Undefeated God of War - Chapter 602 – Mercenary Center

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Chapter 602 – Mercenary Center

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The enemies were much stronger than they thought.

But the good thing was that they have already found their target, but the enemy did not know of their existence. That gave them a definite advantage, and other than the lack of time, Tang Tian felt that they still had a big chance of winning.

His confidence was not from nowhere, throughout their journey, they have defeated opponents much stronger than themselves. Tang Tian had never been afraid of opponents stronger than him.

Richard found Tang Tian for money, and then he left.

Tang Tian did not stay in the hotel long too.

“Master, this is the White Sands City’s largest mercenary center. The mercenaries that come here to seek a living are all quite good. White Sands has a lot of trading companies which form many trading expeditions and caravans, and thus frequently need to replenish their staff. There are also some local wealthy landlords here that visit this famous location.” Han Sen’s tone was full of flattery: “If any of them are caught by Master’s eyes, then they are truly blessed with great fortune from their past lives.”

Shi Sen’s face revealed an expression of despise, he hated the way Han Sen acted, like a “Treacherous person”.

What made him even more unhappy, was that both of them had the name “Sen”, and the boss would call him Da Sen, and call Han Sen, Er Sen.

(TN: Big is Da in chinese, and Big Sen and Small Sen is truly too weird, thus, i will call them as Da Sen and Er Sen. Er is Second.)

To be classified in the same term as this fellow with no backbone, it truly is a humiliation.

But upon stepping into the Mercenary Center, his expression became serious.

“Can I ask what are you looking for?” A lady smiled and welcomed them.

Shi Sen asked: “Do you have Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts?”

“Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts?” The lady who was in charge of servicing them nodded her head: “Yes, I do, in Area D, please follow me.”

Following behind, the group came to Area D, which was pack filled with mercenaries waiting to be picked. Most of them came from poor and barren lands, and had no other talent than killing. Having no other life skills, they could only wait in their areas all day, waiting for the chance to be picked.

The competition inside was always intense.

“This mister hopes to recruit some Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, please keep according to the criteria, and come up to accept interviews.” The lady spoke loudly.

The group immediately flew into laughter.

“Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts? Ha, that’s an amateur!”

“Good for us that an amateur is here, they are easy to deceive! Maybe we will finally have our chance today!”

“With one look, I can tell that that fellow is foolish with loads of money, I’m going up.”

“Me too!”


Tang Tian had long given Shi Sen the task to choose the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, Tang Tian was also curious to how Shi Sen would be able to choose the real Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts from the group of people. Initially Shi Sen had planned to recruit them straight from Underworld Continent, but as they were still lacking in manpower, he suggested to test their luck at the local mercenary center.

Shi Sen’s face remained calm, only his eyes revealing a cold intent, causing him to look increasingly cold.

A large group of people laughed and stood up, while the others wanted to enjoy the exciting scene. In the recent years, the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts’ fame had become stinking bad, and only a group of amateurs would come to ask for them.

“Are there any more that wants to come up?” Shi Sen asked indifferently.

“No!” The people below shouted, and some even chuckled.

“Good.” Shi Sen’s face remained calm: “If you can stand after 30 seconds, then you qualify.”

With that, he stepped out, and the 10 people behind him, all of them leaning forward and holding onto their blades, they stepped out, and with just that step, their light auras all combined into one.


A burst of astonishing aura erupted out without any warning, the surging killing intent suddenly caused the room’s temperature to plummet to negative. Without any proper defense, the majority of the saints suffered a pain similar to being struck in the chest, and retreated seven to eight steps, before stopping with overwhelming shock in their hearts.

There were 20 people who were persevering without moving.

Shi Sen continued to shout out the timer indifferently: “Seven, Eight, Nine….”

His right hand, also casually held onto the grip of Evening Snow Ocean, his aura suddenly increasing by another degree.

Another six people were unable to persist, and stepped back to retreat, and three of them felt their legs go weak, and dropped onto the ground. At the moment no one were mocking them, everyone were looking at Shi Sen and his team in fear.

The aura of the eleven people were of one body, without any flaws, like a furious big wave, one wave after another, each wave higher than the previous.

The remaining fourteen people were bitterly persisting on, with their clenched teeth, veins protruding out of their bodies, activating all of their energy to the maximum, all of them releasing light auras that enveloped their bodies.

On the contrary, the light aura around Shi Sen and his team was extremely gentle.

But their light aura were as one.

Everyone were stunned in their place, their synchronization was over 80%. And caused them to feel even more fear, they had not even unsheathed their blades!

“Eighteen, nineteen….”

Shi Sen’s mouth drew into an arc, but it was a smile, that was without any warmth. It was extremely cold like ice. After the ridicule by the people previously, it had already caused a burning fire in his stomach.

Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, have you all ever seen the true Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts?

The cold in his eyes became even colder, and Evening Snow Ocean gradually raised up.

The aura that he released was astonishing, the energy in the room became more and more active. Many people realized that they were gradually losing control of the energy in their bodies.

