Undefeated God of War - Chapter 587 – Hey, Red Devil, Bye Bye

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Chapter 587

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The white colored fireflies and the fiery red gravel, danced in the sky.

At the very start, Sun Jie activated his energy barrier, he had noticed danger, especially the little dots of fiery red gravel which released an extremely dangerous and unfamiliar qi, it was obviously a power he did not understand.

The energy barrier was the most frequently used martial technique, and Sun Jie was extremely outstanding in that regard.

The [Swift Protection] utilized by him, compared from Platoon two, was not in the least bit inferior. The light swallow flew upside down, dispersing the fireflies and fiery gravel. They were not displaced far, and formed a dense layer of shattered aura around like a light halo.

The world was quiet, Tang Tian, with his distorted look released an involuntary roar, as though only by doing that, he was able to absolve the pain from the Devil Flame. But yet, his gaze never turned away from Sun Jie.

William is truly a genius!

Tang Tian did not know how powerful William was in the past, but for the Devil Flame to cause Sun Jie who was a Silver Saint to feel fear, it meant something.

Leaping about in the air in straight lines at lightning speed, the strong wind swept past Tang Tian’s face, yet it was not enough to bring down the burning temperature of his body.

The world is so quiet, Tang Tian thought, completely ignoring the fact that he had been roaring nonstop. His body and mind seemed to have separated, Tang Tian felt as if his thoughts were somewhat being disengaged from his body.

The sky filled of dancing fireflies and fiery gravel were like fairy lights in a dream.

Inside this illusory dream, Tang Tian was running about in the sky with his fists raised up high, his entire body was like a stretched bowstring, his fist smashing heavily on the light halo.

Wooosh, a few light swallows blocked Tang Tian’s fist.


Surging energy suddenly burst forth. Tang Tian felt as if he was going against a wild beast, he groaned, and was not fast enough to react, and was ricocheted outwards like a ball.

After flying out for roughly 30m, Tang Tian gradually managed to turn around, only after consecutively executing a few Adaptive Eclipses, did he finally stabilize himself. His eyes shone with splendor, is this the energy after Energy Transmutation?

He carefully recounted the feeling of being struck by the light swallow.

The energy of the light swallow had some similarity with the Demon King Blazing Firefly. Could it be….that this Energy Transmutation, is actually just the combustion of energy? And my Demon King Blazing Firefly, is not combusting enough?

This idea suddenly came to his mind, he looked pensive, but without hesitation he shot forward again, he had many ideas that he needed to verify, and the battle was the best opportunity to do so!

Sun Jie was not surprised that the Swift Protection was able to block the punch, he was a Silver Saint and if his energy barrier was so easily broken through by someone else, it would be a joke! Furthermore, he was someone with Energy Impedition, his punch did not have any form of energy at all.

Suddenly, Sun Jie’s eyes turned sluggish.

The light swallow that was struck by the fist suddenly crumbled like an avalanche and disappeared into the air. Sun Jie’s eyes widened up, looking in disbelief, impossible!

Tang Tian once again strode in the air with lightning speed, brimming with an offensive aura!

Another fist!

This time, Sun Jie was alert, and the moment the light swallow and the fist connected, his eyes were opened wide. The opponent’s fist actually contained an astonishingly powerful vibration, in a short span of time, it had vibrated over 200 times, and instantly disintegrating the light swallow!

Sun Jie looked at Tang Tian in a daze, how did he do that?

To Sun Jie, the frequency of the vibration was a simple move. But that was through using energy, if he did not use energy, he could not do it.

He is a person with Energy Impedition, under the circumstance of not having any form of energy, purely by relying on the strength of his body, to able to produce such an effect was something unheard of.

Sun Jie had felt it right, Tang Tian was currently using [Great Avalanche].

(TN: Great Avalanche is the killing technique of Minute Collapsing Fist)

After experiencing the ability to use the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw with his body that did not have energy, that meant his other martial techniques might be able to be realized.

For example the [Great Avalanche].

With the success of his first fist, Tang Tian quickly grasped the knack of doing it, causing the vibrating frequency of his second fist to rapidly improve.

The second liight swallow was directly crumbled into dust the moment it touched his fist.

Although Tang Tian was still being flung back, he was ecstatic. The [Great Avalanche] unleashed purely from his bodily strength, produced a might far stronger than when he used it in the past. He did not understand why, but as long as it worked, it was fine!

Tang Tian who was being flung outwards, found his footing and while tiptoeing, bang bang bang, he quickly formed and destroyed multiple Vacuum Plates, once again stabilizing himself.

The moment he was stabilized, Tang Tian once again begun his assault!

William was hiding inside the Devil Flame, and attentively watching the battle. Tang TIan’s display of fighting talent made him full of praise. Tang Tian had extremely astonishing sharpness in battle, and would always think of all sorts of different fighting methods.

But William was even more surprised at Tang Tian’s body. It was a truly perfect body. He believed that if Gui Wu were to see such a body, he would eagerly attempt to snatch and take over the body.

The [Great Avalanche], which is a low level martial technique, is not in any way brilliant but rarely would people purely rely on their body to utilize it, due to a simple reason. Their bodies were unable to withstand such a high frequency vibration, before their fists touched their opponent, their bodies would be the first to crumble.

So Tang Tian’s body was truly too scary!

Furthermore, Tang Tian’s body was different from other Blood Meridians Saints, his outer appearance did not have any changes. William, being extremely knowledgeable, already had a few guesses to why it was so.

