Undefeated God of War - Chapter 596 – Attack

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Chapter 596 – Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Unhappy! The young man was unhappy!

The cooked duck has flown away! The meat at the mouth had disappeared! The young man was unhappy!

Tang Tian did not utter a word, he was panting with rage with his charred lips, one after another behind him, Shi Sen and the Demonic Mounts stood quietly and still like 46 statues.

They are truly elites!

Bai Xiao remained a calm look, but his mind was shocked, he never expected for them to meet such elites. Since entering the hall, the 46 men did not even move their little fingers. He then felt that Yu Ran’s luck was truly good, to chance upon and pick up a unit of elites.

The sky filled of spiralling energy blasts just now, came from this group of people, even causing the machine to explode.

According to calculation, for the clustered and countless of spiralling energy blasts, it was roughly a firepower produced by 40 sets of Spiralling Energy Blast Machines, and seeing the unit behind Tang Tian, there was coincidentally 40 plus people. I wonder what sort of secret technique did they use, to be able to spread the energy charge on each person, and such a division of energy charge to be able to produce such a barrage of attacks.

“Thank you, Young Master and your noble subordinates for helping out, and saving Yu Ran from the imminent danger. If she were to land in the Pirate’s devilish palms, Yu Ran would definitely live a life worse than death, Please accept Yu Ran’s bow.” Qin Yu Ran bowed down and expressed her gratitude, and then immediately revealed a smile: “Young Master is so heroic and powerful, We have not gotten your name.”

“You’re welcome, I’m Meng Nan.” Tang Tian was unhappy, there was a beast howling in his heart, the young man was unhappy!

Qin Yu Ran was startled for a moment, then praised: “Truly a worthy name, only such a name with such dominance is able to match up to Big Brother Meng Nan’s bravery!”

She was an intellectual person, with money and position, and was also quick witted. Upon hearing his name, she guessed that it was a bogus name, but she did not reveal her thought at all, and instead praised Tang Tian.

To use a bogus name, he might have some fear while travelling around, such a thing was extremely common.

Bai Xiao who was at the side still had a gentle and warm smile, pa, he kept the paper fan in his hand, with a look of surprise: “Brother Meng is truly brave and strong, and have opened Bai Xiao’s eyes. Truthfully, this little brother had finally gathered the courage to fight to the death with the pirates, and upon opening the door, to see the spiralling energy blasts covering the entire sky, that bit of courage gathered immediately disappeared, and until now this little brother’s legs are still soft.”

Bai Xiao also knew that Tang Tian was using a bogus name, and just to run errands, why would he have such elite protection? Bai Xiao had roamed the world, and have seen countless famous armies, so he knew for sure that the 40 odd elite guards were definitely elites among the elites.

But from the other party’s reaction, it seemed as though they did not travel much around. Because the other party had no reaction to his or Qin Yu Ran’s name, for anyone who had a bit knowledge of current affairs, they would definitely had heard of “Young Noble Bai Xiao” and “Soul Spirit Singer Qin Yu Ran”.

What a pity, it was lacking only a bit!

Tang Tian was fuming in his heart, the construction of the warship was truly too lousy, to consecutively blow up two weapons, how could they be used? Hey, these are your weapons for war, how can they just be mass produced without checking their quality?

I will need to remind them.

Tang Tian spoke to the two earnestly and sincerely: “For products like these on your warships, they must definitely be durable and high quality, and must definitely find a group of experts to check on them, to overlook such matters would prove to be fatal and detrimental in wars.”

Bai Xiao and Qin Yu Ran were startled by Tang Tian’s sudden heartfelt and sincere advice.

“Could there be any place on this warship which is inadequate?” Qin Yu Ran immediately asked.

Bai Xiao also looked at Tang Tian, he knew the warship inside out, it was a warship given to Qin Yu Ran by the Continent Master of the Ming Continent, and was a known warship made of Bloodwood.

