Undefeated God of War - Chapter 567 – Barbara

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Chapter 567 – Barbara

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Barbara was an ordinary Blue Dwarf, one that never interacted with humans, and was extremely ordinary in the group. His strength was mediocre, causing him to always be bullied, but he was smooth and evasive, and knew how to curry favors, so he lived relatively well.

He initially thought that the days would pass by normally, and occasionally they would go to Sacred Saint Galaxy to fight for a few territories, in any case, he would follow the majority.

Until now, when he suddenly heard the boss exclaiming out “Intruder”, his muddle headedness seemed to be struck by lightning, and the buried past suddenly seemed to drown him.

In that year, he was captured by that Master, and how he helped the Master cross the Blue Sea and enter the Sacred Saint Galaxy. He also thought that he would be killed for sure, but he did not expect the Master to actually let him go.

No one knew that the Master that he had vowed loyalty to, was actually the “Intruder” that the entire world of Blue Dwarves would tremble and cower to!

In the history of the Blue Dwarves, there was never a person who had brought them such suffering and fear. Even after so many years, the wound was still so clear. The Blue Dwarves worshipped the strong, and Barbara knew, inside the Blue Dwarves internal department, many of the elites secretly worshipped the Master.

This made Barbara secretly pleased, all of them definitely did not know that he had helped the Master before, and was the most faithful to the Master.

In truth, the Master was very nice, and Barbara missed the days he spent with the Master.

What Barbara was unhappy with, was that he had begged for the Master to bring him away, but was ultimately rejected, for the Master never brought him to leave, and left alone.

Barbara was heartbroken for a long time and after 10 years, no matter how hard he tried, whatever he did was never interesting.

He was a dwarf, no different from the rest, but after experiencing the core shaking days, all the other Blue Dwarves were existences not worthy of being noticed to him.

He was brimming with fond recollection of the days.

Every time the Blue Dwarves started talking about the Master, he would become quite arrogant and proud.

So when the boss suddenly exclaimed out “Intruder”, he was shocked, and immediately took a look. 15 years had passed, did Master return?

The moment he stretched his neck and took his first look, he was shocked, it truly was Master! But when he scrutinized more carefully again, he realized that Master looked young, too young….as though Master had aged backwards….

Wait a minute!

Barbara suddenly thought about it, Master had unexpectedly said before that he had a son!

Could it be….

Barbara instantly became excited, the more he looked, the more of a resemblance he saw in him, just that the young man was even more heroic, and more wild.

The more Barbara looked, the more convinced he was, the more excited he became. Master’s descendant, Young Master!

For some reason, his lonely heart suddenly started to become alive again, his originally dull and boring life, suddenly seemed to become colorful, and the whole world changed.

Am I unable to forget about my past?

This stale and boring life, have I had enough?

The short and scrawny Barbara, clenched his fists tightly, he was trembling nonstop, as if something in him had awakened, was it curiosity to the world? Was it the inner desire buried deep in his heart? Was it the unextinguishable flame in his memories? Is it the encouragement that kept on resounding in his mind?

“Barbara, focus! Although you are just my temporary servant, but I do not need an unfocused and lazy trash!”

“Don’t look down on yourself, Barbara.”

“You’re not a coward, Barbara.”

“It doesn’t seem bad, your wound is not very serious, don’t waste my medicine, this stuff is very expensive.”

“Well done Barbara!”

“Go back, Barbara, you will definitely become a hero among the Blue Dwarves….”

Barbara’s nose suddenly felt sour, tears started blurring his vision, Master, I have disappointed you, I did not become a hero….

All the companions around him were running away with all their lives, Barbara extended his neck out and tried his best to look.

In his fuzzy vision, the figure and the image in his memory superimposed on each other, Barbara’s tears, could no longer be held back, and he started to bawl.


Red Grass Village.

Although victory was earned in a weird way, but it was still a victory, and everyone who had initially stretched taut their mental state, completely relaxed and fell to the ground.

Tang Tian and the few others sat down amongst the crowd, and were extremely striking.

Shi Yong slowly recovered from his blank state of mind, trying to take in deep breaths, he was like a dead person being resurrected, and the emotion was very different.

“Intruder….” Tang Tian muttered.

Little Fool floated along the area where the Blue Dwarves had melted, with all the black spears and pikes on the ground. He took up one of the spear, the black spear gave him an intense sense of danger.

The pitch black spear, was obviously made from some sort of branch, and contained an extremely faint hint of qi.

This qi…..

Suddenly, Little Fool thought of Crane. Sometimes, Crane’s body would release the same type of Qi.

But, Little Fool frowned, he released the Spirit Devouring Flame, which smelled the Qi like a shark and immediately pounced onto the black spear. The Spirit Devouring Flame seemed to be like an agile snake, it coiled around the spear and in a few moments, the luster of the spear was gone, pa, it dropped on the ground and broke into pieces.

The Spirit Devouring Flame became slightly blacker. Little Fool who had his eyes closed and experiencing the feeling became extremely happy.

