Undefeated God of War - Chapter 576 – Equipment

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Chapter 576 – Equipment

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Song Didi revealed a look of thought. He had never thought from that perspective before. With regards to knowledge about an army, he had learnt everything from Finger College. Finger College was one of the top three famed schools in the Blue World, but it was different from the other two schools. Finger College was formed by a group of awakened Blue Dwarves, and only accepted awakened Blue Dwarves.

The Blue Dwarves were a very unique colony, upon birth from the Blue Sea, 90% of them would be controlled by it. Very few of the Blue Dwarves would awaken and have their own consciousness.

The awakened Blue Dwarves would become more intelligent, if they are willing to swear their loyalty to the Blue Sea, they would definitely receive the Blue Sea’s favouritism and love, and would be valued more highly.

After graduating from the college, Song Didi originally wanted to put it to use, and joined one of the Six Great Orders, the Red Order Army, but because he was not willing to pledge his loyalty to the Blue Sea, he was sidecasted. His personality was not very approachable, and frequently got into quarrels with others, and he found out very quickly he could not stay with the army and eventually returned back to Abidiya City.

Abidiya City was very far from the Blue Sea, and was one of the sidelying places in the Blue World, the majority of the residents were all awakened Blue Dwarves.

“Barbara, who are you serving now?” Song Didi raised his head and stared at Barbara.

Barbara did not hide away from the question, and said proudly: “Of course he’s an important figure!”

“Important figure?” Song Didi curled his lips, and with a bit of disdain: “What kind of important figure can there be in Blue World? I remember you were in the White Order Army….”

“Intruder!” Barbara raised his chin up, his expression brimming with pride: “I am in service for the Intruder!”

“Intruder!” Song didi looked at Barbara in shock “The intruder from over 10 years ago?”

“Could there be another intruder, if not for that one?” Barbara waved his hand, feigning humor.

Song didi jumped up as though his butt was on fire: “Barbara, you’re crazy! You’re actually helping the Intruder! Don’t you know that the intruder is our Blue Dwarves archenemy…..”

“Back then, it was I who brought him in.” Barbara looked at Song Didi, pride still on his face: “Song Didi, didn’t you always want to know when I was awakened? It was at that time, when I met him, grand Master. That was when I truly opened my eyes, and saw that the world, was not just the same old blue.”

“God…..”Song Didi looked at Barbara in disbelief, he had not expected that his good friend would actually be hiding such a crucial part of history.

“The world is so miraculous.” Barbara laughed: “I am not a good soldier, but I am a good guide.”

After thinking for a long time, Song Didi regained his calmness and became excited: “Why did he come back?”

“No, it’s his son who is here now.” Barbara said sternly.

“Ha, if I did not remember wrongly, the Intruder was not that old. How old is his son? 15? 16?”

“18 years old.” Barbara corrected him.

(TN: Wtf seriously? It’s been 576 chapters, and Tang Tian was 17 at the first chapter. I truly don’t get how he had gone through so much in just a year. It’s impossible. So I reckon that Barbara is making a random number from the looks of TT’s face.)

“Alright alright, 18 years old, an 18 years old kid, what can he do?” Song Didi looked at Barbara with ridicule.

“A legend is set to be a legend.” Barbara said indifferently: “All the recent turmoil in the Blue Sea was created by him and his group.”

Song Didi’s expression froze, because of the crisis and turmoil of the Blue Sea, uncountable Blue Dwarves had died.

After considering for a long time, Song Didi spoke: “I will not be in service of our archenemy, furthermore he is just a kid.”

“That is truly a pity.” Barbara stared at Song didi, and suddenly screamed: “Wake up! Song Didi! We are different, the moment that we were awakened, we are different. In here, you will never ever have the chance, and will die out silently, bringing all of your things into the tomb with you.”

Barbara was extremely angry, he did not know why, he tugged on his collars, and shouted with deep resentment: “Stop thinking you’re something! Song Didi! He is a legend, and you, you’re nothing, you’re just a pitiful creature that was kicked out! As long as I say that I am in service of the Intruder, inside Abidiya, I will be able to attract a huge bunch! Wei Suo, Xiang Song Zan, Suo Sa, you think they are lousier than you?You have never proven your strength before! In the entire Blue Dwarves world, no one can attest to your strength! Other than the Intruder, who can gather us different dwarves together? Song Didi! Tell me, who? You want to live like this forever?”

Song Didi looked at Barbara in shock, the current Barbara in front of him was like a completely different dwarf compared to the Barbara he knew, a coward and timid weakling.

“I’m sick of this life!” Barbara roared: “I don’t see any hope at all! Every day doing nothing, do you know what I see them as? A group of machine puppets, and for me to have to live with those puppets every single day, I am f***ing sick of it!”

Barbara stormed out of the door.


“You said you can still command the blade?” Tang Tian stared at Shi Sen, showing no emotions.

“Yes!” Shi Sen replied solemnly, he stood there extremely straight with his head high.

“You’re already old, you can still command the blade?” Tang Tian sneered.

Bing consciously maintained a distance away from Tang Tian. His mood was not good in the past few days, and it was definitely not a good thing to provoke such a Crazy Tang. It seems like Shi Sen had truly infuriated Crazy Tang, causing him to be pissed off.

