Undefeated God of War - Chapter 554 – Rock Nest

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Chapter 554 – Rock Nest

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

They were all extremely cautious while flying inside the sea of rocks, Tang Tian controlled Sextans Eye to prevent it from flying too quickly.

Rocks were the only things they could see, inside the land of silence.

“Be careful, there’s something strange!” Tang Tian’s intuition was the sharpest, as if he could sense something lying in wait in the darkness, he immediately warned the rest.

The three of them became even more cautious, as they trusted Tang Tians intuition. Although he did not look to be very reliable in times, but on the battlefield, Tang Tians judgement rarely made mistakes. Even the arrogant Little Fool became even more careful, since he had experienced the fool’s beastial like intuition.

“Look at that rock!” Crane exclaimed, attracting everyone’s attention.

All of their eyes followed Crane’s finger, towards an ordinary looking rock. The surface of the rock had holes that resembled a bees’ nest, causing all of their hair to stand.

“Be careful!” Tang Tian’s face suddenly changed.

Just as his words came out, a group of jet black shadows flew out from the packed holes, shooting towards them like rain.

All the black shadows were extremely fast, to the point that they could not be seen with their naked eyes.

Little Fool’s reaction was the fastest, the Ya Ya Umbrella suddenly blocked the group’s front. Serene looking light auras lit up from the umbrella’s surface, transforming into a light barrier. The Ya Ya Umbrella was broken in the fight against the Temple Saints, and with its current spirit value, it was not of much of a use. If it was the past Little Fool, he would had thrown it because it was useless. But Ya Ya had saved him, and thus he reluctantly kept it.

For a fussy perfectionist with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, to keep something for commemoration and no value was truly difficult to accept.

So Little Fool immediately spent a relatively large amount of energy to reconstruct the Ya Ya Umbrella.

The new Ya Ya Umbrella had characteristics leaning towards more on defensive capabilities, and Little Fool did not care about what he invested into it. He added the Honorable Martial Crown, which was a powerful furnace cauldron in the shape of a skull, so the new Ya Ya Umbrella’s defensive attributes were outstanding.

Ding ding ding!

The sound of the attacks poured like rain, the sound coming from the umbrella. At the same time, an extremely surprising force came through from the umbrella as well.

Little Fool’s face changed.

The Ya Ya Umbrella was forced to retreat backwards, the strong force caused the surface of the Umbrella to be ignited with sparks, causing the dark void to light up.

Little Fool took a deep breath, and suddenly spun the Umbrella’s handle.


The Umbrella’s surface rotated very quickly, the intense revolutions caused the powerful attacks to ricochet.

Chi Chi Chi!

The black figures were flung by the umbrella, and shot into the boulders around, at the same time releasing unbearable piercing sounds as they entered the rocks, it was ear piercing.

Facing the black figures, the sturdy boulders were like tofu, easily pierced through and leaving thumb sized holes. All of their faces changed at the same time, they finally understood how the holes had appeared on the boulders.

The black figures that separated everywhere, once again pounced towards Tang Tian’s group.

Like lightning!

But all of them had been through so many battles, initially they were shocked, but they had already regained their focus. The first to counterattack was Ling Xu, gently twisting his palm and blossoming out countless silver auras into the air around him.

When the black figures entered the silver aura, pa pa pa, all of them exploded into pieces.

Ling Xu was somewhat excited, all the black figures were strong, stronger than he had imagined, and he was pushed back by the intense shock wave produced by the attack.

But this force only made him more excited.

Clashing head on was his favourite attacking style. Without hesitation, his body flowed along with his spear as another raindrop sized silver aura exploded in front of him, trapping the black figure that was flying towards him.

Pa pa pa!

The dense explosions sounded out from the silver rain of spear auras.

The Crane Sword was unsheathed in Crane’s hands, the clear sound of a crane cry aroused everyone’s spirit.

Soaring upwards like a black crane dancing, he danced along with his sword, performing weird stances, forming a formless ripple with Crane at the center dissipating outwards. All the black figures that were swept by the formless ripple would turn sluggish.

Everyone then noticed that the black figures were actually black worms.

The black worms were the size of fingers, their bodies were shiny black with hints of metallic luster. Their bodies were full of joints, allowing them to curve around casually. All these joints were like many springs forced to cramp together as they bent, storing a large potential energy. The moment they touched the rocks, they would bend, like a spring contracting on the rocks, they would use the momentum to shoot out, leaving a thumb size hole deeply embedded into the rock.

Crane had never seen these black worms in all the ancient records before, their frontal mouth pincer like weapons were like two extremely sharp razors. And what was terrifying was that the two sharp blades were moving at an extremely fast frequency. The strong rocks, facing those ‘weapons’, were easily cut down like tofu.

At the moment, Crane seemed to be in a trance, like an ethereal illusion, his dancing figure was blurred.

If we were to say that Jing Hao’s spirit domain, the sword spirit was extremely rare, then Crane’s spirit domain was even more mysterious and unfathomable. Even Crane himself did not expect that after training with the [Heavenly Crane Sword Principle] till the end, what he had cultivated out was not a sword technique, but a type of sacrificial ritual.

A shamanic dance sacrifice ritual that originated from the East.

