: “But in the end, thinking about your strength, You will always be able to get out of it, so I wasn’t anxious.”

“Second Uncle, You don’t have to worry about me.” Bai Xiao whined, but his face was not one of unhappiness.

His second uncle Bai Yue had always been his idol since young, becoming a captain of a unit at 16 years old. This achievement, in any continent was extremely shocking. After 20 years, time and time again He had defeated powerful enemies, and became the top military general of the Bai Family, and was the true authoritative person in the Bai Family.

This time, he had arrived in the White Sands Continent for work, and never expected to meet his nephew.

Bai Yue laughed: “Anyways you are also cockroach, and not easy to die.”

“Second Uncle, can you lend me a bit of money.” Bai Xiao said suddenly, exploiting the opportunity.

“What? Are you lacking of money?” Bai Yue looked at Qin Yu Ran, and mocked: “Did you spend all your money on chasing after girls? But Xiao Bai, if you are able to carry the beautiful woman home, Second Uncle will definitely support you! I’ll do something to get your father in the loop, what about it? If you don’t dare, then just admit that you’re afraid!”

Bai Xiao had a helpless look on his face: “Second Uncle, where are your thoughts going to. Although I do admire Yu Ran, but this is not about relationship. I want to borrow money for another matter.”

“No!” Bai Yue shook his head: “If it is not for a girl, I will definitely not lend you!”

Bai Xiao looked at Bai Yue in shock, he actually did not know what to say.

“What? Are you thinking about it?” Bai Yue raised his eyebrows.

“Second Uncle, I want to buy Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.” Bai Xiao said suddenly.

“Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?” Bai Yue was stunned, he immediately lost the smile on his face: “Empyrean Ice Tree Spears? You want to borrow money to buy Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?”

“Yes.” Bai Xiao spoke softly: “This time, the pirates that we met were defeated by a group of people. 46 men, first, they used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, then they used a Spiralling Blast Machine, and pushed back the pirates.”

“Really?” Bai Yue was familiar with battle, and he had quickly calculated in his mind, and suddenly raised his head: “That is extremely difficult!”

For 46 men to control a Honeycomb Sword Cannon and a Spiralling Blast Machine to defeat the pirates, no matter how he thought, it required an extremely high rate of frequency of attack.”

Bai Xiao then corrected him: “These pirates had a Black Dragon Warship, and ten frigates.”

(TN: In this chapter, in the original chinese, Bai Xiao had explained that Tang Tian’s team used the Honeycomb Sword Cannon and an unknown weapon which is not the Spiralling Blast Machine written in the battle in chapter 595, due to the inconsistency I will keep it to Spiralling Blast Machine.)

“Impossible!” the light in Bai Yue’s eyes exploded as he blurted out.

“I also thought that it is impossible.” Bai Yue said: “But I witnessed it personally. The Honeycomb Sword Cannon and Spiralling blast Machine were shattered to pieces, both unable to bear the energy charges. I was prepared to rush out to fight, but upon seeing the Spiralling Blast Machine that covered the sky, I was dumbstruck.”

“Where are those people?” Bai Yue became excited: “I want to see them!”

Bai Xiao ignored him, and continued: “I bought the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears from them. But I do not have enough money, and only bought 100 of them.”

“Wait a minute!” Bai Yue was completely shocked: “You frigging said 100 Empyrean Ice Tree Spears? Are you joking? How is it possible to buy so many of them?”

“Second Uncle, how can I get it wrong, did you forget who my mentor is?” Bai Xiao refuted.

“That’s right.” Bai Yue nodded his head: “I will give you 100 million, is that enough. Those goods are good, and worth buying, and currying favor with your mentor is good too, didn’t he have the project about the Blue Poison that year? Wasn’t it because there wasn’t enough Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.”

“It isn’t enough!” Bai XIao shook his head.

“They still have so many?” Bai Yue was shocked: “Are you sure you’re not mistaken?”

“I’m not!” Bai Xiao replied: “Second Uncle, give your money to me first, I have already notified my mentor, and asked the family to send money over.”

“200 million, that should be enough, I am going to become poor.” Bai Yue said helplessly.

“Not enough!” Bai Xiao shook his head determinedly.

“How many does that fellow have?” Bai Yue was shocked.

“At least a thousand of them.” Bai Xiao judged.

“Hey, Xiao Bai, you’re not running a fever are you.” Bai Yue extended his hand out and touched Bai Xiao’s forehead, he did not believe Bai XIao at all: “If you said he has one or two hundred, then I would somewhat believe that, But now you’re saying he has over a thousand? Haha, you must have been tricked! A naive young man! Only the high ranking Blue Dwarves have Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and they will definitely not sell them. Those people must have tricked you.”

“I checked the spears before.” Bai Xiao said straightforwardly.

“Are you sure?” Bai Yue’s smile slowly disappeared.

“I am sure!” Bai Xiao said without hesitating.


Bai Yue stood up.


Bai Xiao immediately pulled him back: “Second Uncle, where are you going?”


“To borrow money of course!” Bai Yue’s killing intent soared: “We definitely cannot let this batch of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears fall into other people’s hands. That old man’s luck is truly good, We must take advantage of it, and hope he can truly research on the Spears.”



At Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, Ning Hai had just walked into the research laboratory, when a manager walked in: “Ning Hai, there is a metal ingot on your table, Boss wants you to carry out a full evaluation on it. Do it fast.”


“Ok!” Ning Hai did not ask about the price, it was his job.


He sat down at the table, and noticed the metal ingot, a black metal ingot, completely glossy. He picked it up and was surprised by its weight. It was heavier than what he thought. This caused him to become excited, from the looks of it, its density was much bigger.


Ning Hai was the White Sands Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce most famous material appraisal master, and was responsible for assessing the worthiness of materials. This was an extremely covetous profession, with an extremely high salary, and the work relatively relaxing.


To NIng Hai, this sort of work was as easy as doing it with his hands tied to the back.


To judge the value of a material, it required a steady process. As long as he followed the process, there would not be a problem.


Ning Hai leisurely sipped on his tea and ate tidbits. To wait for the results, it required half a day.


Time quickly swept past, and he slept through the afternoon.


By the time it was evening, where sunset appeared out of the window, the evaluation report on the black metal ingot was done.


Ning Hai casually picked up the report, but when he looked for a bit, he immediately jumped up, and kept on repeating: “How is this possible, how is this possible?”


The dazzling amount of numbers written on the paper, could only appear on the most outstanding metals sent over by aristocratic families.


Could I have made some mistakes somewhere? He pulled on his own hair in pain, because it meant that he had to redo it again. I cannot make the same mistake, this is Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and the requirements are extremely stringent. If boss knew I made such a big mistake, I won’t have my job anymore.


He threw the relaxed state of mind away, and began to work seriously. By night time, he did not go home, and continued to stay to work, carefully repeating the tests he had conducted in the day with full concentration.


On the second day, the results finally came out.


When the second report appeared in front of NIng Hai, he was completely dumbstruck: “Oh my god!”


After about 10 seconds, he finally came back to his senses, and with his shocked expression, he staggered out and ran, he needed to tell his master about his massive discovery.


No matter what, we definitely need to buy all of this black metal ingot!