Undefeated God of War - Chapter 582 – Realm of the Silver Saints

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Chapter 582 – Realm of the Silver Saints

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


Swoosh, regardless if it was the enemies or Tang Tian’s side, everyone’s gaze instinctively turned to Sun Jie, the air seemed to have frozen, and the atmosphere was extremely pressurizing.

Sun Jie’s face turned from red to green, green to black, and black to white.

Crane looked on helplessly and reminded softly: “Hey, the plan is to go to Precious Bright City……”

But he was silently celebrating in his heart, Crazy Tang was too rude and had hurt the feelings of others…… however…… he glanced at Sun Jie, silently praising him.

Jing Hao felt a little pity: “You can kill a soldier but you cannot humiliate them……”

“Are you sure he’s been humiliated?” Ling Xu was rejoicing in Sun Jie’s misfortune, he suddenly remembered he was wearing white as well, and his expression immediately changed, quickly separating himself from the name calling: “It does not matter what clothes are worn, I feel that that guy truly looks like a sissy!”

Sun Zheng was dumbstruck, sissy…..

Although he was a wine sack, food bag, but he understood his cousin far more than anyone else. His own cousin, who usually looked like a gentleman, regardless to whom, was a humble and courteous man. But Sun Zheng knew that under this pretence, there was a cold and violent heart.

He had personally killed the servant that his stepmother had assigned to keep a close watch over him, then set up a false scene.

His stepmother continuously sent for six more servants, but none of them lived past three months by his side, and what was even more terrifying was that he never left any evidence behind.

The entire clan was shocked by the incidents, even his stepmother trembled with fear, and automatically stopped. On the third day after Sun Jie became the commander of the army, the mechanical boat she was on met trouble, and she unfortunately passed away.

His cousin who was so strong and coldhearted, was actually labelled as a sissy ……

Sun Jie who was beside him had already calmed down, while Sun Zheng’s legs and stomach trembled slightly. When he was young, he watched as his cousin got rid of his servant, with the calm face, it made him pee his pants on the spot. It was also from that time on, the terrifying look his cousin gave on his calm face, was deeply etched in his memory.

Cousin brother is angry.

The entire 8th army all revealed frightened expressions, the entire army kept quiet out of fear, and did not even dare to breathe deeply. They knew their master’s temper.

“Those who retreated without orders, are to be executed on the spot.”

With a calm face, Sun Jie said coldly.

The eyes of deputy commander beside him flashed with a cold light, he immediately said: “execute!”

From their formation, four palmed size light swallows flashed out and immediately embedded into the four remaining soldiers who came from the platoon, the four figures froze on the spot.


Four balls of flames blossomed in the air, swallowing the four figures.

“Sissy” Sun Jie squinted his eyes and grinned: “I never thought that there would actually be people who would dare to speak to me like that.”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Are you very powerful?” Tang Tian was filled with curiosity: “However, this has nothing to do with being powerful or not, however…… hmm, Bearing! yes! That’s right, it is the manner of bearing you give off!”

Bearing…… so hurtful……

Crane facepalmed, Ling Xu facepalmed, Little Fool facepalmed, even the firm and steady Jing Hao, also had the urge to facepalm.

Although he is an enemy, but…… we can still sympathize with you……

Sun Zheng who was being very careful noticed that the vein behind his cousin’s ear throbbing, and quietly shifted to one side.

Sun Jie strongly resisted the anger in his chest, using all of his self control, he slowly breathed in and out, and forced himself to remain calm “Is your target the Precious Bright City? Could it be that you are people from the Shang System? You guys……”

Tang Tian interrupted impatiently: “Hey, stop bullshitting! do you want to fight? White sissy!”

White…… White sissy……

Sun Jie who was holding back his rage finally exploded, and flew into a rage : “Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!”

“Master……” his deputy commander saw that things were not good, quickly tried to advise him.

“Shut up!” Sun Jie turned and roared in anger, he climbed over the rest, if he did not completely evaporate the bastard in front of him, he would not back down.

Behind Tang Tian, Ling Xu revealed an expression of sudden realization, he stretched out his thumb, saying softly: “Crazy Tang is really clever, he provoked their leader to spear him to death, to kill the bandit chief first and get rid of the bandits!”

“You think too much.” A few people replied at the same time, no one believed that crazy Tang was so smart.

However, this was a good opportunity……

Crane spoke softly: “We will take this time while they are distracted by Tang Tian, and go to Precious Bright City first, and rescue the others out.”

Jing Hao nodded: “Yea.”

Ling Xu was a little hesitant, it would be a pity to miss such a big battle, he said: “Why don’t you guys go, I will stay to help crazy Tang?”

Crane stared at Ling Xu: “Oh, I know, you wear a white shirt……”

Ling Xu immediately laughed out loud and patted his chest, he exclaimed out loud righteously: “Without me, won’t you guys be in danger? Crazy Tang is an unkillable cockroach, let’s not bother with him.”

Ling Xu suddenly waved his palms at Tang Tian, he shouted: “Hey, Meng Nan, this place is yours, we will go to Precious Bright City!”

The others nearly dropped from mid-air, their plan was exposed just like that…… this idiot!

Tang Tian waved his arms without turning back, his fighting spirit was soaring: “Go go, leave this place to me!”

Crane gritted his teeth, he regretted actually telling Ling Xu about the plan. “Fine, I’m the dumbest.”

