Undefeated God of War - Chapter 534 – Spirit Devouring Blood Group

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Chapter 534 – Spirit Devouring Blood Group

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

It was not only Mo Lei. The faces of Meng Ta and the others also changed. They might not know of what the Spirit Devouring Flame was, but when the name of the fierce and impressive Spirit Devouring Blood Group came out, it rung a bell.

No one knew the origins of Spirit Devouring Blood Group, as it was an extremely secretive group, and the people who interacted with them were usually planning assassinations. They devoured spirits, and in everyone’s view, they were an extremely dangerous, ruthless, and bloodthirsty group.

Mo Lei’s face darkened: “That extremely evil group……”

Dian Yu interrupted coldly: “Evil in what way?”

Mo Lei did not cower as he stared at Dian Yu: “The Spirit Devouring Blood Group specializes in devouring the saint spirits of saints. The number of saints who died in their hands were uncountable. They kill for leisure, is that not evil?”

“What I know is different from what you do.” Dian Yu laughed: “From what I know, Honorable Martial Group wanted the Spirit Devouring Flame, but got rejected by Xu Zhi Xun, hence they pinned a criminal charge on Xu Zhi Xun, to chase and kill him indefinitely. The whole family of Xu Zhi Xun died in the hands of Honorable Martial Group. Xu Zhi Xun suffered from the sorrow and pain, hence he started to find independent saints who were also hunted by the Honorable Martial Group, and created the Spirit Devouring Blood Group. They had only one purpose, that is to look for Honorable Martial Group and take revenge.”

“Nonsense!” Mo Lei looked at him angrily.

Dian Yu was expressionless: “I am one of the descendant members of the Spirit Devouring Blood Group, I have the diaries that they left behind, in it was all their killing records, do you want to see it?”

Mo Lei was stunned.

Dian Yu took out an old dairy and handed it to Mo Lei.

Mo Lei subconsciously took it and flipped it open, flipping page by page, his face turned green.

“…… Ah Xing, today we got rid of another Honorable Martial Group saint. When everyone was eating, we talked about the rumours that had been circulating around about us, and everyone knew they were started by Honorable Martial Group. How the others saw us? Who cared? But, we have managed to make Honorable Martial Group so nervous, it truly is pleasing. I have already found some clues about the people who hurt you, and I will definitely avenge you. I dreamt of you last night, you are still so beautiful! I would visit you after soon, what flowers do you like? What about Irises? Hehe, and there’s onion rings, your favourite…….”

“…… Ah Xing, the battle today was bitter. Midale City was destroyed by us, Honorable Martial Group used the civilians as bait, we knew they would do something like that, but we did not expect that they would realize we do not attack civilians. Ah Xiang is injured, he was lured to the children’s hospital and ambushed, he did not attack because I guess he thought of his dead son. His injury is severe, Xiao Bo is saving him, may god bless him that he survives. Ah Xing, I miss you. I drank so much alcohol, why am I not drunk……”

“…… Ah Xiang is dead, he wanted us to devour his saint spirit before he died, he said he still wanted to fight with us. He said he is going to meet his son and he’s happy, he wanted us not to cry, but why can’t my tears stop? Why am I such a coward? Ah Xing, I would be happy if I died then I can be with you. Old Xu said, that it should be up to us, to fight to the death. Ah Xing, maybe I can meet you soon, but you have to bless me, to kill even more Honorable Martial Group saints. If not for them, we would be very happy…..”

The last portion of the dairy, the handwriting was slanted and inarticulate.

“…… Ah Xing, I am coming to meet you, I am so happy. Ah Xin, I killed 26 Honorable Martial Group saints, I did not kill anyone else, not even one. Ah Xing, you know I am timid, I just want to avenge you. Everyone did not either, and this time, Old Xu is in a difficult situation, He’s not sure if he could press on, to die would be good too……”

Mo Lei was pale in the face, he stood where he was, dazed.

The dairy could not be faked, the paper was already yellowish from the wearing of time.

The dairy was passed among the group, and everyone, after reading it, quieted down.

Dian Yu’s expression did not change much, he had read the dairy many times, his mood was still good, as he waved his hands: “You guys don’t look at me like that, after so many generations, the Spirit Devouring Blood Group has already disappeared like smoke for many years, and that hatred has long dispersed into the air. I just wanted to tell you that the Spirit Devouring Flame is not that evil.”

He glanced at Mo Lei, his heart filled with pity, there was nothing more painful than having one’s belief collapsed by other people. To him, the emotions of hatred were much further away.

Dian Yu’s words and that dairy, had a better effect than anything else, everyone not only did not have any rejection of the Spirit Devouring Flame, but it was filled with anticipation. Spirit Devouring Blood Group’s vicious reputation was still fresh to everyone, the formidable power of the Spirit Devouring Flame could be imagined. From the dairy, they knew that an achievement to kill 26 saints by oneself was definitely able to be crowned as glorious.

Everyone looked at Little Fool’s eyes, which were blazing.

