Undefeated God of War - Chapter 540 – Gemini Furnace

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Chapter 540 – Gemini Furnace

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

For some reason the entire sky turned black as dark clouds started to gather. The dark clouds that seemed to have no end were as black as ink, like lead dropping down.

The drifting energy in the air suddenly calmed down. The energy fluctuations and disruptions from the intense battles suddenly disappeared without a trace, the entire place becoming still.

The intense battles between the two parties stopped at the same time, everyone revealing faces of suspicion. It was too quiet! To have this unusual quietness in the midst of the intense battles, was extremely queer. On the battlefield, there should be energy fluctuations and ripples, the streams of air should be devastated, but for it to suddenly be so quiet, so peaceful, it caused their hairs to stand and their blood to run cold.

For things to be so unusual, it could be considered demonic!

All the saints on sight were extremely sharp towards energy changes and the changes in the flow of air. For the world to suddenly calm down, it made all these saints who have abundant experience become extremely suspicious of everything around them.

It was like…..like a terrifying monster, had suddenly appeared on the battlefield, it’s terrifying power and influence, could cause a group of wild beasts to collective remain silent.

Su Yi laughed at his own thought, energy were not beasts, they had no life.

His eyes were fixated on Tang Tian, he saw the strange action between Tang Tian and the form spirit, although he did not believe Tang Tian was able to reverse the situation, the sudden strange scene made him cautious.

Could it be, that Tang Tian’s body was still hiding something?

Suddenly, Su Yi thought about the reports on Tang Tian, until now, Tang Tian’s history had been a mystery. Tang Tian’s background only traced back to Star Wind City, Tang Tian’s mother had passed, her origin also unknown, and no one knew who his father was. Furthermore, Tang Tian’s talent displayed in Andrew Academy was nothing special. Compared to that, Ah Mo Li and the rest who were surpassed by Tang Tian currently, had talent exceeding Tang Tian at that time.

This normal and ordinary young man, was currently a tyrant, the person who held Ursa Major Constellation, someone whom even Honorable Martial Group feared. This astonishing growth rate, even for Su Yi who was hailed as a genius with extraordinary talent since young, could only sigh in comparison.

There are definitely secrets on this man!

Su Yi’s heart moved, he suddenly realized that it was his best opportunity. Previously, he had always treated the operation as a normal activity, but at the moment, he suddenly realized, maybe there would be some harvest from this operation.

This judgement immediately made his mind blaze up.

Tang Tian slowly opened his eyes.

Su Yi’s eyes immediately shrunk, his heart and mind were jolted, his eyes, are actually golden!

This man….

Su Yi immediately racked his brains to find any clues regarding golden eyes, he vaguely had some impression, like he had seen it before somewhere, but he could not remember it at the moment. But, although he could not remember the origins of the golden pupils, his mind had already made a rough judgement.

Tang Tian’s background is definitely not simple!

Su Yi who was attentive quickly noticed a detail, Tang Tian’s gold pupils did not have any focal length.

His mind jumped, could it be….

Inside Tang Tian’s vision, it was blank, as though he was standing in the eye of a hurricane, his ears were full of the whistling and screams.

“Have you forgotten? Are you backing out? Are you a coward? Are you depressed? Are you surrendering?”

Again and again.


Tang Tian told himself gently.

The whistling stopped, the screams ceased to exist. The white vision returned back to normal, and he saw Su Yi with one arm gone. The locked blood meridians in his body, were like the deep sea that was bottomless, and yet inside the void of the bottomless depth, power was quietly flowing, every trace of waves would make his heart pound.

It seemed to permeate out from every single muscle, every single drop of blood, every piece of bone in his body, flowing along his four limbs and converging at his heart.

The forbidden lock of the blood meridians has been opened huh….

The originally still energy in the air suddenly became alive again.

Ssssiii Ssssi Ssssi!

All the energy in the sky and air transformed into currents that flew towards Tang Tian. All the fine energy flows formed ripples like sword tips dipped into water.


Su Yi became even more hesitant, to be able to cause such a large scale disturbance of the energy, that was definitely not normal! But, the ability to directly use the energy that drifted in the air, was definitely not simple, and definitely not something Bronze Saints could do.

Tang Tian’s position was like the eye of the hurricane, all the energy in the air was frantically surging towards him.

Su Yi could not see Tang Tian clearly anymore, but he could sense that an extremely dangerous qi was forming at the eye of the hurricane.

This fellow….exactly what is he?

Tang Tian had a calm expression in the hurricane, his Zero Energy Body was also unable to stop the flocking energy. All the frantically surging energy flowed along inside his body, converging towards his heart.

Tang Tian was able to distinguish the surging energy in his body, it was an azure fine flow, while the energy surging out from his flesh and blood, was scarlet red like blood.

Countless of the azure fine lines and scarlet red lines anxiously converged at Tang Tians heart.

Half of Tang Tian’s heart was corroded with the azure blue energy, while the other half with the scarlet red energy. Gradually, Tang Tian’s heart became half blue and half red. On the blue side, it was becoming more and more pure and sparkling, while on the red half, it became more and more red like blood.

Gemini Furnace!

The two words flashed past Tang Tian’s mind like lightning, as though he naturally knew what the words were.

