Undefeated God of War - Chapter 588 – Null Flame

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Chapter 588 – Null Flame

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian was in extreme pain, every single vein and artery in his body seemed to be on the verge of exploding from the intense burning sensation in his body.

Am I smoking?

Tang Tian suddenly had the silly thought, he amused himself, and his mouth twitched as he wanted to laugh, but it caused him to look uglier than crying.

Inside the Gemini Furnace, the boundless sea of blood churned and roared, the enchanting large red waves took in and sent out red bursts of light.

The sea of blood released an immense pressure, pushing the sea of energy into a corner, constricting into a small regiment.

Every time the sea of blood swallowed and spat out red light, it would produce a black fragment, which would shatter and cover the sea of blood, transforming into a boundless black mist. These black fragments were the laws in the Devil Flame, representing the dark desire side of laws.

The black mist churned and churned vigorously, and then suddenly collapsed. After a few moments, it transformed into a strangely shaped devil, standing there coldly. The thin and frail figure was made up of countless of minute greedy dark looking worms. These greedy dark worms were formless, and were one part of the dark desires of the laws.

Black Desire Insatiable Devils.

The true reason why the Devil Flame was strong, was due to the Black Insatiable Devils which were mixed inside of the Devil Flame, and as long as any one of the worms was able to enter their opponent’s mind, or managed to conceal themselves inside, they would start combusting until everything was destroyed.

But it was a pity that it met the Blood Furnace, where only the purest blood meridians power existed, and could only assimilate the laws inside the blood meridians, and thus would become fussy. The seemingly invulnerable Black Insatiable Devil Worms, facing such pure power of the blood and body, was in no way able to defend, and were twisted and smashed.

The Black Insatiable Devil Worms melted like snow.

The Devil Flame that was being purified was constantly being absorbed by the sea of blood, causing the sea of blood to become even more brightly-colored, and its temperature to quickly plummet, causing the sea of blood to once again become calm.

Other than the color of the sea of blood becoming brighter, there did not seem to be many changes.

But when the Black Insatiable Devil Worms disappeared, Tang Tian’s body jolted, all the veins and arteries that were swollen to the point of exploding, quickly subsided. The blood in his Blood Furnace began to extinguish all the vessels and arteries in his body, flowing into every corner of his body.

Ka ka ka!

The sound of fried beans cracking exploded out from Tang Tian’s body, causing him to shiver like a sieve. A hot flow spread through his limbs and entire body, causing him to feel as if he was being enveloped in lukewarm water, bringing an unprecedented comfort.

He was able to feel the substantial qualitative change in his body, his bones becoming even more dense and sturdy, his muscles becoming firmer and stronger, filled with explosive power, even his skin seemed to have become metal like.

He could feel the increase of his strength.

The sky full of fireflies and fiery gravel disappeared into thin air, exposing Tang Tian to everyone.

From the looks of it, there were no changes on Tang Tian.

Sun Jie took caution and did not engage, Tang Tian looked extremely horrifying previously, who knew what had happened inside his body. But he was not worried, even if he had a breakthrough, he definitely could not become a Silver Saint with Energy Impedition.

But, it had become more interesting….

Sun Jie felt that it was no longer a wasted trip, although the enemy suffered from Energy Impedition, but his various techniques and methods were not poor, causing him to be exposed to a brand new world. Suddenly his eyes shrunk, Tang Tian was laughing in front of him, revealing his pure white teeth.


Something’s wrong, his complexion change and a strong sense of imminent danger caused all the hairs on his body to stand erect. Aa fist suddenly appeared right in front of his face!

His pupils dilated, he could not believe what he was seeing, and at that instant, he actually forgot to react.

The opponent’s fist was less than half a meter in front of his face, and was blocked by three light swallows!


The three light swallows immediately shattered into light auras, which were like a light mist that struck his face, causing Sun Jie to be bewildered.

How is that possible? He completely did not understand how his opponent actually broke through the outer defense of the Swift Protection? His Swift Protection did not have any dead angles, and every light swallow could judge all incoming attacks at a very precise level.

If the fist previously had struck him, his brain would be smashed like a watermelon.

The intense fear enveloped his entire body, nothing was more terrible than for the enemy to suddenly become so foreign!

Tang Tian was extremely elated at the moment. The surging power filled his entire body, making him feel as though his body was like a vast ocean, and that every movement could topple mountains and overturn the seas.

What made him even more fanatical was that there was a grey flame curling around his fist.

After absorbing the Devil Flame, his Zero Energy Body had finally took a qualitative leap. The grey flames, was the ability of the Zero Energy Body!

Any blood meridians would had a unique ability that belonged to it, and when the blood meridians evolved to a certain level, the ability would manifest. Tang Tian’s Zero Energy Body had never revealed its special ability. Other than his fleshly body becoming even stronger, there were no advantages to his blood meridians.

But now, the ability of the Zero Energy Body had finally revealed itself!

The grey flame was dim, and continued to linger around Tang Tian’s fist, but did not dissipate.

Tang Tian decided to call it the [Null Flame], he had never seen such a strange flame before. The Null Flame was not hot or cold, and if any live body without energy touched the flames, there would be no reaction. It possessed an extremely destructive force against energy, and any energy that interacted with the Null Flame would immediately be destroyed. Previously, he was able to easily break through the Swift Protection outer defense, because of the destructive effect of the Null Flame towards energy.

Tang Tian immediately noticed Sun Jie’s panicked mode and without hesitation he attacked again.

