Undefeated God of War - Chapter 568 – The Black Stones in the Barren land

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Chapter 568 – The Black Stones in the Barren land

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Master being called the Intruder stems from when he barged into the Blue Sea that year. Master’s first battle shocked the entire Blue Sea, he relied solely on himself and resisted against the famous White Order Army known for their [Blue Hands]. The White Order Army was one of the most elite armies in the clan, with outstanding battle achievements, they once took down the capital of Darcy System! The commander of White Order Army was beheaded by Master with a just a single slash of his sword……”

“At that time, the commander of the White Order Army was a powerful figure. This immediately caused a sensation in the Blue World, we call it the Blue World there, the Blue Sea is only a part of it. The strongest six experts of the clan at that time went hand in hand, to get him to surrender, but unexpectedly, Master was too lazy to even greet them, and without saying anything, he immediately started to fight. The two sides battled for an entire day and night, of the six experts, four were beheaded by Master, the other two escaped with serious injuries. This shook the entire Blue World….”

“Countless experts, went against him, wave upon wave, like moths attracted to fire, and they were all killed by Master. Even up till now, when 10 years have passed, the Blue World has not recovered from that loss. Many even felt that they had to use the armies to defeat Master, hence they deployed four armies to encircle and annihilate Master, but they were all played by Master nonstop, they were beaten up really badly, of course, there was Barbara’s credit in that too……”

“The entire Blue World was already trembling beneath his feet, there was once someone in the city who suddenly shouted in the city that an intruder had come, all the young and old in the city fled for their lives, and the entire city became empty! All the heroes were so alarmed, who could stop him?”

Barbara spoke with excitement as he spoke of the stories with color and passion.

Tang Tian’s mind wandered, he did not know how he felt, that man’s figure, in his mind, had always been a blurred figure.

However, the more he learnt and knew about him, he gradually started to understand a few things.

That man also fought for his own dreams, he definitely had a reason that compelled him to fight, his heart was also filled with a longing, he also definitely yearned for victory, yearn to go home….

He suddenly understood, why his mother never once spoke badly about that man.

He thought of Qian Hui, thought of everyone, thought of Ursa Major Constellation, his eyes that were at a loss slowly regained focus. Yes, he had his reasons to fight, I too have my own reasons to fight.

No matter what, he could not sit back and watch Heavens Road get taken by Sacred Saint Galaxy, because it was his home, his life, his future.

The reason he came here, the reason he was here, he was not only fighting for himself, but fighting for all his loved ones.

What he could not do, let me change everything then. Tang Tian quietly clenched his fist.

All the doubts were swept away, Tang Tian felt his entire body being filled with energy.

“Since it’s like that, you will follow me.” Tang Tian interrupted Barbara.

Barbara was over the moon: “Thank you, young Master!”

When Tang Tian walked out of the room, he saw Shi Yong being duped by Bing in circles, his face filled with excitement.

Shi Yong was indeed extremely excited, especially when the Master had said that they might stay in the Shang System, he became extremely moved. Because to the Shang System, it was an exceptionally good opportunity!

The Shang System was poor and desolate, there were no natural resources that they could trade, the population was scarce, everyone was extremely poor. For Master to actually be willing to stay, that would definitely improve the Shang System.

Who cares about the authority and power to control the planet?

For even pirates and bandits to not want to come, that meant something.

The salary of Precious Bright Village Regiment was extremely little, if anyone was willing to give 200 cloud coins of salary a month, practically almost the entire swarm of troops would rush over to start work.

No! I must make sure the Masters stay!

Little Fool flew to Tang Tian and spoke softly: “Hey, there is black gold sand in the black rocks of this barren land!”

While collecting his spoils of war, he suddenly realized that the black stones that were as black as ink, were not broken. Especially the first attack Bing launched, around the large pit blasted by his attack, although the black stones were distorted in shape, they did not get shattered.

To withstand that terrifyingly strong attack and not shatter, it immediately attracted Little Fool’s attention.

Little Fool took out Honourable Martial Crown and smelted a piece of black stone, and the result was actually the black gold sand they were collecting inside the sea of rocks.

Tang Tian was shocked, and he immediately gathered everyone and ran to the desolate land together.

“It really is the black gold sand!” Bing’s tone was filled with excitement: “No wonder it is so hard, Sai Lei would definitely go crazy!”

There was no need to speak further, everyone immediately understood the value of the barren land. Black gold sand had outstanding characteristics, but it was a pity that it was few in numbers, the endless barren land, definitely had countless black stones, it was definitely enough to produce sufficient black gold sand, that meant that they could create a black gold series of mechanical spirit weapons!

It made them crazy just by thinking of it.

There was already no more problems or issues about occupying the Shang System, the precious natural resource was definitely something they had to monopolize.

Tang Tian made a prompt decision: “The Shang System is important to us, we want to build a city here, however, we must first settle the problem of the Blue Tide.”

When Shi Yong heard the first half of what Tang Tian said, he was elated, he had a premonition that the Shang System would soon be reborn! The latter half actually made him revere in his heart. Listen to that, Shi Yong, that aggressiveness! At this time and age, who would dare speak about resolving the Blue Tide problem! Those arrogant pricks from the Summer System, which one would actually speak of such words? This is truly tyrannical!