“I can command it!” Shi Sen shouted loudly.

Tang Tian beamed with a wide smile: “That’s a true hero! I already said old man, you’re not a spoiled asset. Uncle, is their equipment ready?”

Shi Sen heaved a sigh of relief, he did not expect to pass so easily, and when he heard Tang Tian asking about the preparations of equipment, he became even happier.

Bing saw the happiness in Shi Sen, and his heart was brimming with sympathy, you better laugh all you can right now, for you will not be laughing later.

Every person who thinks they had received good things from Crazy Tang, will ultimately end up crying and blaming their own stupidity.

Trust me, you’re not the first, and will not be the last…..


Bing immediately regained his senses, and coughed lightly: “Everything is ready. After studying Shi Sen’s war tactics properly, I think, the strongest part about his tactic is the state where they combine and share the energy in the transformed state. It has two most difficult obstacles, one is the blade, it must be able to bear the powerful energy intensity, and thus, we have prepared a specific blade for it, the Black Wind Blade.”

He retrieved out a black blade and threw it to Shi Sen.

Shi Sen accepted the blade, and after slash testing it, he revealed an ecstatic look. The black blade was 1.5m long with a thick back and thin edge, the blade body’s width was larger than a palm, with a mellow and full arc and with dark red vein patterns around its entire blade resembling a leaf. Shi Sen could not stop the corners of his mouth from drawing back, the feel of the blade was exceptionally good, with its unknown materials used to manufacture it, he had never seen it before.

Shi Sen activated energy which revealed the blade aura around the blade, extending the blade by another few meters, like a huge light pike, causing him to grin from ear to ear.

Wang Zhun Xian and Shi Yong who were at the side were immediately envious.

Only Bing’s heart was filled with sympathy, you will know later what is extreme joy turning to sorrow.

Crazy Tang was foolish at many times, but you should never meet him when he isn’t foolish…..

The black blade was a by-product from Sai Lei’s research on how to smelt the black rock, it’s alloy composition was not perfect, based on the principle that even waste materials could be exploited, Sai Lei allowed her subordinates to compress it into blades. The veins on the blade’s body were spirit metal, but these batches of spirit metal did not meet the standard index, and thus her subordinates had learned her “principle that even waste materials could be exploited”, and thus added them into the blades. It was even apparent in the name of the blades, it was just a casual product created.

“This is not your blade!” Bing spoke out.

“What? Why?” Shi Sen became like a cat that had its tail stepped out, jumping out in surprise. He hugged the Black Wind Blade, the pores of his hair all expanded as he glared at Bing.

“It is the equipment for your teammates. Your blade needs to be more outstanding, so we prepared another type of blade for you.” Bing took out a translucent azure blue blade and threw it to Shi Sen.

Shi Sen looked at the blade in shock, unable to remove his gaze from it.

Compared to the Black Wind Blade, this blade was longer and narrower, its body resembled the clear seawater, pure and sparkly, and he could even see through it’s translucent body to see the rocks on the ground. The blade handle was completely white, like the snow on the mountain peaks, it revealed strands of chilliness.

The blade was in front of him, and the energy around it formed a vortex, as if the blade was absorbing the energy.

This blade, has a spirit…..

“It is called Evening Snow Ocean.” Bing introduced: “From today on, it belongs to you. It is a famed blade, with glorious achievements bounded to it, I hope you do not dishonor it.”

Bing lied through his teeth with his eyes fully opened. Evening Snow Ocean was a rushed job that Little Fool had created the night before, a spirit treasure he had refined. But Little Fool’s current standard of refining weapons was extremely high, although it was a rushed work, it was of high quality.

Shi Sen extended his trembling hand out, when he held onto the blade handle, he could feel its consciousness, and his eyes starting to tear.

Old tears falling again.

Bing did not stop, and continued: “We have also studied your armor, and have started carrying out modifications on top of its original purpose. It was I who suggested the modifications, I think that the armor’s sensitivity to energy and intimacy, is much more important than its defense. So for the new armor, we have specially designed energy wings, to allow all of you to be more agile, and at a degree aid in your ability to control the energy.”

Shi Sen was no longer able to hold it in, and cried out in pain.

After five to six minutes, he regained his composure. He lifted up Evening Snow Ocean, walked to Tang Tian, and knelt down on one knee, and said solemnly: “The Demonic Mounts of the Underworld System, pledge our lives to Master, our loyalty and devotion is yours!”

“Underworld…..Underworld System Demonic Mounts….” Wang Zhun Xian’s face flushed white, he stammered, and the look he gave Shi Sen was as though he had seen a ghost.

Shi Yong who was beside him was also the same, his teeth were trembling up and down, his lips shaking, his face was void of blood, he howled and instantly fainted.

“Underworld System Demonic Mounts….” Tang Tian mumbled to himself, it seems prominent…..oh, I will check it out when I have the time, but for now….

He looked at Shi Sen: “How long do you need to recover?”

“We can go to war right now!” Shi Sen said sternly.

Tang Tian smiled, revealing his teeth: “Very good.”