Undefeated God of War - Chapter 579 – The Stupid Choice

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Chapter 579 – The Stupid Choice

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Be honest!”

Shi Yong’s back was in pain, with his blood splattered all over it. Even with a lash mark left on his back, Shi Yong did not make a sound, but hatred surfaced in his eyes. The dark green rope, had deeply carved into his flesh, he had lost all his senses towards energy, his body was fluttering emptily ashe had no strength left at all.

The dark green rope was called the Prisoner Rope, it was especially used to bind and hold captives, as it would embed itself into the flesh of the captive. Its greatest use was to isolate the captive from having any sense towards the energy in the air.

The captive was unable to mobilize energy, so he was not a threat.

The long Prisoner Rope, tied over 200 people, they were like domestic animals, tied into a bunch.

“Be lighter, don’t kill him.” Another lieutenant chided. They did not obtain great results, Precious Bright City only had a population of less than 8,000, far from what they are required to obtain. They suddenly realized that the mission this time, would not be completed so easily. The cruel punishment, made them feel a deep sense of fear, they could not care about the others, and they just captured all the old, weak and young to add to the numbers.

The other team, went to search for Shi Sen.

Shi Yong’s expression was cold, the corner of his mouth curled in a cold smile. If only these people knew Shi Sen had been bought over by Master Meng Nan, I wonder what their expressions would be?

Without even talking about Master Meng Nan, just the Underworld System Demonic Mounts under the command of Master Shi Sen, was enough to destroy these people. When he knew Master Shi Sen was actually leading the Underworld System Demonic Mounts, he nearly peed in fear.

However, the real ferocious one, was still Master Meng Nan. With his own strength, he defeated 51 Underworld System Demonic Mounts, if such an achievement was to spread, no one would believe it.

He had volunteered to run back, and pay attention to the movement of these people. When this army made its move, he had already sent the information back, and Master Meng Nan would definitely receive the news. And in order to prevent unnecessary loss, he even let the Precious Bright Village Regiment remove their resistance.

Suddenly, the arguments of the two people drilled into Shi Yong’s ears, causing Shi Yong to be stunned.

“Master Sun Zheng’s reputation is simply big, the mission of conscripting citizens, even Master Sun Jie’s 8th Army came to help.”

“You don’t know this, Master Sun Jie is Master’s cousin, the two also have a close relationship!”

“The Sun family truly lives up to their name!”


Shi Yong’s expression changed, he had never heard of Sun Zheng’s name before. But the name of Sun Jie of the Vast Star System, how could he not hear of it before? The 8th Army, was also one of the three Vast Star Systems elite armies. The Sun family had thrown in a large amount of meticulous care to this army, regardless of the equipment or the standards of the soldiers, they were much more powerful than the usual army in the Vast Star System.

Shi Yong’s heart was filled with hate, such important news, he himself actually did not managed to find out.

Finished……. His expression was grey in defeat.

“The 32nd Army has a total of 1,500 people, this army’s standings, is at the bottom of the Vast Star System, hence the equipment is terrible. Before Sun Zheng came, I handled daily war tactics and the formation tightly, but after Sun Zheng came, the people below all listened to him, accompanied him to eat, drink and be merry, and the discipline was extremely loose.”

When Shi Sen was summarizing about the army, he felt ashamed, as a commander, he failed to control the army, it was not a splendid moment.

He continued: “Sun Zheng himself doesn’t have much ability, compared to his cousin Sun Jie, he lacks a lot, and is a useless person. But Sun Jie is very capable, and is a Unique Military General.”

“Unique Military General?” Tang Tian froze, this familiar term, made him somewhat flabbergasted.

Bing was also flabbergasted, but quickly, he revealed a look of recognition, this was the place where commander came from.

“Yes, his unique ability is the [Blade Net].” Shi Sen expression was serious.

“[Blade Net]? What is that?” Bing asked.

“I don’t know.” Shi Sen shook his head: “I have not seen it before, but he had once set a record of the battle record of killing 700 people with 120 men.”

“Old Shi, are you a Unique Military General?” Tang Tian asked Shi Sen curiously.

Shi Sen’s eyes suddenly burst with radiance, he smiled, revealing his yellow teeth: “My commanding ability is only 500 men, my military rank was only a lieutenant, and cannot help but be underestimated by people. However other than these brothers of mine, no one knew, I am a Unique Military General, my unique ability is the [Ghost Mounts].”

“[Ghost Mounts]?” Tang Tian was confused, he could roughly guess what Blade Net was from the name, but Ghost Mount was simply too abstract.

“Only my team of Underworld System Demonic Mounts could use it, but its power is still quite strong.” Shi Sen said rather proudly.

“Your commanding ability cannot rise?” Bing asked. To a military general, commanding was more important than individual bravery. A commanding ability of 500 was indeed too low, and could only lead a team of scouts, and was unable to control a full army. No matter how small the army, they were usually around thousands of people. Not able to rise in command, meant that the military general’s potential was not big.

“I can’t.” Shi Sen was indifferent about it: “It could be due to our training method, but the Demonic System has never produced a famous general.”

Bing nodded, he did not speak, his mind wandered slightly, thinking of his commander. The army also never had one, all of them were all ordinary people, and the formation of the Southern Cross Army, was formed from the commander’s hand.