Pa pa pa!

Inside the concentrated and loud sonic booms, Tang Tian was like a ray of lightning flashing back and forth in the air, forming ripples around himself, and appearing in front of Sun Jie.


Hist fist struck a light swallow, crack, the light swallow shattered into aura fragments.

Sun Jie felt as if his soul had flew out of him, he had never thought that Tang Tian would actually suddenly become so strong!

Bang bang bang!

The flying light swallows around Sun JIe were shattered one by one, in the blink of an eye, the number of light swallows had dropped substantially. His Swift Protection had become extremely thin, and the shattered aura fragments of his light swallow had transformed into a mist of qi.

The opponent’s speed had become extremely and strangely fast, Sun Jie suddenly realized that he could no longer catch up to his speed.

Not being able to catch up with the speed meant that he had lost control, and meant that he would be unable to break away from his opponent to return to his army formation. His heart was brimming with regret, the battle in which he initially felt confident of winning, actually had become such a despair!

With the fear of death in mind, Sun Jie cast aside all the complicated thoughts and started to stubbornly block Tang Tian’s attacks.

He clenched his teeth tightly, and completely started to use his energy without restraint. The dagger in his hand continued to brandish out everywhere, one after another of light swallows flew out of the blade, and entered the light halo. In the critical moment, he had burst forth through his potential and allowed himself to break through his own limit, and more and more light swallows flew into the light halo.

Bang bang bang!

The sonic booms caused his attention to focus fully at his front, ignoring everything else, he waved his dagger out frantically.

Seeing that the situation was not going well, Sun Jie’s Adjutant could no longer hold back, and shouted out loud: “Support Master!”

The troops who finally reacted immediately followed the Adjutant, and flew towards the two people fighting intensely.

How could Tang Tian not sense such a large movement? His mood immediately became extremely bad.

Damn it! If you give me some more time, just a bit more, Sun Jie will not be able to take it! He could clearly sense that the efficiency in which Sun Jie was brandishing his dagger was slowing down, and that proved that he had almost consumed all of his energy.

Just a bit more time….

Tang Tian’s heart was feeling an intense emotion of unsatisfaction, but he also knew that if he was surrounded by the 400 odd elites, even though he had just broke through, he would have to give up his life!

Damn it….

Tang Tian clenched his teeth, and was about to retreat, but suddenly from the corner of his eye, he chanced upon a little black dot, in the surprise, he immediately became ecstatic, that was Shi Sen’s Underworld Continent’s Demonic Mounts!

Just in time!

Tang Tian immediately made his decision to delay the enemy. Most importantly, he could not allow Sun Jie to reconnect back with his troops. If Sun Jie rejoins his army, then he and Shi Sen’s small group will definitely not be strong enough to fight against them.

Tang Tian knew the power of an army, and furthermore, Sun Jie is an outstanding military general.

Taking a deep breath, Tang Tian suddenly retrieved out a blue tree branch!

It was a spoil of war that he had kept from the blue sea of light, the spear that the Blue Dwarves were using, had a might that Tang Tian was clear on. Even Little Xu Xu was unable to defend against it, and was struck badly.

Bellowing out loud, Tang Tian gathered all the strength in his body and threw out the Ice Blue tree branch.

A blue light blossomed out from Tang Tian’s hand.

The Adjutant’s face immediately changed and shouted anxiously: “Watch out!”

But it was too late, they were all worried for their Master’s life, and were already sprinting forth with all their might. At the same time, Tang Tian’s Empyrean Ice Tree branch that he threw out, was also at full force.

10 blue rays of light shot into the army.


The ice blue tree branches immediately shattered in unison, the blue energy that resembled the cold wave pervaded over more than half the army, and the strange energy immersed into their bodies.

A few weaker soldiers instantly dropped from the sky without making any sound.

“Empyrean Ice Tree Spears!”

The Adjutant cried out in alarm while losing his voice, his complexion changed, the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears belonged to the Blue Dwarves, and only the high level Blue Dwarves were able to use it, so how could he have so many Empyrean Ice Tree Spears!

The Adjutant’s cry caused the entire company to be stunned, and all the expression of the soldiers started to change. The infamy of the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears was known far and wide, it was the most terrifying weapon of the Blue Dwarves.

But the Blue dwarves had never used the Empyrean Ice Tree Spears as trade. Countless of masters had been extremely curious about the weapon, but there were no Empyrean Ice Tree Spears to be bought on the market.

This person…. What relationship does he have with the Blue Dwarves?

If not for Tang Tian’s appearance being a human and did not have an inch of familiarity with the Blue Dwarves, they would definitely had thought that he was a Blue Dwarf!

But the surprise Tang Tian had given them had not ended.

To delay them from joining back together, how could Tang Tian be merciful? Tang Tian still had a wooden chest full of Empyrean Ice Tree Spears.

The wooden chest that was the size of a table, was raised up high using one hand, Tang Tian then fiercely tossed it towards the army.

What is that?

The Adjutant focused his vision, and involuntarily slowed down his speed.

The wooden chest suddenly shattered, and its contents exploded out, forming a pitch black shadow overlooming the army and shooting down at them.

The Adjutant could then see clearly, what was flying at them were all square bronze boxes.

That is…..

The situation could not allow him to hesitate, so he immediately shouted: “Frontline defense!”

The soldiers at the front immediately lit up their energy shields, and prepared to defend against the attack!

Just at that moment, the bronze boxes flying towards them shattered.

A cold light aura burst forth from the bronze boxes!