Undefeated God of War - Chapter 597 – The Smell of Cloud Coins

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Chapter 597 – The Smell of Cloud Coins

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“The Empyrean Ice Tree Spears are a specialty of the Blue Dwarves Race, they are born in the Blue Sea, and is formed by the crystallizing of energy. What is unique about it is that it contains a type of poisonous energy, and we call it the Blue Poison. This type of poisonous energy cannot be found in any other place, it can quickly enter other forms of energy erode them, with such a speed, this poison is extremely tyrannical, and is extremely scary.”

Bai Xiao explained, he had once come across an Empyrean Ice Tree Spear, and knew its prowess inside out.

“In the Blue World, only the high ranking Blue Dwarves that are loyal to the Blue Sea have the qualifications to wield the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear.”

“Only Blue Dwarves exist in the Blue World? Is it very big?” QIn Yu Ran asked curiously.

“It is extremely vast, they have their own cities and their own language and culture” Bai Xiao explained: “The Blue Dwarves are a type of race, and is much bigger than what we can imagine, and the ones that we see are just the tip of the iceberg. The main part of the Blue World is through the void, and past the void, they have connections to various continents, that is how the Blue Tide can appear anywhere.”

Qin Yu Ran was surprised: “I used to think they were all just stupid creatures, that had no intellect.”

“The Majority of them are.” Bai Xiao continued: “But there are so many of them, and there will be a few instances where they become conscious, and they term it as Awakening. Awakened Blue Dwarves are extremely intelligent, and if they are willing to pledge their loyalty to the Blue Sea, they will immediately earn a high position. But there are many Awakened Blue Dwarves that have their own thinking, and live together. So now the culture and way of life of the Blue Dwarves comes from many of these Awakened Blue Dwarves.”

“Elder Brother Bai knows a lot.” Qin Yu Ran’s face was filled with reverence, she pointed to the spears: “So are those Empyrean Ice Tree Spears worth a lot?”

“They are truly worth a lot: “Bai Xiao nodded: “They have two uses to them, one is for research, another is to refine out the Blue Poison. If you sell it at an auction, One should be worth over 10 million cloud coins.”

Qin Yu Ran’s eyes became bright: “Elder Brother Bai, please do not play with this junior sister, 20 million, and this junior sister can have one additional treasure.”

She wanted to help Big Brother Meng Nan, although she did not come from a very well off family, but she was still able to produce 20 million. Although in truth she knew that Big Brother Meng Nan had just earned 600 million and is not lacking in 20 million, but she wanted to express her goodwill, as he was her benefactor.

Before Bai Xiao could say anything, Tang Tian waved his hand and said generously: “I’ll gift this to you.”

Completely ignoring Qin Yu Ran’s surprised look, he turned and asked Bai Xiao: “You really want to buy it?”

Bai Xiao was pleased, but was shocked: “Don’t tell me Brother Meng still has Empyrean Ice Tree Spears?”

“How many do you want?” Tang Tian asked.

Bai Xiao became even more shocked, but was ecstatic: “Brother Meng, How many do you have, I’ll want them all!”

“Are you sure?” Tang Tian became suspicious.

Bai Xiao’s heart jumped, could this guy truly have even more? But upon thinking about the card in his pocket, he started to become apprehensive, but was still cautious: “If you have many, we cannot calculate by that price anymore. What about 8 million for one, what about that?”

“No problem!”

With that said, BANG, a pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears appeared before Bai Xiao, raising a cloud of dust, a cloud of dust that smelled like Cloud Coins.

Bai Xiao was dumbstruck, his eyes stared at the densely packed Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and his expression turned blank.

Qin Yu Ran covered her mouth with her hands, she dare not believe her own eyes.

A pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, all the length of half a person….

Shi Sen who had awakened felt that the world was too fair, and could not help but have a sense of superiority rising in his heart, if Bai Xiao knew that Master had so many Empyrean Ice Tree spears that they could fill up an entire training ground, I wonder how his expression would be?

But after the intense joy, after Shi Sen became calmer, he became somewhat numb to the shock.

Alright, I’ve truly found myself a huge backer this time, for real!

To recruit more of his men, he believed that his Master would definitely not reject that idea anymore. With a price of only 2 million cloud coins per Demonic Mount, 10 would be 20 million, and 100 would be 200 million, and 500 of them would only be 1 billion.

The heavens have finally pitied me, the unit of a billion, and I can even use the word ‘only’, this feels so great……

By replenishing 500 men, along with the 45 of them who can continue with obligatory missions, that’s what can happen!

Master should not put this down right, yes, he should not, why am I so nervous?

After a period of silence, Bai Xiao laughed bitterly: “Brother Meng truly befits his name, too fierce! I even suspect that all of you might had plundered a Blue Dwarves City?”

By those words, he was trying to probe on where the Empyrean ice Tree Spears came from. After so many Empyrean Ice Tree Spears had appeared, it was the first to ever happen, and he immediately became interested in Meng Nan’s background.

“How much money do you have?” Tang Tian stared at Bai Xiao and asked directly, he was already unraveling the strings tying the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

Such an invasive pair of eyes, he truly is strong, Bai Xiao laughed bitterly in his heart: “I still have 800 million cloud coins.”

“8 million for one, 80 million for 10, 800 million for 100, hehehe, 100 then! Oh oh, since you are my first customer, I’ll gift you 10 more.” Tang Tian calculated and said.

He picked up 110 spears and placed them in front of Bai Xiao, then extended his palm out.

Bai Xiao happily placed the card in Tang Tian’s palm, and laughed: “The saying of how people hate having less money when spending, I have finally experienced it!”

