Undefeated God of War - Chapter 600 – Black Arrow Warship

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Chapter 600 – Black Arrow Warship

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

11 piles, 90 billion.

It was such a large amount transaction that it was not something even Xu Jin would see often. But after the initial shock, he resolved it very professionally. If they were purchasing other weapons, he was would be worried if it would be worth or not, but Empyrean Ice Tree Spears definitely did not have that issue, 11 piles of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, in total it was just a mere ten thousand of them.

Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce’s huge market network, with the ten thousand odd Empyrean Ice Tree Spears had no problem digesting. And what made him excited was that when the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears appeared on the shelves, the stir that it would cause.

A client holding 90 billion cloud coins in his bosom had the qualifications to be treated as an honored VIP of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce.

“This is a silver VIP card for the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, and is a small gift from me, by relying on this card, you can enjoy a discount up to 5%. You can also rely on this card to withdraw a maximum of 100 million cloud coins at any of our outlets.”

The store manager looked at the silver VIP card in Xu Jin’s hand enviously, Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce’s VIP card was extremely hard to obtain, and people with money, fame, prestige etc, were all vying for it.

This was his first time seeing a Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce VIP card.

In truth Tang Tian’s requirements were not sufficient to earn the silver VIP card. It requires an total expenditure of at least 100 billion. Tang Tian did not even spend, but even if he did, it would only be 90 billion, which was still lacking by a bit.

But Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, as Tang Tian is the sole customer that could supply the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, Tang Tian had displayed a tremendous worth, therefore Xu Jin had roped him in.

“I want to buy a warship!” Tang Tian exclaimed loudly.

Xu JIn was joyous, they had just given out 90 billion, but very quickly they would earn it back, what could be better than that? He laughed: “Mister Meng, what kind of warship do you need?”

“I want the best warship!” Tang Tian said without hesitating.

Hearing his words, Xu Jin knew that he was an amateur, but he did not try to dupe the other party knowing their inexperience, but instead, he started to give out more suggestions and opinions of his own: “There isn’t the best warship, because each of them have different uses and purposes, to each its own. For example, there are warships that seek speed, and there are warship that wants firepower, or others that desire powerful defense, between them, there is no best one. Mister Meng, why not you tell me what is your requirement, and I can give you a suitable suggestion.”

Xu Jin’s words made Tang Tian nod his head.

He thought about the Estuary into the Shang Continent, which was pitifully small, and immediately said: “The warship’s body should be narrow, but its firepower must be fearsome, operating it should be simple, and I’d like it to be agile.”

Xu Jin replied: “A small scale warship, narrow body, with both firepower and agility, and with simple operations. Do you want it to be one that is in stock or a custom-made? A custom-made will require a longer time to be manufactured, but it will conform much more to your request.”


“I want one that’s in stock!” Tang Tian replied.

“No problem. I will recommend you the Black Arrow series Warships. They are silver grade small scale warships, its largest width is 60m, with a length of 360m, its speed and agility, compared to the warships of the same category, can be rated as top three. The hull is made of Black Mist wood, its quality is extremely solid, and has a remarkable concealing result. Its barrier is not considered strong, with a thickness of 2m, but with its [Illusion Form], it can allow the energy barrier shape to change, and from that it can allow the warship to increase its agility even further. In terms of firepower, it is also extremely high end, three sets of silver grade main cannons with considerable might. Six sets of silver grades Honeycomb Sword Cannon, three poles of silver grade Star Mass Gun and six Heaven Devastating Blades.”

Shi Sen suddenly cut in: “Please add in one more Heaven Devastating Blade.”

“Not a problem.” Xu Jin did not become unhappy because of Shi Sen’s interruption: “Heaven Devastating Blades, silver grade warship weapon, with a maximum distance of 15 km. If manned by one operator, it would require a Silver Saint or above. If you want more people to operate it, it would require 20 or more blade type proficient martial artists.

Tang Tian also understood, isn’t that the perfect weapon for Shi Sen’s Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts?

“We want to increase the number of Heaven Devastating Blades.” Tang Tian thought after a while: “Increase until we have 12 blades.”

Upon fully reinstating the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts, that would be 500 men. With 12 blades, they could do rotations easily.

“Not a problem.” Xu Jin accepted it quickly: “This sorts of modifications are easy, and requires only 2 days to complete. Other than that, I suggest to add on a set of [Prism Surveillance], it can see through majority of invisibility and disguises, and is well known for the related type and category warships. If we are talking about manning it, you will require only 15 saints, its energy consumption is low.”

“Alright!” Tang Tian accepted his suggestion.

Xu Jin lowered his head and started to calculate: “Adding all of these up, it would be a total of 65.3 billion, after discount it would be 62 billion, I will just scrape off the remainder.”

Shi Sen drew a cold breath after hearing the amount, one warship actually cost 62 billion!

With that money, how many armies could they build!

How can any regular person ever afford a warship team?

“I’ll buy it!” Tang Tian waved his hand.

After witnessing the might of warships, Tang Tian had already long decided, no matter what, to obtain a good warship. He never thought about being thrifty about it.

