Undefeated God of War - Chapter 594 – Honeycomb Sword Cannon

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Chapter 594 – Honeycomb Sword Cannon

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian’s reaction surprised Shi Sen, could Master Meng Nan have some sort of grievance with the Honorable Martial Continent?

“What’s the situation at the Honorable Martial Continent?” Tang Tian asked gravely.

There truly is something between them! Shi Sen Confirmed his guess, it was nothing weird, who didn’t have enemies these days? But for their enemy to be the Honorable Martial Continent, that is some weight. After being stunned for a moment, Shi Sen became somewhat anticipated, could Master be going to the Western Region in the future?

He coughed slightly and formed his train of thoughts: “The Honorable Martial Continent is the Western Region’s strongest continent, and is the overlord that emerged suddenly in the past few hundred years. Their martial techniques especially, made them stand out on their own, they are meticulous and detailed, and have even formed some sort of light element martial techniques. But what truly allowed them to rise suddenly was because of their research on spirits, in which they are the most advanced in. They have found a method to artificially groom spirits, and allowed them to assimilate into martial techniques. Although they are the overlords only for some time, but they seem to be in the good books of everyone, and for the past few years there are signs of the Western Region unifying.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian knew that Honorable Martial Continent was the goal he was looking for.

Their meticulous care over martial techniques, grooming of spirits artificially, the time of their emergence, it was all perfect. As the Sacred Saint Galaxy had an abundance of energy, they did not need to excessively keep in check their rate of energy usage, and thus allowed the martial techniques to expand greatly and in a huge manner.

And for the artificial grooming of spirits, the Sacred Saint Galaxy did not have any spirits, the high energy concentration environment made the erosion extremely powerful, thus no spirits could exist. With the Temple and the Honorable Martial Group, Tang Tian did not find it to be weird at all.

The timing was uncanny.

“This subordinate only knows so much.” Shi Sen said, he looked at his Master who had a gloomy face, and his heart dropped, it seems that the hatred is not small. He then added: “Master, If you are interested in the Honorable Martial Continent, once we reach White Sands Continent, Master can go and purchase a information on them, and that will be more concise and detailed. Everyone is interested in the sudden emergence of the Honorable Martial Continent, so there are many people researching about them.”

“En.” Tang Tian nodded his head, and did not speak much.

Seeing that Tang Tian was deep in ponder, Shi Sen did not disturb him and closed his eyes to recuperate.

The cargo hold was quiet, under the dim light, all the Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts were like statues. Tang Tian laid down on the ground without a care for image, relaxing his body, his mind somehow could not stop thinking.

Honorable Martial Continent is actually an overlord in Sacred Saint Galaxy, that is not good news to them. As an overlord of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, they must definitely have many armies and may warships.

The army of Ursa Major Constellation and the army of Sacred Saint Galaxy were on totally different levels. Although to Tang Tian, in terms of having the same level of saints, Sacred Saint Galaxy was not as strong as Heaven’s Road. but saints were still saints, and not something ordinary martial techniques could evaluate on.

Suddenly, the ship’s hull trembled, and a sharp ear piercing warning alarm sounded out.

Bang Bang Bang!

The intense explosion caused the ship’s hull to tremble violently, and continued to sway, causing all the cargo on the warship to fall from their racks, and dropping all over the ground, and the dim lights of the cargo hold seemed to flicker on and off.

Without Shi Sen’s order, all the Demonic Mounts had stood up, their faces revealing looks of caution.

The warship was in a mess.

Countless light aura explosions blossomed in the darkness.

“Pirates!” Shi Sen’s noticed Tang Tian’s eyes, and said calmly: “In the Sea of Energy, piracy is abundant, the chaotic energy flows gives them the best cover and concealment. I am afraid that the scale of this pirate attacking is not small, with at least 10 frigates and 1 warship.”

(TN: I am naming the different types of boats in terms of sizes as Cruiser being the biggest, Destroyer, Frigate, Corvette, as the chinese words only uses two terms, either a boat or a ship)

“It doesn’t seem to bode well.” Tang Tian muttered.

“It truly is not something good.” Shi Sen was one of experience: “Unless this warship has an entire full army, from the frequency of the bombardments, it sounds like that defensive power of this warship is not sufficient.”

