Undefeated God of War - Chapter 537 – Overlord’s Punishment

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Chapter 537 – Overlord’s Punishment

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Red Lotus Umbrella was so easily pierced through, the Temple Saints were caught off guard, and three of them were struck by the Spirit Devouring Flames. From the start, they were still ignorant, as the Spirit Devouring Flame had a very deceiving appearance, causing them to greatly underestimate its killing power.

The fastest to react was Su Yi. He had already noticed the scene of the Spirit Devouring Flame burning the energy. His face changed and he reminded the rest: “Dodge the flames!”

A few saints who were preparing to use the energy barrier to deflect the flames caught his message, and immediately turned their bodies.

But the locations of the Spirit Devouring Flames were arranged with much thought, for the sake of showing the initial might to his opponents, Tang Tian made everyone’s Spirit Devouring Flames arranged very tightly, and did not give much space to dodge.

Especially for Su Yi and the rest who were still increasing speed!

They were rushing into the rain of flames, at that moment their speed was already at their limit, and unable to do much dodging. Chi chi, two others were struck by the Spirit Devouring Flames.

Su Yu displayed his great power without doubt, even though he was at high speed, he was still as agile as a fish, cutting and darting around in the rain of flames. Although five of them were struck by the Spirit Devouring Flames, the rest of the saints were able to pass through the rain of flames.

Su Yi and the rest were enraged, they were always the ones doing the ambush, since when had they ever suffered and been at the disadvantage? Su Yi’s face showed off his killing intent, he hissed, his body suddenly surging with strength, releasing a piercing light aura, like a battle god! His speed surged even faster, tearing the space wherever he flew, like a sharp light sword, he suddenly slashed into his enemy’s formation!

The enemies in front of him retreated like a tide.

Want to back out? Too naive!

Su Yi sneered, suddenly, his eyes became dark, a male carrying a shield suddenly ran through the entire line, to the back of the retreating group of people. At the same time, the retreating back line contracted, drawing close to each other.

In the blink of an eye, the enemy’s formation had become a conical shape, and the most sharp position, was the male with the shield!

The conical shaped formation was usually used for assault, and the martial artist at the sharpest tip of the conical shape had to be the strongest out of the formation, as he was the only one wielding the sharp edge, so that the conical shape formation could break through the enemy’s lines.

But, the enemy was actually in defense!

Su Yu immediately understood his opponent’s thoughts, to place the strongest defense at the tip, naturally that would form a fan shaped defensive area, protecting everyone up. It was extremely brilliant, in theory, as long as the most front defense, the main guy had sufficient strength, then they could just rely on him and protect everyone else.

And, Su Yu was able to clearly see that the two sides that contracted were like two kept in blades, once he was to rush in and attack, they would recoil outwards and attack them!

But, you want to block my attack? Heh, I wonder where you get your confidence from!

Su Yi urged his True Power, the light aura becoming more intense. He also trained in [Glimmer], but the state of his Glimmer was so many times stronger than Ye Zhao Ge! All of the light aura congealed around his body, like light needles, they were extremely dazzling, his entire body was already covered with the light aura, to the point that his body could not be seen, like a dazzling sun! [Glimmer] which was not known for its tyrannical power, in Su Yu’s hands, was actually able to release such an unspeakable tyrannical force!

Like a brilliant sun!

Like the scorching sun tearing through the sky, in between the rapidly sweeping and dazzling lights, Su Yi raised a palm up high, like an Overlord raising his blade!

The Temple Saints’ fighting intents were completely overridden by Su Yi’s tyrannical and barbaric charge. They all knew Su Yi long enough, but it was still the first time for many of them to be fighting alongside him. Witnessing his ability, they felt their blood vessels expanding. Their morale which was flushed by the previous rain of flames was quickly bolstered back up.

And those who had fought alongside Su Yi before, became even more boosted, every time Su Yi released his ferocious attack, it was definite victory!

Su Yi’s assault was not just a spirit technique, but the merger of [Glimmer]’s release and speed of [Flowing Light], a self created original attacking method.

[Glimmer] by itself did not have much attacking force, but it was still held as the strongest Bronze Spirit Technique in Honorable Martial Group, because it could combust True Power. The True Power that was being combusted would have its might amplified multiple folds, and even the simplest of attacks were filled with surprising force.

And [Flowing Light] was Su Yi’s main flight spirit technique, it was as fast as the flow of light, its speed unmatched. Su Yi found out while training, that inside [Flowing Light]’s techniques, there were many moves that were beneficial to collecting energy. Using the accumulated energy stored while attacking quickly, merging it with [Glimmer], could create a blade aura that possessed unmatched speed.

This was an attack that solely belonged to him, and had an extremely tyrannical name.

Overlord’s Punishment!

The simple looking silver shield, facing the tyrannical and dense light aura slash, looked extremely feeble, feeble to the point that people suspected that as long as the light pillar touched the silver shield, the silver shield would be cut like paper.

Even for Meng Ta and the rest who were behind Tang Tian, they were overwhelmed by shock from Su Yi’s approaching attack, all of their faces becoming ugly. They had never seen before such a tyrannical and strict slash, they felt that the slash would be able to slice their entire team into two!

Little Fool’s heart trembled, but seeing Meng Ta and the others who had a look of horror from the corner of his eyes, the disdain in his heart transformed into anger, these mystical treasures, to hand them to these trash, is simply humiliating the treasures, and being disrespectful to the ancestor, this is….mine! Mine! Mine!

