Undefeated God of War - Chapter 581 – The Swordsman, The Invisible Sword Wave, and the Sissy

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Chapter 581

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Neither Ling Xu’s recklessness and craziness, or Crane’s unfathomable dance shocked Sun Jie as much as Jing Hao alone.

Jing Hao looked to be the most ordinary, but at that moment, Jing Hao had attracted everyone’s attention without knowing it. Dressed in his simple clothes, he floated quietly in the air, wielding the black sword with ease, every movement of his was very casual, without a bit of killing intent.

However Sun Jie’s expression, changed.

A swordsman!

He is a true Swordsman!

Swordsmen were an ancient profession, so ancient that it had not followed to the previous generation. They did not care about winning, and only cared about the sword in their hand, their comprehension towards the sword or what state they had attained in their sword. They ate the wind and drank the dew, forever alone, chasing after their imaginary perfection, and thus were lost in the times.

This is a generation of armies, a generation where the armies were the overlords.

There will always be a limit to individual strength, and only a collective of intelligence could change the world. They were incompatible with the current generation, giving off an unnatural stench, and struggling to hold on to things of the past, unwilling to let go.

However, Sun Jie had met real swordsman before, and understood how dangerous they were. Maybe one could use 200 people to easily kill them, but if one did not make defensive preparations, then the swordsmen were like hard awls that would penetrate your defense, the rusting sword tip already at your throat.

And the man in front of him was releasing the bearing of a swordsman.

Just then, he unleashed his sword.

It was an unspeakable beauty, there was clearly no brilliance, yet, in Sun Jie’s eyes, with just one straight sword light, they were split into 2.

The entire platoon, was cut into two by the sword.

A deafening silence.

After two seconds, fine cut wounds were produced in between the eyebrows of the ten soldiers in the center of the platoon, which slowly expanded along their bodies.

The ten soldiers lost control and fell from the sky.

The black Drunk on Saint Blood in his hand revealed a bewitching dark red color, just like molten red iron, causing the flesh on Jing Hao’s palms to be burnt, but Jing Hao’s remained indifferent as if he did not feel a thing.

No matter how savage or ruthless you are, you’re still the sword in my hand.

I am devout to the sword, my mind is focused purely on the sword, but I will not be lost in the sword.

What I seek is not strength, but the sword in my heart.

Jing Hao did not seem to care, and once again raised Drunk on Saint Blood in his hands.

When the ten soldiers died, the platoon commander was shocked beyond words, and when Jing Hao who was above them released another cold intent, he immediately screamed: “Swallow Protection!”

The remaining 40 people, released light auras that converged into one, releasing over 100 light swallows that formed into one body. aA few hundred light swallows flew out from the team, circling around the platoon and preventing even the wind from entering.

Sun Jie who had an ashen expression finally relaxed, the platoon commander’s reaction was not slow, which meant he was not in a confused state of mind. [Swallow Protection] was their specialized defensive tactic, and whenever they were in a disadvantageous situation, it was able to give them a chance to catch their breath. When looked at closely, one would realize that every single light swallow’s body was a transparent light shield.

Hundreds of light swallows flew around, forming a thick protective barrier. The [Swallow Protection] was different from normal barriers, in which normal barriers were sturdy, but these light swallows were alive and ever changing, with an automated defense capability, they would automatically choose to gather at the most dangerous area to defend and block against incoming attacks.

Being active, intelligent and brimming with flexibility was the strongest points of the [Swallow Protection].

But it was a pity, it was a step too slow.

The [Swallow Protection] of a full platoon was hard to be broken through. Now that they were short by 10 men, it had an effect on the Swallow Protection’s potential, reducing its strength by at least 25%.

Sun Jie was calculating quickly in his mind, but he did not have too much of worry, even if the strength of the [Swallow Protection] was only at 75 percent, it was not something that an individual could possibly shattering merely by relying on his own strength.

The straight sword light once again appeared in the sky, it did not flicker at all, and remained in the sky like a crack in glass.

All swordsmen were weird in some way.

The Sword Concept Law, although his sword was not considered very strong, it contained the laws of the sword concept, as expected of a swordsman.

Sun Jie secretly praised in his heart, he was in fact looking forward a little, to see the result of the sword slashing into the [Swallow Protection]. He had initially thought that the operation in the Shang System would be very boring, and did not expect to meet a few powerful individuals.

He was already pondering over the background of the individuals, and if he was able to buy them in and fill up his vanguard barracks. Although Sun Jie advocated control over the entire body, but that did not mean that he would overlook the use of vanguards. Regardless if it was partly separation or being involved in a messy dog brawl war, or the frequently used stealth attacks, it was what the untamed fugitives were good at.

For example the swordsman as the arrowhead, with two platoons by his side, would have an extremely sharp break in ability.

However, let’s see what happens first…….

Wait, what!

Sun Jie’s pupils expanded, his expression as if he had seen a ghost.

The active light swallow was not able to sense the impending danger, the sword light fell from the sky as straight as a ruler, cutting through the Swallow Protection as if it was cutting tofu. The flock of swallows were cut into two, seven soldiers were not able to dodge in time, and watched with their eyes opened as the sword ray swept through their bodies.

Spurts of blood blossomed.

Before the shock on their faces could dissipate, they had lost control of the energy in their bodies.


