Undefeated God of War - Chapter 557 – Blue Dwarves

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Chapter 557 – Blue Dwarves

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The rich blue energy flowed around them. They were like pebbles thrown inside the calm water, causing ripples around them.

They were extremely careful, as the blue light around them was repelled away. The four of them had Zero Energy Bodies, whereas Tang Tian’s was the strongest, so the blue light was 1.5m away from him, while the other three were weaker and thus the blue light was closer to them.

Advancing had become extremely difficult, like walking in water. Towards the end, they were actually moving with swimming movements.

After entering the blue light, it was not as dazzling as when they were looking at it from the outside, being inside the pure azure blue was like being inside water.

After travelling for a long time, the color had gradually changed. Tang Tian squinted his eyes, looking at an object far ahead: “What is that?”

Everyone’s minds were roused, there was a strong resistive force inside the blue sea of light. It consumed a lot of their physical strength, and in such a foreign environment, they had maintained their focus all the way, and thus their physical strength was unknowingly exhausted.

The four of them immediately swam towards the foreign object, to see that it was a blue coral that had the body of a tree, and was translucent and pure. Tang Tian and the rest surrounded the ice blue coral and marveled at it; it was the height of around three people standing on each other.

“It is crystallized energy.” Crane studied it meticulously, and realized that the blue coral’s body was continuously growing, but its growth was extremely slow.

“For it to be so tall, I think it required around a few tens of thousands years.” It was also Jing Hao’s first time seeing such a thing: “Should we cut off a piece to see what it is?”

His suggestion gained the approval of the rest.

Tang Tian extended his hand out and gently sliced, removing a piece from the blue coral. Seeing that, everyone did the same thing.

“Such a strange energy crystal.” Tang Tian carefully sensed it and was surprised.

Crane’s description was much clearer and on point: “It truly is unique, the purity of this energy crystal is much more than star rocks. But the composition of this energy is too stable, it isn’t of much use to us.”

“If the energy composition is stable, we can use it to refine spirit treasures.” Jing Hao was thinking at the side, he and Crane were much more knowledgeable.

Tang Tian was suddenly brimming with elation: “Oh my god! I know what this is! This is the Empyrean Ice Tree! Senior Gui Wu had talked about it before, so I was wondering why did it look so familiar.”

He had specially spent a great deal of effort to go through and digest Senior Gui Wu’s treasure records, and did not expect it to be of great use here.

“Empyrean Ice Tree!”

Crane and Jing Hao were startled, and then at the same time, revealing a fanatic look, the both of them had heard of the Empyrean Ice Tree before.

“Legends say that Virgo Constellations Gold Spirit Treasure the [Saint Maiden Staff] was made from the Empyrean Ice Tree, which was refined and birthed from inside a star power pool after thousands of years. Could this be THAT Empyrean Ice Tree?” Crane looked at the tall Empyrean Ice Tree in front of them, somewhat dazed: “This is too big right….”

Jing Hao was unsure too: “Could it be something related to his? I also feel that the Empyrean Ice Tree should not be so big.”

Hearing that, Tang Tian became unsure too. The [Saint Maden Staff] held a high position in Virgo Constellation, and was the supporting staff of Saint Maiden Li Zhen, and also Virgo Constellations most famous and apex gold spirit treasure.

“Regardless of what it is, we should keep it first.” Ling Xu was impatient.

Tang Tian agreed to it, and then kept the entire Empyrean Ice Tree.

They continued forward, but very quickly found another Empyrean Ice Tree, and after a while, they met another….

“It shouldn’t be an Empyrean Ice Tree.” Jing Hao was sure.

“Yea, with so many Empyrean Ice Trees, what will happen to the Heavens?” Crane joked coldly.

Tang Tian was embarrassed, he also felt that he was definitely wrong, how could there be so many Empyrean Ice Trees, it was a truly heaven sent treasure. But following the principle of not being wasteful, Tang Tian still kept all that they found.

After travelling for a great distance, when Tang Tian saw the scene ahead of him, he also gave up collecting them.

Reflecting in his eyes were countless of different sized Empyrean Ice Trees, densely packed together with no end to them.

Empyrean Ice Trees….

Alright, I’m definitely wrong.

“Hahahaha, Crazy Tang, quickly look at your Empyrean Ice Trees!” Ling Xu was extremely happy, for Tang Tian to have made a blunder, it was obviously a meaningful matter.

Tang Tian stared at Ling Xu with anger: “You want to fight? Idiot!”

Ling Xu shook his head, and swam to Tang Tian, and said: “Crazy Tang said, he wanted an Empyrean Ice Tree, and instantly, Heaven gave him an entire forest of Empyrean Ice Trees! Hahahahahaha…..”

Suddenly, Tang Tian seemed to have caught something sweeping past inside the forest, being alarmed, he immediately shouted: “Be careful!”

Before he could complete his words, countless blue arrows suddenly shot out from the Empyrean Ice Trees.

Chi chi chi!

The blue arrows were as fast as lightning, in the blink of an eye, they were right in front of them.

Hearing Tang Tian’s warning, Ling Xu was the first to react. Without thinking, the silver spear in his hand suddenly burst forth. The densely packed silver dots that resembled raindrops, sprinkled out, protecting everyone inside.


The ice fragments flew near them, allowing Tang Tian to notice that the flying blue arrows were actually branches of the Empyrean Ice Tree.

