Undefeated God of War - Chapter 586 – This Old Soldier Will Not Die

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Chapter 586 – This Old Soldier Will Not Die

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Devil Flame burst recklessly in Tang Tian’s body.

Tang Tian finally understood what the true Devil Flame was. The explosive cold flames, immersed into every single muscle of his body. The intense pain from the various parts of his body continued to assault him.

But Tang Tian was currently bursting with fighting intent, so the pain did not make him feel like retreating, but instead further angered him.

Devil Flame huh…..

Every inch of his skin on his body felt as if they were about to be split open, the bewitching ice cold feeling permeated into the deepest parts of his body.

WIlliam’s last strand of consciousness was in the flame, and he observed Tang Tian calmly. The Devil Flame was the spirit technique he had created, it did not burn anything, but its strongest forte was that it could corrode the state of mind.

He was waiting for the opportunity.

If not for Little Fool fainting, he would definitely not have taken such a brazen action. Little Fool who was a Form Spirit was his greatest enemy. But Tang Tian was a person who purely relied on his physical body, and was definitely unable to defend against his Devil Flame. The Devil Flame burned the person’s deepest and darkest negative desires, and this was why the Honorable Martial Group deeply detested him.

But even the Honorable Martial Group, the devout group, was unable to bear the tortures of the Devil Flame.

As long as Tang Tian revealed a flaw in his state of mind, the Devil Flame would penetrate through, and thus William would be able to take the chance and hide inside Tang Tian’s mind, and quietly control Tang Tian. At that time, Little Fool would not be able to do anything to him.

So this is the Devil Flame?

Tang Tian sneered, his expression was sinister, his reaction, was far out of William’s expectation.

Tang Tian did not bother with William at all, and directly rushed towards Sun Jie.

That’s right, he was unable to unravel the Devil Flame, but why would he need to do it?

The Devil Flame was currently his strongest killing technique in his arsenal!

Tang Tian did not have a trace of fear and did not stop at all, he had somehow completely ignored William, and was completely set on Sun Jie. With his sinister smile, he suddenly released his burning red iron claws!

Fire Scythe Ghost Claw!

Imbued with the Devil Flame, the Fire Scythe Ghost Claw’s might had gone through a qualitative change.

Fireflies pervaded the sky, and amongst the fireflies were countless minute fiery red granule like sparks.

Sun Jie’s face took a huge change.

Inside a jungle, Shi Sen and his team were staying quiet.

To the saints of the Sacred Saint Galaxy who knew how to fly the moment they were born, they preferred the air. The majority of their cities were built in the sky. And the average armies preferred to hide inside the sea of clouds.

But Shi Sen knew that the cliffs, caves, forests, water and grass were more suitable for cover.

His luck was good, not long after he left, he met a small team and was told of the news regarding Sun Jie. He was taken for a surprise, for he was extremely clear of Sun Jie’s power. For Master Meng Nan and the rest to rush over, wouldn’t that be clashing head on?

Shi Sen knew that the safety of Master Meng Nan was the most important.

So without hesitation, he had changed his plans and went to support Master Meng Nan.

Very quickly, up ahead of them roughly 15km, an intense energy fluctuation proved to be a battle. Shi Sen guessed that it was Master Meng Nan stumbling upon Sun Jie, and thus sent scouts out.

Shi Sen listened attentively to the report, as expected, it was Master Meng Nan, causing Shi Sen’s heart to drop. He did not wish for the support that he was relying on to be killed, that would be too terrible.

But when he heard that Sun Jie was engaged in a fearsome battle against Master Meng Nan, he was startled, and his eyes lit up.

He immediately realized that it was a good opportunity!

Although he did not know what had happened, but for Sun Jie to go one on one, to Shi Sen, it was giving up his best advantage. And hearing that the elites of the army were spectating by one side, a brazen plan formed in Shi Sen’s mind.

To Shi Sen, Sun Zheng was basically nothing, and the only thing that could form a threat was Sun Jie and his 500 elites.

If it was any other day, Shi Sen definitely did not dare to confront Sun Jie’s 500 elites. But now that Sun Jie was in a tangle, Shi Sen was not afraid of them at all. Furthermore, Shi Sen and his team had just changed equipment and seen a huge growth of strength, so he was more confident.

“Everyone get ready, we will move out in half an hour.”

Shi Sen then sat down, the constant battles had tired him out. Beside him, the rest were quietly recuperating. It was easiest to sustain internal injuries from battles, and if they were not resolved properly, the corrosion of energy would only cause the injuries to become more severe. As a veteran, how to recuperate was a compulsory skill that was needed to be grasped properly.

Of course, in terms of techniques that referenced restoration and recuperation, medicine was even more outstanding, but in reality, the situation was always changing, and if one was not able to adapt in time, regardless of what situation it was, it would be terrible.

A qualified veteran will not leave things to luck.

“General.” Ah Leng hesitated for a moment, and then spoke out: “This plan, it is too dangerous.”

Shi Sen was slightly confused and smiled: “Since when would Ah Leng ever think that a plan is dangerous?”

Everyone around chuckled, Ah Leng was the most rash and had a risk loving personality, so when everyone heard that Ah Leng felt that it was dangerous, everyone thought that it was funny.

Ah Leng argued: “That is Sun Jie, as long as Sun Jie is not properly tied down, we will be in danger.”

