Undefeated God of War - Chapter 545 – Assemble, Share the Booty!

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Chapter 545 – Assemble, Share the Booty!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ling Xu looked at the two people with squinted eyes: “You want to learn spear techniques from me?”

In front of him, Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan stood extremely straight.

The current Ling Xu was no longer the young and childish boy, after the continuous battles, especially in Big Dipper where he held his spear and rode on the horse to fight saints for so long, he had become extremely strong. The two people in front of him, Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan, could feel their heart thumping with fear. Ling Xu was like a murderous God that came out from Hell, his body leaking with killing Qi.

Their faces were filled with reverence, the killing intent leaking from Ling Xu’s body was so thick it was like alcohol, yet it did not have a bit of bloodthirst or ruthlessness.

When Ling Xu looked at them, their hearts suddenly shrunk, but neither of them retreated. The road of hardship and difficulty, would polish their determination, and firm their hearts.

Ouyang Shi straightened his back and shouted loudly: “I hope Master will take us in!”

“Why should I teach you two?” Ling Xu was expressionless.

Ouyang Shi, with his honest personality was stunned, the question had caused him to stumble. Yes, why should Master Ling Xu teach them? They had no interactions with LIng Xu, and were even their enemies’ disciples, so why should Master Ling Xu teach them?

Zhuo Yan who was always quiet suddenly spoke out: “Because the Silver Frost Mounts, cannot only have one person!”

Silver Frost Mounts….

Ling Xu squinted his eyes, the aura suddenly becoming stronger, the two of them choked, their entire bodies starting trembling. Facing Ling Xu with their strength, it was negligible.

Although Zhuo Yan’s face was quite pale, he gathered his courage: “Master, only SIlver Frost Mounts can reconstruct Aries! Only the Silver Frost Mounts can allow the people of Aries Constellation to bring back their long lost glory! Master, the time to rebuild the Silver Frost Mounts, is here!”

“Rebuild the Silver Frost Mounts?” Ling Xu looked at them, and laughed mockingly: “With just the two of you, rebuild the Silver Frost Mounts?”

Ouyang Shi and Zhuo Yan’s faces immediately flushed red.

“Master, please do not underestimate us!”

“Master, regardless of what tests it is, we will accept it!”

Ling Xu declined to comment, but said: “Wait until you guys pass the recruit trainings before saying further. Oh, I almost forgot to inform you guys, Ursa Major Constellations recruit training, is the most ruthless, death is frequent, so if you feel that it is too unbearable, do not force it.”

Seeing their excited faces, Ling Xu did not give them any chance to refute, and called the guards to bring them straight to the recruits training camp.

“Brother Ling, you really want to rebuild the Silver Frost Mounts?” Wei Wei An asked curiously.

“I don’t really know.” Ling Xu thought for a while, then muttered: “I think Master would hope for me to do that, but I have no sense of belonging to Aries Constellation, to protect Aries Constellation, I am not willing at all. Oh, I will go find Crazy Tang, might as well ask him to take down Aries Constellation as well, in that case, we will be killing two birds with one stone.”

Just at that moment, the communication treasure he had started to move.

(TN: The treasure sounds like a pager….)

“Crazy Tang is asking everyone to gather.” Ling Xu snorted: “What is he playing with again? Let’s go, I want to spar with him a little.”

His fighting intent was soaring.


In the courtyard, the beginning of spring was approaching, the branches with flowers were trembling, on a cooling bamboo table sat teacups. Crane was seated upright with a smile on his face: “Xiao Duo, we haven’t met for so long, you’re becoming prettier and prettier.”

Xiao Duo could not help but reveal a smile: “Thank you for the compliment, your highness!”

Beside Xiao Duo were a few beautiful ladies who were seated side by side. They all looked at the refined and gentle Prince Crane in front of them, revealing looks of admiration, and one of the older ladys spoke out: “Before moving out, Her Majesty has instructed me to pass down a message to your highness. If there are anything difficult for your highness, Sagittarius Constellation will always be Your Highness’ support.”

