Undefeated God of War - Chapter 548 – Banquet

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Chapter 548 – Banquet

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Drunk on Saint Blood!

All the swordsmen in Sword Domain knew every famed sword by the back of their hands, and furthermore it was the [Drunk on Saint Blood] that once started a reign of terror! From the evolution point of view, regardless whether it was the spirit type or blood type, they both have different ways of evolving and to different varying degrees.

But regardless if it is the spirit type or blood type, the saint’s blood all contained strong power.

Even an ordinary metal, after being soaked in so many saints blood, would produce a spirit, and furthermore the spirit would essentially be outstanding. Very few people knew of the [Drunk on Saint Blood]’s history, but Sword Domain was extremely interested in it, and had spent a lot of effort and time to investigate about it, eventually finding out that it was refined from a broken metal.

When the sword was just refined, it released an extremely devilish ripple. This ripple attracted all the star spirit beasts to rush frantically towards the direction of the sword from a range of 500km.

If the Sword Saint himself was only an ordinary saint, he would have died under the tides of beasts.

After killing for three consecutive days and nights, and being drunk on the blood of 10 thousand star spirit beasts, the devilish ripple released by the sword gradually disappeared, the luster and reservedness made it look like an ordinary metal sword.

After that, the Sword Saint went around challenging other saints, allowing the sword to be drunk on saint’s blood. The rumors that spread outside were not accurate, as Ming Yue clearly remembered, that there were people inside Sword Domain who specially went to calculate, and the results that they arrived at, was that the sword was drenched in 56 saint’s blood!

Sword Domain had always been looking for the sword, they who were familiar with sword natures, knew of it’s power.

After spending countless effort and manpower, they did not achieve anything. Ming Yue never thought that the sword would actually be in Jing Hao’s hands!


What made Ming Yue even more shocked, was that in Jing Hao’s hand, Drunk on Saint Blood was not the least bit sinister, it was gentle and graceful with a majestic atmosphere. Such terrible swords would definitely be cruel and untamed. If the user was careless, he would be devoured instead. But it was actually like an intelligent and docile cat, keeping all of its sharp claws.

A famous sword and it’s chosen master.

These words surfaced up in Ming Yue’s mind, as expected of a powerful martial artist that has refined a Sword Spirit!

She retracted her gaze from Jing Hao, and looked at the person who exclaimed out previously. He was robust, tall and sturdy, with red short hair, his skin was brown in color. Dressed in an ordinary white short sleeved shirt with an eccentric style trousers, like a chain mail, it’s silver was shiny.

Onyx Soul!

Ming Yue immediately recognized his background, it was no surprise for Onyx Soul people to recognize and know of Drunk on Saint Blood’s history, because Onyx Soul also chased after it for a long time.

Realizing MIng Yue’s gaze, he turned to look at her. His eyes lit up and he smiled towards Ming Yue, revealing his snow white teeth.

Jing Hao did not notice them at all, still immersed in his training.

But very quickly, Ming Yue and the Onyx Soul man turned their head, their faces revealing shock in unison.

Jing Hao was still displaying fundamental sword techniques, every sword movement was not fanciful at all, but all the simple sword movements were releasing an indescribably fluctuation, when Drunk on Saint Blood arched through the air, it was like moving deep underwater with a formless ripple, it was silent.


The extremely simple looking fundamental sword techniques, brought forth the power of Law, with silent warnings.

The Onyx Soul man’s eyes that were filled with greed were immediately turned into fear, as though he had a pail of ice water poured over his head. And Ming Yue at the moment, was unable to maintain her calmness, she looked blankly at Jing Hao, her face filled with disbelief.


Half an hour later, Jing Hao kept his sword and turned to leave, in which he glanced at the two of them with an indifferent look.

The Onyx Soul man’s face immediately became as white as paper.

As though she was struck by lightning, Ming Yue’s mind in that moment became blank, her body froze, and she was unable to even move a finger.

When she regained her senses, Jing Hao had already disappeared. Her heart was still struck with fear, Jing Hao’s eyes actually contained sword intent!

So terrifying…..

Sword Domain had gravely underestimated Jing Hao’s strength!

The urge to rush back to Sword Domain immediately birthed in Ming Yue’s heart, but she suppressed it. A figure appeared beside her, it was the Onyx Soul man.

“Were you stunned too? Such a unique sword saint actually came from Honorable Martial Group, such a waste, your Sword Domain doesn’t have any ideas for him?”

The question filled with ridicule came into Ming Yue’s ears.

Ming Yue replied coldly: “Onyx Soul actually is interested in Sword Saints, makes me wonder about some things.”

He laughed out loudly: “I am not interested in Jing Hao, nor am I his opponent, but I am interested in the Drunk on Saint Blood in his hands.”

“He is compatible with the sword.” Ming Yue said indifferently, she was born in Sword Domain, and was extremely devout to swords.

“Hohoho, of course, to be able to refine a Sword Spirit, and not walk the path of spirit techniques, a sword saint that directly relies on the Sword Law, of course has the qualifications!” The Onyx Soul man nodded his head: “But that sword, is a treasure of a senior in Onyx Soul.”

Ming Yue’s mind shook, but she did not reveal anything: “Onyx Soul plans to engage in a war with Ursa Major Constellation?”

The man turned sluggish, his face revealing a bitter smile: “You’re right, who would even think to fight with Ursa Major Constellation now? At least the Onyx Soul wouldn’t!”

