Undefeated God of War - Chapter 530 – Bomb

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Chapter 530 – Bomb

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Ah Lun and the rest looked at the ground filled with corpses, the young mechanical martial artists were all somewhat dazzled, mixed with disbelief.

This….we won? This is a gold ranked army?

They were staring blankly at the quiet battlefield, the ground covered with corpses. And there was the shocking gigantic scorched sunken hole with a diameter exceeding 3km, there was nothing more obvious than this, a victory without any dispute.

So, their attack was actually so fearsome!

So, that’s how strong they were!

After experiencing the unbelievable dazzlement, the smile and confidence of victory gradually appeared on their faces. Sky Tiger floated above the gigantic hole, which had no complete bodies left, only occasional clothes and pieces in the dirt, which were black and still smoked.

Looking down at the gigantic pit beneath his feet, countless grey memories appeared in Bing’s mind, the firm voice which was still so clear.

“Brat, you must always remember, us mechanical martial artists belong to the sky!”

“As long as we take control of the skies, we will definitely win!”


You see, I can already conjure an offensive control aura of 1000 sets, commander, I can even conjure an even stronger offensive control aura, this brat has already become extremely powerful, Commander, come and see….

Bing thought about Screw, his heart becoming even more heartbroken, he forced himself to raise his head, and did not allow tears to drop.

Screw, can you see this, I will win, I will bring you to find Ah Xin, and we will definitely find Commander!

The brat from that year has already become extremely strong!

Even 10 thousand years of sleep cannot dim the flames of my heart!

Our army will continue to advance forward!

His heart was surging with no self control, and he suddenly hissed towards the sky!

Ah Lun and Xiao Wu were both startled by Master Bing’s action, they stared blankly at the berserk Sky Tiger hissing, in their hearts, Master Bing was forever someone who did not care, someone was always carefree and easy, the beautiful Sky Tiger, like its entire body of ice cold luster, would forever remain calm and cool in battle, no one will ever be able to match it, forever being ice cold.

They had never seen before the current berserk Master Bing, the currently sinister looking Sky Tiger.

After the hissing stopped, Sky Tiger lowered his head, glancing at the youths behind him, he bellowed: “You must all remember, we, are the overlords of the sky! The sky that was taken from us for 10 thousand years, we, will personally seize it back!”

Every youth in the army were all captivated and speechless by Master Bing’s tyrannical speech.

All of them had their mouths wide opened as they looked at the sky, the ice cold and crazy figure, had secretly planted a seed in their hearts.


Sextans Constellation.

After the declaration of Honorable Martial Group and the news of the support of 15 saints, the atmosphere immediately became tense. Little Fool’s expression was out of the norm focused.

The Forceful Subjugating Bead floated above Little Fool’s head, the dim sprinkling light screen covered his body.

As one of the top 3 blood saints of Onyx Soul, how could the Forceful Subjugating Bead refined by Gui Wu be an ordinary object? Furthermore, the Forceful Subjugating Bead was a product meant to gain immortality, it held Gui Wu’s understanding of life, his profound involvement of laws, which were all beyond what the current Little Fool could understand.

The Forceful Subjugating Bead was a whole itself, a universe by itself.

After Little Fool studied it, he realized that the Forceful Subjugating Bead was very mystical. The light screen being sprinkled down by the Forceful Subjugating Bead was like a rain dew that could continuously nourish his spirit domain. This nourishment was not as fast as the saint bones, but it was able to aid to spirit domain much more than the saint bones.

After munching down on the saint bone Fu Ying had, Little Fool’s spirit value had broke through the 100 points mark and reached 102 points, and his spirit value was still continuously growing. What he did not anticipate at all was that refining spirit treasures could actually help his spirit value to grow even faster.

The gold skull floated in front of him, the white Graceful Cold Flame emitting from inside the gold skull. The gold skull was a rarely seen saint grade object even in the Honorable Martial Group, it was called the Honorable Martial Crown, and was a weapon for refining spirit treasures. All of Fu Ying merits were not used to change for spirit techniques or changed for other spirit treasures, but he actually changed them for the Honorable Martial Crown, who knew that it would land in Tang Tian’s hand so easily.

The biggest usage of the Honorable Martial Crown was its parasitism and optimization of spirit fire, and it had always been able to free up the precious spirit value of the spirit domain, it could also allow the spirit fire to continue grow.

The Graceful Cold Flame inside the Honorable Martial Crown had already reached a spirit value of 50!

The current Graceful Cold Flame was as white as snow with countless of ice granules converging around it, its flames jumping about like a clever silhouette dancing lightly and gracefully, the chill of the Bone followed along its every jump, slowly spreading the fire out.

It wrapped around a star treasure, with astonishing speed it twisted and smoothed the star treasure. Very quickly, the star treasure would seem to melt, and become perfectly round.

The snow white cold flames would once again slowly plummet and retreat back into the Honorable Martial Crown, a golden metal ball the size of a chicken egg floated in front of Little Fool. The golden metal ball was of a bronze color, but its surface had countless complicated silver veins, making it look extremely pretty.

Little Fool waved his hand, keeping the bronze ball, he then threw two more star treasures into the Graceful Cold Flame.