The lady was called Ni Yu Hong, and was an authoritative figure in Sagittarius Constellation, and had the Empress’ trust.

Crane bent his back and bowed: “Help me thank Auntie.”

The current day Crane was increasingly mature, gentle, and breadth of mind much more vast than he used to be. Facing the kind intention by his aunt, he did not display a refusal with a coldness that was thousand miles apart, but instead with a smile while thanking.

Crane Sect Disciples were all pouring into Ursa Major Constellation. After much consideration, the Great Clan Elder had decided to move the entire Crane Sect into Ursa Major Constellation. Ursa Major Constellations environment was much stronger than Grus Constellation by multiple folds. Not only the Crane Sect, even the Shangguan Family from Perseus Constellation had also migrated over.

And Crane was currently Crane Sect’s popular figure. He is the second Saint ever since the Crane Spiritual Master from Crane Sect. He is also very young, and furthermore a core member of Ursa Major Constellation, something they had never dared thought of before.

The admiration in Ni Yu Hong’s eyes was much deeper, Prince Cranes graceful and noble attitude displayed was simply perfect. After following the Empress for so long, she knew how the Empress thought and acted. The Empress had never married, and had no heir, so she had already set her sights on her nephew. Crane’s performance in the past two years had proved that he had the capability of inheriting Sagittarius Constellation.

She laughed: “Her Majesty had said, Your highness represents the future, to which I used to doubt, but after personally witnessing Your Highness today, I now know Her Majesty’s Brilliance. The future of Sagittarius Constellation, under your highness’ hands, will definitely flourish.”

The people around her all revealed astonished faces, although the rumors of Prince Crane taking over Sagittarius Constellation were not new, but for Ni Yu Hong to personally say it, that meant something else entirely.

“Auntie looks too highly of her nephew.” the smile on Crane’s face was still the same, his speech tactful: “Auntie is still young and at her peak age, all these matters, are still early. And, I feel extremely comfortable in Ursa Major Constellation, and have no wish to change place.”

Ni Yu Hong looked at Crane deeply, and said meaningfully: “Ursa Major is good, but your highness is not the Constellation Master. And in three to five years, the Sagittarius Constellation can be handed over to your Highness.”

Crane laughed: “Why must one be a Constellation Master? My lifelong wish, is to revive the Crane Sect, and earn a place for Crane Sect to reside, and now that I have already fulfilled this wish, and to an extent far greater than I thought, what else can make me unsatisfied?”

Ni Yu Hong wanted to continue speaking, but Crane waved his hand: “Auntie doesn’t have to advise me any further. Crane is unambitious, and also a man that no king can pull his reins on. Ursa Major is only here today through many difficulties, and can be even be said that it was through mud and blood. Everyone fought side by side, and the unity of will is an impregnable fortress, to be where it is today. I have fought together with everyone here, and got injured here, but never wanted to leave. No matter how good Sagittarius is, It is not the place that Crane yearns to protect.”

All the ladies did not know what to say.

The communicative treasure on Crane shook, Crane moved his attention, and then raised his head to inform the ladies: “My apologies, Crazy Tang is looking for me to discuss matters, I will take my leave now.”

Ni Yu Hong forced a laugh: “Urgent matters are more important!”

Crane bowed, and then left.

Inside the conference room, Crane, Ling Xu, Jing Hao, Magic Flute, Ding Man and the Saint Unit that she led, Ah Mo Li, Han Bing Ning and the rest all walked in a line, but when everyone entered the conference room, their eyes were immediately glued to the center of the room, all of their expressions were dumbstruck.

At the center of the conference room was a pile of spirit treasures.

Every single person’s expression was stunned, even Jing Hao who was the most calm, seemed to have lost his soul. The moment that he stepped inside, his gaze never left the block sword that was amongst the spirit treasures.

“I called everyone here, to share the booty……no, share the spoils of war!”

Tang Tian’s voice sounded distant to everyone, like a cloud that floated over from a very high place. Everyone felt as though they had stepped onto cotton, their legs becoming weak.

