Undefeated God of War - Chapter 574 – Coward! Liar!

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Chapter 574 – Coward! Liar!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Shi Sen raised his head and sized up the young man who had defeated him.

His first thought was the age, this man is too young! Other than that, he did not find any other point, he did not portray the arrogance of an aristocratic family disciple, or the expression that he had everything under his control, or a bearing of being free and unconstrained.

I was actually beaten by this young man?

Shi Sen was lamenting in his heart, and became even more sad. It seems that I am truly old and crippled, I am no longer who I was back then.

Tang Tian had also sized him up, Shi Sen’s eyes showed depth, his moustache was unkempt, with a depressed attitude. He looked to be around 40, with his thin face and sharp protruding jaw. The hair by his temples had some white hair, revealing his older age.

“Why did you attack us?” Tang Tian asked curiously.

Hearing the naive question, Shi Sen did not bother to care.

“You better answer us honestly.” Bing suddenly cut in: “Your men are in our hands.”

Shi Sen’s mind turned cold, but he quickly recovered. He did not expect everyone to be held captive, and the threat in his tone was no doubt real. Shi Sen did not wish for them to be held captive and spoke: “People die for wealth, as do birds die for food, what’s there to reason about? Since I fell to your hands, it should be concluded, just make it fast.”

“The army stationed in Precious Bright City, do they take your orders?” Bing continued to ask, throwing a cigarette to Shi Sen.

Shi Sen knew what they wanted to do, he accepted the cigarette, lit it up, and puffed, then said: “Sun Zheng is my assistant, he is from the Sun Family, and is worth much more than me. Youths with unlimited potential, are the ones to make future decisions. Who would care about an old man like me?”

Bing frowned, he could hear that Shi Sen was not lying, but that also meant that their plan to use Shi Sen to control the army was down in the drains, and things had become more complicated.

“What’s the deadline for your task?” Bing continued to ask.

“In two months, 200 thousand civilians.”

Bing: “Sun Zheng’s not anxious about it?”

“Anxious? For what? I’m the one to receive the punishment if we do not accomplish the task.” Shi Sen said with ridicule.

Tang Tian suddenly said: “The might of your war tactics aren’t just limited to what you showed me.”

Shi Sen froze, but did not speak.

Bing looked at Tang Tian in surprise, With his experience, he was able to see that Shi Sen’s level of war tactics, which was very high level but obviously was limited, was not able to display the full potential of the team. But Bing did not expect for Tang Tian to be able to see it too.

Crazy Tang’s attainments in war tactics……did he have that before?

Is it his battle instincts? Did his battle instincts grow to become that strong?

Bing was secretly surprised, since the start, Tang Tian had portrayed outstanding battle instincts, like the intuition of a wild beast. But, from the looks of it, his battle instincts had always been improving.

“Uncle, how can we display the full might of his war tactics?” Tang Tian asked Bing.

Bing looked at Shi Sen, and said: “These types of war tactics truly need to fulfil a few criterias. If I am not wrong, when his war tactics were created, it was aimed for a group roughly 500 men.”

Shi Sen’s hand trembled, but he did not say word, and continued to smoke the cigarette in silence. That’s right, 500 men, that year, when we stood in full formation, it was 500 men, all good lads….

The smoke lingered on, the faces from his memories flashed past his eyes. I have let all of you down….

His back automatically slumped, the decadent and grayish aura shrouded his figure.

“Numbers affect the might of such tactics. A group of 40 men is not enough to support that tactic formation he used. In truth, such a war tactic also demands equipment that can integrate as a whole for all of them, so that their energy resonance can be more perfected. And out of these equipments, the one that requires the harshest demands is his blade, it requires him to bear a lot of the burden.”

Bing spoke frankly, causing Shi Sen to be even more agonized. He is a professional at a high level, from one look he was able to grasp my tactic, with such strength, he is definitely not a nobody.

To lose to such people, should not be considered a disgrace.

“Why didn’t you give them suitable equipment?” Tang Tian asked in puzzlement.

Shi Sen was already lazy to reply.

“Hey hey hey, it’s very rude not to reply!” Tang Tian pouted: “Don’t you have an army? Why didn’t you supply them with the proper equipment? Don’t you know that preparations before going to war are extremely important….”

So noisy…..

The vein on Shi Sen’s eyebrow was twitching, and his fists started to clench tightly.

But….why do I feel so upset? It’s truly childish, to be provoked with such words, is it worth it? But…..why do I feel so upset?

Am I upset for my incapability?

That’s right, to not even give proper equipment to my subordinates for them to resonate well together, is there any one as incapable as myself?


“You couldn’t.” Bing said indifferently.

Shi Sen finally exploded, his face warped into a sinister look: “You think everyone’s like you guys? To have everything simply by sitting at home? What do you know? I only know how to kill people, understand? I only know how to kill! I don’t know how to fawn on people, I don’t know how to win favors. I only know how to destroy my enemies in the battlefield! You want to talk about military achievements? You think you can have everything just by earning some achievements? Don’t be so F****ing naive! Do you like it if your allies give you a slash on your back? And your achievements, become someone elses? If you don’t even give them money to mend your weapons, do you think they will care about you! The more we fought, the lesser we became, we walked so far, we could not even feed ourselves. We became bandits, after going halfway, we gave up. We did not want to be bandits anymore, we did not want to live so sneakily, we would rather die on the battlefield! I was truly an idiot!”