The Graceful Cold Flame with a spirit value of 50 was powerful, and normal star treasures were incapable of resisting.

Little Fool’s thinking was extremely crude and simple, since the opponent can use the power of star treasures, then they can too, as star treasures were not just meant to be used for defense!

Little Fool who had begun to get the knack for spirit treasures, had a more profound understanding than the enemy. The enemy’s military leader was not only not a saint, but his understanding of power was also at a lower end. The Star Treasure Stronghold was not the least bit skilful in Little Fool’s eyes. To him, the military leader could only assemble the Star treasures together, and it was only because of its surprising quantity that it would have such defensive capabilities.

But to Little Fool, power was not only amassed from numbers.

He chose a few star treasures with contrasting attributes, and then he would use the spirit fire to break through their barriers and merge them completely together. The newly refined “Bombs” were not considered spirit treasures, but it was not like how the Star Treasure Stronghold amassed treasures, it was considered to hold moderately high power.

This technique was found from Gui Wu’s memory remnants. These memory fragments were extremely difficult to understand, and the majority of them were about blood meridians training, but there was a lot of other content mixed into them.

Little Fool knew of the value of the memories, ignoring the fact that he was one of the top 3 saints, an entity that was able to refine out a Forceful Subjugating Bead, was a martial artist that was able to almost touch immortality, how powerful was that.

So any fragments in there were all priceless treasures.

Even the Fool knew how great the stuff was, and was spending a lot of time looking through them.

For one day and one night, Little Fool did not stop for a break. Refining the “Bomb” to Little Fool was relatively easy.

When the last “Bomb” was refined, Tang Tian stood up.

Above the clouds, all the saints also stood up.

Ye Shou Xin looked at the sky, one day and one night had just passed like that, and the enemy’s actually did not move. This did not make him feel relaxed but on the contrary, made the pressure on him even heavier. The enemy did not give up, for in the past two days, there were always saints lurking around, so they did not dare relax.

Ye Shou Xin did not have any extravagant hope that the Star Treasure Stronghold was able to block the attacks of so many saints, furthermore, it was 43 saints, so when they were together, they would definitely think of a way.

What he hoped for was to last one more day.

As long as he held on for one more day, the saints from the Temple would be able to arrive, and at that time, it would be their counterattack.

Suddenly, a group of small black dots flew down from the sky. Ye Shou Xin trembled, they were going to attack!

He tightened his throat and shouted out loud: “Enemy attack! Everyone be on the alert….”

The powerful voice broke the silence, the soldiers in the stronghold looked up to the sky to see the incoming black dots, all of them immediately became roused. Everyone knew, this time it was for real!

The people in the sky whistled down at great speed as they neared the stronghold.

Little Fool followed behind Tang Tian with anticipation, he was eager to test out the might of the “Spirit Treasure Bombs” That he had made on a whim. His gaze swept the entire stronghold, he carefully scrutinized it. The Star Treasures Stronghold was amassed with many treasures, that meant there would be a “focal point”, as long as he found and destroy that point, he would be able to destroy the entire stronghold.

He looked at the treasures one after another, making apart the differences. His eyes suddenly lit up, wait a minute…..

Suddenly, Tang Tian’s voice suddenly shouted beside his ear: “Everyone, throw your bomb towards that triangular shaped spot there!”

Little Fool was startled, he looked at Tang Tian, as though he was looking at a ghost.

How….how is that possible!

How did he manage to find it……

He was completely oblivious about Spirit Treasures, the stronghold blended well, if not for his recently improved refining standards, Little Fool himself would not be able to find it. But that fool was actually one step faster than him.

This brat….to what level did his battle capabilities improve to?

“Master, should we throw two to test it out first?” Meng Ta immediately shouted, he was a knowledgeable man, Tang Tian did not know the value of the bronze ball in his hand, but he knew. The bronze ball was filled with moving energy, the two contrasting martial spirits, were actually able to reach an equilibrium!

After thinking that he had to throw such a good object out, Meng Ta felt pained in his heart.

“No! Throw everything together!” Tang Tian shook his head without hesitation: “If we cannot break it, we will think of another way!”

Everyone felt the pain in their heart, but since Tang Tian had said to throw altogether, they would only have to throw.

No one had noticed Little Fool opening his umbrella behind Tang Tian, he was the one who had received the strongest shock, he dared to confirm that Tang Tian did not know any battle tactics. But, Little Fool understood, he knew that to attack a city, a great burst was forever stronger than attrition, and much more effective.

Alright, this brat is definitely making a wild guess…..

Everyone held two “bombs” in their hands, which was the results of Little Fools hard work through the day and night. At the moment, the stronghold lit up with a dazzling light aura, every single soldier knew that they were at the moment of life and death, and were pouring in their True Power frantically into the star treasures, the entire stronghold was releasing an astonishing energy fluctuation, as the dense energy barrier congealed even further.

As the Stronghold looked to be much closer, Tang Tian bellowed: “KILL!”

All the saints threw out their “bombs” without hesitation.

Close to a 100 bronze balls were thrown with different techniques, forming different flying arcs from all directions. They looked like a swarm of bloodthirsty hornets, bringing forth a sharp whistling sound, pouncing straight towards the triangular target of the stronghold!