This was the commander’s hometown, seeing so many seemingly familiar things, made Bing subconsciously think of the past.

Commander, where are you?

“Which system’s mechanical techniques are the most famous?” Bing suddenly asked.

“Mechanical technique?” Shi Sen was startled: “That of course would be the Gold System in the Eastern Region.”

“Eastern Region’s Gold System?” Bing mumbled.

“Yes, the Gold System is the strongest in the Eastern region. Their mechanical techniques are unrivaled, apparently their history dates back to over 30,000 years.” Shi Sen glanced at Sky Tiger, the mechanical giant, gave him a deep impression.

“Hey hey hey, Uncle Bing, quickly tell us about your battle plans!” Tang Tian interrupted the two.

Bing regained his focus, his pupils became clear: “Our plan is simple, Old Shi, you guys will go to every village and cause a commotion, and it’s best to bring all of the units they have back to the black castle, we will battle it out with them here.”

“This plan is not bad.” Shi Sen nodded, there was a huge difference in the amount of people between the two parties, if they did not borrow the defense of the black castle, it would be difficult to win.

Tang Tian raised both arms, he shouted: “Godlike Old Shi, go go go!”

Shi Sen’s expression immediately froze, he turned and looked blankly at Master Meng Nan, as though he was looking at a lunatic

Bing comforted Shi Sen: “You will get used to it in time.”

Looking at Shi Sen leading 45 Underworld System Demonic Mounts leaving quietly, Tang Tian suddenly said: “Uncle Bing, I have an idea.”

“What idea?” Bing was a little surprised, he turned.

“Ling Xu, I, and the rest will go to Precious Bright City, to save everyone.” Tang Tian explained: “Old Stone’s actions, will need some time, we can definitely make it back before then. If we are late, Shi Yong and the rest might be shipped off, and that would be troublesome.”

Bing did not expect Tang Tian to suggest such a bold idea, he had noticed Wang Zhun Xian’s worried looks earlier. Shi Yong sent people to send intelligence, and it meant that the situation at Precious Bright City was getting worse.

Wang Zhun Xian’s eyes were red, he was indescribably emotional. Taking a deep breath, he calmed himself down, and bowed to Tang Tian: “Zhun Xian is willing to be the navigator! I do not have many capabilities, and might not be able to help the Young Master much, but if the Young Master wants me to do anything, i will do it without hesitation or frowns!”

Tang Tian’s gaze was sincere and calm, Bing realized he was not able to reject, and thus he spoke resolutely: “Then you need to be quick!”

“Rest assured, Uncle!” Tang Tian waved his hand, without turning his head and said: “We will come back quickly!”

A line of people rose to the sky.

Bing looked at Crazy Tang’s back view, in the eyes of any military general, Tang Tian’s behaviour was stupid. For such a low value target, he had taken on a tremendous amount of risk, it completely went against the war tactics doctrine.

It was the defenses of the black castle that gave Bing some confidence. The villagers were improving rapidly in his constant daily training, they might not be able to launch offensive campaigns, but if it was to stand their ground and to defend, they had the capabilities to do that.

Bing’s poker face revealed a helpless smile, who asked him to be with the crazy youth.

How many stupid things has he done already? Being stupid also has its limits right…….


Sun Jie did not bring many people with him, with only 500 elites. He stood up high, looking down at the ruthless soldiers below who were chasing after the villagers, his expression looking calm: “Ah Zheng, you better not be a military general next time, go and join politics, if not, go and do some business, prevent me from worrying too much.”

Sun Jie did not have any armor on, with only a shirt, his tall figure and handsome appearance made him to look like a scholar, without a bit of killing aura. He was young, but to be able to singlehandedly control an army no matter where he was, it was dazzling and eye catching.

“You think I want to?” compared to his other brothers, regardless of temperament or appearance, Sun Zheng was lacking a lot. He stretched his hand: “Anyway I have already been in this for a year, and when it is time, I have enough qualifications when it is time to go down to any planets to find another job, and spend my time drinking.”

“Good that you have plans.” Sun Jie laughed.

“Ah Jie, it is really nice for you to come here specially this time, to prevent me from going to find Shi Sen. When we return, we will directly place the charges on him.” Sun Zheng said.

Sun Jie was slightly helpless: “Master is really angry this time, I heard that in the studies, he directly smashed the teacup on Master Zi Qing’s face, when Master Zi Qing came out, everyone was shocked. If this mission is not completed, we are definitely in for it, I was afraid that something might had happened to you, so I came to take a look.”

“That’s why still Ah Jie is the most understanding!” Sun Zheng smiled happily.

Suddenly, the scout reported: “Master, southwest direction, there are five people nearing us!”

Sun Jie smiled and said to Sun Zheng: “I guess someone heard the news, and is thinking to run. Go, send a small team and capture them.”

“Yes!” the Adjutant answered.

Quickly, 10 elite personnel separated themselves from the main body, and flew towards the southwest direction.

“These few fugitives are really down on their luck, to actually bump into your army, life is really cruel.” Sun Zheng laughed: “It’s a pity their numbers are small, if they come by the thousands, then my mission will be more relaxed.”

Sun Jie smiled: “No worries, if the time comes and we are outnumbered I will help you take down the Summer System.”

He played his words down, brimming with confidence.


The intense explosion sounded from the southwest direction, a flame appeared in their vision, causing his pupils to suddenly shrink.