“Let us go help them!” Tang Tian decided, since he had boarded someone else’s ship, he owed them, so how could they run when there was danger?

A godlike young lad is not that kind of person!

The light aura inside the chaotic energy was unable block off the light aura bombardments from the 10 frigates. The astonishing might of the energy shells, produced beautiful light arcs, and like rain drops, they fell and struck the warship.

The energy rounds that were over 3m long, struck the energy barrier of the warship heavily. One after another, the dazzling light auras suddenly blossomed on the energy barriers, the eye piercing light streaks seemed to envelop the entire warship.

Out of the 10 frigates, the black warship was the most prominent, it was over 900m long and looked like a black beast king. A dazzling regiment of energy balls shot out from its top like rain, towards the lone red warship.

On board of the warship, inside the captain’s unit, Lian Bo Jun was observing the battle, the opponent’s warship which was amidst the bombardments and dazzling spectacle, was like a prey that could not escape from his grasp.

“We’ve struck it big this time!” His adjutant was excited: “That is a Bloodwood Warship, and with Qin Yu Ran inside! I heard that Qin Yu Ran is an unmatched beauty, boss….”

Lian Bo Jun did not even turn his head and replied: “Stop thinking about it, I am preparing to exchange her for money.”

“That is a pity.” His adjutant pouted, his face filled with remorse, but he very quickly threw the question to the back of his mind, and remained excited: “If we sell her, we can at least get two Bloodwood Warships. Wa wa wa, A Black Dragon Warship, three Bloodwood Warships, and ten frigates, We will be hailed the Hegemon of the Pirate World!”

Lian Bo Jun’s tone did not have any undulation: “Bai Xiao has not come out yet.”

“Bai Xiao alone is unable to turn the situation, right.” The adjutant was unsure.

“Get everyone to be careful.” Lian Bo Jun replied, a cold intent flashing in his eyes: “Young Noble Bai Xiao is not someone easily defeated.”

Inside the Bloodwood Warship, Bai Xiao stood up, his handsome and clean face, revealed a warm and gently smile, he turned his head and looked at the frightened Qin Yu Ran: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

His voice seemed to have a calming charm to it, that forced the fear down in Qin Yu Ran’s heart,

Bai Xiao walked out.

Shi Sen did not think that after they had found and boarded a warship with much difficulty, and initially thought that they would be able to travel unhindered, would actually meet with pirates. He remained calmed, but was extremely worried, in such a large scale battle, individual strength did not prove to be as useful.

He planned that if something was amiss, he would bring his Master to escape. To escape in such a situation was not something shameless.

He looked at his Master, and his legs turned weak.

That look of excitement, that eager person….does Master not know that the current situation was extremely dangerous?

Tang Tian was truly excited, he had never experienced a warship battle,, the dazzling light auras, the ear trembling and heart shaking explosions and rumbling sounds, caused all of Tang Tian’s past battles to pale in comparison!

“How can we help?” Tang Tian was extremely excited and eager to participate.

Shi Sen perspired in cold sweat, Master actually wants to engage in the battle…

It was also Shi Sen’s first time boarding a Bloodwood Warship, and he did not know of all the weapons on board. It was lucky that their luck was good, and met the manager who had allowed them to board who heard that they were willing to help, and immediately brought them to a fighting area.

It was not big, but could completely hold all of Tang Tian and his men.

The Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts found their own positions adeptly, although they had never board such a high grade warship before, but they were still proficient in ordinary frigates.

Shi Sen spoke out: “Master, please occupy this Honeycomb Sword Cannon.”

Tang Tian looked at the weapon curiously, it was a seat densely surrounded by floating swords, the number of the swords was astronomical, close to a 100. They were like a school of fish, drifting around slowly, and could suddenly gather or disperse.

“Master, please sit down.” Shi Sen pointed to Tang Tian: “The handle on the seat is the mechanism. Master does not need to pour in energy, you just have to control the direction, Master please take note, do not use too much of it, if not you will place stress and burden on your body.”

Tang Tian jumped up on the seat eagerly and held onto the handle.


The swords floating around him all lit up, and pointed to the direction he aimed to.

