Undefeated God of War - Chapter 551 – Ah Xin

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Chapter 551 – Ah Xin

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Qian Hui!”

An enthusiastic Tang Tian shouted once he saw the ray of light lighting up.

“Big Brother Tian!”

The young lady’s sweet and gentle voice was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Tang Tian immediately forgot the entire world. Whatever Heavens Road, all the fights, every little and nitty detail, he forgot all of it completely. He smiled foolishly, like a foolish boy, and told everything that had happened to him throughout the time to Qian Hui.

Hearing Tang Tian vividly and colorfully describing how powerful he was, how he went around killing people, Bing who was nearby could not help but smile, truly a naive boy.

At the other end of the bronze Star Door, Qian Hui supported her chin as she sat cross legged with her arms supported by her legs, swaying left to right, her gentle face was filled with respect. There was not a bit of the sternness of the war goddess, only a young lady’s infatuation inside the love net.

Ah Xin and Xiao Ran who were nearby were crouched down, Ah Xin snorted: “Where is your imposing aura! Where is Master’s aura! Why would it vanish upon speaking with that little brat! So embarrassing!”

Xiao Ran threw a glance at him: “If you dare say bad things about Master again, I will cut you and drag you to feed the dogs!”

“This sentence again…….” Ah Xin grumbled.

Xiao Ran stared at him, Ah Xin immediately shut his mouth, the violent lady was able to do anything.

In front of bronze Star Door, Tang Tian was filled with many questions and doubts.

“Qian Hui, what exactly is inside Sextans Eye? Senior Cang Yang Yu said that it has coordinates inside. And, who exactly is that asshole?” Tang Tian had wanted to ask the questions and suspicions inside his heart for a very long time.

Qian Hui acknowledged: “The coordinates inside Sextans Eye, are coordinates to the Sacred Saint Galaxys Star Door. Big Brother Tian’s father is Gemini Constellations Constellation Master.”

“Sacred Saint Galaxy? Where’s that?” Tang Tian was startled, the asshole was the Constellation Master of Gemini Constellation, that did not surprise him at all. When Cang Yang Yu said that Sextans Eye had coordinates to a location, he was wondering if the coordinate were the entrance to Gemini Constellation? He did not expect that it was a place he had never heard of before.

“I do not know much about the Sacred Saint Galaxy. To what I know, the inheritances of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces all originated from the Sacred Saint Galaxy. The Sacred Saint Galaxy and Heavens Road do not intersect with each other. Before the ancient times, 13 saints accidentally stumbled into a Star Door and entered a Heavens Road. At that time, no constellations had been formed yet. 12 of the saints were elated, they selected places where star power was the most concentrated, sorted and channeled the star power and activating the stars and forming the ancient 12 Ecliptic Palaces. This was how the structure of the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were formed.” Qian Hui explained.

Tang Tian’s mouth was wide open, he was stunned by the news, so the 12 Ecliptic Palaces were formed by this.

“Wait, what about one more person?” He reacted suddenly.

“That person saw that Heavens Road was thriving with life, which was completely different from the Sacred Saint Galaxy. He was interested and focused on the research of blood meridians, and thus it became Onyx Soul.” Qian Hui explained.

Even Onyx Soul was…….

Tang Tian felt that everything he knew was being toppled, and even Bing who was smiling by the side, had a face filled with shock.

“After many years, Heavens Road had completely changed, and already developed its own inheritances. About 900 years ago, another Saint from the Sacred Saint Galaxy, found a small Star Door, and entered into Heavens Road. He was different from the 13 saints previously, this saint came from a profound background. The hundreds of thousands of spirits in Heavens Road, made him extremely shocked. He wanted to bring Heavens Road into his possession, but that Star Door was too narrow, and will only open once every thousand years, hence he built the Temple.” Qian Hui’s tone was a slightly gloomier.

“Saint…….Temple!” Tang Tian was completely stunned. The Temple, isn’t that Honorable Martial Group?

“It is unclear of when the Temple was constructed. Although the Temple was not able to open the Star Door, they had a direct link to the Sacred Saint Galaxy. They formed the Honorable Martial Group, with a fake reputation to defeat Onyx Soul, and quickly infiltrated into the corners of all the Constellations. The 12 Ecliptic Palaces are the descendants of the 12 saints that came before, after they investigated and found out about Honorable Martial Group’s history, they sensed enormous danger, because the time for the Star Door to open again was soon.”

Qian Hui’s description was so profound as though it lifted the veil of history.

“Hence the Ecliptic Palaces allied together to mobilize all their power to seek for the Star Door that their ancestors entered from. From their ancestors record, the Sacred Saint Galaxy is vast, and there are a great deal of powerhouses there, so they wanted to enter the Sacred Saint Galaxy to find the enemies of the Temple to obtain some support.”

“Why not just get rid of the Temple first?” Tang Tian asked.

Qian Hui said: “There are two reasons. One is because the Star Doors were already marked. When the time comes, the opposing party’s saint army would flood into Heavens Road like water. Another reason is, after developing for 900 years, the Temple, with the powerful support at its back, had already developed to become strong. So the Ecliptic Palaces Alliance’s strength could not gain the advantage.

Tang Tian was frightened by the word “saint army”, he said: “Why does the Sacred Saint Galaxy have so many saints?”

Qian Hui shook her head: “I am not clear about the specifics, I only know that the world of the Sacred Saint Galaxy, it is completely different from ours, saints are a very normal occurrence there.”

“Then?” Tang Tian was completely immersed.

