Undefeated God of War - Chapter 575 – Barbara’s Suggestion

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Chapter 575 – Barbara’s Suggestion

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian laid on the sand and mud.

He watched the sky in a daze, he was gasping for breath, the perspiration flowed all over his face. He did not know what made him angry, but he was just pissed.

After venting, he had also calmed down.

Maybe it was because I am the same as him, I have already bore the weight of other people’s dreams and hopes.

The current him was not reckless like he was in the past, he could no longer do things for himself. Unknowingly, he had become the leader out of his friends, although it was not his intentions, but it had become the fact.

For example, in the past, he could keep moving forward just by thinking for himself. But now, he had to bring everyone along with him.

He did not say anything, there wasn’t anything much to say. WIth people’s trust in you, you just have to work harder. Until today, when he saw Shi Sen, his depressed and ashen heart, he became enraged, and immediately exploded.

The pressure had been increasing on him day after day.

He looked up at the sky, the blue sky with clouds of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, was the same as Heavens Road.

But the Sacred Saint Galaxy was completely different.

Jing Hao, Crane and Ling Xu, together, were actually not able to defend against a group of 50 people, this would never had happened in Heavens Road.

Tang Tian thought about it, the Sacred Saint Galaxy was a brand new environment, but he never thought that the difference between the two worlds would be so great. Wang Zhun Xian had said that the Vast Star System held 36 different sized armies, and inside the Southern Region, the Vast Star System was not the strongest. Tang Tian almost did not believe the numbers at all, and thus the immense pressure.

In Heavens Road, even the worst army was still an army.

But in Sacred Saint Galaxy, the army system came from a long history. Listening to Wang Zhun Xian’s complete narration and details, Tang Tian realized the challenge they were facing.

If we were to say that the martial technique system in Heavens Road had been developed to its peak, then the army system in Sacred Saint Galaxy had also been developed to its peak. Once the youths in Sacred Saint Galaxy grow and go to school, they would learn the most fundamental group trainings. They were required to understand the basics of compatibility, and the fundamentals of war tactics. These type of students, upon graduation, would be able to assimilate themselves and find worthy positions in any army, for example the Village Regiments, the Army for Hire, and the Feudal Lands Elite Battalions so on and so forth.

In this place, every job emphasized greatly on team coordination.

The Shang System was a poor place, and only had one school which had a relatively low standard, far lower than the average of the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

On Heavens Road, Tang Tian’s Ursa Major Constellation was able to stand their ground against other powerhouses because they had their strong armies. But no matter how much trust he had in them, he did not think that their armies which had struggled through only a few years, were able to compare against the army system of the Sacred Saint Galaxy which had been built upon thousands of years.

His strongest aspect, was actually the weakest, causing Tang Tian and the rest to feel at an extreme disadvantage.

This feeling was extremely terrible.

No, there must be a way!

Tang Tian kept on looking at the sky, I will definitely find a way.


Vast Star System, a stout fatty swept over the report in his hands, and asked without raising his head: “What’s the progress for the pontoon bridge in the Sea of Light?”

In front of the table, a man who looked to be of 30 years old spoke carefully with his head lowered: “The progress has not been great, there is too big a shortfall with the number of villagers.”

“Can it be completed in 5 months?” The fatty asked.

Yang Zi Qing was perspiring in cold sweat, he hardened his skin and answered: “It is not possible.”


The cups on the table were directly smashed onto his face, but he continued to droop his head and did not dare to move. His forehead was cut and bleeding, the way the blood meandered around his face made him look very terrifying.

The fatty raised his head, as though nothing had happened, his face showing no emotion: “Do you know how much I lose everyday the bridge does not get fixed?”

Yang Zi Qing knew that the Master was infuriated, and did not dare make a sound or wipe the blood on his face.

“Do you know how much money I am spending a day? You think it’s so easy feeding all of you?” The fatty sighed: “Everything now is so expensive, money is flowing like water. What does our Vast Star System rely on? It’s business, every day that the pontoon bridge in the Sea of Light is broken, is a day of loss, and I feel anxious. Zi Qing Ah, how long have you followed me for?”

“Reporting to Master, it has been 12 years.” Yang Zi Qing replied.

“It’s already been 12 years.” The fatty sighed: “You’re already old, without all of you, there would not be the Vast Star System of today. I know, many are already satisfied with what they have now, and the current Vast Star System is so many times stronger than it was 12 years ago. Everyone has their own families and businesses, and think it is time to enjoy. But Zi Qing, take a look.”

The Fatty walked over to the star apparatus, the gigantic star apparatus, showed the location of every planet in the Sacred Saint Galaxy.

“Our Vast Star System, is located at a prime area, this has brought about our achievements, and in the entire Southern Region, the Vast Star System is currently one of the top 10 commerce reliant systems.” The Fatty’s tone had a tinge of arrogance: “But this also means that we are bound to be involved with many fights. We are like a piece of meat, who knows when people would come to take a bite.”

“I know many people below have many opinions about me. They think that we have too many armies in the Vast Star System, but they do not think about if there wasn’t the armies, how could we continue to survive? How could we protect our treasured grounds?”

“Master is brilliant!” Yang Zi Qing replied.

