Undefeated God of War - Chapter 562 – Frog Hopping Tactic

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Chapter 562

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The control aura is an essential and important technique that every military general needed to practise and grasp, and naturally had different levels in mastery. Most of the military leaders currently go through a systematic learning process within a school. However, Bing was not like them, he was trained in a chaotic world of bitter war. His standard of control aura was way superior than any ordinary military general.

The difficulty of utilizing control aura on a mechanical weapon was much more difficult. With thousands of sets of control aura needed, even in his generation, it was an extremely high standard.

Bing was very confident with his control aura, 146 villagers, How hard will it be to control the aura of that little number of villagers?

As the energy gathered, the confident Bing realized that something was amidst.

The astonishing amount of energy made him feel as if he was placed inside an ocean with violent waves, he was even a little puzzled and was unable to take action. His heart thumped hard, with his old experiences, he knew the dangers of the situation he was facing.

The so called control aura, was to control energy, but when the energy exceeds a certain amount, it can no longer be controlled. Bing did not expect that the amount of aura that these villagers could output was that terrifying.

No wonder all of them were wrapped in energy….

The Sky Tiger’s martial spirit lit up with dazzling light, this was a distinctive feature when it was fully operating. At that point, Bing threw away all his distracting thoughts and focused. His attention was like uncountable hands reaching into the surroundings of this violent sea of energy.

“Little imp, if you realize that control aura has failed, throw it out!”

Ah Xin’s words ran across his head like lightning

That’s right, throw it out!

Bing’s eyes suddenly lit up with a peculiar ray of light, Sky Tiger and his heart were interlinked. Suddenly, uncountable lights lit up and surrounded Sky Tiger, forming a ball of light energy which started to turn slowly.

Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh……

The ball of light started to turn really fast and emit streams of dazzling fire lines that contained a fast spinning energy that incinerated all the sparkles it produced.

The fire lines encircled like spindle shaped light cocoons.


The gloomy sound of the sonic boom was like a drum getting hammered. It caused everybody’s hearts to jump. The fast turning light cocoons, like fired artillery shells, dragged their long tail of light, drawing a graceful arc as they flew towards the clustered group of Blue Dwarves.

All the villagers stretched out their necks as their eyes followed the dazzling and beautiful arc of light.

There were too many Blue Dwarves and even though Bing had lost control of his head, he landed within the weird blue sea.


The orange red fireball rose up like an inflated sun and swallowed many Blue Dwarves. The terrifying wave was like a hurricane and swept through swiftly, those Blue Dwarves that were lucky enough to not get swallowed by the ball of fire were swept away by the wave as if hit by a monster, their scrawny bodies were convulsed up, with blood spurting violently everywhere.

The ground and mountains were shaking like it was the end of the world.

Everyone, including Bing himself was shocked. Needless to say, the villagers opened their mouths and starred, their faces aghast.

The large mushroom cloud was so dazzling and the violent Blue Tide stopped temporarily as if it had empowered itself to stay still.

A horrifying black hole that was the size of the entire village appeared in the Blue Sea.

With the black hole as the center, radiation spread everywhere, within the radius of a few miles, the bodies of the Blue Dwarves were laid out like cut wheat. These Blue Dwarves were killed by the impact of the wave that ruptured their intestines.

Such a mighty power stunned Tang Tian, he stood there for a while before exclaiming: “Uncle Bing did well!”

Tang Tian’s cheers dragged everyone’s attention back. The villagers looked at the Bing in a different light.

“That!” Bing said excitedly: “This is called the glory of a famous general!”

Inside Sky Tiger, Bing wiped away his cold sweat, knowing how close it was.

However, the attack that shook the earth, gave the villagers a huge amount of confidence, at least the fear on the faces greatly subsided. For recruits, victory would always be the best medicine, it can calm their emotions and let them adapt to the battlefield.

“Alright, let’s continue! Just like the previous attempt, one more time.” Bing did not forget to add one more sentence: “Reduce your energy by half! Remember, reduce by half!”

Very soon, one by one, the ball of light lit up and rays of light pillars entered Sky Tiger.

After reducing the energy by half, Bing’s control immediately increased substantially. Once again, a light bullet that was half the size of a human drew an arc and flew straight at the group of Blue Dwarves.

The group of Blue Dwarves was in chaos, the terrible damage from the explosion earlier, was witnessed by all of them.

The light bullet got closer and closer, the Blue Dwarves underneath it frantically fled in all directions, but what they did not expect was, the light bullet exploded at a height of 5m.


The orange red fireball rose up again. As it exploded mid-air, the impact was more remarkable. The devastating shock wave swept across the rotten, dried up land.

Even though it was just one hit, Bing found out that the damage to the Blue Dwarves from the impact was greater than the explosion itself.

The Blue Dwarves were aggressive and nimble in their movements. They also had a strong defense against energy. However, since they were small, the shock wave which was not that strong was able to deal fatal damage to them. By finding out their weakness, it was effective in killing them.

It was as if the Blue Dwarves were awoken from their dreams, a sharp shrill came out from behind, causing the entire Blue Sea to jolt, they all started to open their legs and charged towards the village like a tide!

The might from the Blue Tide charging caused the people to feel despair. Every villager’s face turned white, if it wasn’t for the previous victory that increased their confidence in Bing, they would have broke down, turned and left.

