Undefeated God of War - Chapter 592 – The Estuary

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Chapter 592 – The Estuary

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

In the end, it was Tang Tian who travelled along with Shi Sen, and the problem was choosing the products. While selecting the goods, Bing was dumbstruck, Tang Tian had stockpiled so many items that they formed a hill, with all the different types of items, they were all extremely weird. So what was good? When they asked Shi Sen, he gave an expression that he was helpless for that. Shi Sen had never seen all the things before, much less give them a value.

Bing decided to find Crane for advice, but seeing Crane training so frantically, he did not have the heart to disturb him. Ling Xu and Jing Hao were also immersed in training, their failure had struck a chord in their hearts.

Bing could only find a local trader through Wang Zhun Xian, but the trader also shook his head, he had never seen the items before, so how could he offer prices.

Bing then thought of the best method, and that was to simply get Tang Tian to follow Shi Sen, throwing a few random phrases about to act as he deem fit, he then left the place.

Bing reckoned that the Vast Star Continent would not react so quickly, they were subtle, and Sun Jie’s demise also made them not underestimate Tang Tian’s strength, as they would be suspicious of Tang Tian’s background.

This buffer period was extremely important for the Shang Continent, and Bing had even more important matters to undertake.

Through Wang Zhun Xian, The other two planets of the Shang Continent started to evacuate, and those who were unwilling to leave the Shang Continent were dragged back to the Black Castle. Although it was only a portion of the Shang Continent, the population of the Black Castle quickly reached 60,000. The Black Castle was unable to accommodate so many people, so with Sai Lei’s help, the idea of a fort was raised.

With the Black Castle as the center, 12 tall towers were spread outwards, and using the technique of a Treasure City, they shared and sorted the energy around, forming a gigantic pack of strongholds.

Bing who was a famous general, upon seeing Sai Lei’s plans, inhaled in a breath of cold air.

According to Sai Lei’s plan, if the strongholds were to be completed, they would be able to control a quarter of the Red Grass Planet’s energy, and this would give them the benefit of fighting in their homeground. Sai Lei wanted the pack of strongholds to be called the “Sword Forest Stronghold”, and she had calculated that if the number of towers reached 36, due to the overlapping effects, they would be able to control all the energy of the Red Grass Planet.

When the time comes, the Red Grass Planet would become an unbreakable and impregnable stronghold Planet.

Bing attempted a few simulated attempts by himself, and realised that to be able to attack and bring down the pack of strongholds, one must pay an exorbitant price.

Without any hesitation, he begun to push for the “Sword Forest Stronghold” Plan, with the sufficient manpower in his hands. But at the same time, Shen Rong and Xia An, the two elders of the 36th Army, finally figured out an estimate budget for the approaching war. Even if manpower was free, fighting ability was free, but food, medicine, training supplies etc, all of these reached an astonishing figure of 120 million cloud coins.

The lack of money became the currently most important problem.

Crazy Tang was so angry he started screaming, he was unhappy that his own plans for training were cut short. But Bing’s one sentence, “You’re the boss, If you do not think of something, who will”, brought him back to reality.

Fine, who asked me to become the boss, Tang Tian had no choice but to force himself to travel with Shi Sen.

But not long after they started moving, Tang Tian regained his usual self.

Pa pa pa, Tang Tian stepped on the Vacuum plates, and shouted out loud as he rushed ahead, leaving sonic booms behind him.

Seeing that, Shi Sen retracted his gaze and looked to his team, and said: “Maintain position, and pay attention for anything amiss.”

The others all complied, as the entire team separated very quickly. Like a big bird expanding its wings, the two scouts at the end moved to and fro, sweeping around their surroundings.

Compared to Tang Tian’s loud hoorah, Shi Sen’s Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts were extremely silent, like a group of bats quietly flying in the sky. The Demonic Mounts outstanding individual strength and discipline were displayed to saturation. En route, no one caught sight of them, and they maintained an oppressive silence throughout.

Tang Tian was enjoying his flight, after attaining the [Adaptive Eclipse], he was immediately in love with the technique. He tried out various levels of strength and styles, the harsh travelling turned into training for himself. By persistently training without slacking off, there would always be results, and Tang Tian’s Adaptive Eclipse produced smaller and fewer sonic booms than before.

After flying for a long period of time, Shi Sen suddenly spoke: “Master, we need to ascend higher ahead, we are at the Estuary.”

“Ascend? Estuary? What’s that?” Tang Tian was startled.

Shi Sen was secretly shocked, Master doesn’t even know what the Estuary is? Could the Savage Continent be different from the Southern Region? He explained: “We need to ascend up about 25 km into the sky, and go through the Estuary to be able to enter the Sea of Energy.”

“Sea of Energy? You guys don’t use Star Doors? “Tang Tian was surprised.

“Star Doors?” Shi Sen was surprised, but sort of realized what was happening, and shook his head: “The Southern Region does not have Star Doors, this subordinate has never heard of such a thing either, a Star Door. Could it be the latest discovery of the Savage Continent?”

Before Tang Tian could reply, a belt of light appeared in his vision, startling him.

The belt of light had a diameter of 150m, formed up of many fine strands of light, like a flowing river of light, and at the other end, it stretched deep into the sky.

“Is this the Estuary?” Tang Tian was completely captivated by the belt of light and was brimming with curiosity.