Little Fool had not thought that the Spirit Devouring Flame had such a huge name behind it, but looking at another perspective, if it was just another ordinary technique, how would it even enter the eyes of the powerful Senior Gui Wu.

Little Fool’s thoughts were all about seizing the treasures within the deposit, he did not want to be tangled with the rest. He nimbly refined out bronze balls to give to each person, and then he taught them how to use it, before entering the Forceful Subjugating Bead again.

Each of them were holding onto a star treasure, they were extremely careful with the little flame as though they were feeding their own pets.

“This flame is too small, it really will not vanish?”

“Hey, this is a Spirit Devouring Flame okay!”

“If it is extinguished can it be lit again?”

“Master Little Fool will give you another light!”


Everyone was feeding and teasing each other, since the Master was not around.

Tang Tian and Little Fool were running inside the Forceful Subjugating Bead.

“Maybe we can find some good things!” Tang Tian was drooling, looking at the place filled with light balls, he was salivating. He had never heard of the Three Blood Saints before, until he had personally witnessed the things Gui Wu left behind, Tang Tian finally understood, Gui Wu was truly capable and incomprehensible…… A tyrant!”

“What defines a tyrant, this is a real tyrant!” Tang Tian’s face was filled with envy, his eyes extremely red. The saying was right, no one will truly know what is poor until they had become a saint. Previously, there were a few times that he had thought he had achieved some good results, he had climbed to a higher level, his worth had finally become more abundant. Until when he stepped into the saint level, did he truly know what a joke his thoughts were.

He was completely poorer than dregs!

“Thats right!” Little Fool uncontrollably exclaimed out.

One big, one small; one human, one spirit; split into two paths, each finding their own interest.

Little Fool was very interested in the ancient books and records, and Tang Tian was interested in the treasures that were left behind.

Especially when Tang Tian thought about the exciting battle that was about to happen, to find an advantageous spirit treasure, was more important than anything else. Tang Tian first headed to the weaponry, Gui Wu had several collections, although there were already plenty that turned to ash, but there were still a few that were left behind.

The treasures were in disorder, many were on the ground, majority were already rotten and destroyed, only a minority were kept in a good condition, the most obvious being a large silver shield.

The large silver shield was the first thing Tang Tian saw.

The shield was huge, it was over 3m tall, the shape was like an enormous leaf, the shield surface was covered with fine plant sculptings, with silver shimmery light. Only the body of the shield was a thin steel skin, no matter how you look at it was an art piece, not a treasure.

Tang Tian eyes met the shield at first sight. His instinct was unnaturally sharp, this silver shield looked very garish, but it made him feel that it contained an indistinct Qi.

He held onto the huge shield, heaving loudly uncontrollably, the shield that looked like a thin piece of metal, and was surprisingly heavy . If not for his Zero Energy Body and outstanding strength, most likely he would not be able to carry the shield.

With his pitiful knowledge, he could not see the material and composition of the huge shield.

He punched the shield, bang, a loud noise resounded out, the huge shield trembled, an energy undulation rippled out, Tang Tian felt his fist landing on something slippery, his power immediately deviated.


Tang Tian’s eyes lit up, placing the huge shield in front of him, he checked it in detail, the huge shield was completely new. Good stuff! Tang Tian immediately became happy, the strength of his punch was not small, he waved it around, it felt fitting to his hands, and thus Tang Tian decided to keep it.

Having selected his weapon, Tang Tian did not stay around, since the treasures would not run away.

Ye Shou Xin and Mo Lei sat on the floor.

Ye Shou Xin looked at the dishevelled Mo Lei: “What’s wrong? Are you struck so badly? Actually it doesn’t matter, since we are already traitors of the Honorable Martial Group.”

Although he did not want to uncover Mo Lei’s scar like that, but thinking of the impending battle, he had decided to speak the truth.

“I know.” Mo Lei lowered his head and answered deeply.

“With you like that, it would make the soldiers feel panicked.” Ye Shou Xin reminded.

Mo Lei held his head up, he laughed bitterly: “You truly think we have chance to survive? They are the saints from the temple!”

Ye Shou Xin was mute.

“Tell me about the Temple!”

A voice came from behind, Tang Tian held the huge silver shield and walked to the two of them. Tang Tian stuck the shield into the ground, bang, the mud flew everywhere, the ground shook.

“Such a heavy shield!” Mo Lei was a little surprised, he stood and walked to the shield, he tried to lift the silver shield, but he was unable to lift it, is face was filled with shock.

Ye Shou Xin was also shocked.

Mo Lei was a well known figure within the gold ranked martial artists, his strength was not far from a saint and yet he could not lift the shield!

Although Mo Lei was not a Blood Meridians Saint, his strength was not small either.

Mo Lei did not believe in demons, he lifted the shield with both hands, his whole body bulged and shook, he breathed heavily, bellowing, the huge shield slowly left the ground, when it was three inches off the ground, it stopped in the air. Mo Lei was red in the face, his veins popping out, obviously even using his ultimate strength.


The silver shield struck heavily into the ground, a dull noise, just like sticking into tofu, Mo Lei’s figure staggered.

He was stunned.