The evolution of Tang Tian’s body was not from energy, but from the power of his flesh and blood. Purely focused on the power of his fleshly body, how far could he evolve to?

The battle became more and more intense, as Tang Tian continued to test out new methods of fighting, and Sun Jie was gradually getting used to Tang Tian’s attack.

Suddenly William frowned, he suddenly realized something that was not logical.

Tang Tian was treating him as air, and completely ignoring his existence.

That’s not right!

In terms of danger, he was far more dangerous than Sun Jie, William believed that Tang Tian knew that. The Crazy Tang who never underestimated all his battles, the Tang Tian in battle had beast like instincts towards danger, that was something William also knew.

Why was Tang Tian ignoring him?

Could he have found a way to counter me?

William squinted his eyes, and was somewhat anticipated, even if he swapped positions with Tang Tian, he did not know of any method to resolve the situation.

Godlike young lad, you better not disappoint me.

Bang Bang Bang!

Both sides clashed intensely inside the battlefield that was sealed by the fireflies and fiery gravel.

Sun Jie’s defense did not have any flaws, as he reacted quickly facing Tang Tian’s succession of attacks. Before the light swallows that crumbled disappeared, they would be eaten up by other swifts, and in this way the speed of his consumption of energy lessened greatly.

Sun Jie checked on the amount of energy in his body and made a decision.

Although Tang Tian’s attacks were vicious, but the techniques were very low level, and did not consume much. In terms of energy usage, Sun Jie had ample confidence in himself, although they were caught in a stalemate, but to him, it instead meant a victory.

He was not in a rush to counter attack, the opponent’s attacking methods was constantly changing, with different style and methods in succession, opening Sun Jie’s eyes. Sun Jie did not know many martial techniques, so as a cautious person, and somewhat excited, he knew he had to grasp the opportunity.

As a military general, he hardly had the chance to fight in individual battles, and it was even rarer to meet such an interesting opponent. To be able to sharpen his own strength, it was considered a worthwhile trip.

Tang Tian continued to change his martial techniques, [Flash Fist Technique], [Great Avalanche], [Heavenly Dragon Energy]….

All of the martial techniques that he had learned in the past, he kept on interchanging between them, and continued to have new understanding and discoveries. In the past, he always thought that all these martial techniques base was to be activated by energy, but he was actually using the power of his body currently, and he was once again interpreting all these martial techniques, realizing that the might of the martial techniques were instead being improved leaps and bounds.

He suddenly realized that all the comprehension and understanding he had were all very superficial.

His physical strength was depleting quickly, although his body was extremely unreasonable, but facing against a Silver sSaint, his consumption was extremely astonishing, and he was very quickly drenched in sweat and gasping for breath.

But he did not stop, and was still going at it furiously.

Sun Jie was shocked, he could see that Tang Tian was already expending all of his strength. As time passed, the chance of his opponent winning grew less and less, but why was he still attacking so furiously?

And at that moment, William’s strand of consciousness suddenly shook. He finally understood Tang Tian’s plan.

But, it was already too late.

Tang Tian’s physical state was extremely weak, the sea of blood in the Gemini Furnace was extremely dried up, and being suppressed into the corner by the sea of energy. The risk was that as Tang Tian continued to give it his all, the Blood Furnace would activate it’s self preservation instincts, and immediately become active and work frantically, and begin its natural ability to absorb things.

For example, the Devil Flame!

The Devil Flame that had entered every corner of Tang Tian’s body, was an extremely nutritious medication to the Blood Furnace.

Every vein and artery of Tang Tian’s body became like bottomless pits as they greedily absorbed the Devil Flame. All of the Devil Flame were being absorbed into the blood.

William laughed bitterly as he felt the intense absorbing force. He did not expect that Tang Tian would actually think of such a method. It was truly ingenious. William’s remaining strand of consciousness can only survive in the Devil Flame, if it were to be absorbed into the Blood Furnace before he could corrode Tang Tian’s mind, his consciousness and Devil Flame would be completely digested by the Blood Furnace.

But, how does he know that he will definitely succeed before the Devil Flame corrodes his mind?

And, did he not think of the consequence? What changes it would bring his body after absorbing the Devil Flame?

Even William himself could not predict what would happen, and he believed Tang Tian would not either.

But in truth, William understood.

It was just that Crazy Tang had already set his mind to destroy him while ignoring everything else. It truly was a decisive action, to destroy his enemy, he would even give himself no way out.

William became calm again, as he grew to admire Crazy Tang. He did not care about living or dying, did not care about fame or recognition, did not care about Tang Tian’s hatred and loathe towards him.

He only thought that Tang Tian had the strength to get rid of Sun Jie.

He only wanted this result, regardless of if he lived or died. If he disappeared or remained, regardless of who took action, regardless of what happens, he only wanted that result. For Tang Tian to get rid of Sun Jie.

I wish you the best of luck.

William peacefully got absorbed into the blood, inside the boiling blood, his consciousness was quickly absorbed and melted, and just before he was completely melted, he laughed at himself, maybe i’ll be a good nourishment.

All of the Devil Flame was cleansed in Tang Tian’s body, everything was absorbed into his blood. All of his veins and arteries were swelling, the blood that flowed like lava, caused Tang Tian’s entire body to become like a completely heated and red steel bar.

Tang Tian’s face distorted even further, he kept on inhaling cold air, his plan had finally succeeded! But in his eyes, beneath the burning fighting intent, was an ice cold indifferent expression.

Hey, Red Devil, Bye bye.

Chapter 587 – Hey, Red Devil, Bye Bye