“Yes.” Shi Sen knew that his Master had never seen an Estuary before, he looked at the belt of light and said: “Luckily this Estuary is small, and Warships are unable to pass through it. If not, we would be in danger.”

“Warships?” Tang Tian was attracted to the new phrase once again.

Seems like Master rarely went out in the past….

Shi Sen explained: “Once we exit out of the Estuary, we will reach the Sea of Energy. The Sea of Energy is a boundless place filled with energy, and contains a lot of impurities which holds a strong eroding property, and thus it’s not a place for the weak. If the distance is too far, we will need to sit on a boat, in which the strong martial artists would take turns to prevent the boat from eroding. A Warship is specially used to battle inside the Sea of Energy, and is extremely powerful. There are some Warships that can hold an entire army, it can greatly increase the strength of the army.”

“So powerful!” Tang Tian’s eyes lit up: “When we have the money we will buy a Warship!”

When Shi Sen heard that, a look of excitement flashed past his eyes, he had always longed to own a Warship, but even the smallest Warship was a burden that he could never ever bear. Every time they flew in the Sea of Energy, their bodies would be eroded drastically. If the erosion was not properly cleared, they could easily become untreatable hidden injuries.

Recovery after battles would always occur a huge expense.

After entering the belt of light, Shi Sen immediately reminded Tang Tian: “Master, fly upwards.”

“Ok!” Tang Tian was eager, stepping on his vacuum plates, he continued to use the Adaptive Eclipse. He flew upwards faster and faster, very quickly throwing the rest off. Adaptive Eclipse held absolute dominance while flying vertically upwards over horizontally on a plane.

25km up in the sky, Tang Tian had never tried flying so high before, in the past, the highest point he had reached was above the clouds.

The higher he flew, the thicker the belt of light became, it looked like they were flying upwards in a large pipe.

After using Adaptive Eclipse to reach 25km high, even for Tang Tian who had a monstrous body, he felt exhausted. Shi Sen and the rest were nowhere better, all of them revealed looks of fatigue, the constant flying inside the energy was multiple times tougher than ordinary flight.

At the current moment, the energy concentration around them had become extremely dense, the light aura of the belt of light had become extremely piercing. Shi Sen and the rest all activated their energy barriers, but when their gaze landed on Tang Tian, they were immediately shocked at the scene before them.

All the energy that was filled with eroding properties, seemed to be pushed away from Tang Tian’s body to about 1m away by a formless energy, and unable to inch closer towards him. A vacuum region formed around Tang Tian.

Shi Sen and his men who thought of themselves as knowledgeable, upon witnessing such a scene, were completely shocked.

What was that?

I’ve never heard of that before!

Ah Leng and the rest became even more revering, all the current martial techniques were monopolized by the large and powerful clans and families. Master Meng Nan’s martial technique was never seen before, and definitely something unique.

Shi Sen was more calm, he was already lazy to think about it, because he realised that no matter how much he thought, he would never understand it. In the past, he was the one to make the decision for the entire team, and he felt extremely tired, but currently, he only needed to listen to orders, and that did not require thinking at all.

He did not care where Master Meng Nan came from.

Woosh, Tang Tian felt as if he had broken through a barrier, suddenly, the dazzling light darkened and his vision recovered.

Tang Tian finally understood what the Sea of Energy Shi Sen was talking about.

The void in front of him was brimming with chaotic and boundless energy that was extremely dense. All the chaotic energy was not restricted into anything, there was energy that revolved, some swimming like fishes, some forming a long shooting star arc, some were like facula, floating indefinitely….

Their colors were varied, with a myriad of gorgeous colors.

When the entire space was so chaotic, the scene was bewitchingly spectacular, causing Tang Tian to be completely shocked. He only regained his senses after a long time, and he praised: “Really beautiful!”

When Shi Sen heard that, he knew that Master Meng Nan had truly never been in the Sea of Energy, and reminded: “It is not just beautiful.”

“What else is there about it?” Tang Tian blurted out.

“Dangerous.” Shi Sen explained “There are some chaotic energy flows that are as huge as the stars, and if you are not careful and fly near it, you will be devoured by it. These are already considered good, as they are easily noticeable, the most terrifying ones, are a unique type of chaotic energy flows. These chaotic energy flows are extremely dangerous, but they also conceal themselves and mix into other chaotic flows, and are not easy to be detected. If you touch onto them, you can only blame yourself for being unlucky.”

Tang Tian was dumbstruck: “Then we cannot defend against it?”

“Yes.” Shi Sen nodded: “That is why it is still better to sit on boats, the defense of the boats are stronger and safer. Even the trading ships are safer. Now there are already very few people who would fly through, as there will definitely be danger.”

“We must definitely buy a boat in the future!” Tang Tian decided, he then suddenly thought about a problem, and asked: “How can we find Red Grass Planet when we come back?”

“Energy Sea Charting and Energy Pole Needles.” Shi Sen answered: “When we fly out later, Master will realise that the Estuaries are very obvious. Although Red Grass Planet’s Estuary is not big, but as long as you are around a 250km range, you will be able to sense it.”

“Let’s move out, let’s move out!” Tang Tian was extremely eager, what made him excited was the air in the void.

With air, he could freely use Adaptive Eclipse.

“Let’s go, the road is not short!” Shi Sen remarked, and took the lead.

A group of them started to travel inside the sea of energy.

[DeAndreR: think of the Sea of Energy as a type of plains area that the energy covers and divides the different Planets from each other.]