Ling Xu groaned, as he shivered.

The Empyrean Ice Tree that he was mocking a moment ago, contained a strange energy, that entered his meridians through his spear. An indescribable chill permeated his body, a faint numbing intent spread throughout his body.

But he did not step back in retreat, the circumstance did not allow him to, because once he did, everyone would be exposed to the rain of blue arrows and would be caught in a passive defensive state…..

He did not retreat but instead moved forward, his orange pupils were blazing. He roared, the spear and him became one, exploding the silver rain drops, bringing forth an unprecedented might and soared towards the Empyrean Ice Trees.

Ding ding ding!

Countless of ice fragments splattered, causing Ling Xu to groan, which made him to fly back at an even greater speed, the force spread along the long whip tied to his waist, bringing everyone along with him.

LIng Xu lost consciousness, his face revealing a strange blue color, his hair and eyebrows also forming a layer of frost.

“Little Xu Xu!”

Everyone’s eyes immediately turned red.

Tang Tian roared, suddenly pulling the silver whip on his waist. Tang Tian who was angered had more power than usual, and the sturdy silver whip was broken by him.

Jing Hao was equally fast, with his sword he cut the long whip, and rushed forward.

Crane was half a step slower, he stabilized himself, grabbed onto Ling Xu and placed him on his back.

From the forest, countless of blue arrows flew out again. Tang Tian did not bother blocking, he dodged all of them like a ghost, passing through the blue arrows, in a blink of an eye he had reached the edge of the forest.

That was when he clearly saw who was attacking them, it was a group of meter tall blue people. Their skin had a strange blue color, their heads were inverted triangle shapes, their slanted eyes were blood red, looking extremely sinister.

They spoke a language in which Tang Tian did not understand, continuously shouting weirdly, waving their arms and soaring with killing intent. On their waists were many blue Empyrean Ice Tree branches, it was obviously their weapons.

“Little Fool!”

Tang Tian roared, the red Devil Flame soared from his palm. Ling Xu’s injury had made him extremely pissed.

LIttle Fool floated out, seeing the strange blue skinned little people, he exclaimed out: “Blue Dwarves!”

Crane who was behind, heard Little Fool’s shout, and his pupils contracted.

Blue Dwarves were extremely terrifying creatures, although they grew to look like dwarves, but they did not have high intellect, were naturally ruthless and fierce and were completely unafraid of dying. What was more terrifying was that Blue Dwarves had an extremely strong reproductive ability, they were able to grow multiple generations in a short span of time. That was also why their race was extremely large, they would swarm into the enemy’s line like a tide, causing their enemies to go numb, because of the fearsome “Blue Sea”.

It was fortunate that these terrifying creatures were rarely seen, and only appeared in legends. Many saints also suspected if there was truly such creatures.

But, they never expected to meet the Blue Dwarves of the legends……

Tang Tian who was completely in a violent mode, did not care about what Blue Dwarves were, even if it was a legendary God in front of him, he still wanted to punch it to death!

He pounced onto the nearest Blue Dwarf, but it was completely unafraid, it cried out, then grabbed onto an ice blue branch and flashed forward, pouncing at Tang Tian.

Tang Tian could clearly see the triangular face that was brimming with lunatism and killing intent

Go and die!

Tang Tian’s body flickered, like a ghost, he appeared beside the Blue Dwarf, his fist that was shrouded with Devil Flame, struck the Blue Dwarf’s waist perfectly.

The strong power caused the Blue Dwarf’s figure to change shape intensely, forming the shape of a bow. Its originally fierce face was immediately brimming with fear.


The blue dwarf felt as though it had collided with a rampaging wild beast, before it could even wail out, it flew far away.

Tang Tian who had released his fist had bent his back, without looking, he twisted his body, his hand turned behind his back and struck the head of an incoming Blue Dwarf, causing it to fall onto the ground.

Little Fool’s Spirit Devouring Flame had quietly imprinted onto the Blue Dwarf’s back, causing it to freeze. The Spirit Devouring Flame was like a gush of water that permeated through its body, in a blink of an eye, it flew out from its chest, and the Blue Dwarf’s body floated in its original position, void of life.

In Jing Hao’s hand, Drunk on Saint Blood welcomed the incoming ice branches. The Blue Dwarf that was constantly throwing the ice branches revealed a pleased look, but in the next moment, its face became frozen.

The brittle ice blue branches did not get smashed at all!

But were flung aside, and flew to other directions.

How is that possible…..

Before it had regained its senses, The man with the sword thrusted towards it from a distance. There was no brilliance, no sound, there was nothing, but it suddenly felt an intense pain in its chest, and its eyes went black.

Crane carried Ling Xu, twisting and turning, like a small wick of flame, he dodged all the incoming ice blue branches, his wrist trembled, and the gold Crane Sword spat out a white light aura that entered the Blue Dwarf’s body.

It groaned, and stopped breathing.

Crane heaved a sigh of relief, the Blue Dwarf had moderate strength, but it was the ice blue branches that were weird. Without his reminder, Tang Tian and Jing Hao also saw that point, the both of them attacked but completely avoiding the branches.

There were not many problems with the battle, but, why would there be blue dwarves here….

Suddenly, Crane had a feeling. He raised his head, and looked deeper into the forest, his face becoming ugly.

Countless Blue Dwarves were surging towards them like a tide while releasing weird noises.