Undefeated God of War - Chapter 583 – The Determination in The Darkness

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Chapter 583 – The Determination in The Darkness

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The creators of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces had brought their martial techniques from the Sacred Saint Galaxy over to Heavens Road, and given the high amount of spirits and low amount of energy environment of Heavens Road, through progression and expansion, the martial techniques produced were completely different from the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

The descendants had different mindsets, and in the hearts of many martial artists in Heavens Road, the saint rank was the highest. But at the same time, in the eyes of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces Creators who were birthed in the Sacred Saint Galaxy, saints were just the beginning.

Even the term saint made them think about their hometown, as well as their designated name.

But regardless of whether it was the Sacred Saint Galaxy or Heavens Road, the saints in either place had basically no difference.

Realm of the Silver Saints!

The Swift Dagger suddenly lit up with a dazzling light aura. After going through Energy Transmutation, the power of the energy in Sun Jie’s body had increased by 10 times.

A loud and crisp cry of a swallow could be heard.

The light aura on the sword body dimmed, a swallow the size of a palm, dazzling with its shiny silver flew out from the sword body, and rested on Sun Jie’s shoulder. The Silver Swallow looked extremely real, its eyes were moving about, jumping up and down on Sun Jie’s body, from time to time it would peck on his shoulder, they looked extremely intimate.

The nifty Silver Swallow, was actually releasing an extremely dangerous Qi!

Tang Tian stared at the Silver Swallow, disbelief showing in his eyes. Behind him, Little Fool also revealed a shocked look.

The swallow with its glossy silver body, was made up of extremely compressed energy, and congealed into a silver crystal body. In essence, this silver crystal body’s composition was not much different from a star rock, and the only difference was its density.

The density of the silver crystal body, could be 46 times as dense as the highest grade star rock!

If the energy brimming inside the Silver Swallow were to explode, it could wipe out 30% of the entire Red Grass Planet. That was Sun Jie’s strongest confidence, he chuckled, which was filled with pride.

The realm of the Silver Saints was an extremely strong realm, and to any Bronze Saint, it was an unthinkable ground.

Seeing the sky filled with fireflies, the Silver Swallow’s eyes revealed looks of disdain, it opened its small beak, and screamed!


The surging energy blast was like a tornado, suddenly gushing out of the little delicate silver bird’s beak.

Pa pa pa!

The flaming energy regiments started to explode like firecrackers, exploding one after another, with the thousands of fireflies exploding, it was a magnificent sight.

The energy tornado produced by the Silver Swallow covered a huge area. Tang Tian was not able to dodge it in time, so he arched his body and placed his hands in front of him to block. A force passed him, causing Tang Tian to feel as if a sprinting enormous beast had collided into him. His first thought was that he was not able to block it, and following the surging power, he became a spring, borrowing the momentum of the force to shoot backwards.

By doing so, his arms nearly snapped off, and it was so painful that he groaned.


Tang Tian was shot back with astonishing speed like an arrow leaving the bow, shooting into the dense clouds.

The Silver Swallow displayed an extremely strong battle ability, causing the entire battle formation to cheer thunderously. Everyone was in the state of fight or flight, with adrenaline pumping their bodies. This was a true battle to the death, the Master was hailed as the one with the potential to be the future strongest famed general!

The Silver Swallow suddenly expanded its wings and transformed into a silver light as it shot into the clouds like a silver arrow.

Little Fool cursed in his heart. He knew they were in a bad situation, and immediately rushed forth, his right palm went inside the void, borrowing the momentum, he retrieved the Ocean Prison Sword from inside!

With the void as the sheath, the Dark Flames as its blade, his thoughts as the handle.

Saint Sword Ocean Prison!

Little Fool had never been as serious as he was currently, because he had never fallen into such a situation where he could feel the sense of extreme danger. The delicate silver sparrow, was far stronger than any opponent it had ever met.

He was different from the fool, he was a dark side of Gemini Constellation, upon birth, he lost the control over his body, and had to live on the other side.

Tang Tian had the Southern Cross Camp, while he had the Gemini Palace. Tang Tian had always been ignorant of the future, while he was entrusted with an extremely critical task.

The spacious and empty palace was covered in dust, the spiders inside diligently built their cobwebs all over every corner they could find. The walls had cracks all over, with weeds growing everywhere, and decaying plasters could be seen.

The glory of the old Gemini Constellation had been long gone.

Gemini Constellation that had been sealed for 20 years, also had its palace sealed for 20 years.

The citizens outside of the palace all still miss their previous Master, every year, all the citizens would come to the outside of the Palace to worship in endless streams. Little Fool could hear their devout footsteps, could hear the prayers and whisperings brought in by the wind. 20 years was not enough to let these previously prideful people lose their faith. Perhaps their hope was vague, but before they died, no one was able to erase it from them.

Once in awhile, Little Fool would want to go out.

But he was unable to, as the Palace Gate could not be opened. Father should had arranged for a backup plan, the Palace was changed into a place suitable for spirits to thrive, and the entrance of the Palace remained on his body. The inside of the Palace held a vast sea of records, all collected through plots and schemes by Father, so he should have arranged everything earlier.

Other than that, there was his teacher, the six Sword Saint spirit generals. There was Ocean Prison Sword Saint Wu Wang Hai, Pipa Sword Saint Shang Wan Ting etcetc. This prevented him from being too lonely, although their demands were extremely high and strict, and training was extremely tough and cruel, but due to his prideful nature, he sought to attain perfection by himself, and performed any training outstandingly, thus all his teachers praised him endlessly.

His intelligence, perseverance, maturity, cool headedness, taciturn made all of his spirit general teachers feel that he was the perfect student.

He also had his happy times, for example watching the fool doing stupid things.