He watched reluctantly as Tang Tian wrapped up the other Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, 100 Empyrean Ice Tree spears, only made that pile lessen by a bit.

“No worries, when you have money again, come and find me.” Tang Tian patted his chest, showing a look of heroism.

Bai Xiao turned serious: “When we arrive in White Sands Continent, I will go obtain more money from my home, so I hope brother Meng can leave some for this Junior Brother.”

He knew how much competition would fight for this product.

“Alright!” Tang TIan agreed happily.

Seeing that Tang Tian had suddenly earned 1.4 billion, Qin Yu Ran was happy but at the same time lost. She was happy that Big Brother Meng had money, but lost and disappointed because she did not help him at all. She secretly noted it down in her heart, and told herself that she might be able to help Big Brother Meng at the White Sands Continent.

Tang Tian kept the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, and after chatting, they noticed that Qin Yu Ran was slightly tired, and everyone scattered.

After experiencing the intense battle, everyone was feeling tired.

Of course, Tang Tian no longer needed to return to the cargo hold, as Auntie Qiu specially fixed the best room for him, to allow Tang Tian and his men to stay.

Upon returning to the room, Shi Sen immediately spoke out: “Master, the plan to replenish the Demonic Mounts….”

“Not a problem!” Tang Tian waved his hand and said generously, the feeling of having money was totally different.

Shi Sen revealed a look of fanaticism, after so many years, it was the first time that his unit was able to replenish themselves with new blood.

Tang Tian suddenly asked: “Old Shi, how much does it cost for a warship like this?”

“I am unsure.: Shi Sen revealed a lost expression: “Such a high level warship is something this subordinate has never interacted with before. But the White Sands Continent has specialized shipyards, Master can go there to ask.”

Tang Tian whistled, then said unclearly: “Let’s rest.”

Upon lying down, fatigue gushed in like a tide and drowned Tang Tian. The battle had caused his body to suffer from consecutive onslaughts from energy, and the consumption of his endurance was immense, in which due to the excitement of battle he had ignored. But upon resting, he could no longer hold back and fell into deep sleep.

Tang Tian who was in deep sleep breathed weakly, while his body undulated rhythmically.

A gray flame suddenly emitted out from his skin, combusting silently. The energy around continued to attack the flames, and a small portion of impure energy managed to rush into his body. The combusting flames struck at the impure energy, and quickly destroyed it.

The flames became smaller, until they disappeared.

When Tang Tian woke up, he was feeling extremely uncomfortable, and subconsciously stretched his back.

Pa pa pa!

A few exploding sounds occurred inside his body, shocking him. He immediately inspected his body, and after that, he revealed a look of joy.

His body had actually become stronger in all aspects!

After calming down, he sat down and started to scrutinize everything. The improvements in his body were not without reason, and after thinking about it, the most logical reason was due to the battle yesterday.

After thinking on every detail of the battle, he very quickly found the reason.

After using the weapons of the warship crazily, his body had to constantly endure the stress from the energy load. The energy load attacking him was not a good feeling, but at that point of time, he was overly excited, and persevered through using the power of his body and endured the powerful energy charge.

From the looks of it, although the energy charge was some form of attack and could injure his body, but to a Zero Energy Body, it was extremely beneficial.

Eh, isn’t this an extremely good method to train?

Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, he suddenly realized that, a Zero Energy Body was a completely perfect match for warships! If everyone on the warship had Zero Energy Bodies, what kind of war fighting capabilities would they have?

And it could still help in evolving the Zero Energy Bodies!

Isn’t that too perfect?

Thinking about many warships covering the skies, and producing countless of bombardments, suppressing their enemies to the point that they could not raise their heads. Tang Tian instantly became extremely excited, how to utilize and display the advantages of the Zero Energy Bodies had always been the number one problematic issue of Ursa Major Constellation. If this answer could truly be successful, then the power gap between Ursa Major Constellation and Sacred Saint Galaxy would greatly decrease!

Warships! I must definitely buy warships!

Tang Tian had decided, upon reaching the White Sands Continent, he definitely needed to look for shipyards to book a few warships.

But for now, It was best to digest the harvests.

Tang Tian leapt out of bed, pushed open the door, asked for the location of the training grounds and headed straight there. For a Bloodwood Warship that was meant for battle, it would usually travel inside the Sea of Energy for a long time, and a training facility would usually be installed. The strength of crew was related to the might of the warship.

In terms of martial techniques, experts profound in sword techniques controlling the Honeycomb Sword Cannon would greatly increase the might of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon. True experts would be able to control one Honeycomb Sword Cannon machine and destroy a warship.

Although a change in quantity can induce a change in quality, but a qualitative change itself would forever be the strongest change!

Inside the training facility, he became alone. After the battle the day before, everyone was just resting, regardless of their physical state or mental state, they all needed a break.

Only a pervert like Tang Tian would train on the second day after the battle.

Tang Tian had never seen All the equipment in the facility before, but he had mixed with Bing for so long, and had seen all sorts of weird mechanisms, and very soon, he grasped the usage and ways of using the equipments.

He started training in fundamental martial techniques for a while, it was his most passionate subject.

Fundamental martial techniques were his best gauge, he was too familiarized in them, and any minute changes were unable to escape his grasp. After going through a round of fundamental martial techniques, he could clearly feel the changes in his body.

I’ve become stronger!

Although it is a tiny bit, I still grew stronger, and that itself was not easy.

He calmed himself down, and began to immerse himself in the training.

The flames coiled around his fists without restraints, as he examined and experienced all the minute changes in the flames.