“Hey, Meng Nan, we will leave the internal line to you!”

Bing ridiculed Tang Tian, Little Fool’s face turned black, this name caused him to feel ashamed even for his alter ego.

Tang Tian held on to the Weighted Centipede and leaped down the mud wall, shouting without turning his head: “Leave it to me!”

“Truly brimming with fighting spirit!” Bing said to himself inside Sky Tiger, he raised his voice to encourage the villagers: “You are doing well, let’s do that again! Get ready……”

Sky Tiger that was in the sky lit up again, the things that came flying out of it this time was 3 light bullets. Every light bullet was smaller by one size. 3 of them charged forward, flying to the sky above the team of blue tide, and exploding with a huge bang.


Bing’s scream rang from behind once again. Tang Tian dragged the Weighted Centipede and without looking back, charged towards the Blue Tide.

The tide of Blue Dwarves, the countless of triangular faces filled with cold bloodthirst to kill, their weird blue skin swayed within his vision and the scenery beside him was dwindling fast. However, Tang Tian felt an extraordinary amount of peace.

Crane, Little Xu Xu, Big Brother Jing Hao, you guys must persevere on!

I will come and rescue you all!


Tang Tian’s eyes suddenly emerged with a colour of blood, the intention to fight burned like a flame inside his body.

Nobody can stop me!

The silent scream, boomed in his heart, Tang Tian was just like a raging bear, roaring while he charged towards the Blue Tide.

Xiao Yu who climbed up the wall with great effort, coincidentally witnessed the scene, and stood there in shock as if he was struck by lightning. The extremely vast Blue Tide was like a flood, engulfing everything, charging towards big brother Meng Nan, the sole figure. He looked so solitary, like he was overestimating himself.

However for some unknown reason, Xiao Yu felt a bitter feeling surging from inside, in which even after many years later, he would never forget the scene.

Both sides were charging with full force!

In the blink of an eye, they met with a bang, Tang Tian suddenly took out the Weighted Centipede. The 10 meters long Weighted Centipede, spun and transformed into a whirlwind. Tang Tian’s figure, was completely shrouded in the whirlwind.

It was a complete mess, flesh flying everywhere, all the broken and dry rotten meat.

The heavy bronze hammers sweeping through the air at high speeds, created low hisses, the series of daggers on the chains cutting through the air causing a high pitched that was resounding and sharp. The two types of different sounds mixed together, was extremely imposing.

Tang Tian completely abandoned spirit techniques, he used his pure body strength to fight, such a brutal and simple fighting method, even the blood saints rarely used it, but the result was extremely good.

The Blue Dwarves fragile bodies, in front of such violent attacks, were just like crispy biscuits unable to defend.

Tang Tian simply did not need to worry about the problem of accidentally harming his allies, as everywhere around him were enemies. The heavy Weighted Centipede in his hands, became extremely light, the blood furnace strengthened his body, his body was much stronger than the past.

He did not feel tired at all, in fact he felt that his body was warm, almost like the energy sleeping deeply in his body, was slowly waking up. If he had taken a look at his skin, he would definitely be shocked, his skin was as black as ink with a metallic gloss.

The black gold sand that the blood furnace absorbed, had entered Tang Tian’s body in various areas, but majority of it had not been absorbed. Tang Tian was at the moment extremely focused, all of the power in his body was being moved by him, so the black gold sand in his body, also became active.

The stream of air that the heavy bronze hammer created, was enough to pulverise the Blue Dwarves’ body, and those daggers, with just a slight touch, would decapitated their body parts.

Tang Tian’s battle instincts were so strong it was frightening, once it was in an intense battle, Tang Tian was extremely focused, so his battle instincts would become even more scary.

These Blue Dwarves were much weaker compared to the ones he had met in the blue sea of light, and furthermore, the black short spears in their hands, compared to the ice blue twigs, were like toothpicks, their power was much smaller.

Tang Tian quickly realized, charging like that in the crowd was not that effective, especially since the power of the daggers could not be released.

He suddenly twitched, as a weird idea floated in his head.

Tang Tian suddenly jumped up from the ground, he was just like frog, suddenly jumping in intervals of five feet. Looking at the densely packed Blue Dwarves below, he smiled, the Weighted Centipede in his hands, danced and formed afterimages.

The Blue Dwarves in the area did not expect that Tang Tian would suddenly appear, when the afterimage flew down, they did not even have the chance to escape.

Wherever the Weighted Centipede covered, the place would become minced meat, the blood and flesh flew everywhere, the dense dagger was just like thin combs, this area, it had combed the area for a few times.


Flesh and Blood flew everywhere, just like that, the Blue Dwarves’ bodies exploded at the same time, there was not a single standing Blue Dwarf. The scene was extremely bloody, it made every one who witnessed it first hand pale.

The Blue Dwarves in the surrounding were shocked, without waiting for them to react, Tang Tian leaped up again.

Landing among the Blue Dwarves like lightning, yet another area of flesh and blood flying around.

Bing in the distance finally noticed Tang Tian, and when he saw that Tang Tian had such a weird fighting technique, he blurted out: “Frog Battle technique!”

Bing’s expression was like he had seen a ghost.

Chapter 562 – Frog Hopping Tactic