The Demonic Mounts behind Shi Sen also gradually raised the Black Wind Blades in their sheathes.


The energy around Shi Sen and his team swept crazily, one after another of streaks of dazzling light streaks like a tornado spinning and rising quickly.

Bang! Bang!

One after another, bodies flew out, they struck onto the walls fiercely, two of them even sustained light injuries, as blood leaked out of their mouths, all of their faces revealed overwhelming shock.

In a blink of an eye, the field only had three people left.

And at the same time, Evening Snow Ocean which was in Shi Sen’s hand was already at the highest point, his aura also peaked to maximum, like a reservoir that was filled to maximum and was leaking with water!

Everyone were unconsciously holding their breaths, they had a strange foreboding, the following strike would be earth-shattering. The remaining three used all of their power and prepared to accept the following strike.

The timer was already at 26 seconds!

Shi Sen’s mouth suddenly revealed a mocking laugh, along with his ten other subordinates.

Without any warning, the energy that soared to its pinnacle and was at the edge of erupting suddenly disappeared without a trace.

It was as though the feeling and spectacle of energy were all just a hallucination.

The three men still standing all spat out blood at the same time, and fell to the ground.

“29, 30.”

The last two words came out of Shi Sen’s mouth, and without hesitation his face was filled with disdain as he spoke with mockery: “A group of trash.”

His voice was not loud, but in the dead silent environment, the entire place could hear him.

Everyone looked at Shi Sen’s group as though they had just seen a ghost. The scene where the energy had suddenly disappeared completely betrayed common sense. A fist that was already full force and prepared to strike, how could it suddenly be retracted?

That last withdrawal of energy, was the true game changer transformation, a strike that exceeded everyone’s expectation of the limit.

The three people who had persevered till the end, were all injured because of the formless strike.

A group of trash, just those four painful words went into everyone’s ears, but to these violent characters, it was a large slap to all of their faces, and they could only stand there blankly in their own place.

Compared to the group, they truly were a group of trash.

Even the three people who persisted till the end were filled with shame.

Clap clap clap.

The sound of claps came out from behind, it was a short haired man, who started to praise: “I never expected to be able to meet the real Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, as expected, all of you are of quality. But it is truly a pity, you are all old and not our opponents. There is no way to see the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts that were at their peak, otherwise, at least they would have the qualifications to spar a bit with our Qing Continent’s Tyrannical Mounts.”

The short haired man was crowded around by a community of swift and fierce companions, all of their looks revealed ominous glints.

“Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts?” Shi Sen squinted his eyes.

Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts were the most recent elite soldiers, and in every battle of the recent two years, there would be traces of them. They were a team full of offensive power, and extremely dauntless, and they had even absorbed the Demonic Mount’s mistakes of the past, the Qing Continent Tyrannical Mount’s management was extremely strict, as long as they found out any impersonators, they would kill them.

The current Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts were renowned in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, and were one of the 10 Elite Armies known in Sacred Saint Galaxy.

“Good blade!” The short haired man noticed Evening Snow Ocean in Shi Sen’s hand, and said: “If we meet in battle the next time, We will not be merciful because you guys are old. Let’s go, Uncles, we will leave first.”

He called for the companions behind him and turned to leave.

Just before they left, a few of the Qing Continent Tyrannical Mounts revealed hostility towards Shi Sen.

The group of them left the Mercenary Center, and one of them asked: “Ah Sang, why didn’t we take action? That blade was truly powerful, although it was not unsheathed, but I could sense its power!”

“That’s right that’s right! That’s such a good blade, in that old man’s hand, is truly a waste! Why not give it to us, and allow us to reveal all of its might.”

“Humph, for us to see his blade can be considered their blessing. A group of old men that soon be unable to even walk, they have no qualifications to hold such a good blade!”

The group of them discussed lively, all of them did not understand, Ah Sang was not one to talk well with.

Ah Sang’s expression turned gloomy, and spoke as he walked: “You guys didn’t notice the young man standing behind the group of old men, he is very dangerous.”

“Very dangerous?” The group were in disbelief, Ah Sang was the fiercest person out of all of them, and he was never afraid of the Heavens or anyone, to actually feel fear because of someone dangerous?

Is he still the same Ah Sang we know?

Everyone could not believe their own ears.

“Yes.” Ah Sang’s eyes still had a trace of lingering fear: “When I noticed the blade in the old man’s hand, that young man looked at me once, and all the hair on my body immediately stood! And he was just casually looking at me.”

Everyone looked at each other, they did not doubt Ah Sang’s senses.

Ah Sang’s intuition was the strongest among all of them, and by relying on that, he had saved many of them many times in battle, they never doubted his strong intuition.

“Who is he?”

“I did not recognize him, but it’s normal, Miss Qin Yu Ran is here, so how many people would come to see her? I reckon he is someone after her as well!”


“Everyone, stay low profile for a while for this period of time, there will be many experts these few days, so don’t cause any trouble.”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Ah Sang thought back to that scene. He did not understand, why did that seemingly ordinary young man actually gave him such a strong sense of danger.

Who exactly is he?