“Brilliant?” the Fatty’s tone suddenly became overbearing: “Who will call me brilliant? They will only hate me, asking why I do not share profits with them, they have worked hard and earned many achievements and should be enjoying themselves! He he!”

The Fatty’s face was filled with ridicule, but he quickly calmed down: “But regardless of what they think, I don’t care.”

His tone became much more relaxed, and even chuckled.

Yang Zi Qing felt a chill run down his spine, he knew that the purge that the Master had kept in for a long time, was about to begin.

As though he had read Yang Zi Qing’s mind, the Fatty laughed: “Humans, when they haven’t been active for a long time, will always accumulate toxins and rubbish in their bodies, only by cleansing their organs and removing these toxins, will they feel more refreshed. With you handling things, I can rest easy. Three months, the Pontoon bridge must be fixed, go do what you need to.”

The Fatty patted Yang Zi Qing’s shoulder.

Yang Zi Qing walked out of the Master’s room, he was extremely agitated. He calmed himself down, and decided not to think too much, and complete the matter of the pontoon bridge first.

Master said to do what I need to do, that was a support and a warning, if I am truly to let loose, and not do it well, then it becomes my own problem. Yang Zi QIng understood his Master, the Master only looked at results.

Yang Zi Qing revealed a bitter smile, it seemed that he must apply more pressure to those below him.


Blue World.

Barbara’s return did not alarm anyone, compared to the other Blue Dwarves, he was much smarter. He arrived at Abidira Mountain, which was a humongous rock in the middle of the void, it had a massive volume, with its length over 120 km, and its largest width was over 85 km. It’s structure was that of an anvil.

The Blue Dwarves had built their own city on its surface, called the Abidiya City.

The Abidiya City was covered in a faint blue fog, it was the distinct blue mist of the Blue Dwarves, in which it would appear at every place where the Blue Dwarves gathered. This blue mist secretion emitted by the blue vine protected the Blue Dwarves from being corroded by the void.

But inside the city, there was no blue mist.

It was the first time Barbara had come to Abidiya City, but he quickly found the location for his purpose, it was a concave valley, located at a very isolated area. It seemed that his old friend did not live very well.

In any Blue Dwarf city, there would be a parent vine, in which the location which was closer to the parent vine was worth more money.

This valley, was extremely far away.

Very quickly, Barbara found the home of his old friend, which was in fact an extremely small cave.

He knocked on the door.

“Who’s that?” A voice filled with unhappiness came out.

“It’s me, Barbara.” Barbara replied.

The little wooden door creaked open, and out appeared a Blue Dwarf with a surprised look: “Barbara, what’re you doing here!”

“Song Didi, long time no see!” Barbara exclaimed with enthusiastic hand movements.

“It’s really been too long!” Song Didi also gestured with his hands, and passionately hugged Barbara: “Quickly come in!”

Song Didi was half a head higher than Barbara, and looked to be more courageous and strong with his aquiline nose and deep blue eyes. The gaze he gave people was very judgemental, and could cause people to feel uncomfortable.

“It seems like you’ve been living not too bad.” Barbara looked around the room, it was extremely simple and crude.

“Actually, it’s terrible.” Song didi poured a glass of water and gave it to Barbara: “I only have water here, luckily you’re not one to be fussy.”

“I was surprised by the letter you sent me the last time.” Barbara drank a mouth, and then placed the cup down: “I feel that with your talent, you could definitely continue staying in the Red Order Army.”

“I am not willing to vow my loyalty to the Blue Sea.” Song Didi did not shun away, looking straight at Barbara: “We’re the same, Barbara, we have already awakened. Although you pretend, but I have known it since a long time ago?”

Barbara did not refute, and only raised his eyebrow: “Why didn’t you? As long as you vow your loyalty to the Blue Sea, I believe with your talent, you will definitely sky rocket inside the Red Order Army.”

“Although the Blue Sea nurtured us, I do not wish to be a puppet. I have already awakened and have my own consciousness, and I will die after another 10 years, and still return to the Blue Sea. But before that, I wish to lead my own life.” Song Didi waved his hand: “Barbara, don’t tell me you came to find me to talk about life?”

“Of course not.” Barbara became solemn: “If there is an opportunity for you now, will you lead an army?”

“Stop dreaming.” Song didi shook his head: “the Blue Sea will definitely not allow an awakened Blue Dwarf who doesn’t wish to vow its loyalty to lead an army, that’s an unbroken rule!”

“What if we build our own army?” Barbara asked again.

“Where are the soldiers coming from? Me and you?” Song didi replied sarcastically: “The best soldiers are always from the Blue Sea.”

“We can find other awakened Blue Dwarves like us.” Barbara pointed at himself.

“That’s not a good idea.” Song didi shook his head: “once a Blue Dwarf awakens, he will have his own thoughts, and become undisciplined. They will go and research on mechanics or other weird things, but they are definitely not qualified to be soldiers, like you for example.”

Barbara was embarrassed, he truly was not a good soldier, but he did not plan to give up: “Maybe you’re right, but Song Didi, you’re a learned dwarf, why do humans have their own consciousness, but their armies are so powerful?”

Song didi was stunned.