The laughter subsided, everyone knew that Ah Leng was right, they all knew of Sun Jie’s capabilities. To be able to command an army at such an age, and to be sworn as the Vast Star System’s most potential military general. His eighth army was a force with the backing of the Sun Family, and was created with elites.

Looking at it logically, Everyone felt that the general’s plan was risky and dangerous.

Shi Sen looked at Ah Leng, he was too familiar with everyone, and thus spoke: “Ah Leng, just say what you want to say.”

Ah Leng did not hide from his look, and looked straight into Shi Sen’s eyes, and said: “General! Are we following that little kid from now on?”

“What little kid?” Shi Sen’s face darkened: “That is Master Meng Nan!”

“But he killed many of our people.” Ah Leng was stubborn.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Shi Sen, many of their expressions revealed that they agreed with Ah Leng. Master Meng Nan had recently killed off five of their brothers, to surrender and join under him in a blink of an eye, everyone still felt turmoiled in their minds.

“Did he use any shameful methods in doing so?” Shi Sen straightened his body: “He defeated us with himself, that’s the first time something like that has happened.”

Seeing that Ah Leng was about to open his mouth to speak, he cut in and continued: “Stop looking for excuses, we are all men of war. If we lose, we lose, there is no reason or excuse. To rely on his own strength and defeat us honorably, I am convinced. That’s right, he killed five of our brothers. If he was the one who caused their deaths, no matter what, I would seek revenge with all my life. But in wars, there is nothing much to say. We are the Demonic Mounts, people destined to die on the battlefield.”

Everyone quieted down.

“Don’t forget, we are captives. In truth, we should be dead right now. But we are still living, in exchange for a set of clothes.” Shi Sen said coldly: “Since we surrendered, stop being half hearted, and stop being unhappy. We do not have the rights to be unhappy, we have surrendered, to do something to harm the Young Lord, that is something I, Shi Sen, cannot do.”

Ah Leng’s face flushed red, and he disputed: “I am not trying to plot against the Young Lord, It is just that I feel that….”

“Feel embarrassed?” Shi Sen’s face which was covered with hardship had a complicated expression, after a long while, he then sighed: “He is right. So what if it’s shameful, I let it torment me, but I have no excuse anymore. I am a defeated general, a failure, is there anything else that can shame me? I was always lying to myself. As long as there is still a thread of hope, I should not give up.”

“General….” Many soldiers started to stand, Ah Leng’s mouth was wide opened, feeling regret in his heart. They all loved Shi Sen with their hearts.

Shi Sen with his grayed hair looked around, all of the faces that were no longer young entered his vision. Every single one of their tired and hurt faces, narrated the hardships they had been through,.

“I’m old, all of you are old.”

Suddenly, his mind started to think back over a decade ago, and all the young faces seemed to appear in his eyes.

We still haven’t fulfilled our dreams, are we to just wilt?

Our blood that is still boiling, is it going to turn cold?

We have not even earned our glory in our youth, are we just going to turn old like that?

His mouth was filled with pain.

How long has it been, the Underworld System’s trade wind, when will go back to its glorious days, it’s hopeful and bright days?

“I am a failure of a general, and since young, I have always been failing.”

He extended his hand out to stop his brothers who wanted to console him, and his coarse voice resonated in the air.

“Now that we are old, we do not have many years ahead of us, and maybe we will be killed soon enough. But I do not wish to die on the bed. I will always think back to the times in the Underworld System, oh, that red tree, where we would sit by to drink and enjoy. Ah Zhu said he wanted to marry six wives, Ah Hun said he wanted to buy the shop down the road. Thinking about it back then, when Ah De was dying, he was talking rubbish in my arms, saying he was afraid. He told me not to abandon him. I told him that I will not abandon him and that I will build a large Memorial Hall for all our brothers, and I also told him to bless us from Heaven.”

Suppressed whimpers could be heard, many of them turned their heads, not wishing the others to look at their red eyes.

“As long as I can hold and move my blade, I will continue fighting, no matter how shameful it is, no matter how humiliating it is, even at my lowest point, I will definitely not give up!’

Shi Sen laughed: “As old people, we shouldn’t talk so much, who cares about face?”

Ah Leng was already crying: “General, stop speaking already…”

“Since we have already lost to this point, what other reason should we be afraid to continue losing? We have already lost to this age, why give up? If we are set on failing, then I want to see the result of losing!”

Shi Sen suddenly bellowed, stunning everyone. They all stood up, wiped their tears, and quietly packed up their equipment.

“We are the Underworld System’s Demonic Mounts, destined to die on the battlefield!”

Shi Sen wanted to slow down his speech, but his voice was trembling uncontrollably. He recalled the faces that had died, thought of the expeditions of the past, thought of the many forgotten things.

Their pride, their faith, their friendship….

They are all old now…..

Shi Sen looked around, seeing the wrinkles on their faces, seeing the scars on their bodies, seeing all of their dimmed eyes, their old dried out bodies which seemed to be glowing.

Somehow, boiling emotions were spewing out of Shi Sen’s chest.

Even if we are injured, we are still here!

Even if we are old, we are not defeated yet!

He raised his blade, and with a stern voice, he roared: “Thou Shall not deny a fight!”

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The 45 Underworld Demonic Mounts all started to roar.