After the large scale battles, Onyx Soul had truly pushed out their prestige, the fundamental reason why all the diplomatic groups were sent out to them.

Ever since the curtains were opened between Honorable Martial Group and Leo Constellation, both parties had their own victories and defeats, and were in a stalemate. But no one expected that the one to make Honorable Martial Group have their first tumble would actually be Ursa Major Constellation. After the fierce tumble, they became exceptionally quiet.

Although the group of 15 Temple Saints were destroyed, after going through observations, everyone realized that there were not many experts in Ursa major Constellation. But they also realized that Ursa Major Constellation’s cohesiveness was extremely strong. All the low and middle tier martial artists were training bitterly, definitely far more than any constellation.

And Ursa Major Constellation did not emphasis star power towards the expert, but instead generously towards the low and middle tier martial artists. Thus the treatment towards the low and middle tier martial artists in Ursa Major Constellation was the best in all the constellations. As long as you trained hard, you would be able to enjoy the concentrated star power in Ursa Major Constellation, and did not need to pay astronomical taxes for the use of star power.

Ursa Major Constellations policy made it unsuitable for strong martial artists, but, it could be anticipated that when the low and middle tier martial artists grew, they would make the future Ursa Major Constellation become even more terrifying.

With the overall standard increasing, along with the gigantic human population of Lupus Race, the army of Ursa Major Constellation would become extraordinary strong.

Other than Honorable Martial Group who would make a comeback, no other constellations dared to provoke Ursa Major Constellation. Ming Yue’s words were to caution the other party, any provocation might induce a large counterattack from Ursa Major Constellation. Ursa Major Constellation was one that grew stronger after every battle, and the group of maniacs were not afraid of fighting.

Ming Yue did not want for her plans to be disrupted because of another person’s greed,

“I can only think of something else.” The man shook his head, he was somewhat helpless, he turned to leave, but left his name: “I am called Gan Hao.”

“Crying out without tears….” Ming Yue was startled.

(TN: A play with chinese words, his name Gan Hao is of different chinese characters than the one Ming Yue blurted out, but they have the same pronunciation, and what Ming Yue said was to cry out without tears”

Yu Ji giggled, which was extremely charming.

Gan Hao who had just soared up turned sluggish, his body swayed, like a kite that had one side broken. His face was flushed red, the vein on his forehead twitching.

As expected, this name is truly not suitable for my free, easy confidence…..

He thought about the image when Jing Hao left, his unfathomable back view, and his heart started crying, clearly everyone is a Hao…..why is our difference so great….


Andre opened his window and observed the distant patrolling troops.

Scarlett stretched her body lazily “You’ve been watching for so long, and have been staring at people throughout the journey, what did you manage to see?”

“There is considerations in their training, their discipline is strict, the conduct had been measured.” Andre spoke without turning his head.

“Eh, to even earn your praise, that’s rare.” Scarlett chuckled, but she was surprised. Andre was a student with great ability in the military leader institute, he was an extremely fussy person, to be able to earn his judgement is not easy.

“Their standard is truly high.” Andre said solemnly: “Other than the qualities of soldiers, as compared to our army, they are not inferior in any other aspect. And with them training so bitterly, and with the biasedness with the star power, with just a few years, I think their only shortfall would disappear, and they will become the strongest army under the Heavens.”

“You mean, they are valuable enough to be roped in.” Scarlett’s eyes lit up, to be able to marry such a strong martial artist, to an ambitious woman like her, it was undoubtedly the best choice.

“That’s right! If Ursa Major Constellation allies with us at Leo Constellation, we can definitely defeat Honorable Martial Group!” Andre revealed a brilliant smile, he did not doubt Scarlett’s charisma: “I want to congratulate you, only this kind of alliance through marriage is compatible with your definite beauty.”

“That’s right, for today’s banquet, what is more appropriate for me to wear?” Scarlett had already started to think about the banquet in the night, she was thinking of what breathtaking performance could attract Tang Tian.

All of the diplomatic groups would be participating in the banquet, and she needed to distinguish herself from the rest, with a breathtaking performance. That was her style.

“Don’t ask me!” Andre already felt a headache coming, showing a surrendering hand gesture.

Night approached, the place was bustling with activity.

“So messy!” A guy deliberately lowered his voice to speak with scorn: “A group of country bumpkins. This is the most simple and crude banquet I have ever participated in, all these people are all novices.”

His companion beside him laughed: “A borderline constellation, what is even more desolate than their villages? This is their style after all!”

Scarlett who was nearby smiled at Andre: “This banquet is truly very simple and crude.”

Andre glanced at the emblems on the two person’s chests, and said with disdain: “People with nobility only know how to enjoy. Knives and forks in a banquet will only cause people to lose, only the blades and swords on the battlefield have the ability to earn respect.”

Leo Constellations history isn’t long either, and had experienced blood, sweat and tears, to form to where they currently were.

And on the other side, was the diplomatic group from Libra Constellation.

Elder Hua was admiring all the treasures on the saints who were guarding around, and hearing the discussion between the two, he snorted: “Ignorant! If they know the values of the treasures on those guards, they will know the boundless ocean of star coins they are currently in! Simple and Crude? This is definitely history’s most extravagant banquet!”

Elder Xiao replied with a humorous that was rare to come by: “Even if they knew, they would not consider it a blessing, but more of a pain, because they cannot even bring one star coin out of this place.”

The elders all laughed.

Suddenly, the entire place quietened down.

Tang Tian had appeared.