Ling Xu was completely oblivious of it, he waved his silver spear excitedly, and took the lead by transforming into a ray of silver light: “Precious Bright City rush rush rush!”

The others helplessly followed suit, only Little Fool and Ya Ya stayed behind.

“Master, should we send people to Precious Bright City?” a subordinate asked Sun Zheng.

Sun Zheng looked at his cousin’s back view which resembled a devil, he shook his head: “This is definitely the opponent’s way of distracting us, who would be so dumb to shout out their plan? They definitely are planning to separate our troops, it’s a trap, definitely a trap!”

His subordinate felt that it made sense, he quickly said: “Master is wise!”

Sun Zheng was pleased, but quickly after that, his gaze was stunned by the aura his cousin was releasing.

Sun Jie flew out of the formation and stopped 30m away from Tang Tian, he was completely calm. He was an outstanding military general, and because of one person and his few words, he almost gave up his advantage. He had woken up and was completely shocked for almost falling for it.

Such a profound scheme!

His innocent and feigned naive face, coupled with his way of speech, and provoking language, almost tricked me, he truly is an expert. And then using his companion to accidentally leak their “plans”, it is plots after plots. This was what was going through Sun Jie’s mind as he looked at Tang Tian.

Lately, I’ve been too easy going, and got a little dull, I need to reflect well on this.

Sun Jie became more vigilant.

“Hey, I’m making my move!” Tang Tian shouted, and just as he spoke, he immediately took action.

His figure flickered, and appeared beside Sun Jie, throwing a fist towards Sun Jie.

Sun Jie easily dodged the attack, it was not much of a threat to him. Hailed as the famous Sun Jie of the Vast Star System, Sun Jie’s own strength was outstanding. Before the age of 30, he had reached a strength of the Silver Saint, and was the one and only one amongst the military generals in Vast Star System.

The people in the Sacred Saint Galaxy were saints upon being born, and naturally knew how to use energy, and were blessed in terms of training. But this did not mean that all of them were experts.

After an ordinary person is birthed, he is considered rankless. After going through systematic training, he would increase in strength and have a preliminary understanding towards energy. After going through specialized tests, they would earn the recognition as Bronze Saints.

Being a Bronze Saint meant being separated from the ordinary people, and they would also be considered an elite soldier in the army, and the outstanding ones would hold positions like a captain or a low level warrant officer in the army.

Above bronze rank would be the silver rank. It is extremely difficult to be promoted to a Silver Saint. If we were to say that Bronze Saints are saints that need the preliminary understanding towards energy, then a stronger Bronze Saint needed to be outstanding and find control over the energy in their bodies

But a silver rank is on a totally different level, the greatest difference being the Energy Transmutation!

Through destructive energy at the subatomic level, they would obtain ten times as much new energy, this process was called Energy Transmutation. To be able to awaken the Energy Transmutation became the mark of a Silver Saint.

At the very least, an energy increase of over ten times, that absolute disparity was what made the disparity between Bronze and Silver Saints.

This was where Sun Jie’s confidence came from, although his opponent was scheming, had an unknown background, there was no doubt that he had not attained enlightenment on Energy Transmutation. Regardless of what flowery techniques he had, as long as he had not attained enlightenment on Transmutation, he was unable to defeat Sun Jie.

But since the opponent was so sly and scheming, he would definitely not send himself to death, and must definitely have an unexpected killing technique.

Sun Jie decided to wait and see.

Tang Tian continuously threw punches that struck the air, he did not lose morale, but instead became more excited, shouting here and there, his fists turned into claws, clawing towards Sun Jie.

Dazzling sparks, swept across the air.

Sun Jie squinted his eyes slightly, interesting, that’s something I have not seen before, such a unique way to use energy. But, these sort of attacks cannot possibly defeat me.

Sun Jie’s lips curled in a cold smile.

Little Fool’s heart quivered, Sun Jie was Tang Tian’s true first opponent in Sacred Saint Galaxy. As the Sacred Saint Galaxy was known for having armies as the overlords, Little Fool initially thought that their individual strength would be terrible, but LIttle Fool realized how wrong he was.

Sun Jie’s movements were extremely quick, agile and extremely natural, compared to the flying spirit techniques in Heavens Road, his was more refined and less flawed. Thinking about it, Little Fool then understood that the Sacred Saint Galaxy people knew how to fly the moment they were born, and to them, flying was an instinct.

Their flying techniques that had been refined day in and day out, was something that Heavens Road was not able to compare with.

Little Fool who was knowledgeable and rich with experience was clear how important outstanding flying techniques were in battles. The two figures kept crisscrossing each other in the air, they were lightning fast, but it confirmed Little Fool’s suspicion, Tang Tian had barely scratched the enemy’s surface.

Tang Tian suddenly whistled, and changed his claw technique.

Demon King Blazing Firefly!

The combusted energy transformed into fireflies that filled up the entire sky, seemingly infinite.

Sun Jie’s pupils froze, the light balls that resembled fireflies was energy being combusted, and he realized a familiar feeling coming from them.

Energy Transmutation!

Although it was at a low level, and had not completed Energy Transmutation. but it meant that his opponent had already touched the borderlines of a Silver Saint. In days to come, he would definitely step into the realm of the Silver Saints!

So this is your trump card?

Such a pity……

Sun Jie’s gaze turned cold, and a short sword that resembled a swift appeared in is hand.