The surging energy continued to flow into the swords behind Tang Tian, all of their blades lit up with dazzling light auras, releasing a faint buzzing sound.

Tang Tian realized that the protection barrier in front of him had become more translucent, allowing him to see the battle outside more clearly. The dazzling bombardments and fire regiments was a completely new spectacle.

Although it was not like his usual day of fighting in close combat, but the scene in front of him caused Tang Tian’s blood to boil.

What a magnificent scene!

Feeling his fighting intent, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon became even brighter.

Tang Tian was not in time to enjoy the feeling, he suddenly realized that a dazzling light was racing towards him!

The intense sense of danger flooded his entire body, Tang Tian felt like an exploding rabbit, all the hairs on his body stood, as though he could not think of anything, his gaze locked onto the light regiment!

Xiu xiu xiu!

Many dazzling sword auras, with astonishing speed, flew out from behind him. The sword auras flew out, and upon leaving the barrier, they transformed into 2m long sword auras.

A huge number of sword auras, like a swarm of hornets, pounced towards the light regiment!

Tang Tian’s body trembled, the surging energy instantly filled up the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, causing Tang Tian who was overly excited to shoot again without hesitation!

Xiu Xiu Xiu!

The light swords continued to strike the energy regiment, causing its appearance to seem to slow down, after taking in tens of swords, it exploded.

Tang Tian who had released the attack was completely immersed in his excitement and entered a berserk mode, he roared and shouted, and continued to release the Honeycomb Sword Cannon madly.

The energy charge on him looked to be completely negligible, the surging energy continued to pour straight into the Honeycomb Sword Cannon. The sword auras flew out from behind his body nonstop, with no end.

The sword auras formed a long light streak in the sea of energy!

The hair standing sounds of the swords continued to pour like a storm.

On the Black Dragon Warship, the adjutant suddenly cupped his head, he shouted in disbelief: “Oh my god! What is that….”

Lian Bo Jun was aroused, did Bai Xiao make his move?

He turned his head and looked towards where his Adjutant was looking at, and was stunned.

In a specific location of the Bloodwood Warship, there was a crazy burst of sword auras, the astonishing amount of sword auras shot out and produced whistling sounds that was endless. They were too many in numbers, to the extent that it actually produced a large sword screen, horizontally sweeping the warzone.

Their bombardments were actually being suppressed!

A few of the closer frigates were struck by the light auras, causing pieces of woods to fly, they withdrew in panic.

The entire warzone was completely blanketed with the sound of the swords, and all the other sounds were completely overwhelmed. The energy regiments produced from the bombardments, were unable to land anymore.

Lian Bo Jun was extremely familiar with the surging light auras, it was produced from the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, in which he was extremely familiar with, a simplistic weapon with a high frequency of attack, and the speed of the sword lights were extreme. It was an excellent weapon, but it had a disadvantage, and that was the extreme burden placed on the operator, usually after every wave of attack, the operator would have to rest for ten seconds.


Lian Bo Jun looked at the fanatical amounts of sword aura produced in a daze. He was stunned, how many sets of Honeycomb Sword Cannons did they install?

Shi Sen who was beside Tang Tian was completely stupefied, he had never seen before anyone who was able to operate the Honeycomb Sword Cannon in such a manner! All the energy charge seemed to be nullified on Master’s body.


Suddenly, the Honeycomb Sword Cannon in front of him shattered into pieces, and smoke enveloped Tang Tian’s body, causing Shi Sen to be shocked: “Master!”

“Cough cough cough!”

Tang Tian spat out some metal fragments in disgust and rushed out of the smoke, and started to scold: “Who made this cannon! Why is it so lousy!”

In the development and planning stages of the Honeycomb Sword Cannon, no one had ever thought that there would be a day, it itself would be unable to hold the stress due to the energy overload.

To actually use the Honeycomb Sword Cannon to its maximum and cause it to explode.

All of the Demonic Mounts and Shi Sen were dumbstruck, it was the first time they had witnessed someone using the Honeycomb Sword Cannon to the point of it exploding!

Too perverse!

These two words appeared in everyone’s mind.

Shi Sen was the fastest to react, without saying a thing, he pulled down a brother on another seat, and pushed Tang Tian up: “Master, try this!”