The fire of the exploding energy enveloped the entire platoon.

It was unthinkable for the Swallow Protection to be unable to block the sword. There were burning flames and loud explosions everywhere, causing the soldiers to become confused, and instinctively charge out in panic.

In such a situation, they were able to maintain their overall team formation, it was obvious that they were trained well.

But it was not the first time for Crane and Jing Hao to see such a thing, since they were facing a Sacred Saint Galaxy army. While sparring with Shi Sen and his group, they were able to grasp a few points about armies, and the most important were their formations.

Shi Sen had told them, to any army, the formation was the fundamentals of the majority of all war tactics, if not, they could not even advance to energy synchronization.


The soldiers who had just charged out from the ball of flame, only saw a blur, the demonic figure barged into their scope of vision.

Crane had suddenly appeared, causing the soldiers to panic, and could only block with their instincts.

The most front soldier suddenly revealed a strange sluggish look. He remained frozen at his position, and the moment he struggled to get free from the state, he felt his throat in pain when a spurt of blood wind shot past him. He opened his eyes widely in fear, the spurt of blood wind was like an arrow suddenly transformed into a blood mist.

That demonic black figure, had already disappeared.

His body was falling rapidly, his consciousness started to slacken, why couldn’t i see that sword….

Pu Pu Pu.

In the blink of an eye, a few other people fell, there were no exceptions as they were struck in the same way.

The military generals and soldiers who witnessed everything were pale in their face, all the soldiers that had died, had their throats pierced by what would be an invisible sword, and they would suddenly exploded.

Sun Jie was unable to hold back anymore and cried out in surprise: “Ethereal Sword Wave!”

Hearing these four words, Sun Zheng’s expression, was suddenly pale.

Sun Jie stared at the demonic black figure in the sky, that’s right, that was the Ethereal Sword Wave! Every time the black figure changed his position, an ethereal and formless halo wave would emerge.

The entire platoon was long caught inside the seemingly complicated and formless ripples. The graceful and light sword dance had its killing intent hidden, it looked as though it was just ripples that would disrupt a person’s focus. The waves overlaid quietly, like a raging tide formed by one after another of waves that converged together, forming the Ethereal Sword Wave.

The might of each sword wave was not strong, and only existed for a few seconds, after which they would disappear into the complicated formless ripples.

Just those few seconds were sufficient.

Sun Jie’s heart turned cold.

The overflowing ripples itself had the effect of disrupting people’s state of mind, and so when the Ethereal Sword Waves were produced, they were unblockable.

The agile and light sword dance, was no longer a sight to admire, it only made people fearful and paranoid, a true heartfelt fear.

He was like a death god in the black gown who suddenly started dancing, and every move he made would take away life. No one knew when it would be their turn, no one knew where the sword wave would appear at or would attack from, and when they realized it, they would already be dead.

Nothing made people more fearful than to have the near death experience.

Jing Hao’s two sword lights that were brimming with the law of sword concepts did not break the platoon up, and the sudden explosions also did not break the platoon up.

But Crane’s silent reapings, made the brave platoon reveal signs of breaking down.

In the blink of an eye, they were left with less than 20 people, The platoon leader was distressed, not caring about anything else, he shouted loudly: “Retreat! Retreat back to the main body!”

He knew even if he returned alive, he would be punished by the Master. But in such a short time, Platoon Two was left with so little people, his heart was in extreme pain, no matter if he was punished or not, he could not care anymore.

As though they received an amnesty, all of them escaped in panic.

Crane and Jing Hao realized at the same time, that it was their best chance, and both of them made their moves in unison.

Drunk on Saint Blood trembled in Jing Hao’s hand as seven extremely straight sword auras, blossomed from the sword. Like seven fine light beams, they pierced into the heads of seven soldiers.

Crane’s feet seemed to take missteps, consecutively stepping upon seven bright lights, his sword was like a swimming dragon flying past, creating dazzling transformations in the sky. Chi chi chi, six soldiers instantly bled from their throats at the same time.

In another blink of an eye, they were left with only four soldiers including the platoon leader.

A total massacre!

It was a total massacre, a one sided massacre. From start till the end, the Platoon did not make any threatening offense, they were in the state of being suppressed from start to end.

The opponent’s attacking methods, were innumerable in succession, and no one could guard against it.

In just the few bouts, the entire elite platoon was left with only four members, they were completely devastated, showing the disparity in strength.

“So powerful!” Tang Tian watched till both his eyes were stunned, Jing Hao and Crane’s performance, made him very fascinated.

So, everyone was improving!

So, everyone hasn’t given up!

That’s great!

Tang Tian could feel his blood boiling, his fighting intent, was lifted by their shocking performances. He had long forgotten that he was supposed to rush over and reach Precious Bright City early. He only had one thing on his mind, that was to fight! To fight fiercely!

He glanced through the enemies, very quickly, he locked onto the most obvious person in the group.

That’s right, that’s him!

Tang Tian’s eyes released light, this fellow was the head.

He cupped his mouth with his hands, pulling his throat, he used all his strength to shout.

“Hey, the sissy in white, come out and fight!”

The entire place immediately became silent, and the air seemed to freeze.

Chapter 581 – The Swordsman, The Invisible Sword Wave, and the Sissy