“Just be more careful.” Tang Tian waved his hand.

Qin Yu Ran and Bai Xiao looked at each other, they decided tacitly that when they reached the White Sand Continent, they would conduct a thorough check on the warship.

Qin Yu Ran then took the turn to speak honestly: “Big brother Meng is going to the White Sands Continent, if there is anything you require, please, come and look for junior sister. Junior Sister will be staying in White Sands Continent for a period of time, and has a bit of a connection in the White Sands Continent, Big Brother Meng, you must not regard me as an outsider.”

Bai Xiao and Qin Yu Ran had noticed, and felt that Meng Nan was definitely not a person who knew about foreign affairs. She was accustomed to seeing all sorts of people, Big Brother Meng Nan was not feigning his naiveness, and did not have the sly and cunning characteristics of people all over the world, which made her feel comfortable.

“Oh, recently I have been tight on cash, we are going to sell some stuffs.” Tang Tian did not hide their intent.

Bai Xiao and Qing Yu Ran were surprised, Meng Nan’s expression was not faked, could he truly be running errands? Qin Yu Ran thought about that, when she heard Tang Tian’s “Tight on cash”, she immediately thought of a plausible story that his clan was in a situation, and had sent the loyal Young Master who had not seen the world out, along with his guards, to sell a few of their treasures, to get over the crisis.

Qin Yu Ran who was naturally kind at heart asked amiably: “I wonder what Big Brother Meng is selling?”

She had decided to purchase a few of his treasures at a high price from him, to aid him to get over the crisis. She was not worried that Big Brother Meng’s self respect was strong, she was willing to directly aid him generously, compared to saving her life and be her benefactor, what was money considered?

Tang Tian felt that the two of them were honest, and became somewhat happier: “I will have to trouble you to help me see, how much are these worth?”

Qin Yu Ran confirmed her guess.

Bai Xiao did not think that much, although he was surprised that Meng Nan who was unfamiliar with things but was out to run errands, he figured that he might be out to learn and temper himself, quickly agreed: “No problem!”

He laughed: “This junior brother’s skills are not up to standard, but knows of a few things, and am a jack of all trades, and dabbles in things here and there.”

Tang Tian then thought about what Bing said, and took out the Black Wind Blade first and passed it over.

Bai Xiao accepted it and scrutinized the blade for a moment, and said with surprise: “This grade and quality is the first time this Junior Brother has seen it. It is made with excellent craftsmanship, it feels comfortable to be held, its density is extremely strong, but its energy charge load must go through a few tests, but it should be able to be sold at a price of at least fifty thousand to sixty thousand cloud coins, no problem.”

Shi Sen who was the side spoke proudly: “This blade can bear the combined force of 10 people.”

When they were training, they had tested it before, 10 of them had imbued their energy into the Black Wind Blade at the same time, and it did not shatter.

Hearing that, Bai Xiao was moved: “Then the price will multiply, and will be at least a hundred thousand cloud coins. A pity it does not have blade concepts in it, If it did, its price will be at a different level.”

Shi Sen felt respect for Bai Xiao, he had tried numerous weapons through his life, and had to admit that Bai Xiao’s price setting was accurate and reasonable.

Tang Tian retrieved out the Black Gold Armor: “What about this?”

Bai Xiao tested it out, then said: “A fine product, its price will be higher than the blade, and can be sold for 150 thousand cloud coins.”

Weapon Trade?

Bai Xiao was surprised, but felt that it was all within reason. If they were weapon traders, then to have such elite guards was not weird. It was his first time seeing the black equipment, and seeing Tang Tian’s amateurish conduct, he somewhat understood.

Most likely it was a clan or family that found a brand new type of metal, suitable to smelt into weapons and armor, and begun to walk the path of weapon trading. But to do such large trades without the right connections, it was definitely difficult to find buyers.

Tang Tian then took out one of the Origin Mark Boxes and gave it to Bai Xiao: “What about this?”