But many more times, he was like the majestic Palace that stood there covered in dust, bearing the weight of the people’s hopes, bearing his father’s hope. He could be taciturn, but he needed to stand upright, he could be lonely, but he needed to move forward.

Alright, I cannot always compare with this fool.

Five years of fundamental martial techniques, that perseverance, caused people to be surprised. Even while watching from afar, he was able to feel the radiance and passion emitting from the fool, he was truly a person who was unconsciously an eye dazzling luminous person!

Suddenly, Little Fool revealed a bitter smile, the naive and adorable face, which was also as sharp as a sword, released a cold aura. 16 years of his life swept past his mind.

Your bravery and fearlessness, your radiance and passion, you have been such a warm and encouraging partner.


I have been confined to the space of my Palace, for 16 years. Like a beast living in seclusion, never before wasting my time.

In the darkness of the Palace, for 16 years i lived on in cold and solitude, but with hope.

All that, is not to fail!

Holding the Forceful Subjugating Bead in his left hand, with the sea of laws in it, a chain of golden scriptures flew out, quietly wrapping around his Ocean Prison Sword and entered the Spirit Devouring Flame.

The energy in Little Fool’s body was immediately swept by the golden scriptures. He did not panic, with his strength, he had no possibility of winning against a Silver Saint.

The Fool was not clear of the huge disparity between a Silver and Bronze Saint, but he knew it very well.

His Sword Saint teachers had always discussed the so called Silver Saint with him.

Without hesitation, he used the best method he could think of, while borrowing the power of the Forceful Subjugating Bead!

The Ocean Prison Sword immediately started to transform, although the Spirit Devouring Flame were still curling around the sword body, there was no fusion between the Void Dark Flames and Spirit Devouring Flames. But this time, with the additional golden scriptures, the two completely fused.

The rainbow color of the Spirit Devouring Flames disappeared, becoming transparent, while the pitch black Void Dark Flames became much dimmer, as though it became a shadow.

Little Fool slashed the sword out without hesitation.

A sword light that was formed by a transparent and shadow aura, appeared in front of the Silver Swallow.

The Silver Swallow recognized the danger, and screeched, instantly tensing up the feathers on its silver body, woosh, the feathers shot out towards the sword light like silver arrows.

Chi chi chi!

The silver feathers flew in random directions, but the sword light did not decrease.

Sun Jie’s face changed, He had never seen such a weird sword light in his life before, the intense danger looming over his heart.

How is that possible….the silver feathers, actually disappeared in the air without exploding! How is that possible…..any minute piece of the feather should be able to induce an explosion.

Wait a minute!

That is Spirit Dyads!

Sun Jie’s eyes were opened wide, his heart thumping hard. The prerequisites to form Spirit Dyads were extremely demanding, and people able to play with Spirit Dyads were definitely not ordinary.

He started to feel some regret.

To him, the Shang System was completely worthless. The problem of conscripting villagers was not a big problem, he could do it in the Summer System as well. But who knew Sun Zheng did not complete the task, and borrowing the face of his own Sun Family, he begged Master Zi Qing, for Master Zi Qing would not to be so difficult.

For such a small matter, to form an enemy out of someone with a huge background was clearly not a clever thing.

But at this point of time, it was too late, the situation was not something he could back out off easily.

The Silver Swallow erupted with a bright radiance, transforming into a silver light, it rushed to the sword light.

Two light auras clashed head on.


The intense explosion blossomed out eye piercing light auras, causing the entire sky to become pure white like a flashbang, and the sound caused their ears to buzz.

When the light aura dissipated, the originally arrogant and exquisite Silver Swallow, had its entire right wing broken, the wounds on its body was terrifying. Little Fool’s situation was worse, the Ocean Prison Sword in his hand was completely broken, shua, it transformed into fragments of auras and disappeared into the sky.

Little Fool’s face was extremely pale white, and he started to fall.

The sea of laws in the Forceful Subjugating Bead, was vast without boundaries. If he was to fight inside the Forceful Subjugating Bead, he would be able to fight skillfully and easily. But to apply the power of the sea of laws from the Forceful Subjugating Bead onto a sword, its difficulty was raised at least 10 times.

In the recent period, Little Fool had practically poured all of his heart and soul into the Forceful Subjugating Bead, and his understanding of the Forceful Subjugating Bead grew day by day, adding that his attainments on the sword were extremely outstanding. Compared to the entire group, only Jing Hao was second to him, and would only be able to barely do what he did.

But this sword had consumed all of his energy, and not one drop was left.

“Yi yi ya ya!” Ya Ya screamed, as it dropped down at an extremely fast speed, it did not know how to fly, and purely relied on Little Fool’s help in the sky, but at that moment Little Fool’s energy was depleted, and it was like a free falling weight dropping downwards.

(TN: I thought Ya Ya had wings and previously flew around, but that was in Heavens Road, So I do not know what makes Ya Ya unable to fly in Sacred Saint Galaxy)

“Little Fool! LIttle Fool!”

Tang Tian shouted frantically, he and Ya Ya were in the same fate. What was even worse, was that he was flung even higher, and he thought Little Fool would be able to catch him, but who knew that the falling speed did not decrease, the wind screamed in his ears as he approached the ground closer and closer. But Tang Tian did not care about anything and just shouted loudly.

At least you two won’t fall to death….

Little Fool revealed a helpless smile, the world in his eyes was spinning round and round, my consciousness is getting blurry, am I dying like this…..

Tang Tian had immediately noticed Little Fool’s state at the start, and was feeling extremely anxious. The ground in his eyes was becoming extremely large, in the blink of the eye he was about to crash into it. Tang Tian clenched his teeth, and displayed a movement no one would have ever thought to do.