Wait a minute! Gemini Furnace…..Gemini Constellation…..

Tang Tian was startled, he had all sorts of guesses regarding his blood meridians, but he never thought that his blood meridians would have a connection to Gemini Constellation. To him, that was an extremely foreign constellation.

So that asshole is from the Gemini Constellation…..

He suddenly realised that at some unknown point of time, Little Fool who had shrunk was curled up inside the translucent blue energy furnace, he was asleep. Little Fool’s pale white face immediately made Tang Tian realize what happened in the battle previously, as all the memories flooded his mind.

Little Fool!

Ya Ya!


I am still in battle, whatever that Gemini Constellation is, it is not the time to think about it.

Tang Tian clenched his fists tightly. The Gemini Furnace was forming and growing in his body, the azure blue energy furnace was extremely quiet, while the red half, which was the Blood Furnace, was extremely lively. The blood in his body that passed through the Blood Furnace was continuously being strengthened, and then dispersed into his body.

Tang Tian could clearly feel that the power of his flesh body was slowly becoming stronger, and he was able to feel the extent of increase.

Suddenly, Tang Tian noticed that, the Devil Flame was actually absorbed into the Blood Furnace unknowingly, causing the blood light of the Blood Furnace to become even more intense and rich.

Su Yi was able to feel the horrendous and terrifying Qi inside the eye of the hurricane, as though a monster was being birthed, he could strongly feel the danger, and he knew he could not delay any further.

He clenched his teeth, and his figure suddenly disappeared.

Almost simultaneously, he appeared at the edge of the hurricane, the dazzling light aura appearing around his whole body like a sun, he raised his left palm, and slashed down fiercely!

Su Yi’s action was so sudden that the saints around could not react completely.

All of them exclaimed in surprise, the light slash easily broke through the hurricane and slashed towards Tang Tian.

Tang Tian did not sense it. When the surging blade aura seemed to have touched Tang Tian’s forehead, suddenly, a silver shield appeared in front of the blade aura without any warning.


The surging blade aura seemed to have struck a powerful rock, crashing loudly and breaking down, the broken aura splashing everywhere.

The Silver Lined Heavy Shield did not move an inch.

Su Yi’s pupils suddenly enlarged, he could not believe his own eyes, Impossible….

Previously, the Overlord Punishment had made Tang Tian use up all his strength to be able to block it. But…..just now Tang Tian actually only used one hand to hold the shield, and his body wavered slightly, but he did not even move back one step.

How is that possible…..

Putting down the Silver Lined Heavy Shield, Tang Tian’s face appeared in Su Yi’s vision, he was startled when he saw those eyes…..

The golden eyes had suddenly become scarlet red like fire.

When Tang Tian saw Su Yi, and saw the bewildered look in Su Yi’s eyes, he sneered at Su Yi.

My determination, my ambition, my oath.

My lover, my companions, my world.

These are the reasons for why i fight, all of these are the reasons why I can never give up. I am that greedy, and I am incurable!

His heart was like a combusting flame, as though it could feel the flames, the Blood Furnace’s blood light grew increasingly intense. The blood that flowed from the Blood Furnace became like lava, boiling hot and causing his body to tremble incessantly.

I want to fight! I want to win!

The blood red eyes of Tang Tian became even more dense and rich, pure scarlet, he lifted the Silver Lined Heavy Shield, lowering his body slightly, he looked like a bloodthirsty wild beast.

Su Yi immediately became cautious, but suddenly, his vision, had no Tang Tian.


Su Yi’s face changed, without thinking, he produced his energy barrier.

A fist with flames coiling around it struck his energy barrier.


A low resounding sound came out. Su Yi’s entire body trembled. The energy barrier broke into rain like fragments, and was blown apart, reflecting the shock on his face.

How is that possible….that flame…. That’s Devil Flame!


Red Devil William’s Devil Flame!

Su Yi thought he was going crazy. Spirit Devouring Blood Group’s Spirit Devouring Flame, William’s Devil Flames, every single power that Tang Tian was using made him filled with fear. Every single one of them were the taboos of the Temple!

But, for them to all appear on one person’s body….

Su Yi had met many enemies of the Temple before, but there was never one like Tang Tian that made him feel immense fear! This boy…..will definitely become Honorable Martial Group’s and The Temple’s biggest enemy and kryptonite! This thought flashed past his brain like lightning.

Suddenly, his vision darkened, the silver shield actually occupied his entire vision, the fine traces of the shield surface appeared to be so fine and delicate in his eyes.

So fast……


The shield surface smashed his face, the large power caused him to blackout, instantly losing consciousness in that moment. He lost control of his body, and like a rock, he smashed into the sand.

Bang, the sand on the floor surface formed a cloud of sand, and all around Su Yi were spiderweb like cracks.

Win! I want to win!

Although Little Fool was already asleep inside the energy furnace, and he was unable to use Blink, But Tang Tian’s speed at the moment was actually not slower than Blink.

His power was still growing, the Devil Flame was actually spreading into every single muscle in his body.

His body, was going through an astonishing transformation.

Tang Tian was too occupied to bother checking, for there was nothing in his mind except to fight!

Tang Tian had already thrown all his questions to the back of his head, his eyes were scarlet red like an enraged male bull, frantically pouncing on whatever enemy he could see.