“Brother Tian’s father found the Star Door, but the Ecliptic Palaces Alliance had some traitors, he was attacked by the Temple and was heavily injured while surrounded. He did not return to the Ecliptic Palaces Alliance, and closed Gemini Constellation. He hid at a place where nobody knew to recuperate, after his injuries were cured, he brought his spirit general to the Sacred Saint Galaxy.”

“Assholes!” Tang Tian punched the floor, he gritted his teeth, feeling a regiment of angry fire in his chest.


I must definitely flatten the Temple!

Tang Tians chest was undulating vigorously, he only had one thought in his mind, he wanted to go to Sacred Saint Galaxy!

“Qian Hui, what must we do to meet? Let’s go to the Temple together!” Tang Tian said deeply.

“Big Brother Tian, we will meet in Sacred Saint Galaxy, I also have a Star Door to the Sacred Saint Galaxy here!” Qian Hui revealed shocking words.

“Ah!” Tang Tian froze

“Because the Commander of the Southern Cross Army also came from Sacred Saint Galaxy too, and he was Uncle’s Spirit General! The most important mission of the Southern Cross Army back then was to protect that Star Door. Uncle met him when he was looking for the clues to the Star Door. Big Brother Tian’s Southern Cross Bronze Plate, was from him.”

Qian Hui’s words, made Bing who was at the side suddenly stand up, his face in shock.


At the same time, Ah Xin who was behind Qian Hui also stood up, his face was also in shock.

“So it was like that!” Tang Tian scratched his head, he finally understood, he always felt it was weird, why the Southern Cross Bronze Plate would be in his hands.

“That’s awesome! Then we can meet at the Sacred Saint Galaxy!” Tang Tian said: “Qian Hui if you meet danger, do not try to be brave!”

“Big Brother Tian, don’t worry!” Shangguan Qian Hui said sweetly: “We are now at Red Valley, and found a complete bronze Star Door, next time no matter where we are, we can keep in touch.”

Xiao Ran behind her raised her eyebrows, the battle in red valley, was so intense that their army had suffered thrice the loss, this was the most cruel and deadly battle she had ever experienced.

Xiao Ran’s eyes fell onto the right shoulder of Shangguan Qian Hui, filled with blood.

Master is injured……

Just for a bronze Star Door.

She shook her head, a woman in love would be unreasonable.

“Xiao Ran, are you thinking of your lover?” A face appeared in front of her, it was Ah Xin.


Ah Xin’s face and the floor made perfect contact, he was pushed with a mouth full of mud to the ground by Xiao Ran.

Very painful……

“Qian Hui, do you have a spirit general called Ah Xin? He seems to be Uncle Bing’s comrade!”

Tang Tian’s voice came from behind, Ah Xin who was on the floor was stunned, comrade……

“Ah Xin, I am Bing!” A trembling voice, came from the bronze Star Door.

The trembling voice travelled through time, it was a course but very familiar voice, it definitely did not change. Those grey memories, suddenly dragged him into the times where could never forget.

Ah Xin who was sprawled on the ground looked at the mud, his mind was blank.


A familiar voice came from the other side of the bronze Star Door, it flipped open the brat’s naive and delicate face.

“I did not die, Ah Xin, you lied to me, I looked over the entire ocean of exile, there was nothing!”

“Why would you want to go die alone, everyone already agreed to charge together, to battle together, to die on the battlefield together, you all promised to not leave me behind……”

“I did not want to escape!”

Behind the bronze Star Door, Bing sobbed incessantly.

Ah Xin who was on the ground, his body trembled like a sieve, both his hands locked in the mud. His eyes suddenly became blurred, this tears flowed like the river and washed the mud from his face, wetting the mud below his face. Rubbing on his face, it was ugly and dirty, but he did not have any feeling.

“I found Screw, I said I wanted to bring him to meet you, no, to listen to your voice.”

“Screw, Screw, Ah Xin is there, he is over there, he will definitely hear your voice.”


Ah Xin who was blurred by tears, felt as though he was struck lightning. He crawled towards the bronze Star Door’s direction with all his might. His entire body was covered in mud, his tears flowed down his face into the mud without control, it made the mud damp, soiling his body.

He forgot he could stand up, he forgot he could fly, he forgot everything about the world. He felt as if he had returned back to the entrenchment which was overrun with the fire of war, in the ear shattering explosions, it filled the sky with interweaving rays of light.

Bing…… Screw……

In front of his blurred eyes of tears stood two very familiar figures.

He crawled towards those two figures.

Xiao Ran’s eyes were red, she wanted to help him, but was stopped by Qian Hui whose eyes were filled with tears. Xiao Ran’s heart was filled with regret, why did she tackle him just now?

The Star Door sounded with a muttering, it was intermittent, but it was so familiar, Screw!

“Spanner, spanner, give me my spanner, hurry hurry, damn it move faster…..”

“The joints have serious damage, give me part number 3 for the joint, all of you hurry, hang in there, do not fall…..”

“I will not go! I will not go! If I go, who will help all of you do repairs……”

“Set number 261 is damaged rather badly, Commander you better not die. Ah Xin you better not die, little fellow you better not die……”

Ah Xin felt as if his whole word was filled with lightning, he stopped, raised his head, his tears blurring out everything. But he had seen clearly, so clearly, not far from the trench. Screw was in the middle of a pile of spoiled mechanical weapons, his face filled with worry, crazily fixing the mechanical weapons while muttering to himself.

Screw’s mumbling suddenly stopped, he was silent for a few seconds, suddenly a hysterical scream came from the bronze Star Door.

“Southern Cross Army, advance!”

Ah Xin was like prawn filled with mud, curling his trembling body.

With all his might, he used his palms to smack the ground, crying painfully.