“Why did I attack you all? For money!”

Shi Sen’s sneer was filled with ridicule: “I want money, I want so much money, I finally knew, to have money means to be the boss! I was too foolish in the past, if I had known, I would had long taken under table money, and I would have everything! It’s all the same anyway, to kill whoever whenever? Whatever dreams there are, those are dog shit!”

Tang Tian was not shocked by his outburst, but became even more inquisitive: “What do you need money for?”

Shi Sen turned sluggish, but he became even more angry: “Are you an idiot? What do we need money for? No, you’re just a pampered son of a wealthy family, you have all the money in the world, you don’t understand anything! I want money, I want to buy a big plot of land, I want everyone to retire, to give them the best houses, to give every single one of them a few wives, and to build a very very big Memorial, very funny right, idiot!”

Shi Sen who finished screaming seemed to be in lack of air, he fell to the ground, and looked up to the sky, and his thoughts started to drift: “Be fast with your actions, stop mistreating them, end us quickly.”

“Hey, I’ll give you a plot of land.”

The voice above him spoke out, causing Shi Sen to twitch, unclear whether he was laughing or crying: “Are you trying to attract us to join you? Three people have said those words to me, and i was like an idiot that believed every single one of them. One of them was promoted and left, I could not even find him and his men. One betrayed us, and many of our brothers died. One of them waited for us to become smaller in numbers, and then swept us out like we were old dogs. I’m old, we are all old, and we are not sharp anymore. I am not begging you for anything, I just want it to end quickly.”

“If you’re not afraid to die, then what are you afraid for?” Tang Tian looked at Shi Sen who was lying on the ground like trash, and a devilish fire sparked in his heart, he became enraged, and grabbed Shi Sen by the collar with a hand, pulling him up from the ground, and broke out in words: “Are you afraid of being lied to? Or are you afraid that everything you’ve worked for will go up in smoke? Aren’t you supposed to work hard? They are all following you, they all believe you, they have all given their lives to you. Even when many died, they never left you! Because you are fighting, you are fighting with them, because they know you are working very hard, although you are stupid! Idiot! What reasons do you have to not work hard? Afraid of being cheated? Is that a reason or excuse? Failure is a failure, you’re not dead yet, so you should f***ng be saying, who’s afraid of dying, as long as we don’t give up!”

“You’re not sharp anymore? You’re old? Stop lying to yourself, stop lying to them! They are definitely disappointed in the you now! I dare to bet with you! They are rather willing to die on the battlefield, then to see you begging like a pitiful creature here, and even pleading for death! You seriously piss me off! You are carrying their dreams and hopes, they have not even given up, who gave you the right to give up?”

“Don’t even speak of the 46 men, even if you’re left with one, you should never give up on fighting! Don’t tell me that you have white hair now, even if you’re bald, even if your teeth all fall out, even if you fall when you walk, you should always crawl back up and fight!”

“Coward! Liar!”

Shi Sen felt a burst of power flowing, and he was smashed down onto the ground. Tang Tian turned and left in anger. Immense pain came from his back, but Shi Sen did not feel anything. He stared blankly in the sky, his mind were full of Tang Tian’s words.

“…..Aren’t you supposed to work hard…..?”

“…..because they know you are working very hard, although you are stupid…..”

“……You are carrying their dreams and hopes, they have not even given up, who gave you the right to give up….”

“Coward! Liar!”

For some reason, tears started to flow out, his aged face that was covered with hardships, was covered with tears.

“Although I truly want to console you, I think that Crazy Tang is right.” Bing glanced at Shi Shen who was curled up like a prawn and crying, and he said: “you better think about it.”

With that, Bing also left.

Tang Tian who was enraged went to find Ling Xu: “Little Xu Xu! Come, let’s spar!”

“Don’t disturb me!” Ling Xu was still brooding over the loss he had suffered two days ago, and upon speaking, his words were extremely crude and violent.


The two of them instantly started to fight.

Tang Tian scolded while fighting: “He pisses me off, that idiot, asshole! Truly, I cannot forgive him. I have never met such a weak asshole before…”

Ling Xu’s entire face was filled with killing intent, his spear shot out like rain, and mumbling through his teeth: “I’ll spear them to death! Spear them to death! The next time I meet them, I must spear them all to death….”

The two of them fought until it got extremely loud, both of them lost in their anger and scoldings, completely ignoring the other party’s contents.

Bing appeared beside Crane and Jing Hao, pointed to Tang Tian and Ling Xu and mocked them: “whenever a lunatic and a crazy man clashes, it’s always so enthusiastic….”

Crane turned and looked at Jing Hao: “Let’s have a bout too!”

Jing Hao replied solemnly: “I feel the same way.”

The two of them pulled distance, then started to fight.

Bing’s poker face became blacker: “Everyone is…”