This made him unable to laugh or cry, but this mysterious and unfathomable dance technique that brought forth an aura hailed from a dense forest, contained a surprising force. He then understood, Crane Sect had so many techniques, for example the [Rotating Swords of the Dancing Crane], actually contained clues regarding this dance technique.

The head sect originated from the far East, and after the Ancient Ancestor had passed, no one was able to truly explain the profound principles of the techniques.

The sword techniques of the Crane Sect were not truly focused on the sword, but were tools and devices for the sacrificial ritual, and this enlightenment made Crane speechless. And since he could not train in other spirit techniques, he could only learn and fumble about throughout his enlightenment.

At the moment, he deeply understood that the inheritance of Crane Sect was broad and deep, and far from ordinary. Even at the saint level, he initially thought that with his understanding on energy and comprehension of laws, he should be able to clearly understand deeper the teachings of the Sect.

But he unexpectedly realized that there were many things and aspects in which he never understood.

He did not have only one spirit domain, but two. One was the spirit domain in between his eyebrows, and the other was in the Crane Sword in his hand. In the past, he thought that the Crane Sword was the Saint Treasure of Grus Constellation, but then he found out, it was a tool brought by his Ancestor from the East, and his Ancestor’s used his boundless Power to force Grus Constellation to belong to the Sword.

One big and one small spirit domain, was able to give rise to non permutable variations.

Of course, to the current Crane, he was deeply attracted to the profound and agile figures that would surface in his eyes from time to time.

It was like those ancient stances were filled with energy that could cause hearts to palpitate.

This formless ripple was able to disrupt focus, Crane had tried it before, it was completely different from other illusion spirit techniques, it was able to directly affect the focus of a person, and it was much more difficult to defend against.

The black worms did not have high intellect, and after being swept by the formless ripple, their bodies froze, and they lost control.

The Crane Sword in Crane’s hand swept past like wind.

The black worms quickly crumbled along with the wind.

Different from Crane, Jing Hao’s sword was as clear as day and straight as a ruler as it swept around. His sword techniques were clearly not fast, not slow or swift, but the lightning quick black figures were incapable of escaping from his sword images.

In his hand, Drunk on Saint Blood was tamed and docile, the reserved brilliance did not release any bloodthirst at all.

The simple and unadorned sword techniques pierced the black worms, which had extremely sturdy bodies, but were split into perfect halves. Jing Hao’s thorough and perfect sword movements cut the black worms apart.

In the blink of an eye, countless worm corpses that were split into halves floated around him.

Tang Tian’s fists were released like the wind, every punch was enveloped with the red Devil Flame. William’s Devil Flame was never used by Little Fool, and remained in Tang Tian’s body, becoming his best weapon.

Tang Tian had spent a long time to become accustomed to William’s Imprint, as the imprints were fragments of laws. There was no energy in the pure fragments. In some sense, The Devil Flame in Tang Tian’s body was not the complete Devil Flame anymore, it lacked the part of having energy.

But William would definitely not had expected that his Devil Flame would actually become even stronger after removing energy from it. It became a unique flame based on a different type of law.

Tang Tian was still far from mastering the true Devil Flame, but he already had a certain amount of control over it.

His movements were extremely fast, and as long as the Devil Flame brushed past the black worms, it would combust along the black worms bodies like maggots, till the entire body of the black worms were completely burnt.

Tang Tian simply made a layer of fire around his entire body.

Sssssiii sssssii ssssssiii!

The black worms pounced into the layer of fire wall like flying worms.

The only strange thing was that not one black worm pounced towards Little Fool. Above Little Fool, a bead was slowly rotating and releasing a screen of light that enveloped Little Fool.

The Forceful Subjugating Bead!

The powerful Qi from the Forceful Subjugating Bead actually prevented the dumb black worms who only knew how to slaughter to not dare to go near him.

Very quickly, the group of black worms were annihilated.

The four of them stopped, the victory did not make any of them happy, but instead made their faces even darker. The black worms were considered strong, and to meet them upon barely entering the sea of rocks, it caused all of them to have a bad feeling surface in their hearts.

The vast and boundless sea of rocks was not safe.

The road was still long, and no one knew what dangers would be up ahead.

“These black worms were never recorded in history or records.” Crane grabbed a worm corpse and looked at it carefully. The outer shell of the black worm was extremely sturdy, and even with Crane’s strength, he was unable to break the outer shell that was like metal.

“Eh!” Suddenly, Tang Tian exclaimed out, attracting all of their attention.

Rice sized black gold grains floated around Tang Tian. He picked up and exclaimed with surprise: “This is strong, I thought I could burn it with my Devil Flame, but it actually cannot be burned.”

His words stirred their emotions.

Tang Tian’s Devil Flame’s might was extremely powerful, although Tang Tian had not found out clearly what kind of flame it was, but it was definitely a flame law. The might of any flame law was far more powerful than ordinary flames, and so something that could not be burned by a flame law….

Tang Tian’s words immediately reminded Crane. Crane carefully looked around him, his eyes lighting up. All the black worms that he thought were destroyed by him, had left behind countless of the black sand, if not for Tang Tian reminding him, he would not had noticed them.

“I have some here too, but they are not metal grains, but black sand.”

Hearing what Crane said, Jing Hao and Ling Xu looked at each other, without saying anything, they went to collect all the worm corpses around. Although they had not found the use of the black gold, but it was obvious.

This is definitely good stuff!