Undefeated God of War - Chapter 590 – I Cannot Figure it Out

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Chapter 590 – I Cannot Figure it Out

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Sun Jie’s death became the last straw for the dying army, the entire army had completely fallen apart, although there were still officers trying to rouse up their soldiers. But it was Shi Sen and his Underworld Continent Demonic Mounts that attacked, and the crucial thing was, they had completely smashed their intentions. They killed off a few of the officers, and no one else dared to do anything stupid.

Who exactly were these old people?

The remaining soldiers of the 8th Army that was alive were filled with fear. The opponents only had 46 people, and had wiped out almost their entire unit. Many of them were grieving, if Master was still there, they would have definitely wiped out their opponents. But they also knew that the opponents were extremely strong, far beyond their expectations.

Regardless of the time of opportunity, their method of attacking, or their energy synchronization, they were all at an astonishing level.

If it was any ordinary army, even without their Master leading, for 40 people to try and rouse that, that was pure stupidity. Even the other famous armies in Vast Star Continent would definitely not do such a thing.

They had never heard of such fearsome elites before, and they were hidden in the 36th Army? Weren’t they just a meat army?


A few of the smart ones, thought about the possibility that Shi Sen came from some powerful backing, and deliberately laid low in the Vast Star Continent? That was the most plausible explanation. If such information were to be transmitted back, they should be able to be pardoned for their sins….

Thinking about that point, they were immediately aroused and did their best to escape. They were all elites, and all had a way to handle against the enemy chasing after them. They all tacitly separated and escaped in all directions. So how the enemy would choose the direction, that would be left to fate.

Shi Sen only had 46 men, and the disadvantage finally came out.

Tang Tian carried Sun Jie’s corpse and dropped to the ground. He was brimming with enthusiasm for the fight, but he did not have much interest in slaughtering the opponents.

When he noticed that the remaining soldiers were escaping, he shouted to Shi Sen: “There’s no need to chase!”

Hearing that, Shi Sen stopped chasing, the lucky survivors numbered to only a few of tens.

In the battle, it could be said that they had fought to their hearts’ content, with the might of their new equipment being displayed and removing all doubts. If it was in the past, if they wanted to obtain such an achievement, their death count would definitely number more than half.

It was the first time that Shi Sen had truly experienced the advantage of hugging a powerful backer, he looked at Sun Jie who was in Master Meng Nan’s hands, and a look of pity flashed past his eyes. Such an outstanding military general, to have died in one on one combat instead of in war, was truly a pity.

And from that battle, Shi Sen truly understood how powerful Master Meng Nan was.

Although Sun Jie was not known as a brave person, but he was still a Silver Saint, yet he died in Master’s hand. In the entire battle, Master did not use any underhanded method, and killed Sun Jie off just and honorably, that meant that Master’s strength was in the realm of the Silver Saints!

That conclusion shocked Shi Sen.

Sun Jie was already Vast Star Continent’s youngest Silver Saint, and Master Meng Nan who was even younger than Sun Jie, what kind of existence would he actually be.

The Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts respected strong fighters the most, Shi Sen and his men who had witnessed the battle were completely convinced towards Tang Tian. Shi Sen’s mouth revealed a smile, all of his brothers that had followed him for so many years, he also did not want them to have problems in their heart.

After the battle ended, other than the few tens of men who had escaped, Sun Zheng and his group were all captured. Compared to the 8th Army elites, the 36th Army meat army, could not escape. When the few Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts appeared before them, they immediately chose to surrender.

“Master, that little bronze box, can you give this subordinate one?”

The power of the Origin Mark Boxes had frightened him, if they were to meet upon such a thing, he did not have the certainty that escape from it, could it be a new invention of the Gold Continent?

If used right, it would definitely be a good weapon.

“The Origin Mark Boxes?” Tang Tian did not expect Shi Sen to notice it, and was immediately pleased, he had spent a lot of time and effort to produce them, and were left in a corner to collect dust, since someone had an eye for it, he became extremely happy, and without hesitation he took out a wooden chest: “Hey, share with everyone some.”

Shi Sen was dumbfounded, this object was extremely powerful, and must definitely be expensive, he had just wanted to ask for a few from Tang Tian, but who knew Tang TIan would immediately give him a chest full.

He accepted it clumsily, his mind was still in shock, the fortune came too suddenly.

“This chest has 300 of them. It is very easy to use the Origin Mark Box, you just need to throw it, it has a few fragments of laws in them, and every box has different laws, but their power are still quite equal. I have spent countless hours of effort and time on them.” Tang Tian said happily.


Shi Sen quivered, and immediately spoke out: “Master, we do not need so much, this is such an expensive good, we have better use it sparingly….”

In the world, regardless of what it was, as long as there was law involved in it, it would become extremely expensive. After knowing what the Origin Mark Box was, Shi Sen felt that the wooden chest he was holding on to was extremely heavy.

The other Demonic Mounts looked at Shi Sen with anger, they so badly wanted to snatch the wooden chest away from Shi Sen, the Head was being sincere, and Shi Sen still wanted to return the gift.