If the Shang System let go of this big and rich elephant thigh, we should just get struck by lightning!

“Barbara, tell us about the Blue Tide.” Tang Tian turned and asked.

Barbara became focused, he knew it was his time to perform, and spoke only after some thought: “This place is too poor, there is no oil or water, so the stronger armies can’t be bothered here, that’s why there are not many troops. Furthermore, the news of Young Master being here will quickly spread amongst the troops, and I reckon no one will dare to come here. But at the same time, experts would most probably hear about it and I am afraid that they would come and challenge Young Master. There are many ambitious people in the Blue World, and if they beat Young Master, they can earn a name for themselves, that is very attractive.”

To fight individual battles against Blue Dwarves was not something Tang Tian was afraid of. He waved his hand: “Oh, then I would not need to be bothered by them. Barbara, the army you were in just now, what army is that? How many such armies are there in the Blue World?”

Barbara said proudly: “The Black Order Army, is one of the most elite armies in the Blue World. In the Blue World, there are the Six Great Orders, and they are the most elite of armies.”

Tang Tian asked Bing: “You saw the Black Order Army, will we have difficulty defeating them?”

Bing muttered: “With the villager’s standard, and If i have a population of 2,000, if I have 1 year to nurture them, it should not be a problem.”

Barbara was not convinced: “But the Black Order Army has 20 thousand people!”

Bing glanced at Barbara: “I know.”

“Your arrogant attitude towards Young Master is very irresponsible!” Barbara stamped with fury: “even the other elite armies, cannot defeat the Black Order Army, with just 2,000 villagers, poker face, are you joking?”

Bing’s face darkened, he bent down and said coldly: “Little shorty, the battles I have fought are more than the rice you’ve eaten, do I need you to teach me how to fight?”

“Overestimating your own capabilities, arrogant child, I bet you’re not even a general!”

“A brat who views the sky from inside a well does not have the right to give orders!”

“Paralyzed poker face!”

“Blue skinned little shorty!”


Everyone watched the two of them arguing intensely in shock, the development of the situation exceeded their anticipation. However very quickly, everyone started to relax, Crane found a chair to sit down and watched with keen interest. Jiang Hao held Drunk on Saint Blood and tapped a beat with it, Ling Xu minded his own business, practising his moves……

“Stop!” Tang Tian shouted, causing the both of them to stop, but they continued to glare at each other like cocks fighting.

“Six divisions, so we need around 12 thousand men, if we raise their strength slightly, then 10 thousand should be enough.” Tang Tian muttered to himself: “To launch a counterattack on the Blue World, I have to account for more, 20 thousand should be enough.”

Shi Yong thought he heard wrongly, wait a minute, what did Master say, counterattack on the Blue World?

Is he crazy?

Shi Yong was in disbelief, the Blue Tide had occurred for many years, but no one had ever thought of launching an attack on the Blue World instead! The population of Blue Dwarves was too terrifying, to the point that it could cause people to go into despair.

Master is actually thinking of attacking the Blue World…… his jokes are going overboard……

Shi Young felt his face cramp up.

“How many people are there in the Shang System?” Tang Tian asked Shi Yong.

Shi Yong quivered, he regained his senses and replied: “We have three planets, and a total of 300 thousand people!”

“Little! Really little!” Bing scratched his chin and puckered his lips.

“Why is it so little?” Crane was confused, In Heaven’s Road, it was common for any planet to have over a million people. Here a planet only had tens of thousands, it was surprising.

“This place is too remote, no one is willing to come.” Shi Yong explained: “The Summer System’s population is quite big though, they have 1.2 million people.”

Crane and the rest looked at each other, the number was still too few. The smarter ones like Little Fool were already thinking, the population in Sacred Saint Galaxy was so few, there was definitely a hidden reason for it.

“Choosing 20 thousand people from 300 thousand people, that’s not too bad.” Tang Tian said to himself.

“The best is for us to take over the Summer System.” Bing suggested: “In that case, choosing 20 thousand people out of 1.2 million, is much better.”

“That’s true!” Crane nodded his head in approval.

Shi Yong’s heart trembled, cold sweat flowed out beyond control, his legs were turning soft. Masters were truly masters, their way of speech, was truly on a fine line between talking and joking. In their eyes, the Summer System was like their own backyard.

“Then let’s merge the Summer System with the Shang System.” Tang Tian nodded: “Let us first choose a group of people.”

Shi Yong was instantly emotional, to merge the Summer System with the Shang System…… was something that the people of the Shang System had never even dared to dream about!

He was only the captain of the Precious Bright Village Regiment, where would he experience such a battle in his life? However a nobody had a nobody’s intelligence, he probed: “Master, what is the standard for selection? And also, what is the salary standard?”

Shi Yong’s heart was filled with hope, if his monthly salary was more than 200 cloud coins, he would definitely participate!

Wait, salary?

Tang Tian froze, Bing froze, Crane also froze, the room had suddenly plunged into dead silence.

Everyone looked at each other, they had finally realized, they had overlooked on an important issue, that is money, they did not have money……

It was difficult to move forward without money!

Sacred Saint Galaxy was the same……