Undefeated God of War - Chapter 563 – Little Fool and Ya Ya

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Chapter 563 – Little Fool and Ya Ya

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Frog Hopping Tactic was not an ordinary tactic. In truth, it’s application was demanding and required fulfilling many criteria. Even when he was in the Southern Cross Army, Bing did not use it much. Because it was an unconventional tactic, Bing did not teach Tang Tian.

But when he saw Tang TIan utilizing the Frog Hopping Tactic by himself, and to use it with outstanding results, naturally he would observe as though he had seen a ghost.

What terrifying fighting instincts!

Bing retracted his gaze, and shouted loudly: “Once more!”

The tension and fear on the villager’s faced had eased greatly, and after doing it multiple times, everyone seemed to have understood the trick. All of the villagers had interacted with energy since young, and was naturally extremely familiar with using energy, and coupled with their unique characteristics, this allowed their ability to transfer and move energy to be extremely fluent.

After overcoming the fear in their heart, their performance greatly surprised Bing.

The average amount of energy everyone was leaking was very standardized and accurate, and to a military leader with proficiency in control aura, he was able to increase the soldier’s strength by a couple folds.

And that was what Bing was doing.

He brought the group of villagers to bomb indiscriminately on the terrifying Blue Tide.

That’s right. Bombing indiscriminately!

And coupled with their tactful understanding, the duration between every attack lessened greatly, that was why they were able to bombard the Blue Tide continuously.

With the continuous bombardments, Bing found the appropriate amount of energy required to handle the Blue Dwarves. He would split every attack into eight light bombs, every light bomb’s impact was compacted, but was able to cover a rectangular area of distance around 500m and width of 100m.

To the seemingly endless Blue Tide, every bomb did not account to much, but Bing had bombed the same area from the start, to control the center of the Blue Tide.

Due to that, the army of Blue Dwarves were split by Bing. Bing could clearly see that his little bit of firepower, to the Blue Tide, was undoubtedly a drop in the bucket. But if used well, he was able to cut the connection between the frontal troops and the back.

With regards to the front troops, with Tang Tian being the destructive frog, jumping up and down continuously. Every time he dropped, he would leave an empty circle of space.

In the blink of an eye, the front troops that did not receive replenishment and support, had immediately become sparse and with many spaces between the Blue Dwarves.

No one had noticed that Little Fool had brought Ya Ya along, into the midst of the Blue Tide, to look for the Blue Dwarf leader.

Ya Ya had said, for such a large composition of troops, there definitely had to be a leader.

Little Fools blink allowed them to move in and out like a ghost. Every time they appeared, it would attract a disturbance. But before the surrounding Blue Dwarves could do anything, they would disappear.

“Where is he?” Little Fool’s was restraining his restless and thumping heart.

I actually trusted Ya Ya….

It went like this, when Little Fool was about to move out, Ya Ya suddenly appeared from nowhere, with its pitiful gaze, Little Fool realized that he was unable to reject Ya Ya. Oh well, who asked him to save my life…..

Little Fool clenched his teeth and brought Ya Ya along.

And then Ya Ya started to squeak about, claiming it could find the leader of the Blue Dwarves, and Little Fool actually believed it.

Why did I become like this….

Little Fool was being hard on himself, feeling that one of his nerve was definitely messed up, and thus followed Ya Ya to mess around. Compared to them, the fool actually reached a standard in his Frog Hopping Tactic, Little Fool suddenly had a thought flash pass.

I actually have not opened the Ocean Prison Sword…..

There were many things he had clarified, and thus landed in the predicament he was currently in.

It was lucky for him that the energy was extremely concentrated, so he had no worries about lacking in energy for blink.

Suddenly, Ya Ya arched ahead excitedly, squeaking nonstop. Little Fool had a look of doubt: “Are you sure? You’re not lying this time right!”

He had faced the same scene many times, after rushing after Ya Ya, he would meet with a question mark at the end of the excitement.

Ya Ya nodded its head vigorously, and even performed the action whereby it slid its hand across its neck, depicting a “If we miss this one, I will cut my throat to offer my apology”…..

Alright, you’ve also used this so many times already, since I am already with you, might as well. Little Fool thought helplessly, and blinked into the direction pointed by Ya Ya.

When Little Fool appeared, his eyes immediately shrunk. The Blue Dwarves around him were different from the cannon fodder they had met along the way, they were much stronger, and the pressure on him increased.

In that moment, Little Fool immediately went into an attacking stance.

But the enemies’ reaction was much faster than he had imagined, they were unlike the other Blue Dwarves he had met earlier.

Their sharp screams flooded his ears.

All the Blue Dwarves around him raised up their wooden spears and rushed towards him. They were extremely agile and fast.

But, before Little Could react, Ya Ya squeaked and was already pouncing towards the Blue Dwarves. The scene before Little Fool flashed in front of him, and he lost Ya Ya’s movements. Little Fool jumped, Ya Ya was so fast!

In truth, the Blue Dwarves speed was already fast for Little Fool, but compared to Ya Ya, it was on a totally different level. Ya Ya only left behind a vague afterimage and had disappeared.

Chi chi chi!

Little Fool was stunned, the Blue Dwarves that were fiercely rushing, all had their brains exploding like watermelons. Little Fool could vaguely see a figure flickering about like smoke.