300 of them, they did not even have 50 people, so each person would have at least 6 Origin Mark Boxes. Such a powerful weapon, if every single one of them have six of it, everyone felt as if their waist would become loaded with steel. Everyone looked at the wooden chest in Shi Sen’s hands with a blaze in their eyes.

“Why should we save it?” Tang TIan asked in puzzlement.

“The future is long, and saving will bring you a long way, Master, it is extremely expensive raising an army!” Shi Sen advised, he was accustomed to being poor, and knew it was not easy. If he had better equipment in the past, their losses would not have been so high.

Tang Tian waved his hand: “No matter, although I do not have much money, but I have a lot of this. I still have one more chest, do you want it?”

One more chest…..

At that moment, all the Demonic Mounts were finally dumbstruck. They were all veterans, and had come across all sorts of equipment, so they were extremely clear on what was expensive and what was not. This boxes were definitely not cheap, and one chest was enough to shock them, then to hear that their Master had another.

Heavens, have we truly found ourselves a huge backer this time….

Shi Sen awoke from his dream, and with much difficulty, he swallowed his saliva and shook his head: “One chest is enough, it’s enough!”

Wooosh, all the Demonic Mounts turned their gazes at him, all of them so badly wanted to beat up the old man, two chests, that was 12 per person, to have 12 of such devastating weapons in their arsenal, they even dared to fight their way into the Vast Star Continent.

“It’s truly enough?” Tang Tian persuaded patiently: “I have a lot of these.”

“Yes it is, yes it is!” Shi Sen nodded his head foolishly, eh, why is my leg becoming soft? It seems that the sky is spinning slightly…..

The Demonic Mounts by the side all had pained expressions, some of them were pulling their heads, some of them facepalmed themselves, some were shaking their heads with all their might, their head was truly a retard, to be losing half of the Origin Mark Boxes, they were bleeding in their hearts.

Without giving them the other chest, Tang Tian was unsatisfied, he did not notice their pained expressions, when suddenly he smacked his own forehead: “Oh yes, this is good too.”

He took out an Empyrean Ice Tree Branch.

Shi Sen was dumbstruck, and stammered: “Em-Empyrean Ice Tree Spears….”

All the Demonic Mounts all froze, their gazes were immediately locked and attracted to the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears in Tang TIan’s hand, and did not dare to move one bit.

It was said that the strongest weapon of the Blue Dwarves were the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears. It was an indication of being a high level Blue Dwarf, and was a symbol of position and status for the Blue Dwarves, and an extremely rare and desirable spear in the market.

Tang Tian portrayed a very experienced expression and spoke: “This is quite good to use.”

Shi Sen recovered from his shock, this item of the highest quality, to be able to witness it personally, was already an extremely rare opportunity. He was speechless towards Master’s words, “This is quite good to use”. The Empyrean Ice Tree Spears, how could they be bad?

Equally speechless were the other Demonic Mounts, some of them even looked at Tang Tian in anger, was Master Meng Nan trying to ridicule us?

Seeing that Shi Sen was not speaking, Tang Tian became anxious: “It truly is good to use! Try it out if you don’t believe me!”

Shi Sen was an honest and upright man, hearing that he became even more anxious, such an exorbitant product, if it were to be wasted, he would definitely never forgive himself, he did not know how to reject Master, and became even more anxious, his face was flushed red, he shook his head, and he subconsciously replied: “I am not trying it! Definitely not!”

One of the Demonic Mount could no longer watch Shi Sen handle the situation, and stood up the advise: “Master, The might of the Empyrean Ice Tree Spear, We have all heard about it, and if it was used to be tested, that would truly be a waste.”

Tang Tian became somewhat irritated hearing him speak: “I am just asking, is this useful or useless for all of you?”

The Demonic Mount became completely speechless, isn’t that bullshitting? The Empyrean Ice Tree Spear is useless? Who would dare say that it is useless? It is an item that is highly sought after in the market. If they were to sell it, they would never be able to buy it back again, such an object, how could it be useless?

It turned into a cold staring contest.

The situation became worse and worse, causing Tang Tian who was already irritated to become completely angered: “SO IS IT USEFUL OR USELESS?”

Everyone jumped in fright from Tang Tian’s shout, Tang Tian had already established himself after the fight, so everyone shouted in unison: “It is useful!”

What kind of broken character do all of you have! All of you are so difficult to talk to, it truly is vexing! I must definitely find a time to beat all of you up one by one!

I cannot figure it out, how to bloody nag at you all!

Tang Tian was scolding them in his heart, the anger on his face had not dissipated. He immediately took out a large bunch of Empyrean Ice Tree Branches out from his Aquarius Vase, and angrily threw them onto the floor: “Split them up yourselves!”

Tang Tian felt that if he were to continue staying with them, he would die from anger, so he turned and left.

The bunch of Empyrean Ice Tree Branches fell to the ground, causing a pile of dust to blow up. The clear sound of Empyrean Ice Tree Branches falling onto the ground, seemed to have caused time to stop.

The translucent and sparkling Empyrean Ice Tree Branches were like blue crystals.

Everyone’s mouth were wide opened, they stared at the pile of Empyrean Ice Tree Branches in shock, they had stopped breathing, and their minds had stopped running.

Em..Empyrean Ice Tree spears….

A bunch of them…..

All of them half the height of humans…..