Tang Tian paid on the spot, and other than that, he bought one set of each medical supplies, and almost all the equipment on the shelves. When the time comes, I will let Sai Lei research on them, but a pity the warship is too big, if not I would give one warship to her to study. When we can build our own warships, that would be great.

In the end, his total expenditure was 83 billion.

Everyone was stunned by how Tang Tian had so easily spent so much money, he had just earned 90 billion, and then he immediately spent 83 billion!

He could earn money so quickly, but he could also spend money equally fast.

Tang Tian’s aim in running errands was to take a look at their equipment. After doing so, he also realized that their equipments had a very large improvement space. But he was also clear that his steady revenue, was extremely important to Sword Forest Stronghold. The Empyrean Ice Tree Spears are worth a lot of money, but there will still be a day where it would be sold out. In truth, after selling 11 piles, he only had 15 piles left.

He quickly took out a Black Gold ingot and gave it to Xu Jin: “You do accept materials here right, take a look at this, how is it?”


Xu Jin accepted it: “We do accept materials, but with regards on how the material is like ,we need to go through a detailed analysis to be able to have a verdict.”

“How long will that take?” Tang TIan asked.

Xu Jin gave an approximate time: “Three days.”

Tang Tian: “Then I will come to collect the warship in three days, just nice there will be results for it too.”

“No problem.” Xu Jin agreed.

The black metal ingot in his hand was extremely tough, and with experience, he knew it was an extremely excellent metal material. Meng Nan had many good things in hand, to the point that it surprised Xu Jin.

He is truly a promising client, I must definitely treat him well.

After walking out of the Xu Ji Worldwide Commerce, the cold wind outside caused Shi Sen to be more awake, after the billions of cloud coins transaction, his entire body was in a stimulated state. He only awoken completely upon stepping out, and he took a deep breath.

After hearing the same sound from all around them, everyone realized that everyone had the same emotions.

Everyone started to laugh, all of their eyes were gleaming with hope. Everyone was looking forward to their lives in the future, the battles in the future.

The hotel manager was knocked out from the happiness, he did not take the 5% commission, because he had already broke the limit of commission, 20 million!

He already knew about the limit of commission before, but he had never imagined that he would actually touch it in his life.

He was not in the least bit unhappy, it was 20 million, how many years would he have to work, to be able to earn 20 million?

The Black Gold Ingot still requires time, the warship is completed, now there is one thing left, and to seek reports and information regarding the Honorable Martial Continent’s sudden emergence.

Hearing that Tang Tian was extremely interested in the sudden emergence of the Honorable Martial Continent, the tyrant hotel manager immediately patted his chest, and said that he knew where to obtain them.

The White Sands Academy is the largest scale and strongest academy in the White Sands Continent, but the hotel manager displayed his well gotten connections to full saturation, and brought Tang Tian and his group to the White Sands Academy.

Richard looked at the group of people in front of him curiously, he was slightly taken aback: “You wish to purchase research information on the Honorable Martial Continent?”

“Yes.” The shop manager spoke respectfully: “I heard that you are the authoritative figure in this aspect, we have specially come here, hoping to seek your help. Of course, we are willing to pay the corresponding amount.”

Richard did not believe them: “My research is not cheap.”

“Please believe in our good faith.” The hotel manager was confident, he knew that the person behind him still had over 7 billion in cash with him. There are no reports that would be so expensive to such a price.

Richard immediately realized that he have met with a rich group, and his attitude immediately changed and became passionate: “Please have a seat, please have a seat, it’s just information, I can even give it to you for free, but I have a very very small request.”

“Please enlighten us.” The hotel manager said.

“It is like this, my son, has an extremely great project, and currently is in need of a sponsor. If you are willing to sponsor this project, I am willing to gift this information to you. Of course, as the sponsor, you will definitely have returns.” Richard explained.

“What project?” The hotel manager was quick witted, upon hearing his request, he knew that it was not something good, if not, how could there be no sponsors as of yet.

Richard’s heart tensed up, but upon thinking about his son, he went for his luck: “He is researching in spirits.”

The hotel manager’s face immediately changed: “Spirit research, that is a bottomless pit, a hopeless bottomless pit!”

“But there are people who succeeded!” Richard refuted.

“That’s right, the Honorable Martial Continent succeeded, but how many people tried to learn from them? And how many succeeded? None! It is a bottomless pit, no matter how much money you have, it is not enough.” The Hotel Manager’s attitude became intense.

Richard perked his collar up: “Unless you are willing to sponsor, I will not give you the information!”

“That’s impossible…..” The hotel manager started to shout.

“Wait.” Tang Tian suddenly cut in: “Is he researching in spirits?”

“Yes!” Seeing Tang Tian who looked to be more interested, Richard’s mood was roused: “We have already found a crucial point, and only need a set of funds, a few experiments, and we can succeed!!”

“Stop lying! Do you know how expensive things related to spirits are?” The hotel manager refuted: “Spending billions squandering on spirit research, how much would that be….”

“I will sponsor him.” Tang Tian said straightforwardly.

The room immediately became quiet.