Ya Ya….was actually so powerful!

Little Fool’s eyes almost dropped out from his head.

Ya Ya jumped around agilely, if we were to say that Tang Tian was like a brutal frog, then Ya Ya was like an extremely nimble Steel Fist squirrel. It’s head was much smaller than the Blue Dwarves, and allowed it to move around even easier.

Ya Ya suddenly appeared on the shoulder of one of the Blue Dwarf, it’s little fist smashing the Blue Dwarf’s head, bang, it exploded like a watermelon, countless chunks of blue juice flying everywhere.

Little Fool’s eyes jumped, so brutal! He suddenly remembered that Ya Ya had learned the Swallowing Light Steel Fist before, although it’s fists were small, but they were black and hard.

Before the blue juice had landed, Ya Ya had jumped onto the shoulder of another Blue Dwarf, and its head exploded as well.

Bang bang bang!

All the Blue Dwarves in Little Fool’s vision, had their heads exploding consecutively at a very fast speed.

To Little Fool, the scene before him was not a lot of blood, but it still shocked him greatly. Ya Ya’s display of strength had exceeded what he had ever thought.

Suddenly, he heard a squeak.

Following the direction of the noise, Little Fool noticed that a group of Blue Dwarves were retreating. That immediately attracted Little Fool’s attention, although they were not considered strong, but they did not fear death, and knew only to advance, so Little Fool had never seen them escape before.

Their weird actions immediately informed Little Fool that they had caught the big fish!

He rushed towards them without hesitation.

No matter how powerful the fool was, all the Blue Dwarves were cannon fodder, and just relying on the fool to defeat them was not the way to defeat the Blue Dwarves. That was why Little Fool agreed on Ya Ya’s suggestion, to defeat bandits, first kill the bandit king, that was the best way to defeat the vast numbers!

Little Fool quickly locked onto the most aged Blue Dwarf of the group.

The Blue Dwarves rarely had aged looks, they looked as though they only have one expression and one face since birth, but the aged blue dwarf was obviously an important character.

With Ocean Prison Sword in hand, he casually sliced through a few incoming Blue Dwarves and continued to give chase. With no threat of the Empyrean Ice Tree branches, the Blue Dwarves were nothing to Little Fool.

Just at that moment, seven to eight spears shot towards Little Fool.

The jet black spears seemed to be made of tree branches as well. Little Fool did not know why, but the black spears seemed to contain a faint ripple of energy, causing him to be cautious.

Without thinking, he flashed past like a demon, sweeping through the incoming spears without any hindrances,

When the black spears swept past his shoulder, the faint ripple of energy suddenly became apparent, causing his hair to stand. He dared to confirm that the black spears were dangerous.

The contempt that he had previously were all swept away. The Sacred Saint Galaxy truly had many unprecedented dangers.

Ocean Prison Sword quivered in his hand, producing formless ripples to resonate outwards. It was not energy fluctuations, just that the sword body had cut through the air forming vacuum sword blades.

Although Little Fool could not do it like Jing Hao, and have sword laws, but he was still a true practitioner of the sword, and his sword techniques were even more outstanding than Crane’s. Since he knew that the Blue Dwarves had strong resistance towards energy, and extremely weak towards brute force, he naturally had his methods to take care of them.

Chi chi chi!

He swept past a few Blue Dwarves, blossoming out the bewitching blue blood, while Ya Ya only enjoyed exploding their heads, every single sword thrust of his were all fatal strikes and yet totally different from Ya Ya.

But Ya Ya was much faster than him, Ya Ya only had to sweep past the Blue Dwarves’ shoulders, and as it was small, it’s speed was as fast as lightning, and it was extremely difficult for the black spears to hit it.

Ya Ya’s face was full of excitement, as it reached closer and closer towards the aged blue dwarf.

As long as it was able to grab hold of the enemy’s leader, that would be a huge contribution, and the Master would definitely reward it!

Ya Ya’s eyes saw countless amounts of delicious food, and it’s mouth started salivating…..

Mine mine mine mine….

It was exclaiming in its hard, and applying force on it’s feet on a Blue Dwarf’s shoulder, it shot forward like lightning.


A small black dot, which was the spear tip, suddenly appeared in his vision. The enemy had snuck the attack knowing that Ya Ya was going for it, all the while waiting for the perfect timing, and it had utilized it well!


Ya Ya’s small round eyes flickered with a bright light. The opponent’s spear had laid in ambush for a long time, and shot out as quick as lightning, disallowing Ya Ya to react, as it watched as its own body clashed towards the spear tip.

Ya Ya’s soul was about to fly out of its body, it’s face revealing it’s fear.

Little Fool who was nearby saw what happened, his face changed even greater, his hands turned ice cold, no….

The Blue Dwarf that thrusted the spear revealed a look of joy, Ya Ya’s ghostly speed that flickered like lightning made him afraid. While he was calling back his troops, he was also plotting. He waited for the best opportunity, for he knew, he only had one chance, and if he missed, there would not be a second time.

Finally, he got the timing right!


He was filled with confidence, with all of his countless skirmishes, whichever enemy that faced his wooden spear thrust would all die.

But what happened next caused the joy on his face to freeze.