“What is this?” Bai Xiao looked at the bronze box in his hand with curiosity.

“Origin Mark Box.” Tang Tian then instructed Bai Xiao: “Just throw it.”

Hearing that, Bai Xiao casually threw the Origin Mark Box, the bronze box shattered, producing a dazzling red light aura, causing the air to distort.

Bai Xiao’s suddenly stood up, his face filled with disbelief: “Just now…that was…

“A law fragment.”Tang Tian explained: “Inside every Origin Mark Box is a law fragment, its might is not too bad.”

“Law fragment, it is actually law fragments!” Bai Xiao muttered under his breath, he suddenly asked anxiously: “Do you still have these Origin Mark Boxes? I want all of them! Any price that you want!”

“I still have a chest.” Tang Tian replied.

“How many is that?” Bai Xiao was stunned.

“A chest.” Tang Tian repeated. “Oh, one chest only has three hundred of them.”

“Only three hundred….” Bai Xiao looked at Tang Tian as though he was looking at a beast, after a long time, he then ridiculed himself: “Please, please do not use the phrase ‘only’ too this junior brother. Where did you get so many law fragments?”

Once he said that, he immediately realized his mistake, and apologized: “My apologies, my apologies, it is not my position to ask. Brother Meng, state a price, this junior brother wants the entire chest!”

Tang Tian shook his head: “You give me a price, I do not know how much these things can be sold, I’m unsure too.”

Bai Xiao muttered: “Two million for one, what does brother Meng say about that?”

The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts who were standing as still as statues behind Tang Tian since the started, all started to tremble, and some of their breathing turned hurried. Every single one of them had six of the Origin Mark Box, oh my…my mother, isn’t that 12 million worth of cloud coins?

Why are my legs becoming weak?

Why is my mouth becoming dry?

Why is my heart pounding so quickly?

“Alright!” Tang Tian was ecstatic, he never expected the Origin Mark Boxes to be worth so much. But thinking about each spirit treasure pieces were not cheap either. But to be able to make money in such a manner, there were no problems at all.

Two million for one, with three hundred pieces, that would be 600 million cloud coins.

Bai Xiao quickly displayed a bearing of a Young Noble, how can someone who lacked money be called a young Noble? Without saying anything else, he retrieved out a card, and gave it to Tang Tian: “This card that does not save any users, has 600 million cloud coins inside, Brother Meng , please check it out.”

Tang Tian accepted the card. It was an expensive and graceful purple card, it was 600 million, how could it not be grand and elegant?

It seems that earning money was not difficult!

Tang Tian was happy, Qin Yu Ran who was watching at the side was stunned, with her mouth opened. Just now she still wanted to help big Brother Meng, but in a blink of an eye, he had earned 600 million cloud coins.

Tang Tian took out an Empyrean Ice Tree Branch and gave it to Bai Xiao: “What about this?”

Bai Xiao’s eyes immediately dilated, and exclaimed out with a crack in his voice: “Empyrean Ice Tree Spear!”

Shi Sen felt consoled, finally, I am not the only one to have mistaken it, it is so powerful that even Bai Xiao had mistaken it. He could not help but cough lightly, and then reminded Bai Xiao happily: “Young Noble Bai, please look carefully, although it resembles an Empyrean Icee Tree Spear, but it is not one.”

Bai Xiao looked at it, turned it over and scrutinized it, imbued energy into it, after a long time, he raised his head, with a strange determined tone: “I have a professor in my school called Joseph, and he is the only grandmaster capable of discussing and researching about the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears for the past 10 years. And I, had the fortune to participate in his research, and with the full responsibility, I can dare say this is the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear, the genuine and one and only Empyrean Ice Tree Spear.”

The smile on Shi Sen’s face froze, he became like a dumbstruck chicken.

Before his eyes, the scene whereby the piles of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears covering the entire training grounds appeared before him…..

His eyes rolled back, and he instantly fainted.