Spirit Devouring Flame’s ability to swallow martial spirits was extremely outstanding, and the black aura that was absorbed by the Spirit Devouring Flame was actually not completely absorbed. The black aura was a completely different type of martial spirit than those Little Fool had seen before, but it contained an extremely ancient qi.

Although this trace of qi was very fine, it was very high level, for the Spirit Devouring Flame to actually be unable to completely absorb it. But Little Fool knew that the black aura was definitely nourishment for the Spirit Devouring Flame.

LIttle Fool immediately activated the Spirit Devouring Flame and swept across the ground.

In the village, Shi Yong carefully stood by the side and listened to the strong figures quarrel.

“This is definitely a good chance! There are still many places where the Blue Tide is trying to take over in the Shang System, I already asked them, they are not strong enough to resist the Blue Tide, at such a time, they need a hero to come, to pull them through the crisis….”

Bing was fervently pleading.

Shi Yong nodded in his heart, those words were well spoken, at such a time, there was nothing more reliable than a hero. Hero, you should quickly nod your head.

He stole a glance at Tang Tian, the man was extremely young, but was actually the leader. It was not easy being a leader, if not for his outstanding capabilities, then his status was extremely high. Shi Yong naturally thought it was the latter, a high status…..could he be a tribe leader’s son in the Savage System?

Meng Nan, that name was extremely suitable and fits the style of the Savage System people.

Although the various systems looked down on the Savage System as they despised their brute ways and size, but the Savage System people were strong and that was something no one doubted. The Savage System held a large and extensive size, with many planets, although the majority of them were barren with bad environments, but the people birthed there were all strong and capable fighters.

The Savagers all formed and lived by tribes, and that was one of the reason why the other Systems think that the Savagers came about.

After hearing them speak, Shi Yong was chased away by Bing who found a reason for him to excuse himself.

Bing then instigated Tang Tian softly: “This is an extremely good chance, no matter what, we need to obtain this Shang System. We only need to stabilize our power, and this will become our connection between Heaven’s Road and Sacred Saint Galaxy. We only need to defeat the Blue Tide, and you will become a famed hero, and no one will dare to touch you. Previously, the Blue Tide was worrying, but now you’re some Intruder right? This is something worth taking advantage of!”

To other people, the Blue Tide was something worth avoiding. But to Bing, it was a god sent opportunity. Furthermore, the Blue Dwarves’ misfortune was something that he quickly found a use for.

After hearing the leaders of the two Blue Tides shouting “Intruder”, it was definitely not a coincidence.

Tang Tian was unfazed: “You’re saying we should pull our Ursa Major Constellation armies over?”

“That’s right.” Bing said softly: “The saints here are very ordinary, but they have their pros and cons compared to the saints in Heavens Road. The saints of Heavens Road are able to control energy precisely, something that no saint here can compare to. And in terms of comprehension of laws, the saints from Heavens Road are also stronger. The energy here is overly abundant, to the point that they do not need to completely comprehend anything. But in terms of energy, they are much stronger, and, although they cannot control energy as well as our saints, they are more intimate and familiar with energy, and are able to utilize energy without properly controlling it, and that makes very good army soldiers material. Of course, we have not truly seen a real strong saint from this place, so this judgement is not completely accurate.”

“And there is one more important thing, there are no martial spirits inside here. To a mechanical army, that is extremely important. Sai Lei’s research on spirit metal has not been going well, because the spirit metal’s energy transmitting nature is very high, but it’s also very weak. Sai Lei plans to use it to create the meridians of the mechanical spirit weapons. There are no martial spirits in the metal here, and are more suitable to be smelted and forged, and she probably can research out a new metal. Sai Lei can definitely create stronger mechanical spirit weapons here, and this new mechanical spirit weapons will topple all theories of the past. Mechanical spirit weapons will become extensions to the meridians inside the human body, and with the support of the martial spirits inside the spirit weapon, when training, they can form a new loop for energy. With that, it means that the mechanical spirit weapons can evolve!”

Tang Tian was completely fascinated by Bing’s excitement and anticipation, he was unable to imagine how strong the mechanical spirit weapons would become.

Bing composed himself, and continued: “If we are able to create a link between the two, we will establish invincible positions, and thus we can at anytime launch attacks against our enemies behind their backs.”

Tang Tian agreed with Uncle Bing, if there was a stronghold for them in Sacred Saint Galaxy, it would be very beneficial to them.

Just at this moment, an uproar came from outside.

“That is a Blue Dwarf…..”

“God, I see it, wait….a Blue Dwarf carrying a white flag?”

The two of them looked at each other, and rushed out, to see the short and scrawny Blue Dwarf waving the wooden pole in his hand, at the top of the wooden pole was a white cloth.

“Don’t move!”

“I have no ill intentions!”


Everyone looked at each other, but no one dared to move. There were so many of them, one Blue Dwarf was nothing.

The Blue Dwarf walked to Tang Tian, and bowed respectfully: “My Brave Young Master, I am Barbara, and I am the servant of Master, Your Father!”

Everyone was startled.

A Blue Dwarf servant……

“Come in, and we will talk.” Tang Tian said expressionlessly, and took the lead in. That asshole again….

Barbara’s heart jumped, he could tell that Young Master’s mood was not good.