Tang Tian also jumped in shock from Su Yu’s attack, itr was to fast!

He had just rushed to the front of the formation, and Su Yi had already rushed to his front, with that speed, he was unable to see anything clearly, but could only feel the tyrannical Qi slashing down at him!

Tang Tian was unable to think up of any ideas, and instinctively grabbed hold of the Silver Lined Heavy Shield.

Su Yi waved his palm, the light slash bringing forth a low resounding buzz that could cause one’s hair to stand, and slashed heavily on the silver shield.


The blazing light exploded suddenly.

The intense ripple of the attack was like a hurricane that swept everything. The saints who were closer struggled as though they were in a torrential storm, they were unable to stabilize themselves, their faces filled with shock.

Tang Tian only felt a burst of abundant resisting force that surged out from the shield’s body, the powerful energy almost made him slip, in that moment, his body instinctively made a reaction, lowering his waist like lightning, leaning the shield on his shoulders, from his original two hand hold, it became a two arm embrace on the shield, his entire body was like a bull exerting force, tightly holding onto the shield.

The deafening explosion sound instantly erupted on the shield’s body, Tang Tian’s eardrums buzzed violently, he could not hear his own shouts completely, in the life and death situation, he was like a beast that was near death, frantically struggling.

The Silver Lined Heavy Shield trembled violently while Tang Tian hugged on the shield’s arm guard on the back, his face completely distorting.

Tang Tian’s entire body was tensed up to the point of tearing, his eyes were scarlet red, his mouth releasing beastlike roars: “Hey hey hey….”

The light aura dissipated.

Everyone looked at Tang Tian in disbelief. He was hugging the shield as though he was drunk, spinning on the spot slowly.

How….how is that possible….

Su Yi could barely believe his own eyes, Overlord’s Punishment’s destructive capability, no one was as clear about it as him. If it was converted to spirit value, Overlord’s Punishment’s spirit value was definitely over 400 points! Even the silver seniors all praised him regarding his technique, the reason being even a Silver Saint was definitely unable to block that attack!

His battle achievement also proved that the silver senior’s judgement was true, Overlord’s Punishment had never been blocked after its creation.

Until today!

Someone blocked him!

The eyes in which Su Yi used to look at Tang Tian, were like he was looking at some weird monster, and the monster’s current movements were extremely funny.

Tang Tian was jolted stupid, his mind was in a blank, entire body suffering from hyperemia, red to the point that he looked like a boiled prawn, and as though he was drunk, he held onto the Silver Lined Heavy Shield and spun around dizzily.

Everything happened too quickly, to the point that he had no time to think.

The saints of the Temple were about to take the chance to strike. They were completely sure that after taking Su Yi’s attack, which was like a hot knife and slicing butter, the enemy’s formation would be in chaos and disorder.

They followed the light aura to the front of the formation with their bloods boiling, but only to realize, they enemies had blocked it!

They had thought of all sorts of possibilities, but none of them involved the enemy being able to block. So when they reached the front, they could not believe their eyes.

On the contrary, Meng Ta and the rest who were initially shocked by Su Yi’s Overlord Punishment, after witnessing Tang Tian resisting the terrifying attack, they could not believe their eyes, yet their bloods started to boil as well, bringing forth an unprecedented frenzy.

They were both equally shocked, but the morale of both parties had taken a huge qualitative change.

Su Yi looked at the silver shield in Tang Tian’s hand, the extremely fine patterns on the surface, and the silver light flickering on the seemingly simple shield. A legendary name came up into his mind. His eyes shrunk, his eyes jumping frantically.

Silver Lined Heavy Shield!

The legendary Silver Lined Heavy Shield!

Hailed as the Shield that was indestructible to attacks beneath gold grade spirit techniques, the Silver Lined Heavy Shield!

Damn it!

How were they able to get their hands on such a treasure!

Su Yi suddenly thought about the barrage of attacks previously, the triangle darts of shooting stars, and another name of the legends flashed into his mind, causing his mind to tremble.

Distant Triangle Starry Darts!

The fiercely renowned Distant Triangle Starry Darts!

He remembered the the groups of triangle darts that were flung out from the seemingly ordinary enemies. Impossible! He immediately shut down his own guess, if it is only the Silver Lined Heavy Shield, than that is more possible.

For the Silver Lined Silver Shield and Distant Triangle Starry Darts to appear at the same time, that kind of probability…. Stop joking!

His gaze consciously swept across his enemies.

The man with the spear in his hands, had a strange form, it was like dried leaves enveloping the spear’s body, it looked extremely ugly. From the looks of it, it resembled the Autumn Leaf Spear of the legends, causing Su Yi’s mind to tremble.

The spirit treasures on the enemies around the man with the spear were even weirder, there was a green whip, with a green whip tail. Why can i remember there was a description from somewhere, eh, it seems to resemble the Green Coma Berenices of the legends, Su Yi’s heart trembled again.

And on another enemy, there seemed to be something spinning around his body. Su Yi’s eyes were very sharp, and he immediately noticed that it was a blue transparent flywheel, which was extremely hard to detect. For some reason, Su Yi thought of another fiercely renowned treasure, The Sky Wheel, and his mind trembled again.

Su Yi subconsciously swept across again.

His mind stopped trembling. He was completely stupefied.