Tang Tian stood at the side of the spirit treasures, looking like he was the owner of the run down shop.

“Big Brother Jing Hao, this [Drunk on Saint Blood] is for you!” Tang Tian threw the black sword over to Jing Hao without hesitation, in which he accepted subconsciously, upon entering his hands, a burst of sword intent entered his heart. He quivered, as though he was drenched in an ice cold bath in winter, his entire person awakening immediately.

Such a strong sword intent!

Jing Hao’s face immediately revealed a fanatical happiness, any swordsman’s love for treasured swords definitely came from the heart.

This sword, was the only sword kept by Senior Gui Wu!

The sword blade was dark black color, simple and unadorned, thick without an edge, with two small lines of words: “Drunk on Saint Blood, only to realize the taste.”

After that, from senior Gui Wu’s records did he know about the history of [Drunk on Saint Blood], and started to repeat it word for word as a flaunt.

“This [Drunk on Saint Blood] comes from a big history, many many years ago, there was a sword fanatic that came into the world and travelled the entire Heaven’s Road challenging saints everywhere, defeating his opponents in less than 10 moves, causing his name to soar. All the saints that had lost to him secretly came together in a plan to ambush and defeat him, but the result was that he slashed down all 30 of them, then left easily, and no one dared to chase after him from then on. This sword, is his sword, fed on Saint’s blood, and thus the name Drunk On Saint Blood, as it only feeds off the blood of saints.”

Jing Hao was extremely excited, he caressed the sword’s body, the proud and aloof back view of the swordsman appearing in his eyes. He knew of this sword, and the senior never left his name behind, but it had become a taboo topic that was never to be mentioned. Honorable Martial Group were the few participants involved. With those few words on the sword, it made him realize the bearing of the swordsman.

Tang Tian read out the contents in a breath, then grabbed a pair of crystal like wings and threw them to Crane.

The wings felt weightless, every single feather on the wings were as pure as water, the surface revealing a thin layer of rainbow light aura. The wings released an energy fluctuation that was not strong, but with a unique rhythm, directly stirring Crane’s heartstrings.

“This pair of wings, I think it’s called the [Demonic Wings], it is a spirit treasure that comes from some distant Eastern Sect, and I know nothing else about it. LIttle Crane, your Crane Sect’s was passed down and had its origins from the east, I feel that the [Demonic Wings] would suit you very much. The East side also has spirit treasures, it truly is strange.”

Tang Tian’s heart was thinking gloomily, damn it, when Little Crane puts on that wings, he will definitely be so handsome and angelic that even the women will be jealous of him.

I should just kick Little Crane into being a woman in the future, then no one will be as suave as this godlike young lad!

Crane was already completely intoxicated with the [Demonic Wings]’ distant tranquility and abstrusity. Filled with a mysterious flavor and rhythm, it made Crane’s body to unconsciously follow its flow and rhythm.

“LIttle Xu Xu, this Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal is definitely yours, I heard that only the leader of the Silver Frost Mounts can wield it, this senior Gui Wu’s taste is truly complicated, to even keep this….”

Tang TIan muttered, as he threw the Silver Frost Sheep Seal to Ling Xu.

Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal….

Ling Xu’s mind was blank, he subconsciously accepted the Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal that Tang Tian threw over. The seal did not look very special, the sheep horn that was as straight as a sword, the round stamp seal side, had the insignia of the Silver Frost Mounts engraved in.

Ling Xu knew of its importance, the Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal, was the Silver Frost Mount’s symbol, and the symbol of authority, and only the leaders of the Silver Frost Mount had the qualifications to hold it.

The Silver Frost Sheep Horn Seal suddenly lit up with a flickering light aura, and transformed into a silver light that entered Ling Xu’s body.

Tang Tian did not have time to care about him, and continued his booty sharing meeting.

Inside the Energy Furnace, Little Fool was crying all over, his heart felt as if knives were stabbing him repeatedly.